Ample For All

Can Be Created

Workable Solutions

And Practical Insights

Into The Problems

Of Our Time


Prof Wesley Edward Arnold

Readers will find this book a treasure house of good ideas. This book is based on research and actual social work experience and when first published several years ago received a thank you letter from the President of the United States for its content. Although a few things in the text are dated the information is still useful. I have added many new items of importance. Here it is in updated form for 2011. Note one item I have not had tome to comment on is the Mu chip I strongly suggest you do a Google search on it and inform yourself about it as it will impact your lives very soon. Also visit my big history and music website which has beautiful videos of beautiful places in America and over 800 of the best music pieces from the last 100 years.

You will enjoy and be informed at

Where they take away freedoms

Library Of Congress Cataloging In Publication Data Arnold, Wesley Edward
Amplenomics Ample For All Can Be Created Workable Solutions And Practical Insights Into The Problems Of Our Time.

Includes index.
1. Creating Ample for all
2. Workable Solutions to Modern Social Problems
3. Future Predictions
4. Self Improvement
5. Human Rights, Freedom
6. Amplenomics
7. Poverty, Starvation, Food Production, Health care
8. Education, Totalitarianism, The Nuclear Threat
9. Crime, Substance Abuse, Lack Of Economic Opportunity
10. World Language
11. Waste, Pollution, Indifference, Leadership

Copyright 1984, 2011 Wesley E Arnold

ISBN 0-915935-01-5 full size Hardbound
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This electronic version may be freely copied, sold, and used by all.

These are good ideas that need to be shared worldwide. Feel free to use them and share them.


This book was based on several years of research and contains some great ideas. If some of these ideas were put into practice most of us would greatly benefit. Thousands of lives would be saved. People would have a better life. Example: How would you like a very low electric bill or even have the electric company pay you nearly every month. It is possible.
You are being cheated out of benefits you rightly deserve by inefficient self serving governments because governments are failing to provide completely for the health and welfare of all citizens while they cater to the powerful, wealthy and special interest groups.

Aren't you fed up with government waste, and utility companies who rip you off? Government has the power to create training and jobs where needed and put the unemployed, welfare recipients and even prisoners to work for us and themselves.
There is absolutely no need for people to: starve, to die of diseases we have cures for, to be without adequate food, clothing, shoes, shelter, and all basic necessities when the earth has ample resources to provide for all of our needs.

The technology is available to create all that we need. Ample for all can be created!

There is no need for: inflation, unemployment, starvation, poverty or to be without all of the things you need. Old economic systems based on scarcity and based on riches for the few are now obsolete.

We were led by power and wealth seekers into economic systems based on scarcity when in reality we live in a world of mostly abundant resources. You are being cheated out of benefits you rightly deserve by inefficient self serving governments because governments are failing to provide completely for the health and welfare of all citizens while they cater to the powerful, wealthy and special interest groups.
There is enough stone, sand, metals and other materials to enable mankind to produce ample shelters, TV's, radios, computers, appliances, shoes, clothing, and all other needed items for everyone. There are food surpluses around the world. The technology is available to create all that we need, yet thousands of children still go blind every year for lack of 1 cent's worth of vitamin A and millions of humans suffer and die from starvation and diseases we have cures for.
And at the same time thousands of people here and millions around the world are in need of the most basic items such as adequate food and many lack freedom, education, economic opportunity. Other problems beset the human race. It is the purpose of this book to provide solutions to most of these problems.


Summary 5

Revolutions 8
A Peek At The Future 8
The People's Manifesto 10
The Greatest Movement In Human History 10
Scientific Facts 10
The Wonderful Dream Future 11
The Current Reality 12
How to create Ample For All 12
A Better Life for All Is Becoming Possible 19
Solutions To Common World And Local Problems 21
Overpopulation 21
Malnutrition And Starvation 25
Food Production, Plant Protein Vs. Animal 26

Vegetable facts, yield 28
Protein, World Crops, Conservation, Plant food better 29

Fish 29
Food Needs, New Food Ideas, Statistics, Solutions 30

Local Production Importance 30

Aeroculture , fish with rice, sea farms, Azolla 32

More people can be fed with plant derived food than with animal derived food 32

Most efficient crops for food 33

Amaranth 34

Amazing Astounding plant for animal food for human consumption 34

Increasing food Production 35

Vorra, multi cropping, no till, ground covers, hydronics 38

Living insecticides. Growing Oil 39

Lack Of Adequate Clothing & Shoes 39
Lack Of Adequate Housing 40
New Methods And Materials, Solutions Poor Health And Disease 42
Statistics, 40,000 Children Die A Day,
The Problem, What Can Be Done, Solutions 42
Lack Of Education, Illiteracy And Ignorance 45
Solutions To Common World And Local Problems Communication 47
Your Life could be in Jeopardy 48

The concept of Spaceship Earth 50


Threat of Nuclear Holocaust 53
Solutions To The Threat Of Nuclear Holocaust 58
The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights 60


The International Better Life For All Movement 62
also known as The Ample For All Movement 62
Lack Of Freedom, Justice And Human Rights 63

Privacy 67
A New Specter Threat to You 68
What Happened When The U.S. Deliberately Slowed Down The Arms Race 70

What Will A Nuclear Warhead Do To Ohio 71
The Problem Of Violence 71
The Problem Of Crime 72
Mental Illness And Substance Abuse 84
Citizen Responsibilities What We Can Do About World Problems 85
Poverty, Goal Of Welfare, Workfare Solutions 85
The Lack Of Economic Opportunity 87
Amplenomics-A Better System 88
Creating a better standard of living for all 89
A Better World Order 92
Waste In Government Spending, Resources And Human Lack Of Freedom 94
Pollution And Our Biosphere 97
Indifference, what is the greatest problem of all? 98
The Greatest Solution Of All 99
Leadership, how dictators take over, wisdom 99
What The Experts Say 103

Some Future Possibilities 104

Future prediction 112

Many predictions have come true since the book was first published many years ago.

Summary of Ample For All Can Be Created

This book is based on research and scientific facts.  It has become possible for Ample for All to be created.  There are enough resources on our planet-Spaceship Earth to create all basic necessities for every human.  There are enough materials to create shoes and clothing for everyone.  Millions of good shoes and articles of clothing are sent to dumps yearly.  Modern technology has made it possible to create more with less. A radio used to weigh many pounds and consume several watts of power.  Now a radio weighs much less consumes only a tiny fraction of the power and is mass-produced using a small fraction of the materials and man-hours.

     Materials such as plastics now used are one-sixth the weight of steel, and cost far less.  Plastics do not rust and can be made to be very strong, light, in any color, rigid or flexible.  Products made of plastics can be made at much lower cost and with very few man-hours.  Materials to create plastic can be grown and plastic can be recycled. 

Another example of more with less is tiny optical fiber glass strands, which are replacing copper wiring.  They are smaller, lighter, transmit faster and can carry hundreds of phone conversations per strand at one time.

Solar shingles are now efficient enough to provide most of the power for an average house. These shingles are available now.  This would eliminate most of the electric bill and sometimes you could even sell some electricity to the electric company.  Shingles or solar panels could also be installed on other buildings and in many places including wastelands.  The sun’s energy is a national resource that is untapped.  Enough sun energy hits the USA to supply many times our energy needs.  Each citizen should be given a fair and equal share of this free energy.  Sun energy should be declared property of all citizens.

AMPLE FOR ALL CAN BE CREATED.  A better life for ALL could become possible if mankind will make it happen.  Science and technology have now made possible a world where there is no longer any need for starvation,  unem­ploy­ment, long work weeks, poor living conditions, to be without adequate medical care etc.  Yet thousands even children are in need of adequate medical care, housing, basic necessities. Thousands are unemployed.  Thousands of jobs are being exported to other countries when they should be created here.  We live in a time when it is possible for these things to be provided.  We know that jobs can be created. 

The government should be the employer and job trainer of last resort.  It can create jobs and training so that people can become self sufficient.  Workfare should replace welfare.  No more just handing out the dole.  This creates dependent loafers.  Instead people should be required to participate in job training classes and do needed public service work.  There is much that needs to be done and can be done so that everyone benefits.

Inefficient self serving governments are  failing to provide adequately for the health, safety and welfare of all citizens while they cater to the powerful, wealthy and special interest groups.

No human should be without basic or emergency medical care. Yet thousands are without it. There are adequate resources on this planet to provide training for people who want to go into the medical field.  They could get free training in exchange for a few years of public service in the medical field.  Proper prevention could save countries millions of dollars later and more importantly it could meet the needs of all citizens.  The government should buy large quantities of needed medicines paying reduced prices and provide those medicines when needed to seniors, families with children and those in need. 

Governments waste millions on foolish projects, excessive salaries, and military items but can’t seem to help children and seniors get needed medical care, dental care,  medicine, food, clothing and housing. 

Thousands of children and others die from medical conditions we have cures for.  Something also needs to be done about inadequate care in hospitals.  Again we have the capability of providing training to thousands of people who could become nurses and medical assistants.  They could in return work for money but in public service positions to offset the cost of their training.

It costs an average of $35,000 dollars a year to keep criminals locked up.  They should be put to work on public service projects for you and I such as building solar collectors nationwide to tap the free energy from the sun reduce dependence on oil.  They could build these in many places including wastelands.  They could also do other needed public service work such as building mass transit tunnels and stations nationwide.  Under­ground subways that are not affected by weather or traffic and powered with free solar energy could provide us with cheap clean, cost efficient trans­portation. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to fight traffic, to sit back and relax, perhaps read while going to your destination.  It is possible.  Let’s make it happen.  Everyone would benefit.  This would result in less traffic on the freeways and roads.   And life would be better for all.  Besides you and I are sentenced to a lifetime of working why should criminals get off doing nothing but enjoying conjugal visits watching TV, working out in their Gyms, getting college degrees at our expense, and filing countless lawsuits costing us tax payers millions of dollars.

We are fed up with being ripped off by exorbitantly paid CEOs and officials with very high salaries such a former presidents of AT&T  and K-Mart who almost bankrupted the company, left the public holding the bill and were allowed to get away with it and retire to a life of luxury. 

There should be an exit test for students to pass each grade.  It should be fair, not too difficult nor too easy.  High school graduates should have to serve a year in a public service training corps where they would learn the skills of a trade.  This would provide them with the means to earn a living.  Perhaps a year of public service doing this trade may have to be required in order to pay for the training.  Everyone would benefit.  These young people could build housing, repair roads, learn medical and dental skills, install solar shingles on people’s homes so that eventually everyone would be getting free power from the sun.

All businesses should be allowed to make a fair profit on goods and services but exorbitant prices and charges should be banned on necessities.  Gas, electric, and phone companies should not be allowed to rip us off.  Consumers should be protected.

You will like this

Work weeks should be adjusted to allow for flextime.  Shorter work weeks help people to have time to do things they want to do and the economy could and should be planned and balanced to provide high level of prosperity for all.

A standardized efficient hybrid car should be mass produced making it affordable to all and reducing our dependence on foreign oil and reducing pollution.  Tens of thousands now die from pollution related diseases. Thousands more suffer daily problems like asthma because of pollution.

We should encourage other countries to work together to solve massive problems like pollution in their areas because it threatens us.  Millions of people mostly children die yearly from malnutrition and from diseases we have cures for.  Over 250,000 children go blind every year for lack of 1 cent’s worth of vitamin A.

Millions do not have access to clean water, education, medical care, adequate food.  Sometimes farmers just need tools and seeds.  Sometimes they just need the basic parts to create a water well.

The book also has solutions and insights into many of the common problems of our time including poverty, unemployment, crime, welfare, lack of mass transit, over population, starvation, food production, lack of education, illiteracy, poor education, health care, female castration still practiced by women on girls in 28 countries (disgusting isn’t it), unnecessary deaths, unnecessary blindness, world language problem, the nuclear threat, the possible coming ecological disaster, the super-germ threat, the lack of privacy, and the coming threat of scientific dictatorship.

We need a common international vocabulary so that all humans can understand each other.  Humans need to understand each other especially in emergencies.  There is an international vocabulary that can be learned in a few minutes a day.  It is also known as Esperanto.  Do a search on it on Google. Or look at

Most deaths around the world are preventable, particularly child deaths.  There are more deaths due to malnutrition and disease than caused by wars.  Thousands of women die from childbirth related problems.  Women around the world need education and especially in family health and safety sanitation, child care and birth control.

Violence is still a major threat to us and others around the world.  We must insist on rule by law, justice, strict enforcement, certainty and severity of punishment. 

Millions do not live in freedom or may be at risk for losing their freedom. 

Perhaps worst of all is the ignorance and indifference of people towards these issues.


We the caring people of Planet Earth having suffered too long needlessly, declare our unification in the purpose of creating a better life for ALL.

We find that technology has reached a point where there is no need for starvation, poverty or suffering yet over 24,000 people die every day for lack of food or medical care. Three quarters of them children under age 5.  We are fed up with rich people and governments not caring about their fellow human beings.  We can work together to solve the problems of our time and to create ample for all.

The Earth does have enough resources to support the human race with a decent standard of living. There are enough resources for everyone to have what they need.

Now is the time for wise management and cooperation, rather than waste and violence so typical of mankind's ignorant immature past.  If social class inequity, poverty, and violence are not curtailed worldwide, they will lead to wars.   Now that the nuclear genie is out of the bottle and in the reach of terrorists along with incurable chemical, radiological and biological weapons, it could lead to mankind’s extinction from this planet.

If more medical research is not done against super germs and diseases, we could all die from them.  If you don’t believe me than read what imminent scientists like Carl Sagan and Nobel peace prize winners have to say.  If we don’t cooperate and work together for the common good of all we will die together.

As individuals we need a code of conduct such as Do to others only what you would want others to do to you.  Or don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you.  Love and Kindness should be the standard of human conduct.  In other words bring no harm to another person by your actions or inaction.

We must become part of the solution to the above problems rather than part of the problem or indifference and denial so common today.

Mankind is a one big family.  We must all help ourselves; our contemporaries and all mankind grow up and become responsible, humane and wise.

End of Summary

In case you haven't heard there are some revolutions going on. There are the: Scientific Revolution. Plastic Revolution, Agricultural Revolution, Biological Revolution, Computer Revolution, Economic, Revolution, Educational Revolution, Human Rights Revolution, and Technological Revolutions to name a few. There is an explosion of knowledge based on new research.

A better life for ALL could become possible if mankind will let it happen. Science and technology have now made possible a wonderful new culture and world order, where there is no longer any need for starvation, suffering, fear, unemployment, inflation, long work hours, long work weeks, low pay, poor living conditions, etc.

The new scientific culture could make it possible for the average person to have a much higher standard of living.
Virtually all families could be able to have a decent home and necessities, with more free time to enjoy the better things of life.
You can help make this happen in the next few years and you can share in the benefits.
You could experience a wonderful new life.
This is not a book of science fiction, nor religion, nor fantasy. THIS BOOK IS BASED ON SCIENTIFIC FACT, REALITY, COMMON SENSE and faith in the human race.
This book will inform you about: this wonderful future, about current realities, how this wonderful future may be achieved, ISSUES AND ANSWERS NECESSARY TO YOUR SURVIVAL, workable solutions to many major world and local problems, needed information and practical insights on many issues that are important to your future and success, forecasts what will happen, great changes coming, the great solution, IBLFAM, the People's Manifesto, things that need to be said, the new super culture, the specter, the danger. Inspirational for volunteers and those interested in helping. Lists FUTURE JOBS.
At last a book that covers the major issues of our time from a practical perspective. It tells the truth as SHOCKING as it is. It is an IDEA FILLED HANDBOOK.


You will be affected by major changes as they impact on you perhaps sooner than you expect. Millions people will be affected by the computer revolution and millions of people will be laid off or require retraining because of computers and robots. You may witness the birth of a revolutionary new super-culture that will explode into our lives new profound changes, dangers and challenges whether we want them to or not. Lifestyles, the family, and the workplace will be shaken. It has already begun. Here are some of the things that are going to happen: Computers will become ubiquitous. [remember this was originally written in the late 1970s ] They will be almost everywhere such as in tiny communication devices like cell phones. People will live longer, will have fewer children, more spouses, more trial live-ins, and will retire later: new medical techniques will allow many paraplegics and paralyzed to walk and gain use of their limbs; more blind will see; there will be new vaccines against many diseases, even some forms of cancer; more diseases will become extinct; there will be a morning after pill, non addictive pain killers, anti drug abuse pills, medicines to improve memory, retard aging, prolong life, affect body growth, cure mental diseases and regenerate organs; computers will diagnosis illnesses by remote sensors in senior citizens homes. There will be catastrophic medical insurance against major medical expenses; new health hormones; new drugs to eliminate the need for hysterectomies, appenendectomys, mastectomies, heart bypasses, and tonsillectomies; new drugs to dissolve gall stones; new artificial limbs and organs; two way cable and phone lines to allow electronic mail, electronic newspapers & reports, information exchange, TV shopping and ordering, at home class attendance, business teleconferencing using TV to hold meetings saving time and money. In school computers will assist teachers by tutoring students individually each at his own pace.

Computers can test students, can patiently reexplain subjects to slower learners, and can give advance instruction to fast learners. They can also do simulations, showing for example results of mixing chemicals without any of the real dangers of using actual chemicals. Computers can present material with graphics color and sound that will help teachers teach, and can reach students that are in the hospital or at home via phone lines.
Entire factories will use robots as they can work around the clock, don't demand a paycheck, produce less scrap and better quality resulting in higher productivity. The automotive industry will be installing thousands of robots. Steel collar workers (robots) may replace millions of workers in the next ten years. Japan will go robotic. Robots will also become lifesaving servants to the handicapped.

Welfare systems will undergo major overhauls and be replaced by workfare.

The government could become the employer of last resort. Work weeks will become shorter and we will see more flexible schedules and job sharing.

The day of the electronic cottage (the home-workplace) will come. As housing becomes harder to find more people will be sharing housing.

