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We are looking for a place to hold get togethers since Hometown Heroes has closed. We can hold mini reunions even with just a few people. Haneys (586) 757 5080 appears to be offer the most benefits and now has beautiful floral display all around the building and lots of free parking and because they can seat 1 to over 100 people and if we choose to go when they already have a cook such as before 2 PM we can have a full menu. Fridays are great as they are open all day til 8 PM. Or they can accommodate any day of the week almost any time if we have over at least 33 people committed. Sandbaggers has 10 tables on east end and another 10 at the other end. Their floor is not level and if you come in from daylight YOU CAN EASILY FALL because of their unmarked and unlit step down in the middle of their hall WHICH IS USUALLY QUITE DARK. There are several halls but we would have to rent them and have food catered. Center Line hall choices are K of C, Diamond or Bulkan (the old A & P) or a local church (which might be the least rental fee) and might also work for a pot luck.

Also The City of Center Line had sponsored an ALL CLASSES REUNION All Day in June 2018 in Memorial Park but failed to make it annual. So I suggest we have an all class reunion every year at the Center Line Freedom Festival on Saturday of that festival because there will be food there and extra attractions, like my new historical exhibit with the new Historical Society of Center Line. We can of course have our own reunions at any time we please in addition to this. But at least this would make an easy yearly date that all can remember and it would make it easy for folks to meet.

I received the following notice: CLHS Class of 62 First Reunion Luncheon. A room has been reserved for the class of 62 for an informal get together on Thursday Oct 17, 2019 at noon. Hamlin Pub-48929 Hayes Shelby Twp. Mi. If desired lunch and or beverages can be purchased at your own expense. We have to provide the Pub with a number of attendees so please respond by Oct. 10th 2019 to one of the following email addresses or phone numbers. Peggy Brown Vigneau and Lynn Dragovich Tepper Please forward this invitation to any classmates you have contact with. Hope to see you there!

I still protect all classmates privacy including phone numbers and emails. Just send me an email to and I will ask them to call you. On behalf of our class I do thank Peggy and Lynn for putting this up.

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PLEASE SEND ME CONTACT INFORMATION ON ANY 1961, 1962 OR 1963 CLHS CLASS MEMBERS SO I CAN AT LEAST TELL THEM ABOUT THESE EVENTS. I am compiling information on all class members of all classes in Center Line of all schools. Please send me your class lists.
Also please be so kind as to send me obituaries so I can respectfully post them. Otherwise class members often don't find out until years later.

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