Summary of Ample For All Can Be Created

This book is based on research and scientific facts.It has become possible for Ample for All to be created.There are enough resources on our planet-Spaceship Earth to create all basic necessities for every human.There are enough materials to create shoes and clothing for everyone.Millions of good shoes and articles of clothing are sent to dumps yearly.Modern technology has made it possible to create more with less. A radio used to weigh many pounds and consume several watts of power.Now a radio weighs much less consumes only a tiny fraction of the power and is mass-produced using a small fraction of the materials and man-hours.

†††† Materials such as plastics now used are one-sixth the weight of steel, and cost far less.Plastics do not rust and can be made to be very strong, light, in any color, rigid or flexible.Products made of plastics can be made at much lower cost and with very few man-hours.Materials to create plastic can be grown and plastic can be recycled.

Another example of more with less is tiny optical fiber glass strands, which are replacing copper wiring.They are smaller, lighter, transmit faster and can carry hundreds of phone conversations per strand at one time.

Solar shingles are now efficient enough to provide most of the power for an average house. These shingles are available now.This would eliminate most of the electric bill and sometimes you could even sell some electricity to the electric company.Shingles or solar panels could also be installed on other buildings and in many places including wastelands.The sunís energy is a national resource that is untapped.Enough sun energy hits the USA to supply many times our energy needs.Each citizen should be given a fair and equal share of this free energy.Sun energy should be declared property of all citizens.

AMPLE FOR ALL CAN BE CREATED.A better life for ALL could become possible if mankind will make it happen.Science and technology have now made possible a world where there is no longer any need for starvation,unem≠ploy≠ment, long work weeks, poor living conditions, to be without adequate medical care etc.Yet thousands even children are in need of adequate medical care, housing, basic necessities. Thousands are unemployed.Thousands of jobs are being exported to other countries when they should be created here.We live in a time when it is possible for these things to be provided.We know that jobs can be created.The government should be the employer and job trainer of last resort.It can create jobs and training so that people can become self sufficient.Workfare should replace welfare.No more just handing out the dole.This creates dependent loafers.Instead people should be required to participate in job training classes and do needed public service work.There is much that needs to be done and can be done so that everyone benefits.

Inefficient self serving governments arefailing to provide adequately for the health, safety and welfare of all citizens while they cater to the powerful, wealthy and special interest groups.

No human should be without basic or emergency medical care. Yet thousands are without it. There are adequate resources on this planet to provide training for people who want to go into the medical field.They could get free training in exchange for a few years of public service in the medical field.Proper prevention could save countries millions of dollars later and more importantly it could meet the needs of all citizens.The government should buy large quantities of needed medicines paying reduced prices and provide those medicines when needed to seniors, families with children and those in need.Governments waste millions on foolish projects, excessive salaries, and military items but canít seem to help children and seniors get needed medical care, dental care,medicine, food, clothing and housing.Thousands of children and others die from medical conditions we have cures for.Something also needs to be done about inadequate care in hospitals.Again we have the capability of providing training to thousands of people who could become nurses and medical assistants.They could in return work for money but in public service positions to offset the cost of their training.

It costs an average of $25,000 dollars a year to keep criminals locked up.They should be put to work on public service projects for you and me such as building solar collectors nation wide to tap the free energy from the sun reduce dependence on oil.They could build these in many places including wastelands.They could also do other needed public service work such as building mass transit tunnels and stations nationwide.Under≠ground subways that are not affected by weather or traffic and powered with free solar energy could provide us with cheap clean, cost efficient trans≠portation. Wouldnít it be nice to not have to fight traffic, to sit back and relax, perhaps read while going to your destination.It is possible.Letís make it happen.Everyone would benefit.This would result in less traffic on the freeways and roads.†† And life would be better for all.Besides you and I are sentenced to a lifetime of working why should criminals get off doing nothing but enjoying conjugal visits watching TV, working out in their Gyms, getting college degrees at our expense, and filing countless lawsuits costing us tax payers millions of dollars.

We are fed up with being ripped off by exorbitantly paid CEOs with multimillion-dollar salaries such a former presidents of AT&Tand K-Mart who almost bankrupted the company, left the public holding the bill and were allowed to get away with it and retire to a life of luxury.