There will be new designer-modular housing of wonderful new materials with variable rate mortgages. Cars will last longer, be lighter, be 90% plastic but also be safer, rustproof and get better mileage. There will be pure safe artificial blood. There will be co-ed vocational prisons with very low rates of recidivism.

There will be a nearly CHECKLESS CASHLESS society with 'smart' credit cards with micro chips.

Voiceprint identification will allow almost instant verification of ID, and will allow TV ordering, & banking while reducing crime.

Cable TV will offer over 100 channels, first run movies & special events, two way TV participation in game shows, and student participation in class while at home. (schools could cut costs by closing buildings during bad weather or having students attend only 3 days a week.)

Two way communication will be handier with pocket and watch phones with TV screens. A space weapon will be developed that can destroy nuclear missiles seconds after launch. Computers will take dictation, correct spelling and type it out in any one of several languages much faster than any secretary. There will be paternity leave for fathers, no fault divorce and children divorcing parents. The ERA will be approved eventually. Of course there will be some bad things higher crime, bad earthquakes, wars, millions dying of diseases and starvation, water shortages and lots of problems but all in all you will see an increasingly better world due to Amplenomics and a movement called IBLFAM which will be described on the following pages. Remember much of this was written in 1984 and some of it has come true already.


We the caring people of Planet Earth having suffered too long needlessly, declare our unification in the purpose of creating a better life for ALL through both individual and united action to abolish starvation, disease, poverty, inadequate housing, violence, unemployment inflation, illiteracy, slavery, power monopolies racism, and greed by the promotion of Human Rights, Freedom, Self Determination, Non Violence, Education, Cooperation, Decency, Consideration, Goodwill, Brotherhood, Peace, Love, Scientific Study, Health, and A Better Life for ALL.
We find that technology has reached a point where there is no need for starvation, poverty or suffering,
The Earth has enough resources to support the human race with a decent standard of living,
Now is the time for wise management and cooperation, rather than waste and violence so typical of mankind's ignorant immature past, which unless curtailed will result in mankind's extinction.
The old theory of class vs. class struggle is now obsolete. Mankind is one family in the universe.


Already having workers in virtually every country on earth IBLFAM will soon become one of the most powerful movements of our time. We are growing more powerful each day with increasing numbers of workers from every nationality and creed. Many are young, some are old, and most are in between. They are in practically every occupation. Many differ in political persuasion and in many other matters. Although many are religious many are not. Many are scientists or scientific workers. Some are working their way into positions of power and influence. Most are not in positions of power but will use their freedom to influence others. They may be the most diverse power group in history but they will make history.
They are willing to work to create a better civilization and a better life for all.
The greatest movement in human history is underway at this time with thousands of people worldwide participating.
IBLFAM is not an organization. There is no membership fee. It is composed of those wonderful people worldwide, young and old, rich & poor, of every nationality & religion who is trying to improve things. Their common desire is to leave the world better than they found it, to help create a better life for all, their families, children and their fellow human beings. They are helping, even if only in little ways to create a better civilization and a better life for all. You can be a part of it even if you can only share good ideas with others, as long as you are willing to put a little effort and determination into it. You are welcome to be part of IBLFAM. It is the hope of mankind for a better future.
If enough people become involved, if millions raise their voice demanding and working for a better life for all they could have it. We are fed up with problems that were ignored. These problems did not go away they got much worse. Now if thousands resolve to do something about them, we could all benefit.

The earth can support the human race with an adequate standard of living, The Earth may be able to supply abundance for all,
The Earth has billions of tons of stone suitable for creating buildings, In fact there is enough stone at or near the Earth's surface to create a place for each one of us,
Let's look at the most common elements planet Earth is blessed with. First there is oxygen the miracle gas that is essential for our life, it is needed for fuels to burn, to form chemical compounds and to make steel. It is used to save lives and prolong life, Second 'is Silicon the major element in rocks, sand, clay, quartz and glass. From it is made grinding powders, glass, transistors, radio parts, TV parts, computer chips the famous silicon chips that are revolutionizing electronics. There is enough for everyone to have as many radios, TVs and computers as they need,


We all have dreams we would like to have come true. The Wonderful Dream Future IS all of our dreams for a better life and future come true.
A paradise on earth has become technically possible. There are enough resources on earth to adequately feed, clothe and house a few billion people. Not only can every human being on earth have a decent standard of living but also the QUALITY of life can be much BETTER than it is now. Millions today are without even basic necessities.
The FOLLOWING are parts of the wonderful dream future that are actually being developed into reality:
Abundant delicious nutritious food for ALL. (At the time this book was written every 2 seconds a child was dying of starvation related causes)
New easy care fun to wear clothing for all at low prices.
New affordable designer-wonder HOMES made of new materials of great strength, high insulation value, flame retardancy, that are beautiful and maintenance free.

By mass producing many different styles and types of Modular designs we will be able to tailor make their home to individual wants, and to add or CHANGE rooms as they wish at costs that are within reach of EVERY working family. No longer will there be a need for lifetime mortgages.

Prefinished homes require only unskilled labor to set up. Solar powered-heated-cooled homes will reduce utility bills to almost nothing.
Other parts of the Wonderful Dream Future are: GOOD PAYING JOBS WITH SHORTER WORKWEEKS, longer more frequent vacations, more paid holidays, better benefits etc.
Machines and robots can do heavy, dangerous or tedious work.
Computers, Video typewriters and facsimile printers that will greatly reduce paperwork.

The eradication of many diseases. An end to death from diseases we have cures for. An end to suffering. New medicines, cures, new medical methods, vaccines, an artificial heart, great medical advances, retardation of aging, rejuvenation of the body.
Better methods of fighting crime. Instant voiceprint identification. Universal law order and Justice. Education will be available to all who want it.
For those willing to work poverty could become a thing of the past.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights will have been adopted as the Universal Standard.
An end to overpopulation, through humane planning rather than wars starvation and violence is possible. Non violent solutions to problems. Banishment of all nuclear arms enforced by computer-technology assisted inspection.
The wise use of the human potential so that everyone can become what they truly want to be. The wise use of natural resources and the wide spread use of solar, wind, water and thermal energy. New high yield crops and animals.
A great increase in personal wealth for all. New economic opportunities for those willing
to work. People will be able to afford the things they need.
Improved safer cars that will not rust, that get more mileage and that even troubleshoot themselves. Automatic computer control for cars is being developed and when operational will allow the driver. To read the morning paper on the way to work or to watch TV or even to send the car by itself to pick up someone (no driver needed).
New household and workplace appliances will take much of the work out of doing things. For example the household computer could direct the robot vacuum cleaner on its rounds, while at the same time direct the meal maker to prepare and cook dinner. An ultra sonic dishwasher will clean and sterilize 13
dishes without using water.
Many new advances could make our lives easier, freer, better and more comfortable.
Since the above was a mere summary of a wonderful dream future, feel free to add some of your ideas below. Since the author feels that your ideas are important several places have been provided throughout this book for you to jot them down.


Every 2 seconds a young child dies of starvation or starvation related diseases. (Millions every year)
Deaths due to hunger have now exceeded deaths from all conflicts in the past two decades.
About one half of the human population is malnourished and also lives in extreme poverty and misery.
MILLIONS are unemployed or under employed.
Over a BILLION people lack clean drinking water.
By modern standards two thirds of the world population is ill fed, ill housed, ill clothed, ill educated, ill doctored and just plain ill.
MILLIONS are without LIBERTY and soon millions may lose their liberty.
Ninety percent of deaths are caused by preventable factors. Death rates are as much as thirty times higher in underdeveloped countries.
Each year 100,000 children become blind due
to vitamin A deficiency, preventable by just I cents worth of vitamins a day.
MILLIONS DIE each year from diseases that are preventable
MILLIONS die each year from needless unnecessary violence.


History shows us that this is a one step at a time process. It is going on now throughout the world. The help of many more people is needed in order for this to happen. Mankind's civilization has reached a point where even the common man can, in many countries, live a decent life and enjoy life. Mankind working together-cooperating has made this possible. Today there are more people with a decent standard of living than at any other time in history.
A BETTER LIFE FOR ALL is possible and in fact has become reality to a large extent for millions of people. It needs to be improved and expanded and EXTENDED TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE HUMAN RACE.
History shows us that civilizations improve themselves while improving the lot of their members when the individual members do things that not only help themselves but also benefits others.
The more members working together for the common good the faster is the civilizations progress.
When knowledge is purposely sought, someone learns. When that knowledge is shared, often others expand on it; put it to good use and civilization benefits. Lenses were discovered and developed which led to microscopes, then to micro biology, to more research, to many vaccines, to worldwide use. The result: A safer Life for All.
All could benefit. Vaccines were the result of ideas that were given the chance to be tested through the scientific method which is the objective search for truth. They were also the result of the love, cooperation and individual efforts of thousands of people.
Progress happens as a result of positive group effort in which each individual does a little something that is beneficial not only to himself but to the group. The scientist would not have been able to create the vaccine if he had to do everything alone. (Such as grow his own food, make his own clothes, etc.)

The people that work at useful jobs even though they may feel that their job is insignificant do contribute to the progress of civilization and to the progress of mankind.

Love and cooperation are the lifeblood of civilizations. Without them civilizations die. The greatest advances of mankind happen because of the love, cooperation, organization and efforts of hundreds of ordinary people. Without that we would not have our modern conveniences and wonders including vaccines, TVs, cars, computers, medicines, etc.
Progress is the result of the free flow of positive ideas. Anyone can think up or pass on good ideas.
The world we live in literally runs on ideas. The idea of the electric light by man with only a third grade education led to the use of billions of them.

To create a better life for ALL, THE FOLLOWING NEEDS TO BE SET AS GOALS AND THEN ACCOMPLISHED one step at a time into reality through the efforts and cooperation of thousands of individuals.
Recognize the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the universal standard of all peoples. Research into common world and human problems.
Research into all areas that would be beneficial to mankind.
The publication of all research for the benefit of all mankind.
The free access to anyone, to the knowledge of mankind.
The establishment of public libraries throughout the world and of intra-library loan services.
The production and distribution of adequate food to all humans.
The mass production of all necessities so as to make them affordable to all working families.
The mass production of modular maintenance free housing using new wonder materials, and buyer do it yourself set up capability,
Mass production of solar powered lighting and heating units.
The creating of a job for every human being who wants to work.
The changing of welfare into workfare and the requirement that welfare checks are to be distributed only at the recipient’s place of work.
The eradication of diseases.
Research into the prevention and cures at a stepped up pace.
The recruiting and training of thousands of bright young people worldwide in medical research fields and in basic medical and health science fields; and placement of them into areas where research is needed or where medical help is needed all over the world.
The creation of medical peace corps from developed countries.
Adequate medical services made available to every human being.
Basic health education given to every person.
The development of the artificial heart, and other organs.
Research into the retardation of aging.
Free basic education to all.
An end to overpopulation through planning and optimization, using birth control and planned zero population growth rather than violence, wars and starvation.
Non violent solutions to problems.
An end to the arms race.
Banishment of nuclear weapons with worldwide computer-technologically assisted inspection.
The creation of a multinational peace force to prevent wars by enforcing disarmament.

The application of research of computer, sensory, astrological, robot, cybernetic, microwave spectroscopy metallurgical, optical, and other applicable technologies to the creation of war prevention systems.
More research and action into the prevention of violence and wars.
More research and action into the prevention of power monopolies.
The wise use of natural resources.
Research into and increased use of solar, wind, water, and thermal energy systems.
Research into better energy systems.
Wise management of limited resources.
Research and development of new high yield disease resistant crops and animals.
Exploration into new food sources.
More economic opportunities for those willing to work including better pay and shorter work weeks.

Elimination of the insane economic policies that have brought on world recession and inflation.
A return to sound economics worldwide with the prudent use of amplenomics.
Elimination of waste especially in government spending.

Improved safety-world-cars with standard parts, radar controlled emergency brakes and speed controls. Cars that troubleshoot themselves and that won't rust, that get better mileage using non polluting fuels and that are much safer.
Better methods of fighting crime.
Instant voice, fingerprint, face recognition identification systems brought to active use to help curb crime. You are beginning to see biometric face scanners in public places. They can be a great crime fighter but some feel that it is an invasion of privacy.
Development of the stun gun. Modernization of the legal, judicial and penal systems.

The use of technology to help make human lives easier, freer, better, more meaningful and comfortable.


No one person could be expected to do it all alone. What is needed is to get as many others interested in helping as possible.
The more people doing beneficial work in the world the faster will be positive change for the better. Those that have chosen to help improve things either through their work or through their personal activities may be surprised to learn that they are part of an international movement.
In many scattered places worldwide are workers of an international movement that will change the world.
All over the world thousands of people are working alone and in groups to improve things. Most are unselfish people that gain satisfaction out of doing something worthwhile, out of leaving the world a little better than they found it. Some work in the name of God or Love, concern or humanitarianism and/or other reasons. But for whatever their reason they are working to help create a better life for all.
Many are doing research, studying, teaching, youth work, social work, counseling, engineering, writing, journalism, labor, etc.
They have realized that through cooperation, scientific study, technology, and sharing ideas that problems can be solved for the benefit of all.
These wonderful individuals along with those in civic, service, fraternal, action, peace, and humanitarian groups, and associations are The International Better Life For All Movement also known as the Ample For All Movement. The greatest movement in human history.

Your help is NEEDED even if you can only do a little. You can be a part of it even if you can only share good ideas with others, as long as you are willing to put a little effort and determination into it. You are welcome to be a part of IBLFAM. (The International Better Life For All Movement)
Your help is needed because you are the only positive person in your corner of the universe. It is up to you to improve your own area. If everyone just improved their own area, the world would be much better.
Your efforts are important.
IF YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. You may be the only one able to solve a particular problem.
You can make a difference because you are the only one that can direct your own thoughts and actions. You are the ruler of your domain, the Captain of your ship. You do have a degree of power.
You can think up and/or pass on good ideas to others.
You have the right and power of the vote.
You have the freedom to state your opinion,
ask questions, raise issues, criticize and to promote solutions.
You have the freedom of choice.
You can use your life as you wish because you can control and direct your own thinking and therefore your actions. You could if you wish actively promote the goals expressed in the People's Manifesto, or you could ignore parts or all of it. You can be a positive force for good, peace, freedom and justice or you can be a mere average do-nothing. The choice is up to you. The world is in such a terrible state because so many choose to do nothing.

The future is the product of the actions of the present.

Many times has the future been influenced because one person did something. Once an old man acted as a peacemaker at a meeting. He didn't have to get involved but as it turned out if he hadn't our constitution might never have been finished. The man was Ben Franklin. Indeed many have given their very lives that you might have a free world and a better life for all. No one is asking you to go that far. Only you can decide what you want to do.

The following are some SUGGESTIONS that one might consider:
Be a decent and considerate person.
Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.
In your daily interaction promote: Reason instead of emotion, Love instead of hate, Non violent solutions to problems, Peace, Brotherhood, Human Rights, Freedom, Cooperation, Concern instead of ignorance, Universal Decency, Law and Order, The Rule of Law rather than rule of force, Justice, Self Determination, Economic Opportunity for all, research into problems, a decent life for all, adequate food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education, access to information and job opportunity for all, consideration, the wise use of resources, positive attitudes, thinking, actions etc.
Become informed and Keep Informed.
Read and support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Understand that a threat to one is a threat to all.
Join with those that are taking positive action, and/ or lend your support.
Become a concerned citizen. Take an interest in civic affairs. Perhaps occasionally attend public meetings, hearings, court sessions, etc. Visit public offices and officials, ask questions. Become aware of what is happening and who is making it happen. Know what is going on.

TAKE A STAND AGAINST: VIOLENCE, crime, terrorism, starvation, disease, nuclear arms, war, pollution, drug abuse, destruction, waste, indecent morals and actions, negative attitudes and thinking, ignorance of issues, violations of human rights, over population, etc.
Teach something you know to someone who could benefit by it.
Support strict judges, recall ineffective judges, and public officials.
Criticize waste in government
Criticize waste of natural resources.
Object to excessive salaries especially of useless positions.
Object to most out of town trips by public officials unless they pay their own expenses.
Object to officials using government vehicles for private use.
Write letters to government officials and others in power to let them know your opinion.
Stand up for your rights and the rights of others.
When others put down our free way of life and system point out that it has done more for mankind and individuals than any other.
Those that have financial means could put it to good work perhaps supporting good causes especially the free press, private printers, international radio, educational public TV stations, scouting etc.
Those with children have the duty to bring them up to be decent persons.
Support decent youth groups that have good ideals and decent worthwhile activities such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Consider these ahead of groups that merely provide activities but may have detrimental effects on young minds or which may have a high risk for injury like some contact sports. (It has been proven that many sports programs if not run properly may have a detrimental effect on youngsters mentally morally or physically. It is a real loss when instead of learning sportsmanship, good morals and fair play; they learn a win at any cost killer attitude, along with poor morals.)
Each of us in our daily lives have opportunities to be examples of the spirit of Love, Truth and Reason.
Our example often speaks louder than any words we might say.
Encourage higher standards in TV, Radio, and entertainment by letting your feelings be known by writing to stations. Only one viewer out of thousands bothers to write, therefore stations often feel that one letter represents the views of hundreds of viewers or listeners. Stations do want public feedback.
The same holds true to other fields such as lawmakers, education, advertising, and especially public officials. Letters have changed the course of history many times. Sometimes a public official may take a courageous stand which you agree with and receive a lot of criticism. It is at a time like that that your letter or call is helpful. Let your feelings be known.
Criticism usually accomplishes little. It is easy to criticize. Positive action takes a little more thought but accomplishes so much more. We must take positive constructive action in raising the standards of all human endeavors. Christopher founder James Keller said, 'It is better to light just one candle than to curse the darkness.'
If you see a just cause consider getting involved. Perhaps inspire others to get involved.

There are three classes of people, those that make things happen, those that know what is happening, and those who wonder what happened, then gripe about it.

If you see that something could be improved, consider studying the problem, setting goals, enlisting the help of others, making a plan, and taking action.

Each day we get our allotment of time, 1440 minutes no more or less. Each of us has the freedom of choice of what to do with it. One can waste it or use it wisely but once spent it is gone forever. We are all in a race with death, so whatever you do with your today remember that you are giving up one day of your life for it which you will never get back so make it worthwhile.

'Live each day as if it were your last.' (From Before I Sleep by Dr. Tom Dooley who did more for mankind than most. He also wrote The Edge of Tomorrow, and The Night They Burned the Mountain.)
Much misery is caused by making decisions without bothering to get all the facts. Perhaps we should encourage the gathering of the facts and the seeking of the truth before making decisions or passing judgment.
Be aware of bias, unreasoned distortion, prejudice, misconceptions, half truths, unbalanced perspective, simple easy assumptions and anything else not based on empirical facts.
Perspective is a view of things in their true relationship and relative importance. It is not always easy to see things in their true perspective. Hindsight seems much easier and acute than foresight although foresight is more important. Even wisdom isn't considered true wisdom until it has passed the test of time. One must transcend the common self centered biases and the emotional and passion aspects to rise above preconceptions of self, family, group, religion and even nation to view things in the true perspective.
We live on a minute speck of dust lost drifting in a great immense expanding cosmic ocean of billions and billions of stars. Our little spaceship has no lifeboats should it self destruct.
We must learn from history or else repeat errors. But this time there will be no second chance. Over millions of years the wisdom of mankind was learned bit by bit at great cost by our ancestors, many times at the cost of their lives. We must study wisdom and use it or perish.
We can begin by looking at things in their true perspective.
Is it logical for nations to spend billions to build more nuclear monsters when they already have enough to murder every human on the planet several times over?
If an intelligent alien visited our planet what would he think about our great haste to spend billions to prepare for death while ignoring millions of starving children and millions suffering from disease we already had cures for. What would he think about our civilizations ignoring of the issue of its own survival while bickering about trivial matters. What account would we give of how well we took care of planet Earth?
Most disasters other than natural ones are caused by people ignoring problems rather than making efforts to solve them. Why wait until a problem becomes a crisis before effort is made toward solution. Our survival as a civilization depends on how we solve current problems. Our defense depends on spotting potential disasters and taking action now to avoid future disasters. If we continue to ignore problems we will not have to bother thinking about the future because we won't have any. There will be little or no warning, the sirens will go off and no matter what most of us do in the next few minutes it will soon be over. Computer error, or a mistake, or anger, or some nut could put 30-60,000 nuclear warheads up into space in minutes. In a few minutes traveling at hundreds of miles per hour their paths will silently cross each other as the announcements come over the radio and TV. We will have perhaps a few minutes to say goodbye to those near us and all that we hold dear. We have nothing to stop those 30,000 warheads as they come at us at supersonic speed. They will enter the atmosphere and find their targets with deadly accuracy. Many major cities are scheduled for many hits to insure that no one and nothing will survive. The lucky ones will die within seconds. Thousands will suffer wounds, decapitation, amputation and severe burns and will suffer terrible slow deaths trapped in rubble with no one to help them. Even those in shelters may be incinerated by burning gas forced into them by tremendous pressure differences. Survivors if any will face uninhabitable wasteland that will remain radioactive for decades.
We need to be committed to our survival and to making effort to solve problems before they become a crisis. We can encourage leaders and politicians to make efforts to solve problems now rather than procrastinating and therefore sacrificing the long term good for short term social amelioration.
We need to plan and study future needs now so that we can create a better future. But as long as we continue to ignore problems rather than make efforts to solve them we are heading for disaster. Major world disaster is forecasted by many major scientists and psychics unless we take corrective action now.
We can write to, call and visit leaders and others asking them to take action on problems and to fulfill campaign promises. We can let them know that we favor mutual disarmament with international inspection now. We could encourage the teaching and use of reason and logic.
We could work on raising ethical norms.
We could study the causes of war.
We can demand more control over the military and their research activities. Most of the world’s scientists are working for the military. They should be put to work on solving our civilizations' problems and creating a better life for all. We can and should wage peace and progress!
We can encourage the using of the mind to control emotions rather than letting emotions run us.
We should encourage all people in all countries to think and speak freely about ALL topics, to share their ideas as mankind has more in common than not.
There should be no topics closed to discussion in any country. We need to discover that our fellow humans are human just like us with the same needs.
World wide radio and TV should be made instruments for world peace.
We need to build international mutual trust, cooperation and friendships now. We can do this through communications, letters, travel, business, aid, education, student exchange etc. International pen pals perhaps sponsored by school language classes would allow students the world over to share ideas and build world brotherhood. IBLFAM volunteers might work on special projects of their choosing to further world peace, understanding, communications and brotherhood.
We can spread the idea that civilizations (governments) main goal should be THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF ALL OF ITS CITIZENS.
Petty bickering, the arms race, misunderstandings, distrust, greed, and nuclear proliferation do not facilitate that goal.
We must look for better ways of doing things and test them to find which work best, in all fields.
No person, group, nationality, economic system, or religion has all of the answers.
We must all look for real solutions not just argue about assumptions. It doesn't matter who is right. What is important is the truth. What is even more important is the finding of useful solutions.
We could inspire others to take a positive attitude. We need all the help we can get.

Smile! Recruit every one you can, even if they can only help a little.
You are important. You are a power.

You have control over your own actions.
You can make decisions that can influence others.
You can pass on good ideas.

You may be the only positive thinking beacon in your dark corner of the world. Light it up!
You should be able to have all of the things you need and want. (Within reason of course)
Amplenomics can give us all more money, more things and more free time to enjoy life.
There is no need to have our standard of living eroded by inflation.
There is no need for anyone who wants to work to be deprived of a decent job.
There is no longer a need for men to do heavy lifting or to do excessive tedious work. Much dangerous work can be done by machines.

There is no need for anyone to be deprived of an education, or ACCESS TO KNOWLEDGE.
THERE IS NO NEED FOR ANYONE TO BE POOR WHEN AMPLE FOR ALL CAN BE CREATED. There are enough resources to create AMPLE FOR ALL. There is enough for all.
“A Better Life for All IS BECOMING POSSIBLE.
Paradise of sorts IS within mankind's reach! Mankind working together has managed to create a civilization that has made it possible for the average citizen to live a relative life of ease as compared to the type of life his ancestors had to live. (Granted there are many areas where this has not been attained in the world yet.)
Our ancestors feared almost daily for their health and safety. If the family farm failed there was no welfare or food stamps. If someone was ill there often was no doctor much less a hospital or Medicaid. The average workday has shrunk from sixteen to eight hours or less, the work week from seven to five and soon four days. The average middle class standard of living now includes myriads of improvements since your great grandparent’s time which they simply had to do without.
Ask yourself what life would be WITHOUT:
TV, radio, stereos, records, tapes, movies, cars, trucks, paved roads, electric lights, appliances, freezers, refrigerators, clocks, toasters, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, fans, air conditioners, furnace blowers, mixers, microwave ovens, razors, cookers, telephones, power tools, automatic furnaces, all plastic products, synthetic products, fabrics, aluminum items, Teflon, Silverstone pans, paper plates, and containers, throw away items, diapers, paper napkins, Toilet Paper, convenience foods, frozen foods, junk foods, TV dinners, foods in bags, jars, or cans, pop,, machines to do heavy or tedious work, computers, color pictures, photography, street lighting, hot water heaters, showers, bathtubs, easy chairs, super glues, other modern inventions, fire, police and health departments, restaurants or fast food places, party stores, supermarkets, cleaners, school busses, airplanes, trains, ambulances, emergency rooms, hospitals, doctors, vaccines, wonder drugs, advanced medicines or techniques, public education, human rights under law, protected by governments such as the right of trial, freedom of assembly, freedom to elect government, freedom of the press and speech, and to have access to an uncensored press and news, uncensored communication, to work and live where one wants, freedom, peace, paid holidays, weekends off, vacations bug sprays, etc. Imagine life without the above.
How did your great grandparents get from one place to another on a cold winter night? Children complain that they have to wait a few minutes for the heated school bus to take them to school but chances are that great grandfather IF he was lucky enough to have a school teacher in the district had to walk several miles, sometimes in deep snow just to get to learn to read, write and figure. In fact if you check into it you will find that most of your ancestors were not even given the opportunity to learn to read and write. The Human Rights that today are taken for granted to the extent that the average person can't even name them were fought and died for by our forefathers and are now protected by our laws, courts and police.
There was a time not so long ago when people didn't have these rights. There are MILLIONS today that are being deprived of them. Ask anyone from a totalitarian country about what the secret police do in that country. Many atrocities are performed by secret police and those in power in totalitarian states.
Our civilization has reached the greatest peak of any civilization in history. More people have a better life than ever before. Can a better life for all in a society be more than a few years away when most of the parts of the wonderful dream future mentioned a few pages back are actually now being developed; and when we can stroll through our now common shopping malls filled to overflowing with every kind of merchandise, with hundreds of people shopping, buying, having fun. Thousands of other businesses, churches, libraries, universities, theaters, arenas, travel agencies, airlines, fast food places, specialty stores, campgrounds, boat rentals, golf courses, swimming pools, vocational schools, tennis courts, bowling, ski and Yacht clubs etc. cater to the individuals every whim. In comparison with the past have we not attained somewhat of a paradise? And better things are in the works now. All of the above are the result of human cooperation, science, technology and love. A better life for all is possible IF we work together.
Therefore as you may be able to see the wonderful dream future is becoming reality ever so slowly. The problem is how to extend this better life to all while avoiding the pitfalls of ignorance.
If we can have a better life for some of our citizens then with effort and cooperation a better life can be made possible for all that are willing to work. Science and technology have already solved a great many of the problems but it will take much human concern, enthusiasm and dedication combined with widespread cooperation and the efforts of thousands of individuals to overcome all of the problems, resistance and indifference.


Through out the world the various cultures of mankind have much more in common than not. The following pages list some of mankind's common most problems all of which need to be solved in order for a better life for all to be created. Many of us feel that these problems as colossal and as terrible as they are not impossible to solve. Although many problems will require complex solutions many may be largely conquered by means of relatively simple practical solutions. Technology does not provide the answer to all problems. Sometimes so called experts overlook useful ideas because they get bogged down in too much detail.
Not only should solutions to the problems be sought but also the root causes. The old saying that prevention is nine tenths of the cure is quite apropos.
We should look into the individual and social psychology, attitudes and cultural causations of these problems.
We must consider all aspects, all possibilities and keep an open mind, an unbiased viewpoint and a practical approach at all times. The real test of a solution is that it can be made to work in actual situations.


Although it took MILLIONS of years for mankind to reach a population of 1 billion about 1830, it took only 100 years to reach 2 billion in 1930, only 30 years for 3 billion in 1960, and only 15 years to reach 4 billion in 1975. The world population reached 4 1/2 billion in 1981 and reached: 5 billion around 1987,
6 billion about 1998 and is estimated to reach 11 billion about 2080.
This will not continue because the Earth does not have unlimited resources to support an ever increasing human population. Famine, malnutrition and related diseases with horrible human suffering WILL limit the human population if humans don't. It’s happening now!
Every 2 seconds a young child dies of starvation or starvation related disease.
100,000 children become blind each year due to vitamin A deficiency.
About 20,000,000 people most of which are children die yearly of starvation related causes. (With miserable suffering)
One half of the world population is malnourished.
By modern standards two thirds of all humans are inadequately fed, housed, clothed, educated, medically treated, and employed. They suffer from an inferior standard of living not to mention the great burden of suffering and misery.
Deaths due to hunger have now exceeded deaths from all conflicts in the past two decades.
Some experts put the ideal world population
at 2-4 billions. Although experts say that the earth could physically support more people than that it is doubtful that with current conditions it could do so and provide a decent standard of living without over-crowding. Certain changes would have to occur first.
At the moment human civilization is failing to even grow enough food to feed adequately half of its own population (the population of 1930).
Those that say that birth control is not needed now would have a difficult time explaining that to the twenty million people that will die this year of starvation related causes. I would like some of them to get out of their ivory towers and actually go see the world as it actually is and try to explain to a starving child why the earth can support more people and why we shouldn't encourage birth control. Perhaps some of them would realize that people need help now.
Over a billion people now lack decent clean water, meanwhile industrial pumping and pollution is causing a reduction in available clean water.
Each new person will require: 26 million gallons (99 million liters) of pure water in a lifetime. 800,000 kWh of electricity, 10,000 pounds of meat, 50,000 pounds of plant derived food, 25,000 pounds of milk products, 64,000 BTUs of heating fuel, 450 million liters of air to live 90 years, 95 million liters of oxygen will be needed; 23 million liters of carbon dioxide are generated by each person. New oxygen needs to be generated by the plants of the earth at which time they use up carbon dioxide. The problem is that mankind is destroying plants much faster than new plants can replace them.
Each new living person also needs housing, furnishings, a job, living space, working space, recreational space and a parking space plus he will use other additional limited resources such as paper, plastic, books, pens, tools, utensils, appliances, energy for light, showers, cooking etc.
The earth as big as it is has only limited non renewable resources, and renewable resources can only be replenished at a very slow limited rate. Wheat, rice and firewood for example only grow so fast and are subject to weather, insect, disease and storage factors. If a starving people used up the seed wheat or rice there would be no new crop the next season.
The earth simply cannot sustain continued population growth! Technology can boost its capacity somewhat but there is a limit to its capacity.

Earth is a spaceship with limited crew capacity.

Many more persons are born on any given day as die.
BIRTH RATES with the world population approaching 7 Billion
World average is about 17 births per 1000 of population.
About 95,000,000 born a year
about 260,000 born a day worldwide.
U.S. of America 15 births per 1000 of population.
Note birthrates range from 5-51 per 1000 in other countries.
DEATH RATES estimated peacetime average World average 11 per 1000 of population.
52,000,000 deaths a year 140,000 deaths a day
U.S. of America 8.6 deaths per 1000 of population.
Both birth and death rates are lowest in the developed countries and highest in the under developed countries. In Africa for example death rates range as high as 50 per 1000.
Although there has been some slowing of the birthrate in developed countries the numbers of humans are still skyrocketing.
Many experts feel that the world is now over the safe limit that it can support and still maintain a decent standard of living for every human.
Estimates of how many people the earth can support without considering standard of living, quality of life, population density, lack of freedom, lack of privacy, and with ideal crop land, ocean farms, no pollution and perfect weather, range in the 11-30 billions of population worldwide-however while it might be remotely possible, the quality of life in a world so crowded would resemble a nightmare of the worst type. There is mounting evidence that the earth's biosphere has suffered much damage already from past and current population levels and may not be able to handle much more. There may be grave consequences in the future. The section on pollution covers this aspect in greater detail.
It should be noted that such liberal estimates of the earth's capacity usually do not include any safety factor to allow for bad weather conditions or other disasters that would affect world food supply. There have been many and continue to be in our world today many famines in which thousands to millions of people die each year.
What is the safe limit that our earth will support? Certainly a safety factor should be included along with consideration of living space, amount of clean air and water available, the standard of living, the quality of life and many other factors. The population limit of the earth will change with the technology of the time and the condition of the biosphere. It will remain a glowing coal of contention and debate for a long time.
What about living space? Shouldn't every human have adequate space to live, eat, work, sleep, relax, and be alone if he wishes? At minimum shouldn't each human be able to have her own bedroom and access to at least a semi-private bathroom? Even at today's population levels many millions are without even that. Millions live crowded together in shanties. Some must even pay rent to live in tiny bed lockers because some cities are so crowded. The effects of population on the economy are not fully known. The basic principle of supply and demand tells us that when the demand is great and the supply small then the price goes up. But when an item becomes priced beyond one’s ability to pay for it and when it is an item (such as food) that is necessary for their survival they have little to lose by risking their lives to obtain it. Gang robbery in order to survive has become common place in the world today. Most battles and wars happen because someone or some group wants something that someone else has. Today the world is scrambling for oil. Soon it will be scrambling for more and scarcer resources such as food, energy, and water. As the demand increases so does the price of oil. And the same is happening with food prices.
The boarders of many countries lie on rivers or lakes/seas. As the demand for water rises there is great potential for conflict in these areas. With overpopulation comes greater risks of wars, higher prices, less privacy, less freedom, less living space, more traffic, more and longer lines, more crowding, less clean air and water, more pollution, higher crime rates and lower quality of life.
Of course the United States can support more people than it now has but at what price? The U.S. birthrate is going down but this is more than offset by the entrance of nearly two million aliens a year whose birthrates far exceed Native Americans. In addition for each alien legally admitted five applications are submitted for members of his family living outside of this country to be admitted. Should so many be entering the job market at a time when millions of Native Americans are unemployed.
There is only a limited amount of land, food, jobs housing, and clean air left. Many feel that our free way of life will be part of the price of overpopulation. Already it is difficult to find an apartment, home or reasonably priced land. Finding a decent job sometimes any job has proven impossible to millions. The higher the population the higher the crime rate. What price does one put on one’s health and safety? Many are saying that we need Zero Population growth now.
What is the point of overpopulation? Have we reached that point?
That depends of course on the definition. The best definition is that it is the point when the numbers of the group have a detrimental effect on the group itself and or its environment. Many would agree that that point has already been passed.
We will soon be seeing more crowded conditions, jammed highways, fewer free parking places, housing shortages, fuel shortages, less and less nice land, less living space, more crowds, more crowded parks, more crime, less pure water, less pure air (if there is any left now), acid rain, more pollution, and above all higher prices. Don't believe it-look at the prices for good food or nice houses and land. And now some of the medical people are telling us that because of the large human population new more potent strains of viruses are developing which we do not have cures for.
The population explosion of Homo Sapiens has caused the extinction of other species and a deterioration of the environment which if it goes on will destroy mankind. Twenty percent of all species will become extinct by the year 2000. (500,000 species)
Many think that Pope Paul's encyclical Humanae Vitae has sanctioned to starvation, death and poverty millions of children.
Other millions will starve as a result of Vatican Roulette. Catholics everywhere must bring pressure on their church to alter its teachings on birth control. This church is a powerful force in many parts of the world. Jesus taught people to 'Love One Another'. How can allowing children to be conceived when it is known that they will die in large numbers after much suffering while still children be an act of love? The message of Jesus was Love and Eternal Life not suffering and death. It is time we started practicing Love and Brotherhood.
What is needed is worldwide promotion of birth control through education in control methods and devices made available to all who need them. Birth control needs to be promoted as a matter of survival of the human race.
Smaller families of two children or less need to become the new ideal.
Tax incentives should be given to small families.
Sponsors of aliens should support the aliens they bring in, not the welfare department. Aliens should be advised that raising a large family is very expensive and that if they decide to have large families that the welfare department will not be expected to support them.
Voluntary sterilization should be actively promoted, especially after two children. Some have even suggested making it mandatory after three children.
Rapists should upon being found guilty be rendered impotent.
A Zero Population Growth through attaining a two children per woman average needs to be promoted.
Adoption should be made easy to do if the parent is unwilling to care for a child properly. This will allow childless couples to 'have' children.
International adoption of homeless and parentless children might be an excellent alternative to allowing them to starve.
Women of the world need to communicate with other women especially in poorer countries to spread the idea that it is not necessary to keep on having more children than they want and to win women's rights as a part of human rights.
We must help those in need to help themselves not just give them money which makes them more dependent. Foreign aid is needed from the developed countries to the underdeveloped countries and along with it strong pressure for massive birth control.
New initiatives are needed. The developed countries should provide leadership and help.
Thousands of medics should be trained and sent where needed.
More research is needed into the prevention of birth defects.
Research should continue to be done in the whole area of birth control methods and to develop ways for parents to predetermine the sex of their child if they wish so that they won't have to keep trying to have a boy or a girl.
Countries and cities that are overcrowded should consider limiting new housing permits and limiting immigration.
More planning and research must be done into problems such as what is the best most optimized size for a city or area, and then limit the building permits to that size of population.
If an area is too crowded, a new area nearby could be developed with careful planning. Residents of both areas would greatly benefit by less overcrowding and better conditions for all.
Cities don't have to be terrible places. There is no reason why cities cannot be improved, and there is no excuse. (Granted it does take time, and effort by a lot of people.)
Action groups need to be formed to educate people on the possibilities and on the overpopulation problem. More Zero Population Growth groups need to be formed. Letters need to be written to leaders, editors, broadcasters, etc.
The facts about overpopulation and its terrible threat should be taught in public schools worldwide.
The threat of overpopulation should be discussed in the media worldwide.
The attitude of the public regarding it could be made more realistic.
We must face the fact that overpopulation is a threat like cancer (a too rapid growth of cells).
We must look for additional ideas for limiting population.
The morning after pill and the male birth control pill are such ideas that need developing. They should be given priority in research.
Mankind can limit his numbers without suffering and pain, and all will benefit. IF MANKIND FAILS to limit his numbers NATURE WILL and it will be with much pain and suffering from violence, disease, war, starvation....