†††† There should be an exit test for students to pass each grade.It should be fair, not too difficult nor too easy.High school graduates should have to serve a year in a public service training corps where they would learn the skills of a trade.This would provide them with the means to earn a living.Perhaps a year of public service doing this trade may have to be required in order to pay for the training.Everyone would benefit.These young people could build housing, repair roads, learn medical and dental skills, install solar shingles on peopleís homes so that eventually everyone would be getting free power from the sun.

All businesses should be allowed to make a fair profit on goods and services but exorbitant prices and charges should be banned on necessities.Gas, electric, and phone companies should not be allowed to rip us off.Consumers should be protected.

Work weeks should be adjusted to allow for flextime.Shorter work weeks help people to have time to do things they want to do and the economy could and should be planned and balanced to provide high level of prosperity for all.

A standardized efficient hybrid car should be mass produced making it affordable to all and reducing our dependence on foreign oil and reducing pollution.Tens of thousands now die from pollution related diseases. Thousands more suffer daily problems like asthma because of pollution.†† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

We should encourage other countries to work together to solve massive problems like pollution in their areas because it threatens us.Millions of people mostly children die yearly from malnutrition and from diseases we have cures for.Over 250,000 children go blind every year for lack of 1 centís worth of vitamin A.

Millions do not have access to clean water, education, medical care, adequate food.Sometimes farmers just need tools and seeds.Sometimes they just need the basic parts to create a water well.

The book also has solutions and insights into many of the common problems of our time including poverty, unemployment, crime, welfare, lack of mass transit, over population, starvation,

food production, lack of education, illiteracy, poor

education, health care, female castration still practiced by women on girls in 28 countries (disgusting isnít it), unnecessary deaths, unnecessary blindness, world language problem, the nuclear threat, the possible coming ecological disaster, the super-germ threat, the lack of privacy, and the coming threat of scientific dictatorship.

We need a common international vocabulary so that all humans can understand each other.Humans need to understand each other especially in emergencies.There is an international vocabulary that can be learned in a few minutes a day.It is also known as Esperanto.Do a search on it on Google.

Most deaths around the world are preventable, particularly child deaths.There are more deaths due to malnutritionand disease than caused by wars.Thousands of women die from childbirth related problems.Womenaround the world need education and especially in family health and safetysanitation, child care and birth control.

Violence is still a major threat to us and others around the world.We must insist on rule by law, justice, strict enforcement, certainty and severity of punishment.

††††††††††† Millions do not live in freedom or may be at risk for losing their freedom.

††††††††††† Perhaps worst of all is the ignorance and indifference of people towards these issues.


We the caring people of Planet Earth having suffered too long needlessly, declare our unification in the purpose of creating a better life for ALL.

We find that technology has reached a point where there is no need for starvation, poverty or suffering yet over 24,000 people die every day for lack of food or medical care. Three quarters of them children under age 5.We are fed up with rich people and governments not caring about their fellow human beings.We can work together to solve the problems of our time and to create ample for all.The Earth does have enough resources to support the human race with a decent standard of living. There are enough resources for everyone to have what they need.†††††††††††††††††††††††

Now is the time for wise management and cooperation, rather than waste and violence so typical of mankind's ignorant immature past.If social class inequity, poverty, and violence are not curtailed world wide, they will lead to wars.†† Now that the nuclear genie is out of the bottle and in the reach of terrorists along with incurable chemical, radiological and biological weapons, it could lead to mankindís extinction from this planet. If more medical research is not done against super germs and diseases, we could all die from them.If you donít believe me than read what imminent scientists like Carl Sagan and Nobel peace prize winners have to say.If we donít cooperate and work together for the common good of all we will die together.

As individuals we need a code of conduct such as Do to others only what you would want others to do to you.Or Donít do to others what you donít want done to you.Love and Kindness should be the standard of human conduct.In other words bring no harm to another person by your actions or inaction. We must become part of the solution to the above problems rather than part of the problem or indifference and denial so common today.

Mankind is a one big family.We must all help ourselves, our contemporariesand all mankind grow up and become responsible, humane and wise.

See the book Ample For All Can Be Created Workable Solutions and Practical Insights into the Problems of Our Time.