Overpopulation and malnutrition are sometimes closely related. Overpopulation can cause malnutrition, but more often the cause seems to be crop failure, droughts, bad weather, ignorance, selfishness, war, totalitarian regimes and lack of knowledge.
Some definitions are in order. Hunger is the lack of food.
Malnutrition is the lack of nutritionally adequate food.
Starvation is a condition in which the victim is destroyed physically and mentally by lack of food.
The rich seldom go hungry. The poor are the ones that suffer and it’s not always their fault. Many times they are used and abused by others and by their government. Look at what happened in Cambodia when people were not allowed to have any say in how the government was to be run. Those in power put their own selfish desires ahead of the needs of the people. Totalitarian regimes were formed and presided over the starvation or violent death of an estimated three to six million people most of whom were children, women or poor farmers. The government actually launched a campaign to destroy the food crops of its own people and of course many families died defending their only means of survival, their crops.
It is an indictment of Earth's civilization that any of its people should starve, die of starvation or suffer from malnutrition when the Earth had the resources to adequately feed the entire population. 40,000 children die a day from lack of food-food that exists but is in the wrong place. Over one billion people suffer from malnutrition today and probably over half of the entire earth population is hungry.
How can the leadership of this world justify the practice of allowing thousands of little children to die miserable unnecessary deaths? How can communist and totalitarian governments really justify the much higher death rates in their countries. (Note the statistics put out by many communist or totalitarian countries are often altered before being published.) Chronic malnutrition is a larger problem than outright starvation. A person can have a full stomach of food and still be dying of malnutrition.
Victims of malnutrition may or may not be victims of long term hunger. What happens is that the body doesn't get the right materials to grow properly or to fight off disease. The victims of so called starvation are most often victims of chronic malnutrition that have succumbed to disease.
People in the developed countries may have very little knowledge about nutrition but eat enough of a wide variety of foods to prevent malnutrition. People in poverty in developing countries may not only have no knowledge of nutrition but have an inadequate selection of foods to eat. In many parts of the world there isn't even enough food for a meal a day and that meal might be only an ounce or two of rice.
The average person requires between 2000 and 4000 calories a day depending on several factors. The world average is now 2,200 calories per day. People also need 2.5 to 4 ounces of protein daily, and certain minimum amounts of vitamins and minerals. For lack of vitamin A 100,000 children go blind yearly. (A few dollars a year, even a few cents a week could prevent this tragedy.)
In the developed countries much food is wasted. It seems wasteful to me that in a world where 40,000 children a day die of starvation related causes huge dumpsters take very slightly damaged fruit and produce to dumps and millions of meals with just a few bites taken out of them are being thrown out. (No I don't advocate shipping those meals out of the country.)
Much of the world’s fruit and produce is bought and selected by looks-appearance rather than by nutritional value and much of it is consumed by appearance not by content.
Millions of tons of food every year is wasted. We may see in coming years that food waste will be recycled into animal feed.


A dramatic increase in food production is needed worldwide. One hectare (2.4 acres or 10,000 square meters) now feeds/supports 2 people. Somehow within the next 20 years it is going to have to support 4 people or more. Whether or not this can be done is unknown because although more land becomes arable each year other land becomes unproductive because of pollution and poor conservation.
One of the greatest problems facing mankind is the loss of good soil. There is a thin layer of topsoil just a few inches thick that covers only a small portion of the earth's surface.
Mankind depends on this thin layer for most of his food. Without it mankind will die.
It takes thousands of years to create one inch of good topsoil. If it blows away, or is poisoned it is lost forever. The USA is losing 8-9 tons of topsoil per acre in the Corn Belt ending up in lake and ocean bottoms. 6.4 billion tons of topsoil equal to 1 inch off of Missouri a year, 18 billion tons are washed away by rivers each year.
Therefore CONSERVATION particularly of Earth's topsoil is very important. Cover crops are planted to help lock in soil moisture, add nutrients and prevent water and wind erosion. Crops are planted in rows perpendicular to land slope and wind direction together with trees and shrubs planted in rows at the sides and ends of fields help stop erosion.
Such practices as fall plowing, leaving the soil barren during the dry season and the farming of large areas without suitable windbreaks along with mass farming on the corporate scale with disregard for soil and water conservation are largely responsible for the loss forever of billions of tons of our precious topsoil. The excessive use of only one crop without rotating crops leads to depletion of the topsoil. In many areas the small farmer has been driven out of business by corporate giants. It is too easy for the goal orientated money hungry corporations to yield to the temptation of planting repeated cash crops and cutting corners for profits, After all they just move on to other fields when theirs becomes
depleted. The excessive use of pesticides, chemicals, salt water, and careless deposition of wastes especially radioactive wastes poison the topsoil perhaps forever.
Pollution causes crop damage, lower yields, lower production, spoiled crops, and higher prices. This is happening today.
Deforestation causes less water absorption by tree roots and humus leading to quick water runoff, water erosion and wind erosion. The topsoil is carried away by water very quickly.
Too much watering leads to water logging, too little moisture to desertification and wind erosion.
Mankind can no longer afford to tolerate poor conservation, pollution; man caused forest fires or waste.
Water is one of our most valuable resources yet it is still mismanaged, misused and polluted. Simple flood control planning could save millions of dollars in damage and billions of tons of topsoil from being washed away.
Agriculture uses 85% of our water. Water is the most important component in the soil from a farmer’s point of view. Water may be our most critical resource. Many areas are now running out and are seriously depleting (over drafting) their aquifers (underground water areas) through deep pumping. Some areas are heading toward a major water crisis and some areas of the world are already there. When that happens agriculture stops.
Irrigation is an important useful farming practice. 17% of crop lands are irrigated. Much higher yields can be attained with proper irrigation. In some areas using plastic as a ground or plant cover can conserve water and increase yields. Conservation tillage also known as no till farming is a method of farming in which the ground is not plowed each year. Instead seeds are planted in a narrow slot. This method has the advantage of reducing soil erosion and preserving soil moisture. It is particularly useful on sloping or rolling land and in sandy soils. The plant residue left on the surface helps prevent soil crusting and helps reduce water runoff. It permits better planting timing.
In 1949 the average yield of corn per acre was 38 bushels, by 1981 special farms were producing 86 and two teenagers set a world record of 304 in 1955. The official world corn production for 1980 was 392,249,000 metric tons. There may have been more than this but not officially recorded such as corn raised on small farms or gardens. World production of corn is in general on the increase.
See statistical centerfold for current statistics.
Wheat has gone from 20 bushels per acre to 66 per acre with a record of 140 per acre. World production of wheat is increasing.
The following are in millions of metric tons.
(1 metric ton = 1.1023 short tons.)
The average production was 358 in 1971-1975,
390 in 1977, 449 in 1978, 428 in 1979, 444 in 1980, 461 in 1981, 475 in 1982, 480 in 1983.
In 1800 it took 56 man hours to produce an acre of wheat. The horse drawn reaper of 1880 reduced that to 20 man hours. In 1980 2 man hours did it and did it better. In the past one U.S. farmer fed 2-4 people. Now he feeds 70 people. However in all fairness it is still a team effort. That farmer couldn't do it without modern agricultural science or without his big fancy equipment and his mechanic who keeps that equipment running or the bank that loans him the thousands of dollars to buy it.
Rice production has gone from under 400 pounds per acre to 710 pounds per acre with a record of over 10,000 pounds per acre with new IR-8 hybrid. World rice production was as follows:
(in millions of metric tons)
329 in 1971-1975, 369 in 1977, 385 in 1978, 376 in 1979, 399 in 1980, note that it fell to 275 in 1981, rose to 286 in 1982, 307 in 1983, and 313 in 1984. See centerfold for more info.
Rice is a grass cultivated in flooded ground. The average acreage in rice cultivation is about 250,000,000 acres (100,000,000 hectares). The harvested rice kernel is enclosed by a bran layer and a hull. Brown rice has only the hull removed and is about 8% protein with small amounts of fats, niacin, iron, thiamine, riboflavin and calcium. Further milling takes off the bran layer producing white rice, which is greatly less nutritious and if it constitutes a major part of the diet can cause beriberi. (A disease that results from a lack of enough thiamine and other minerals.) It is ironic that the bran is often used for livestock feed. Parboiling of unmilled rice can increase the nutrients (especially vitamin B) by moving them from the hull to the endosperm. An increase in vitamin content averages 2 to 4%.
About 400 man hours per acre is not uncommon in Asia where most of the world’s rice is grown. Rice yields range from 500-3,500 pounds per acre. Adequate irrigation is essential.
$3.50 per acre for fertilizer brings $132. More profit for the farmer for his rice.
Sometimes high yield crops only mean more starch not more protein, which means these have to be supplemented with other crops such as soybeans in order to fill in the protein content that was common 25 years ago. So while it may appear that great gains are possible they may not be as great as they may appear. Of the four major food crops the potato is #4. The tubers range in size from 300 grams (10 ounces) to 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds). World production is about 315,500,000 tons for 22,808,000 hectares.


Vegetables most suitable for home gardening are ones that produce a large yield per unit area such as the bean, cabbage, carrot, leek, lettuce, onion, parsley, pea, pepper, radish, spinach, tomato and various berries. One fourth of an acre is required to supply a family of six. There is considerable work involved with attending a successful garden. Back yard gardeners produce some of the highest crop yields in the world.
The world vegetable production is around 240 million tons, but the rate of increase of this production has not kept up with the world population increase rate. Most developed countries have a vegetable supply of over 300 grams per day with some over 500 grams per day per capita. There are large differences in patterns of vegetable consumption throughout the world. In many countries the production is very low.
Vegetables are important because they can prevent disease and starvation and can be grown by almost anyone. Vegetables can supply vitamins, minerals, acid neutralizers (needed by the body), carbohydrates and roughage.
A generous planting for a family of four averages about 100 feet per vegetable row. The following chart shows: in column 1 the crop, #2 the amount of the seed needed per 100 foot row, #3 the yield per 100 ft. row, #4 the yield in pounds per row, #5 the number of calories per pound, and #6 the yield per acre.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Beans, Lima 1 lb. 2 bu. 25 lb. 595 95 bu.
Beans, Snap 1 lb. 2 bu. 30 lb. 190 4 tons
Beets 1 oz. 11/2 bu. 50 lb. 205 12 tons
Cabbage 1/2oz. 45heads 135 lb. 130 10 tons
Carrot 1/2oz. 2 bu. 75 205 35 tons
Corn, Sweet 4 oz. 48ears 85 lb. 490 8 tons
Cucumber 3/4oz. 100 180 lb. 65 13 tons
Pea, Green 1 lb. 1 bu. 20 lb. 460 100 bu.
Lettuce 1/2oz. 80heads 75 lb. 85 20 tons
Muskmelon 1/2oz. 50melons 150 lb. 125 8 tons
Onions, Dry 1/2oz. 11/2bu. 75 lb. 220 20 tons
Pepper 1/4oz. 4 bu. 70 lb. 155 10 tons
Potato 100 tubers 1000potatoes 1500 145 17 tons
Pumpkin 1 oz. 30 300 lb. 160 15 tons
Radish I oz. 100bunch 45bun 100 3 tons
Spinach 1 oz. 3 bu. 40 lb. 110 6 tons
Squash 2 oz. 25squash 160 lb. 200 15 tons
sweet potato 9 lbs. 80 100 lb. 155 10 tons
Strawberry 100sets 75 qts. 150 100 5 tons
Tomato 45seeds 4 bu. 160 lb. 106 12 tons
The above will vary with weather, latitude and other factors.

There is a growing opinion of experts that plant derived food can feed more people and do it better than animal derived food. More research needs to be done in this area. The subject of animal cruelty and suffering will be discussed later in this book.
World meat production is in millions of metric tons 93 in 1971-1976, 102 in 1977, 104 in 1978, 119 in 1983, 121 in 1984. The above does not include fish.
The direct intake of animal protein by mankind is approximately as follows:
Beef and veal 5,500,000 metric tons, Pork 5,100,000 other meats 1,700,000
Eggs 1,800,000 Milk 8,500,000 Fish 3,900,000
The total direct animal protein intake is about 28,000,000 metric tons.
The total aquatic catch worldwide is about 86,000,000 metric tons. Much of this goes into fishmeal, fish oil, fish protein concentrate, glue, leather, additives, animal food and pharmaceuticals. Seafood usually consists of 13-25 percent protein and 48-85 percent protein calories which is often higher percentages than most other foods and is often less costly than other meat foods. Seafood usually requires fewer calories for amount of protein intake than most other foods. Fish also supplies iodine and fluorine in greater quantity than other foods.
The adequate human diet should contain at least 12 percent of the caloric intake as proteins.

Sweet Potato 1.8 6.5 Cassava... 0.9 2.3 Rice (polished) 5-8 5.7-8.8 Potato 2.0 9.4
Beans (dry) 19.0 23.0 Pork 16.0 29.0 Beef 17.0 39.0 Veal 19.0 45.0
Poultry 21.0 56.0 Fish 18-25.0 48-85.0 Oysters 10.0 50.0 Shrimp 21.0 87.0
Mankind is now dependent upon the oceans for a large share of his food supply. Animal protein could not otherwise be produced as there is not enough land area. The oceans are the largest and greatest producers of organic matter on earth and organic production on the average equals that on land. Of course parts of the oceans produce more than others. The greatest production area lies in the thin surface layer up to 50 meters deep that can be penetrated by light in order for photosynthesis to manufacture food. Some experts have written that the world aquatic production and catch can be doubled with proper management. Algae have been artificially cultivated with a yield of 30 tons per acre as compared to wheat at 1 to 1.5 tons per acre;
Carp can now be farmed in rice fields and can yield 3,100 pounds per acre. Higher yields are possible with other types of fish.

NOTE OLD BUILDINGS CAN USE GROW LIGHTS TO GROW CROPS YEAR AROUND USING HYDROPONICS FERTILIZED BY FISH GROWING IN TANKS. This results in high fish yields and higher plant yields than in plants grown outside.

The oceans and lakes of the world have perhaps the greatest potential for development. About 70% of the earth's surface is covered with water. Probably close to all food produced on earth is produced at or near the surface. Of the 30% of the earth's surface that is land only 32% of that (less than 11% of the earth's surface) is used for agriculture at this time. About 3% of the earth's surface land is used for raising crops, and about 6% is used for grazing livestock. The world total of arable land is about 1,447,000,000. hectares which means that there is about .32 hectares of arable land per person in the world. 1 hectare equals 10,000 square meters equals 2.4 acres. At 3,472,800,000 acres that is about .7 of an acre per person of arable land.

Provide immediate help to the starving and malnourished through delivery of adequate food and mega-vitamins. Provide immediate medical care where needed. Follow this up with scientific study to determine the causes and take positive action to correct the situation.
Provide immediate educational and economic opportunity so that those in need may be able to help themselves by becoming self sufficient. The situation should be analyzed to see what is needed. Perhaps what is needed are tools to work the ground, seeds, fertilizer or water. Drilling equipment could be loaned to create better wells so that the community can have the needed water. Recently a humanitarian group discovered that a certain backward rural area was suffering malnutrition. They taught the villagers to raise pigs along with providing improved agricultural training and starter stock. The project has been a success. In return for the loan of starter stock the local farmers are repaying the dept by donating the first born animal from each litter back to the program so that other farmers may be in turn helped. Now the local farmers have a source of food and income and what started as a very small goodwill project is benefiting an ever growing area.
Provide teachers and trainers with materials and supplies and let the needy help themselves by furnishing the labor. With good supervision local people can build their own schools, clinics and other public works. Local people can be selected and trained to be teachers and supervisors by trained Peace Corps or IBLFAM volunteers. In remote villages solar powered TVs with satellite signal pick up antennas together with two way radios could provide ongoing educational programs and technical help. Many people are ready willing and able to help themselves become self sufficient but just need a little help.
It is time for the developed countries to provide training, tools, and expert advice to farmers in the under developed countries and to the average world farmer whose average farm is 1-5 acres.
An agricultural co-op extension service is needed worldwide.
The unequal distribution of food worldwide is perhaps the greatest cause of malnutrition in the world today. If we took the total amount of food produced in the world and divided it equally among all of the people of the world there would be no one starving. Millions of tons of food spoils or is wasted each year. Taiwan has surplus rice.
India is a grain exporter. In 1981 the all time wheat production record was set. If farmers had more incentives they could produce more. Agricultural production has risen and outstripped population growth.
In the U.S. less than 3% of the people produce the food for the entire country. Many countries have surplus dairy or food products.
One of the solutions to the world hunger problem is to get the food to where the people are. It often costs too much to ship it there. It is better to grow the food locally.


Farmers should be allowed to sell their produce at local farmers markets. Farmers markets can be a very significant factor in local distribution. Modern technology has shown that food can be produced almost anywhere man can live. Farmers need to be educated in the various foods that they can grow. Shoppers can be educated that buying food by content and not just by appearance may be better for their families.

Local gardens should be encouraged all over the world. Not only would they provide food and vitamins but also exercise education and relief from stress. There seems to be something therapeutic about it.

In some places the front or rear lawn is being replaced by the garden. This also saves oil and gas by not having to mow the lawn. Grazing animals could serve this function also. Sheep, goats, cows, chickens, rabbits, horses, turkeys can all be raised locally. Chickens give us both meat and eggs. A rooster is not needed and they are much quieter without him.

Rabbits produce very good meat and fertilizer and are easily raisable almost anywhere in the world. Six ounces of feed a day will produce a 3 pound cooking rabbit in eight weeks. A good litter of seven will produce 28 pounds or more. Good domestic rabbits will produce 80% meat as compared to 60% in chickens and can do it on scraps like carrot tops. Whereas chickens need grain rabbits will eat almost anything, especially hay, clover, grass etc. as long as it is a clean food. Rabbits are a clean and quiet animal capable of being raised outside all year. They can be raised in cages with wire mesh bottoms so they clean themselves. The droppings can be used for fertilizer. Quiet and efficient.
To prevent the problem of starvation in the developed countries and cities immediate help should be given to the needy by way of food and vitamins. Programs that can meet the needs of every human being for food need to be established. Paperwork should be cut to the bare minimum by the full utilization of computers instead of the current excessive redundant paperwork. The unfair and discriminatory standards which are unnecessarily different for each program also cause extra paperwork and errors. Let the computer do what it does best (compute and write) and let workers do what they do best (interview and verify). There should be one simple standard for all. Many welfare departments are top heavy with management while at the same time they desperately need more workers. Voice and finger print identification should be used as soon as possible. Each recipient should be required to either show proof of disability or agedness or to participate actively in vocational training, rehabilitation, or public service work with the goal of helping them become self sufficient while earning their grant, with the end goal of finding a good job and therefore ending their need for workfare.

In developing countries as much as one third of the food is lost to rats, mice and insects. Worldwide the average loss is about 10%. The simple creation of better storage silos would save millions of tons of food from needless destruction. On small farms in poorer countries simple glass, plastic or metal containers or cement sealed silos could save people from starvation.
The world needs to build up emergency food stores in case of bad weather. Because of pollution (increase of 1-2% carbon dioxide, enormous increases in atmospheric methane, sulfur dioxide, mercury etc.) there may be great changes in our weather, all leading to what the experts call uncertainty or instability of production. These changes may happen faster than mankind can cope. History shows that the world climate is subject to great changes. Already acid rain is harming crops. Governments make decisions as to what to store, use, import, or to export. Lately some of them have been making lousy decisions such as when a government decides it is going to export grain when its own people are starving. Also needed are many more skilled, trained agricultural technicians to instruct farmers and governments so to improve local agriculture worldwide. Other skilled workers are needed such as mechanics, carpenters, etc.
Farmers have expenses also, seed, fertilizer, machinery, tools, storage silos, irrigation systems, labor, shipping. Farmers the world over need financial backing and incentives to increase production. While agriculture uses only 3% of the budget it returns energy wise three times what is used. More research needs to be done in the whole agricultural field. New concepts need to be tested. Some that offer great promise are:

Hydroponics (growing plants with their roots in a liquid rather than in soil. Crop yields have been obtained that are much better than crops grown in regular soil. Farming becomes weather free, drought free and nearly pest free. This allows crops to be grown at the location of consumption, eliminating much transportation cost. Even old buildings can be used for this. Grow fish in tanks for food and use the filtered out fish waste for fertilizer. That gives us protein food as well.
Aeroculture is growing plants in air and spraying liquid nutrients onto the roots periodically. Both may be adaptable to year around cropping and higher yields.
Intercropping or condensed cropping mean that crops are grown very close together eliminating the need for cultivation and weed control because the crops shield the ground from the sun. The object is to get higher yields from smaller areas.
Floating sea farms offer great possibilities. They would allow plant and animal life to be concentrated close to the surface but away from polluted land areas, and in areas of nutrient uplift.
Fish culture can yield as much as 8,000 pounds per acre on land that is too depleted for agriculture. In the meantime land that is too worn out for crops is getting fertilized.
Growing fish with a rice crop and sometimes with the addition of Azolla a tiny water fern which floats in the water. Azolla fixes Nitrogen, which helps the rice production. Azolla also makes a home for Anabaena a blue green algae that actively fixes nitrogen in the small leaf pouches of the Azolla.
What is important about that is that rice the crop that feeds mankind has a heavy need for nitrogen. There are other food sources that research needs to be done on such as: Algae, bacteria, worms, protozoa, or insects grown as crops as food for animals. Kelps a form of algae are huge seaweeds, and are reportedly high in vitamins and minerals.
Milk is the most efficient animal protein product as far as acreage utilization. One can get 8,000 lbs. average production per cow per year. Other conventional animal protein sources such as meat or poultry require much more acreages. Wild fish require even larger acreages in nature.
Certain algae and other sea foods are an excellent source of protein. Sea fishing could be expanded but care must be exercised not to destroy the good food species through over fishing. The present world fish catch appears to be engaging almost twenty percent of the photosynthesis of the oceans. It takes almost seven times as much plant protein to grow fish protein than is needed to produce land animal protein. It seems that without sea farming the oceans is not overabundant sources of food, they have limits also.
Over three fourths of the protein consumed by humans is plant derived. Experts say that millions more could be fed if more grazing land was replanted into wheat and rice. 60% of our protein and calories come from grain.
More people can be fed with plant derived food than with animal derived food. To produce one calorie of animal product seven to ten calories of plant products have to be used. In 1955 broiler chickens required 3 pounds of feed to make one pound of gain in weight. By 1960 the ratio was 2.5 to 1 pound. Now seven lbs. of feed and 9 weeks produces a three pound chicken. One acre of rice can feed four to six people. If land is used as pastures to raise animals it takes four acres to feed only three people. Asia is now feeding four people per acre but this is at a starvation level of diet. This level of diet retards physical energy. Lack of motivation becomes a stumbling block when it should be a stepping stone. Some experts say that this is the area where the most needs to be done.
There have been increases in the feed to pounds of meat rat of late but they have been through forced feeding of animals cruelly confined to tiny areas where they must stand in their own excrement and are not allowed out of their cells for most of their lives. As if that were not bad enough now they are force feeding to animals chemicals, growth hormones, and antibiotics. There is no excuse for being inhumane to other fellow living creatures. It is one thing to humanly slaughter an animal for food and quite another to cause the poor beast to suffer his entire life. This inhumane practice should be stopped immediately. Furthermore the introduction of antibiotics into meats for human consumption is reported to be a risky practice until its safety in the long term has been clearly proven by empirical research. There are already too many chemicals, additives, preservents, colorants and other unnatural chemicals in our foods. It has not been disproven that these additives may be harmful to us in the long run.
Many experts have said that the closer to natural a food is usually the safer it is and the better for us. There is no need for vitamins when one eats a proper diet. Everything needed is there and mankind has prospered by it for thousands of years. It may be unwise to alter this without complete research. Over time mankind has gone from the use of over 5000 different crops to now a reliance on about a mere 150 for his major caloric intake. Of these about a dozen supply most of the food for mankind. With pollution entering the food chain, chemicals in the soil, insecticides, DDT and other poisons, chemical fertilizer and now all sorts of emulsifiers, colorants, preservatives, chemicals and adulterants entering our foods it is time for more research into the effects before it is too late. Someone came up with a list of over 30 harmful chemicals used in today's processed foods. Perhaps it is also time to lean more towards natural.
Some experts say that more emphasis should be placed on other than wheat, rice, corn and potatoes, that other crops may have good values. Sugar beets have three times as many calories as wheat per acre and ten times the weight. Soybeans are high in protein, have valuable oil and can be made into milk. Soy is an efficient cost effective source of protein and nutrients which can be formed into seemingly unlimited forms. Soy is now in ground beef, fish, cookies, cereals, marshmallows, poultry, crackers, candy, hot dogs, simulated bacon and many other foods. Other food crops that could be looked into are: the winged bean (contains 37% protein), the buffalo gourd, the black walnut, the amaranth, the Chinese water chestnut, mushrooms, sorghum millet, oats, beans and sunflower to name a few.

The following is a comparison of some common crops.
Crop, % protein, % carbohydrate , % Fat, % H2O, % fiber, Calories per100gr
Rice 8.9 86.6 2.4 11.7 0.8 357 Wheat 8-15 70.0 1.8 14.0 2.5 334
Corn 3.7 20.5 1.2 73.9 0.8 91 Potato 2.1 20.0 0.1 77.0 0.7 93
Soybeans 40.0 20.0 20.0 130-400 Maize 9:5 4.3 356
Sorghum 10.1 3.3 343 Rye 11.0 1.9 319 Oats 13.0 7.5 385
Cassava 0.9 32.0 3.5 0.8 127 Fish 18-25 0.0 1-20 60-82 0.0 198
Sweet Potato 1.7 26.3 0.4 0.7 114 Green Pea 6.3 14.4 0.4 74.4 2.0 53-340
Bean, Lima 7.5 23.5 0.8 66.5 1.5 138-345 Bean, Snap 2.4 7.7 0.2 88.9 1.4 32
Milk, Whole 3.4 4.8 3.7 87.0 0.0 66 Beef 20.0 0.0 20.4 56.9 0.0 274
Haddock 20.4 3.6 8.3 65.1 0.0 163 Chicken 20.0 0.0 16.0 63.0 0.0 170
Egg 12.0 1.0 12.0 74.0 0.0 160 Apple 0.3 12.2 0.0 84.1 2.0 58
Mushrooms 2.0 0.0 0.5 92.0 5.5 17-30 Almond 18.6 19.5 57.7 4.7 2.6 627
Black Walnut 20.5 15.0 60.0 3.1 1.7 628 Cashew 17.2 29.3 45.7 5.2 1.4 561
Filberts 12.6 16.7 62.4 5.8 3.0 634 Peanuts 16.0 16.0 59.0 5.0 2.0 564
Pecan 9.2 14.6 71.2 3.4 2.3 687 Sunflower 44-35 29.0 69.0 14.0 3.8 560
Banana 0.5 18.0 0.5 80.0 1.0 85
What are the best-most efficient crops for food?

To find out they would have to be rated on content and yield per acre. Also some new developments are showing that some crops do better on some soils or climates than others. For example Amaranth newly improved by research produced 1,500 pounds of grain per acre under drought conditions that killed corn and was machine harvested. Perhaps millions of lives could be saved if this crop were grown in dry areas where other crops often fail. It is also reported that amaranth does well in poor soils. The world needs such a plant. The U.S. Agriculture Dept predicts that it will become valuable as a crop as irrigation decreases due to decreasing pumping. Amaranth grows just about anywhere and uses a more efficient type of photosynthesis (C4) than most other crops. It uses about one half the water of most crops and uses light more efficiently. Aside from being pest resistant, multicolored and heat resistant it often produces over a half million seeds per plant. Amaranth has attracted scientific attention around the world for the above reasons and because its seeds contain an unusually higher percentage of protein. It has twice the lysine of wheat and three times that found in corn. Amaranth scores closer than any other grain to the perfect balance of essential amino acids.(75) By the same scoring system wheat scores 60, corn 43, soybean 68 and milk 72. When wheat and amaranth flours are mixed the score is a perfect 100 in theory we have a perfect food. Its seeds (grain) have a flavor nicer than corn and can be made into flour, cereals, granola, pabulum and popcorn. Therefore it can be used as a snack, as breading thickener or in cookies, bread, rolls, and cakes.
The leaves of Amaranth can be cooked like spinach and have a mild flavor. The leaves are also rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins (a 100 gram portion contained 6,100 units of vitamin A, 1.4 milligrams of niacin, .16 riboflavin, .08 thiamine, 80 vitamin C plus 267 mg of calcium, 67 of phosphorous, 3.9 iron and 412 of potassium and other minerals.) More research may develop this into a world wonder crop
CROP YIELDS PER ACRE in 1000s of pounds
Food, Total yield of protein, Carbohydrate 1000s of in lbs., %, lbs., Calories
RICE 6000 08.9 534 86.6 5196 9724 WHEAT 4000 12.0 480 70.0 2800 6065
CORN 6500 03.7 240 20.5 1332 2684 POTATO 30000 02.1 630 20.0 6000 12666
SOYBEAN 2000 40.0 800 20.0 400 3632 SWEET POTATO 17000 01.7 289 26.3 4471 8798
SUGARBEET 40000 01.5 600 20.0 8000 67680 FISH 4333 25.0 1083 00.0 000 3206
CHICKEN 3250 20.0 650 00.0 000 2505 SUNFLOWER 1500 40.0 600 29.0 435 3813
WALNUT 3000 20.5 615 15.0 450 8553 ALMOND 3000 18.6 558 19.5 585 8539
CASSAVA 8000 00.9 72 32.0 2560 4612 OATS 3000 13.0 390 67.0 2010 5243
PEANUTS 2800 16.0 448 16.0 448 7169 APPLE 17000 00.3 51 12.2 2074 4476
SORGHUM 3700 10.1 373 20.0 740 5761 FILBERTS 1872 12.6 235 16.7 312 5388
LIMA BEAN 2000 07.5 150 23.5 470 3132 GREEN PEA 3000 06.3 189 14.4 432 4630
BANANA 3000 00.5 15 18.0 540 1157 PECAN 1500 09.2 138 14.6 219 5449

EGG per 12 2292 12.0 275 01.0 22 1664 1 lb. equals 7.56 eggs.. It takes 4.5 lbs. of grain.
MILK 1662 03.4 56 04.8 79 496 BEEF 650 20.0 130 00.0 000 807
TURKEY 1300 20.0 260 00.0 000 938 SWINE 1083 20.0 216 00.0 000 1978
RABBIT 2166 20.0 433 00.0 000 1258 ALGAE 40,485 68.0 27,530 00.0 000
FUNGI 71,384 02.6 1855 04.3 3069 8780

Algae Spiruzina Platensis can be fed on waste materials. This product can be used for animal feed. Which can then be eaten by humans.

NOTE: The following amounts of grain are needed to make I pound of: MILK 3.91 lbs. of grain; BEEF 10 lbs. of grain; FISH 1.5 lbs. of grain;
CHICKEN 2 lbs. of grain; TURKEY 5 lbs. of grain;
SWINE 6 lbs. of grain; RABBIT 2-7 lbs. of grain.

1000 ug .00625 times each ug in food
VITAMIN D CALCIFEROL 10 ug .625 times each ug in the food =
VITAMIN E TOPCOPHEROL 8 mg .78125 times each mg in food
ASCORBIC ACID C 60 mg .1041666 times each mg in food =
FOLACIN 400 ug .015625 times each ug in food
NIACIN 19 mg .3289473 times each mg in food
RIBOFLAVIN b2 1.7 mg 3.6764705 times each mg in food
THIAMIN BI 1.4 mg 4.4642857 times each mg in food
VITAMIN B6 PYRIDOXINE 2.2 mg 2.840909 times each mg in food
VITAMIN B12 COBALAMINE 3.0 ug 2.0833333 times each ug in the food
CALCIUM 800 mg .0078125 times each mg in food
PHOSOPHORUS 800 mg .0078125 times each mg in food
IODINE 150 ug .0416666 times each ug in food
IRON 18 mg .3472222 times each mg in food
MAGNESUIM 350 mg .0178571 times each mg in food
ZINC 15 mg .4166666 times each mg in food
People also need 50-100 g of assorted balanced proteins and 2500-3600 calories.
ug=microgram--.000001g. mg=milligram=.001g. lg=l gram =.035 oz. 454g=l lb=16oz. lug=.000001 of a g 5OOg =1.1 lb. 100g=3.5 oz. 1 ton=2000 lbs. 1000g=2.2 lbs. I acre=43,560 sq. ft=208'8"sq.=.4047 hectare=4047 sq. meters, 1 bushel=35.238 liters=2150.42 cu inches.
Research should be done into other kinds of animal food suitable for human food or to feed to livestock. In the Antarctic Ocean live trillions of little planktonic crustaceans known as Krill. They are reportedly high in proteins, vitamins and minerals. The annual natural production ranges from 200-330 million tons. Some krill products have already been produced such as whole meats, paste and protein concentrates.
The Rabbit ranks highest in protein and lowest in fat content of all the meat producing animals. The rabbit also is a fast producer and can be raised almost anywhere and in small areas. They yield 20% edible protein per pound compared to 12% for Beef. They can be raised outdoors in almost any climate. They are an untapped source of protein which could be raised about anywhere by anyone.
There are many fish varieties that have not been tapped for food that are good food sources. The flounder is finally catching on after years of being thrown back into the water. It has been stated that fish are more efficient at converting food into lean meat than other animals. Not only is there more protein per pound and less fat and waste but the cost per pound of that protein is lower than beef or fowl.
Not only can existing plants and animals be looked into for better food utilization but existing plants and animals can now be genetically improved. Much success has already been had in breeding new hybrid crops of wheat and rice which combined the best qualities of separate varieties of these crops. The result was plants that were more resistant to disease and insects and that produced better more high protein yields in larger amounts. The resulting green revolution just about doubled grain yields. By the late 1960's the green revolution had spread around the world, saving millions of lives. In some parts of the world use of high yielding varieties of rice and wheat combined with improved agricultural methods have increased yield as much as ten times. Plant breeding has great promise for the future but that in combination with genetic engineering is bringing on a biological revolution which will revolutionize agriculture at last. Advances in both yield and in protein content of crops may be just a few years ahead. Some of this may be attained by actually transferring specific genes from one kind of plant to another rather than by cross breeding.
Genetic engineering can also be applied to animals. Certain bacteria in combination with plants fix nitrogen so it can be used by the plant and therefore create higher yields. New strains of these bacteria are being developed to grow with food crops in order for these crops to grow their own fertilizer. The result would be lower production costs, and higher yields.
Edible yeasts and molds have been used for years but food from microbes is a possibility that is now being studied. Microbes can double their mass in twenty minutes. They can contain as much as 80% protein which is double that of soybeans and as much as ten times that for wheat. Certain kinds of fungus are also edible and are being studied. In fact one firm is planning to market 'mycoprotein' soon and claims it can be prepared to taste like fried chicken or breaded shrimp or other foods. Of course people wouldn't probably accept it as the majority ingredient if they knew from whence it came. It is unlikely anyone would want to eat a bacteria or fungus burger. But we all eat bread made from yeast and think nothing of it, and Swiss cheese, soy sauce, blue cheese, and yogurts all of which use microbes in their processing.
Genetic engineering and animal science may work wonders in the stock field. It is now possible for a super cow to have 100 calves. This can be done by giving her fertility drugs to accelerate ovulation then using artificial inseminations and finally using recipient cows to receive each fertilized egg. Ten calves per ovulation can be obtained. One bull can now serve 2,000 cows as compared to only 40 in the past. The very best cows and bulls can be used selected for their best bio-characteristics such as leaner meat, polyunsaturated milk, more meat, more milk etc. The result is a speed up of biological improvements with very little wear and tear on the best animals.
Research can give mankind food of better quality and quantity helping to create a better life for all. Agricultural yields and quality may be improved by applying scientific methods.

Below are listed briefly some of the possibilities:
Use of new varieties and hybrid seeds.
Having the soil tested, then applying the right balance of conditioners and fertilizers.
Using proper irrigation when needed.
Using the proper tillage & equipment and using secondary tillage only when necessary, and in consideration of soil-moisture needs and weed control.
Using proper dry farming technology and methods when and where needed.
The proper terracing of sloped land, and or contour rowing, and intercropping.
The use of minimum (conservation) tillage to fight erosion and conserve water,
the use of mulch possibly in combination with subsurface tillage and subsurface creation of drainage channels.
The proper efficient recycling use of manure.
Planning of crop sequencing (crop rotation) in order to maintain soil balance and high yield.
The proper and efficient use of mechanization to increase per-man productivity. The freeing of mankind from tedious labor with a corresponding increase in crop yields.
The restrained and proper use of chemicals.
Weed control based more on selective irrigation (surge or trickle efficient systems), tillage, mulching and natural enemies such as insects that eat the weeds and not the crop.
Scientific insect control relying less on application of chemicals such as; natural enemies (other insects that feed on the offending insects) light traps, sound, light, radio signals that help control insects, release of sterile insects, use of gas, parasites, predators, protozoa, diseases and nematodes that attack insects, use of insect resisting plants and interplanting bait groundcover.
Applied photoperiodism, the proper use of light to facilitate better yields.
Use of information available from agricultural extension services.
The use of protected agriculture offers great potential to the future of food production. By growing crops under plastic, fiber glass or glass the crop is protected from unfavorable climate while at the same time under made to order control. The limitations of poor climate can be overcome by this method as well as increasing yields over 100 percent.
The need for water in protected systems can be as low as only one percent of normal. Such protected farming could be carried out in areas of poor precipitation, poor soils, and desert areas or in areas of heavy pollution.
Carbon dioxide enrichment of greenhouse atmosphere has increased yields of some food crops as much as one hundred percent.
In areas near seacoasts one process of saltwater desalinizing also yields much carbon dioxide. By placing large greenhouses in these areas much food could be raised.
There are methods of soil reclaimation that can bring back into production poor soils. These methods are not without cost. More government projects are needed to create or bring back into use more land, and to obtain water.
Better transportation systems that efficiently move products and people are a prime consideration.
Foliar feeding the spraying of specific nutrients directly to the foliage shows great promise in not only increasing production but conserving on land and on fertilizer. In combination with aerial spraying it may lead to a breakthrough in production costs.
Scientific research has given us many new methods and chemical helpers that show great promise in helping to create AMPLE for all. Growth regulating chemicals can shorten crop plants resulting in wheat that does not blow down and rot, and tomatoes that because of thicker stems is higher yielding. They can produce fruit trees that bear fruit after four years instead of ten years. Or they can prevent early flowering for frost protection or delay preharvest fruit drop, and prolong storage life. Soon it may be possible to totally eliminate weeds from row crops. This means that crops can be planted in solid rows with a consequent increase in yield.
The solution to starvation related problems in the future will depend as much on scientific research making possible better foods in larger quantities as much as on population limitation. There will have to be progress in both areas.
If food shortages grow, more and more grazing land will have to be turned into cropland unless the new technologies already mentioned are instituted.
Prime agricultural land should not be wasted. Not only to erosion but also to urbanization which gobbles up over three million acres a year. There are ways to cut down this waste.
Thanks to technology we may be seeing many improvements in the agricultural field soon. However that will not be enough. If the developed nations tripled their outputs of food the developing countries would not have funds to buy it. Local production must be stimulated and encouraged.
Education, technical assistance, grants, loans, and emergency assistance should be made available to small farmers when needed. Co-ops with machinery and adequate seed supplies and storage facilities need to be set up worldwide. Good economic management is important. Local markets must do more to develop land and water resources and set up markets for farm products.
Greater international cooperation is essential for the survival and security of all members of the human race. The citizens of the developed countries are dependent on the citizens of the lesser developed countries for many resources and vice versa. The environmental, economic social, and political needs are such that countries can no longer go it alone, because needs are no respecters of borders. We are dependent on each other. If countries cooperate with each other all citizens of each benefit, if countries fail to cooperate it is now possible that we may all die.
The experts say that environmental disaster is close at hand unless cooperative action is done in order to prevent it. We must make efforts to solve problems. If we work at it we can devise systems that will work better than what we have now. We may need changes in the traditional ways of doing things.
We should at least consider the alternatives. If the Human Race will work together it can solve its problems. Have we given 'Love One Another' a real chance to work its magic?
The lack of food is one of the most destabilizing factors in today’s world. Hungry nations ferment revolutions that may threaten world peace. Hungry people become desperate. They may have nothing to lose and will sometimes take desperate actions.
We have a moral obligation to help our fellow human beings when they are starving or malnourished. It is not only the right thing to do but the wisest because desperate, hungry people are easy prey for would be totalitarian governments. If a totalitarian government gets into control the people lose and we are ourselves in greater danger. We can prevent this by positive action now to help our fellow man by feeding the needy and helping them to become self sufficient. In so doing we can teach them about democracy and about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Mankind has the capability to hold down his numbers and with the new technology to feed the entire human race. New scientifically engineered crops will double or triple our food yield, and genetic engineering will improve our animal’s food quantity and quality. Example new rice varieties yield over three times past yields. Example Vorra wheat now yields 100 bu/acre in comparison to 30 bu/acre average wheats. New crops like Amaranth can produce yields where wheat and rice fail. AMPLE for all can be created.
By using multi cropping techniques where one crop is planted jointly with or at the harvesting time of another crop one crop after another so that the soil is in continuous use; Soil erosion is held down to a minimum, much energy is saved (as the farm equipment is set up to harvest, fertilize, and plant all at one pass, thus saving much fuel and time), Production costs are lower, and the farmer gets two or more crops a year with higher yields. The U.S. has lost one half of its topsoil in the last 100 years. (a loss of six inches out of twelve inches of good topsoil will cut production almost in half.) The plastic revolution applied to agriculture also promises to help the farmer use less water, save energy and produce higher yields, through use of ground covers, no-till, protected farming methods, carbon dioxide enrichment, hydronic plant holders, mulches, nets, etc.
Hybrid Napier Grass may be the most efficient plant on earth to utilize the suns energy. Research will bring food crop plants to new higher levels of sun energy capturing efficiency. Rediscovered plants like the African wing bean plant in which all parts are useable show great potential.
Computers are being used more and more in agriculture to help increase production. They tell the farmer when to spray for insects saving time, and chemicals. They are being used to work out better feeding mixes for cattle and other livestock. AGNET and other computer services allow any farmer to dial a number and get up to the minute scientific data on many agricultural subjects. Research can be applied by farmers much quicker than in the past. Satellite service may soon make this available anywhere in the world. Food production may double, triple or quadruple over present levels in some parts of the world. Agricultural research can and should be made available to any farmer worldwide who wants it. The whole human race can only benefit by it.
Living insecticides that will not harm the environment are in production and may largely replace the obsolete chemical ones. A living biodegradable protozan against grasshoppers could for example replace thirty million pounds of chemical insecticides.
Plants will be made disease resistant.
Cattle can be fed on wheat, corn and other crop stubble. A farmer can grow a wheat crop, harvest the wheat and use what was thrown out as feed for his 'meat' crop, all for little added cost.
Farmers may be growing their own 'oil' crops such as gopher plant Euphorbia Lathyrus which may produce from 10 to 25 barrels of oil for fuel per acre. Biomass will be used to make gasohol from crop wastes. Some recent crop discoveries involving grasses of tropical origin have test recorded yields twice that of soybeans. Some crops can eliminate the need for seeds such as with the Taro from which poi and snack chips are made. It is a cash crop, has edible tubers and leaves and the multistalked plant has stalks that are replantable. There is a revolution in agriculture just dawning. As far as food is concerned ample for all can be created.

THE PROBLEM OF LACK OF ADEQUATE CLOTHING About three billion people lack adequate clothing. Many of these are children. Some die from exposure related illness because they do not have adequate clothing. Some die from diseases contracted because they do not have shoes. Several parasitic diseases can be prevented by wearing shoes and clothing. Some infectious diseases could be prevented by clothing.

Those in developed countries may scoff at this problem but it is no laughing matter to those who do not have adequate clothing and who do not have the means to obtain them.

Probably over half of the human population does not have decent shoes to protect their feet from rocks, sharp objects or parasitic animals. Over one third of the human race is infected with parasitic worms. The Larvae of the hookworm develop in the soil. They enter the human body through the skin of the feet. From there they enter the blood vessels where they travel to the lungs. From there they enter the air passages and get into the throat. Here they are swallowed and pass into the intestine where they attach themselves to the wall by means of hooks. It is in the human intestine that many of these grow into adult worms by sucking blood from vessels in the intestine wall. The loss of blood saps the victims vitality by producing anemia. Excretions from the worms produce laziness in the victim because it poisons the system. If the victim is young he or she may suffer growth retardation in addition to being weak. The worms reproduce in the human intestine and pass thousands of eggs into the fecal wastes. In countries that have poor sanitation practices these get back into the soil where they develop into larvae which can enter the body through the feet spreading and reinfecting millions of victims. Shoes prevent this.

The earth has ample resources so that ample shoes and easy care clothing can be easily mass pro­duced and made available to all at affordable prices. Used clothing could be given to those in need. Millions of tons of good clothing now end up in garbage dumps. Worn out clothing can be recycled into paper.


While to the average person in developed countries this may not seem like a problem at all over one half of the human race is without adequate housing.

The earth has adequate supplies of materials from which practically unlimited numbers of buildings can be built. In addition to stone and concrete there are other newer permanent construction materials. Portland cement concrete blocks are fairly expensive to make and require much water. The world has an excess of sulfur. It is a byproduct of the burning of fossil fuels. It has been discovered that very permanent high quality building blocks can be made out of sulfur and aggregate. No water is needed in the process. The blocks can be made to very precise specifications and with tongue-and-groove joining surface and very smooth exposed surface so that no cement is needed in construction. Buildings can be constructed by non skilled people simply by stacking the blocks, as they interlock without the need for mortar or other binder. The blocks are resistant to water, air,, oil, electrolytes and do have very good insulating characteristics. They have no need to be painted, finished or plastered as the exposed surfaces are smooth and weather resistant. After all sulfur has remained relatively unchanged after being exposed to air and water in geological deposits for millions of years. These blocks also have great compressive strength and hardness. It can also be formed into floors, either by road paving equipment or by means of floor blocks that interlock. Any blocks that become broken in the manufacturing process can be recycled back to the cement mixer. A sulfur/ chopped strand glass-paint-bonding material can be painted on both sides of a wall and reaches maximum strength in fifteen minutes. This results in a wall that is waterproof and has such great tensile strength that walls can be prefabricated and moved without cracking.

Another revolutionary building concept is one that allows maximum strength from a minimum of materials. The geodesic dome offers this. When combined with newer materials such as plastics or foams it becomes possible to build inexpensively with­out skilled labor, and do so in record time. A plastic coated geodesic dome house can be assembled by almost any one in one afternoon. Another idea is to use the above as a form and spray on expanding self setting self sealing foam. Solar cell ribbon could be set on the set­ting surface which later will produce free electricity. When the foam has set the doors and windows already in place can be used. All can be finished off with a permanent plastic weatherproof spray. The result is a well insulated building finished off in one or two days at a minimum of cost and labor. These can be mass produced at minimum cost. Strong clear plastic could be used for windows. Prefab doors would finish the structure. Plastics can be made stronger than steel and without the weight of steel.

Plastic coated cardboard, & plastic covered foam insul­ation made into molded curved six sided 'pancakes' could be prefabricated then snapped into place on a foundation in minutes. Strong cement to all joints and anchor bolts tightened down create a structure that is weather­proof and exceptionally strong. If the material of the walls were made of strong metal or plastic not even a hurricane or tornado could destroy it.

More research should be done into better housing materials capable of being mass produced.

More research should be done to find good ways of mass producing inexpensive but adequate housing.

We have the technology to create new designer wonder homes made of new materials of great strength high insulation value, flame retardancy, and that are both beautiful and maintenance free. The mass pro­duction of many different designs and styles for mod­ular construction would allow one to tailor make their home to individual wants, and to add on or change rooms as they wish at costs that would be within the reach of every working family. The dream of AMPLE for all as far as housing is possible today. With do it yourself designs families could build their own houses. Mass production, prefinishing, and do it yourself setup requiring only the hook up of utilities and the addition of furniture, could greatly reduce costs. There would no longer be a need for lifetime mortgages.

Costs could be reduced further by building the housing unit factory in the area where the new houses are to be built thereby reducing transportation costs. Later after all construction is finished the factory could be converted to a community center recreation pool facility for use of the local community.

Much of the housing shortage problem is caused by economic conditions which are discussed in the chapter on economic opportunity. Most people if given the opportunity to earn their own way will do so and this should be encouraged. Entire economic systems need to be revitalized and improved.

For the poor in need of housing governments could provide them the opportunity and they could furnish the time and labor. By supplying prefab mass produced simple do it yourself materials and a few trained IBLFAM volunteers it is possible for some groups to build their own houses. The materials could be loaned to them and the costs paid back over time through community work. Everyone would benefit.

People in need of housing could also be given the opportunity to settle in new areas where they could work their way into a new home by helping others assemble their own new prefab houses; sort of like the old time barn raisings. They could live in trailer homes until their home is built. They could perform public service work. Perhaps they could tend gardens or help in construction of schools for their children using prefab do it yourself materials. The children could help in the tending of gardens also while going to school thereby learning about nature. The children could learn about animals by helping to raise several kinds of animals including livestock. Young people would learn new skills and skilled trades thus breaking the cycle of poverty, while becoming self sufficient. New jobs could be created in these areas leading to economic growth. All welfare recipients would be required to participate in work-training leading to self sufficiency. Of course the aged and certified disabled would be exempt. Money thus put to work in the local community passes from that person to local business to local business where it helps the local economy and event­ually gets back to the government where it is recycled.

Practical and luxurious underground or semi underg­round designs provide great energy savings through year around temperature moderation. They also offer protection from extremes in weather, blast, nuclear fallout and noise. Illuminated transparencies on some walls can present beautiful real life panoramas which can be changed every so often. When printed on Ciba­chrome transparencies they have lifetime permanence, and can give a lifetime of pleasure. The color is actually more vivid than in real life. They can serve educational as well as decorative purposes.

Underground structures are far from dingy dark dwellings. They are capable of being spacious, safe, energy efficient, adaptable, ultra modern, luxurious, practical and they can be built in a way that the top soil can be placed back on top of them so that above ground can be a golf course, park, lawn, forest, meadow, or garden.

Imagine a cliff or hillside view of the ocean, the grand canyon, or other nice view from the side window of an underground home that is so energy effic­ient as to require no outside source of power (except the solar cell tree a simulated tree made of solar cells that supplies much of the energy for the house.) This means no utility bills.

The increasing use of underground dwellings and buildings will add a new dimension of beauty to cities while allowing parks, gardens, and golf courses to be close at hand. They will also save billions of dollars worth of energy because by going down a few feet the temperature is a year around 68 degrees. Millions of acres of land surface can be reclaimed from under cement covers to again help our earth produce food and 'farm the sun.' Fast efficient inexpensive mass transit can be placed underground where it is free of weather problems and engineered to be super safe. Air tube trains can get from New York to Los Angeles in under an hour riding on a cushion of air free of worry of snow or ice or aircraft accident.

New technology applied to the housing industry will revolutionize it. Mankind must use new technology to serve all members of the human race. We can create adequate housing for every person on this planet.


Ninety percent of all deaths are preventable! For the lack of 1 cent worth of vitamin a day 100,000 children go blind. 40,000 children die each DAY for lack of a few cents a day’s worth of food.

Five million children die each year from diseases which immunization could prevent.

80% of the diseases in the world could be prevented by improved water and sanitation.

One child in four suffers from malnutrition. Four out of five children from rural areas do not have adequate water or sanitation and the same is true for most children in slum and shanty areas in or near big cities.

Two out of five, six to eleven years olds do not go to school.

Four fifths of all children have no modern health care.

20 million children under five die each year most of which could be saved if they had access to food and health care.

Millions of men and women die needless terrible deaths yearly for lack of food and health care.



90% of world deaths are preventable.

Only about 5% of deaths are from old age.

The infant mortality rate is 94-203 deaths per 1000 in developing countries as compared to 19 in developed countries with many countries lower than that. The U.S. is about 10.9 per 1000 and this does not take into account that many extremely premature babies are saved whereas in most countries this is not counted at all instead it is considered a mis­carriage.

There are ample food reserves at this time to provide everyone with 3,000 calories and 65 grams of protein a day which is adequate.

SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEMS OF POOR HEALTH AND DISEASE. The first solution is absolutely foolproof just get the nations of the world to spend as much on health as they do on preparation for death-war. Military expenditures exceeded 600 billions last year. That equals about $133 for every man, woman and child on the earth. That is 6% of the world output. That has built 50,000 nuclear warheads and deployed them. They have the combined explosive yield of over a million times the Hiroshima bomb of 1945. The arms race is in a competitive relationship with world health. There is absolutely no need for nuclear warheads. They are anti health, anti people, anti life on earth. A con­ventional warhead can still knock out a tank. The worlds military spends the equivalent of UNICEF's annual budget every 4 hours, around the clock.

The World Health Organization spent $100 million over a ten year period and wiped out an entire disease worldwide for less than the cost of one strategic bomber.

If governments could be persuaded to spend just one five hundredth of what they spend on the military on the improvement of their citizens health we would win the battle, and the war. Not only that but it would finance the purchase of enough agricultural equipment and fertilizer to make food-deficient low income countries self sufficient.

Every citizen of planet earth should be given the opportunity and means to earn enough money so as to be able to purchase adequate nutritious food for his family.

Those in desperate need should be given food.

Educational programs should be started worldwide on how and what to purchase and prepare, proper sanitation, food handling and nutrition. These programs could be instituted by governments at very little cost to them. IBLFAM Volunteers could be taught the fund­amentals then they could teach classes in their local communities. Health, Education and Disease Prevention are all closely related.

Vitamin pills could be supplied to malnourished populations relatively inexpensively as the pills can be purchased in bulk at much lower prices than the usual retail-small bottle unit. They could probably purchase them for about 1 cent each.

Adequate food and vitamins would save millions of lives.

Governments should help local communities to provide clean safe drinking water for their citizens. Well drilling equipment is not all that expensive that regional governments couldn't purchase one to start making the rounds in its local areas.

Volunteer educational programs need to be set up in areas that need to be taught how to boil water to kill bacteria and other basic sanitary practices. Basic sanitation should be taught in the public schools.

Regional governments should have trained public health and sanitation personnel working with local communities to solve sanitation and health problems. Many diseases are caused by poor sanitation.

The human life span has been going up but with pollution it has started going down in some areas, Pollution must be controlled and eliminated.

Proper sewage disposal is major health factor.

Mankind must unite in cooperation to do research into the causes, prevention, and cures of diseases.

There are thousands of very smart people in the world that would like to work in the health or medical fields and many that would like to help find solutions to related problems. The opportunity should be provided them. The entire world would benefit.

The cures and treatments for all diseases should be made known to health and medical personnel worldwide. Information and training on these are needed worldwide now. The publication of books on these in many languages would be a useful step.

Not only is a massive research effort needed worldwide but because of the worldwide shortage of doctors advanced countries should provide persons interested in doing this work free education provided that these students repay their obligations by pro­viding a certain amount of public service. This would also provide a large saving to the taxpayer for Medicaid as these doctors could provide this service free of charge. Medicaid recipients could be required to go to government clinics for treatment.

If they felt that they did not get proper care they could go to another clinic for a second opinion. Millions could be saved yearly.

Free education should be provided anyone wanting to go into the health service field provided that they would have to do a few years of at least part time public ser­vice work to repay the help.. Paramedics and nurses are in short supply and increasing their numbers could save many lives and prevent much human suffering.

Public health clinics should be set up within reasonable distances of every community. They could be built with free labor by those on welfare. The govern­ment would just have to provide the supplies and trained IBLFAM volunteers. Prefab do it yourself module units could save time and costs, while enabling those build­ings to be put up by unskilled labor. The whole com­munity would benefit.

There is little excuse why in this day and age any human being should be forced to go without decent med­ical care. The world has all of the resources necessary to make it possible. If we can put men on the moon we can provide decent health care for ALL. Better health care for all can be created.

More research needs to be done to determine what dangers food additives present.

The world has ample supplies, thousands of bright young people willing to be trained that would and could be self sufficient if they only had training and jobs, and there are hundreds of schools capable of providing such medical, paramedical, pharmacological, or nursing training.

There are hundreds of hospitals where these people could receive internship in exchange for later public service.

Developed countries could host medical and health students from the lesser developed countries.

A medical Peace Corps could be set up. Countries could wage peace and medicine instead of war. Student exchanges should be encouraged.

Indeed it is possible to place adequate medical service within the reach of every human being on this planet. Why not help make it happen by communicating these good ideas to others.

A world wide medical information exchange could be set up so that when a local doctor is unsure about a problem he could obtain free information from experts. Perhaps this might involve telephone, radio, video and possibly computer hook ups. It is already possible to monitor a patients vital signs from the accident scene and from a moving ambulance and transmit that data by radio to a hospital emergency room for evaluation by a staff of doctors. There is little reason why by boosting the power of the radio trans­mitter that medical help (information) couldn't be exchanged if a medical help network were set up. Regional networks could link up with national and international networks. Much of the communications equipment is already in existence controlled by the military. Why not use it to save lives. Shouldn't the major purpose of a government be the health and safety of its citizens.

Navies and coast guards should also be available to help in the case of medical emergencies.

Armies and air forces should be prepared to serve in medical emergencies over land areas as part of their duty to the people they serve.

World militaries by expanding their medical corps slightly with their field hospitals and air­lift capabilities could be on call to serve in disasters anywhere within their jurisdictions.

Regular army troops could be used to help in times of disaster. They could help rescue trapped victims, establish communications to areas where communications have been severed, fill sandbags if desperately needed, put up temporary bridges, and pilot rescue boats to those trapped in floods, etc.

Improvements are needed in other factors which are important to overall health such as: the environ­ment, the economy, the need for hospitals, nutrition, agriculture, solution to the crime and violence problems, overpopulation and attitudes.

Much more research needs to be done on all asp­ects of health and medicine especially new vaccines, computer diagnosis, medical methods, cures, treatments artificial hearts and other organs, regeneration of bad body parts, retardation of aging, rejuvenation of the body, a cure for cancer and extinction of all diseases forever. Mankind has already brought under control a great many conditions and diseases that were once thought 'impossible' to cure.

General medical knowledge should be available to anyone who wants to know. Family medical and health guides should be published in all languages* The following space is for your ideas.


Far too many people do not read and write today most thru no fault of their own. About one fifth of the world population is illiterate. Progress is being made in this area. In 1970 almost one third of the adult population was illiterate.

Everyone should have the right to an education at public expense as long as the grades are kept up of up to a total of thirty semesters of school. The last two years should be in a vocational training program of some sort which would allow the young person to earn during the last two years while he learns a vocation. In this way young people could be trained for jobs that will need workers soon so that they will become tax payers rather than unemployed tax users upon graduation.

Another idea that has been proposed is that young people could serve their country for one year in a highly disciplined Vocational Training Corps where they would learn a vocation while performing public service work. Some experts say that this would be good because they would come out with job skills, experience, discipline, respect, and a lot more mat­urity than when they went in. It could also nip a lot of juvenile hooliganism in the bud. This vocational corps could do for local communities what years of political promises have not done. For example a local community needs a health clinic or school, library, park etc. The Vocational Corps could furnish the knowhow and labor to build, staff maintain and improve it over a period of time. They could help the community in many ways all while learning vocations under certified instructors, and while gaining work experience and maturity. They could provide help to senior citizens such as home repairs, car repairs (some could learn auto repair and appliance repair) nursing, nutrition etc. This would be much better than paying so many of these young people welfare money just to sit and watch TV or end up making trouble all at public expense. At least the public would be getting something for its money and these trainees will become wage earners and tax payers, instead of welfare collectors. Education can be made available to all. Basic and advanced text books on most subjects should be carried by all local and regional libraries.

Publishers could end their printing runs by running extra copies of a text on less expensive paper and then donating them to needy libraries and to educational institutions.

Publishers could be given a tax write off for the above donations.

Text books should also be made available by mail so that those who desire them can purchase them.

Local and regional libraries could have available basic courses in all major subjects offered in elemen­tary, middle, high school, university and vocational schools.

Local and regional libraries, universities, and colleges should make available for very low fee credit by examination. The small fee would be for the exam supervision, grading and for the recording of the credit and issuance of the certificate. It is time that libraries fulfill this need. Too long have the educational institutions made a business out of and snubbed their noses at those that didn't have the money to pay what in many cases were outrageous fees.

Colleges and universities could update their degree requirements to eliminate the absurd require­ments for unnecessary unrelated courses, unnecessary needless papers thesises etc. In many cases these extra papers just serve the instructors needs rather than that of the student. In many cases the students work has been plagiarized by faculty.

Colleges could offer more certificate courses to encourage people to advance their education and receive recognition for work done in one area,

The whole community benefits when the educational level goes up and the unemployed tax users become emp­loyed tax payers. Governments could sponsor free train­ing or retraining to the unemployed in vocational fields where they will have a good chance of getting a job.

Welfare regulations that penalize persons for trying to obtain education on vocational subjects on a part time basis should be abolished.

There is little reason short of retardation why anyone in the developed countries couldn't learn to read if they wanted to. Literacy programs could be expanded.

The 'Learn to read then teach two others to read programs' are a great success. The illiterate learner learns to read by being taught, then learns even more when he teaches two others. All learn to read much better than if they just sat in class or studied on their own. The cost of the program is kept to rock bottom while expanding itself at the same time.

Participation in vocational education could be a requirement to welfare recipients.

Those who know could teach those who don't know.

Militaries with their great resources all over the world having many people that are trained such as doctors nurses, engineers, technicians etc. could help supply training to people within their jurisdictions.

Regional governments and groups could start their own teaching corps to go around their area. Doctors and nurses have taught others to be doctors and nurses. With a few books and good on the job training people can be taught almost any occupation.

Unions and large companies could start foster app­renticeships to train people some of which could be from underdeveloped countries.

Television and radio can be instruments of education. In remote areas solar powered TVs and radios could allow even remote villages to have educational input. Up to the minute information on weather, news, and agriculture could be utilized.

Unbiased news and education in human rights along with seeing through TV reports what the developed countries have attained in their standard of living could encourage remote learning even more. It would seem that backward villagers upon seeing modern comforts would want to have them and could be encour­aged to work hard to obtain them.

With motivation people can accomplish quite a lot. The unemployed, underemployed, uneducated and other needy need to be helped to fire up that self starting motivation through encouragement.

A knowledge of the basic human rights such as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (page 125) is necessary for the survival of freedom. People that are unaware of human rights are unlikely to stand up to protect them from being taken away.

Good TV programming that is well balanced includ­ing educational, informative, unbiased news, and decent entertainment could do much to improve educat­ional levels all over the world and provide goals for all peoples to strive for such as a better life for ALL. Educational channels could be established by governments or schools to offer needed information to the public. In rural areas this might be agricul­tural information and classes. In developing areas these could be centered around learning how to do things better such as cooking methods, sanitation, hygiene, learning to read, child care, basic health care, learning the national language or universal lang­uage, vocational training, gardening etc. Certain educational TV could be aimed at children, providing learn­ing as well as babysitting. An example, Sesame Street.

The things that were said about TV above also go for good well balanced radio programming. Although TV may be more captivating radio can be nearly as effective an educational tool for individuals motivat­ed to listen carefully.

More classes, lectures and seminars could be held by TV or radio utilizing phones to relay in questions. On a weekly class write in questions could also be used. Credit could be obtained by going to the school to take the final exam.

High schools could offer credit by examination for extra areas studied.

In many countries there is a shortage of teachers. The developing countries could set up teacher training centers. Perhaps the developed countries could send teacher trainers to help. Once a developing country has its own teacher trainers trained it can begin training teachers. Perhaps these teachers could train other teachers. Seminars could be held annually to bring teachers up to date.

Governments need to place more importance on the education of their populations.


Good daily communication among the common people of earth has the great potential of preventing future wars, nuclear holocaust and bringing to solution many of the world’s problems.

The human race has more in common than not. Perhaps most of the human race is not aware of that. Most of the world’s communication is by word of mouth. Even illiterates are usually very fluent. The average person learns over 40,000 words. Most children have a vocabulary of over 10,000 words by age 10. A person could get by in a foreign country by knowing a few hundred words, and could do very well by being able to understand, read and speak a thousand words.

Communication is a major element in the success of students, businesses, teams, organizations and even for marriages. Lack of communication has contributed to the causes of most wars.

With the new satellites it is now possible for one to communicate almost anywhere on the globe providing that one has the proper antenna, radio or TV and transmitter or phone. It is now not uncommon for programs to be transmitted live to several corners of the world instantaneously.

The potentialities of instantaneous worldwide TV communication are wonderfully multiple. Olympic games televised live, world news, national and inter­national events, sports, adventure, debates, stories, educational events, world adventure series, and live world travel series will be available to everyone.

Besides music, entertainment, news, sports and weather worldwide TV and radio can provide public service programs to supply needed information.

Worldwide TV and radio can be an instrument of peace. One of the greatest things it can do is to show all human beings that other human beings are human, and that they have the same needs and desires. The vast majority of humans do not desire war, they prefer peace and the great benefits that peace brings. The human race no matter where one stops to look has virtually the same needs and desires with relatively minor differences in personal preferences for food, hobbies, sports, entertainment, vocations and interests. By and large a person from Canada has the same needs as a person from Africa and vice versa, or from China or Europe or South America or Australia. We all need food, clothing, shelter, education, love, some degree of companionship and personal freedom to become the persons we want to be. Few of us want someone else to run our lives. We virtually all want self determin­ation. Self determination is a human right. World communication furthers the cause of human rights. There are those who do not want to further human rights because they want to hold others down. They want to concentrate as much power to themselves as they can and do so at the expense and suffering of others. There are governments today that still jam (block by transmitting loud noises) the radio stations of other governments. There are governments that broadcast propaganda slanted news and stories. Let radio and TV broadcasting be free to all.

The right to uncensored listening and watching to radio and TV is a human right that could possibly save humanity from the scourge of war and nuclear holocaust. Let people everywhere have free access to short-wave radio and worldwide TV and soon the prop­aganda stations will find that their listeners no longer trust them because they are unreliable sources of true information. In the long run the truth will come out and people the world over will discover that the great overwhelming majority of the worlds people want peace, love, happiness and prosperity for all.

With uncensored worldwide radio and TV it will become more difficult for the power hungry to get their way. It has been said that the Russian people do not know what is going on in Afghanistan and that they have not been told the truth about why their young men have been there now for several years and why their young men have continued to be killed. Why do totalit­arian governments jam radio frequencies within their own borders? It is because they have things to hide from their own people. If they had nothing to hide then why do they continue to jam radio frequencies within their own borders? The people of the world have nothing to lose and everything to gain by uncensored radio and TV available to all worldwide.


Humans need to be able to communicate with other humans particularly in emergencies. If you were visiting a mall, felt ill, sat down on a bench but discovered you could not get up, wouldn't you want to communicate your need for help to others? What would happen if no one around you spoke English? This happens often now as over one in ten persons living in the U.S. is now foreign born and many do not understand English. In California it is one in three. In sections of many cities English is a minority language. Worldwide only about ten percent of all people understand English. Even though English is taught in many lands the fact is that most people do not end up mastering it. Just as very few high school and college graduates ever master a second language, so it is with English learning around the world. Many people who allegedly speak English often do not understand English well enough for a meaningful conversation. The fact is that it takes many years to learn English. This is because many words are ambiguous. There are hundreds of irregular verbs and thousands of irregular spellings and pronunciations. The spelling is the worst of any language. In addition there are over 8000 common idioms which means that even knowing all of the words in the phrase gives no clue to the meaning. Example "on the lamb." Most adults take over ten years to learn English but many just give up. The irregularities of English just take too much time to learn out of their daily lives. All other unplanned languages are very difficult and time consuming to learn, often taking many years. There is however a relatively new and unadvertised international vocabulary with quick grammar that allows quick communication between languages.

The major barrier to human communication is still the language barrier. There are over 5000 different languages being used in the world at this time. The problem with this situation is that there are many deaths and much human suffering caused by misunderstanding and non-understanding between languages.
Your life may be in jeopardy of you fly or use a cruise ship. Many deaths and injuries have been caused by language problems involving airplanes and ships. The aircraft safety institute has logged hundreds of language related incidents which put human lives at risk.
What is the solution? Every country wants its own language used. Most persons prefer to use their own native language. The UN and European Common Market have both tried appeasing the more powerful countries by making their languages official. But this has resulted in mass confusion and at a huge financial cost. Translators are very expensive. Translations take a lot of time to put into print and most translations end up being unread because by then it is too late. Taxpayers could save millions of dollars if the UN chose to use the international language with its international vocabulary and quick efficient grammar. Companies also could save thousands of dollars in translating and training costs by using this international vocabulary.
Here are some facts about this International vocabulary from scientific research.
This vocabulary is not meant to replace anyone's language rather it was scientifically developed to be used between speakers of different languages. It uses international words from many languages. Speakers of many languages can recognize a large percentage of the words. It has been scientifically proven that this is the easiest language in the world to learn. People who learn this vocabulary also learn English words. It is a stepping stone to leaning English. In fact non-English speakers learn English faster after learning this vocabulary first.
How does this compare with other languages? English, French, Spanish, or German grammars require many years for people to learn. Most people don't ever master these difficult grammars. But with International Vocabulary all of the grammar that is most necessary can be learned in a few hours and can be handwritten on a single sheet of regular sized notebook paper.
All of the words are spelled as pronounced and pronounced as spelled.
All of the verbs are completely regular. There are no idioms. There are no exceptions or irregularities in the entire language. A basic communication level can be accomplished within a month. This means that the user could compose and understand most commonly used words. A small dictionary would translate more rare words. Depending on individual differences, attitude, time and practice, a person can move to a conversational understanding in from a month to a year. All languages require some practice to learn to a conversational degree.
This language also uses prefixes and suffixes and relatively short words to make learning easier and cut learning time. From a basic vocabulary of around 800 word roots over 50,000 practical and useful meanings can be formed providing for over 95 percent understanding. The above is from scientific research. There is much prejudice regarding languages even people that should be knowledgeable about this language often make statements contrary to the truth. Many language teachers fear that if the truth gets out they will lose their job. English speakers naturally want to push English and take personal offense at any other solution to the world language problem.
Using the international vocabulary, also known as Esperanto, with its efficient quick grammar is a solution in which everyone wins. People use it between languages and they can still speak and promote their own language such as English.
If you are interested in getting the facts do a search on the web and you will find thousands of references. There are also several news groups, publications and worldwide literature. Many use it for travel or business. Most foreigners will not learn English in their lifetimes because it is too difficult. We need a common language now. Humans simply must be able to understand other humans especially in emergencies. International Vocabulary is the most time and cost efficient solution.

In summary: the world language problem could be solved by using international vocabulary with its quick efficient grammar that allows communication between many languages in a much shorter time and is learnable by those not gifted in language learning. This is true because all necessary grammar fits on one sheet of paper and can be learned in a few hours. There are no exceptions or irregularities or idioms. All words are spelled as pronounced. The international vocabulary contains short words, hundreds that are already familiar to speakers of many languages. The use of standard prefixes and suffixes enables the creation of thousands of meanings without prior memorization. The above facts make it the most time and cost efficient solution to the problem of communication between languages. And even though it is more time and cost efficient than English, it facilitates the learning of English. It is not meant to replace any language; rather it is much more practical and efficient for use between languages. Trying to force people to learn English, Spanish, and French is not fast enough or fair. Using international vocabulary would facilitate inter language communication around the world which would benefit business, world peace, save lives, and help lessen human suffering and misery through international cooperation. The author has received over 900 letters in Esperanto from people in over 80 countries in addition to Internet messages and can state that it works wonderfully. All humans should be able to understand each other.

Using the international vocabulary, also known as Esperanto, with its efficient quick grammar is a solution in which everyone wins. People use it between languages and they can still speak and promote their own language. See

The Concept of Spaceship Earth.

There billions of galaxies in the universe each with billions of stars. The Andromedia Spiral Galaxy which is the most distant object visible to the naked eye contains over 300 billion stars. Our Solar system (our sun and planets) is just a minute speck in our own galaxy and our galaxy is just a minute speck in the universe of billions of galaxies. Our little planet Earth isn't even visible from outside our solar system. Our Planet Earth is like a SPACESHIP, a mere speck in the infinite Universe. It is all that mankind has. Mankind's history is one of violence. When man makes weapons they almost always end up being used. Now there are enough nuclear warheads poised on missiles ready to go to destroy every city many times over. And these missiles can be triggered instantaneously by any one of several men in many scattered locations all over the world at the push of a button. Once launched they are virtually unstoppable. Even ONE of these warheads if triggered by accident, or anger, or under the influence of drugs or by a nut can kill millions of people, as we have no defense against them. The politicians have failed. Now it is up to the people to take interest and action now before it is too late. We are the crew of Spaceship Earth. We must stop it from self destructing because we have no life rafts. We must either learn to live together or else we will die together. We must ban and destroy the nuclear monsters before they destroy us. We can build antimissile missiles rather than more nuclear warheads. We can bring happiness, peace, brotherhood, love, beauty and security to our lives and those we touch and help make our world a safe and happy place for ourselves and our children. This can be done by encouraging fellow man to Take an interest in seeing and seeking solutions to the problems of our time, to settle disputes without violence, to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves, to preserve individual rights & freedoms, to promote the better life for all, and to realize that indifference leads to misery violence, war and now possible nuclear holocaust.
If the majority of people would take care of their own area this world could be a very wonderful place. A better, safer world can be created. People must become concerned and take positive action to improve civilization before it self-destructs and mankind becomes extinct. The opportunity is now. The decision is up to you.
What the average citizen can do is become informed; share ideas with others, then urge their senators and representatives to take positive action in the interests of peace and humanity, and to support groups that are taking positive action.
All of the people that are working to improve the status of mankind are part of a movement called The International Better Life For ALL Movement. Many of them may be unaware that they are part of the GREATEST movement in history but they represent mankind's hope for a better future. It will be only through the efforts of millions of people that it can be attained.

In the rest of the world it is much worse

2-500,000 children go blind every year for lack of 1 cent's worth of Vitamin A.
Millions of our fellow humans die each year from malnutrition and diseases we have cures for. Starvation kills more people than wars.
Governments are failing to promote birth control so world population continues to rise over 6 Billion. The addition of almost 100 million people each year threatens millions The Earth's safe carrying capacity has been reached. That is like adding the population of the U.S. to the world every 2 1/2 years. Many people are too poor to buy food. Food assistance programs often have been cut back, or are nonexistent. Many parts of the world are now overpopulated. Many are without even basic necessities.
The rapid using up of nonrenewable resources continues at ever accelerating pace. This includes the depletion of forests, topsoil, prime cropland, wetlands, overgrazing and over fishing. Massive extinction of thousands of plant and animal species may severely limit mankind's pool of resources for new medicines. This combined with lack of research into prevention and cures for medical problems will soon be a severe threat that the public is unaware of. Violence is still rampant in the world with many areas suffering massive civil strife. There are still thousands of needless deaths caused by violence.
Many families just need training, tools, seeds and or a little help to become self-sufficient.
Industry is now driven by technology. The gap from developed and less developed countries is increasing. AIDS will increase from 20 to 40 million cases. Many are children. Lack of sufficient education and failure of education are still problems here and worldwide. Kids often learn bad morals and violence from TV and sports as TV and professional sports put self profit ahead of the public good. And we are seeing a harvest of crime, immorality, dishonesty, irresponsibility and a couldn't care less attitude among young people who for a large part can't even fill out a job application correctly, or even do basic math. They make fun of foreign kids who don't speak English very well although the foreign child often speaks and writes several languages very well and does better in school and will get scholarships and become a highly paid engineer.
Violence is still rampant here and in the world with many areas suffering massive civil strife. There are still thousands of needless deaths caused by violence. Many children live in fear at school. Thousands attempt suicide yearly, thousands succeed in it. Communities have little if any social workers to mitigate these problems. One social worker in each school can prevent hundreds of disasters in years ahead.
Too many people are unemployed or under employed. Often both parents work but their income is still insufficient. Many just need training or a little help to become self sufficient. The government is self serving not citizen serving. It should be providing job training and at least temporary jobs.
On the International front one fifth of the world population is malnourished. Almost a billion people don't even have decent water. World population continues to rise over 6 Billion. The addition of almost 100 million people each year threatens millions. That is like adding the population of the U.S. to the world every 2 1/2 years. World population will double within 60 years. Often local production cannot keep up. Many people are too poor to buy food. Food assistance programs often have been cut back, or are nonexistent. Many parts of the world are now overpopulated. Many are without even basic necessities.
The gap from developed and less developed countries is increasing AIDS will increase from 20 to 40 million cases. Many of these are children. In addition many children go blind and die from lack of vitamins. So are we going to ignore this? Are we part of the solution or part of the problem? The choice is up to you.

Preventable World Child Deaths per Year 11 M
Total people malnourished 1 B
Total without adequate clean water 2 B
Total without adequate education 3 B
Total without an adequate standard of living 3 B
Total without adequate income & health care 3 B
Total people unnecessarily going blind 100,000 +
Total illiterates over age 10 800 M
Total World population 6.5 B
World birth rate range per 1000 5-52, average 24
World death rate per 1000 range 1-102, average 9
World infant mortality rate range 4-150, average 64
World births / 94 M deaths a year 53 M
Total world population growth per year 1.5 %
Percent of arable land that could be cultivated 10 %
Percentage range of unemployed 2-21
Percentage range of $ spent on military 2-30
Amount spent per year on military 600+ B
Percentage of $ spent on medical research .1 %
Percentage of $ spent on health care 9 %
Percentage of $ spent on education 5 %
Percentage of waste in government 10-40 %
Spent helping needy become self sufficient…01 %
Percentage of power generated from: oil 48 %,
coal 28 %, gas 19 %, hydroelectric 2 %,
Nuclear 1 %, solar 0.0001 %
Total nuclear megatonage = 18,000,million tons of TNT Equal to 4 tons of TNT per each person
Cost of an ICB missile system 120 Billions
Cost of an aircraft carrier 30 B, bomber 20-250 M
Cost of a: submarine 3 B, a fighter plane 10 B
Cost of a battle tank 3-5 M, warship cruiser 1 B
Cost of a smart bomb 3-15 thousands
Total amount of wasted resources billions
Cost of vitamins per day to prevent blindness 1 ¢
Cost of food per day to prevent malnutrition 50 ¢
Cost of a grain storage container 50 cents
Cost of a village medical kit $200
Cost of self-sufficiency for most of world's people a few tools, seeds, a little training, provide a job. Number of deaths due to preventable diseases 36 M
Percentage of diseases preventable or curable 90 %
Number of violent crimes 300+ M
Number of disappearances thousands
Number of persons tortured thousands
Number of needless deaths and sufferings millions
5-12 million children die every year from preventable causes such as malnutrition.
600,000 women die of childbirth related preventable problems including malnutrition.
40% of world deaths are now caused by environmental pollution per Cornell University.
3% of deaths caused by violence.
Chief causes of deaths worldwide Poverty, malnutrition, bad water, inadequate or no medical care, inadequate sanitation, inadequate education and inadequate health and birth control education especially for females.
Unsterile primitive female castration is still practiced in 28 countries.

Most of this suffering and dying is preventable.
We can work with others to influence the powers that be to make positive changes and encourage governments to make the health and safety of their citizens a priority.

Although many things have improved, much has not. In the USA
our children grow up in a world that is in many ways both better and worse. Many live in fear at school. Thousands attempt suicide yearly, thousands succeed in it. Thousands of children are malnourished and do not have adequate medical care.
Over 50% of working families do not have health insurance. Most working families are working more hours and earning less. Often both parents work but their income is still insufficient. Too many people are unemployed or under employed. Meanwhile uncaring companies with excessively paid CEOs making millions are exporting jobs to other countries. Exorbitantly paid CEOs are allowed to raid companies then retire taking multi millions with them. Utility companies are now allowed to rip us off. Our air and water have become polluted to an extent that it is now causing deaths with over 30,000 pollution related cancer deaths each year. Many land areas are now polluted. Pollution is on increase causing continuing decrease in air and water quality. Many people die of illnesses we have cures for, and increasingly medical malpractice.
Lack of sufficient education and failure of education are still problems in the USA and worldwide. Kids often learn bad morals and violence from TV and sports as TV and professional sports put self-profit ahead of the public good. A large percentage of our young people are unqualified to work at most current jobs and to enter into college. Their morals are at an all time low.


THE NUCLEAR THREAT A nuclear bomb (warhead) is a deceitfully harmless looking device. A child would not hesitate to play with it and a nuclear missile if laid down in a playground would attract children to climb on it. In fact if the arming mechanism were not turned it would probably remain 'safe' for several years. Children are very fond of playing games. If a group of them found that they could scare other groups of children with this new toy they would want more of them. Of course the older children would have the younger children do the work of moving their new toys around. In a good war game the various groups would demand more and more of these toys to scare other groups. Of course there would be a lot of verbal threats and hot air passed around but nothing would really happen, it seemed.
The great masses did nothing and allowed the militant children to buy more and more nuclear toys. The militant children being very prosperous and demanding ever new toys invested in computers, One day there was a computer error. It warned that it appeared that an attack was imminent. False alarms had happened before and it usually took about 15 minutes to discover that it was an error but since the advent of the first strike weapons the computers were set to launch upon warning. The computer error was discovered after only 9 minutes but it was too late. Computers on both sides had launched hundreds of warheads. Once launched they were virtually unstoppable because no antimissile-missiles had been built. Soon all of the children along with billions of innocent people were burned and crushed to death by blasts.
In a fifteen month period the multimillion dollar Pentagon computers made 151 errors. Several times have squadrons of planes took off with armed nuclear weapons and the Intercontinental ballistic missiles of this country have been readied to be launched just seconds after presidential order. But what if he were angry or drunk or high? Five thousand men who handle nuclear weapons are discharged from the military each year because they drink, are mentally unstable or take drugs.
What if the president had a brain tumor and did something crazy before any diagnosis had been made. Or much more likely what if there were a few mistakes made? The satellites watch constantly to tell us of any missile fired anywhere in the world. They relay this information to the pentagon’s super computer which interprets it to the military who orders the air squadrons on their way and arms the nuclear missiles. Sources indicate that there are over 1000 false alarms a year. Obviously something is very wrong.
Every city in the United States with a population of over ten thousand is targeted with at least one nuclear bomb. Those with military installations or industrial centers are scheduled for several nuclear bombs. New York City is probably targeted for sixty, Detroit for five, Warren Michigan for another four, Selfridge Air National Guard Base for three, Pontiac and Flint for at least three and so on. In fact all of the places mentioned are at what is called GROUND ZERO. Ground zero is the area at the center of the blast. Warren Michigan gets the distinction because it is the home of the Warren Tank Plant and an industrial center. Warren Michigan and other cities targeted will be literally blown off of the map.

According to the U.S. Defense Departments own figures 98-100% of the people living, working or in Warren will be killed.
Thousands of nuclear warheads are poised, instantly ready to go and on hair trigger. The closest ones are as little as five minutes from coastal cities from submarine launched missiles and about twenty five to thirty minutes from land based Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles. They travel almost silently through the very thin high atmosphere and literally fall with great accuracy (within 600 feet) at great speeds to their target below. Chances are very great that there will be little if any warning and absolutely nothing that can be done to stop them once they are on their way. There will be an intense flash of white light strong enough to burn out and BLIND anyone's eyes looking in the general direction even from several miles away. Next comes the fireball and spherical mass of weapon residues and hot air at temperatures of the order of 10 MILLION degrees centigrade (hotter than on the surface of the sun.) Everything in or near this fireball will evaporate or melt. People are literally vaporized their bodies burn, boil, explode and turn into vapor. Next almost immediately comes the very devastating severe blast wave followed by hurricane force winds exploding outward for miles from the center of the explosion. For miles around virtually all buildings will be torn apart first by the outward blast then by the return inward wave. Millions of people will be trapped in the wreckage, crushed, limbs crushed, heads crushed under the weight of the collapsing bricks and beams. People will be choked by the dust of crushed brick and mortar and gas from ruptured gas lines which may ignite and explode. The explosive winds will make missiles out of bricks, beams, people, glass traveling at hundreds of miles an hour until they hit something. These missiles will cause decapitations, severe lacerations, contusions and other severe injuries. There will be hundreds of thousands of severe burns and no hospitals to treat them. Many of these severe burn victims would lie trapped in rubble, under rafters in severe pain with no one to rescue them for days until they died. They would have no pain killers no doctors and no one to comfort them. (The federal government is stockpiling opium to use in case of nuclear war.)

There will be thousands of dead in each square mile of city, millions of dead within minutes many millions of dead within days due to radiation exposure and no one to bury the dead. The mushroom-shaped cloud is composed of trillions of radioactive particles which together with other mushroom clouds will spread radioactive fallout far and wide for several years. Those that this radiation don't kill may suffer from loss of hair, general weakness over months or years, cancers, genetic problems and delayed deaths. A person just walking or jogging even as far as twenty miles away would have his clothes ignite. Anyone looking in the direction of the blast from even forty miles away would have their eyes burned out before they could turn away. Those in fallout shelters within several miles would be cremated by the ensuing firestorm which would suck out the oxygen from the shelters as they expand over a several thousand square mile area. Emergency vehicles, ambulances, police cars, trucks, buses, rescue equipment, power company repair trucks along with the utility poles and power lines, transformers, gas and water mains will be destroyed.

The survivors will face extreme difficulties. Repeated attacks from more nuclear warheads set to explode over a nearby area could totally devastate large cities. Survivors will need to find a place that is safe from radioactivity for from two weeks to ninety days a place that has adequate water, food, medical and sanitation facilities. Where in a devastated city would that be found. Without power to run the pumps and with cracks in walls and in pipes, basements and subbasements will fill up with radioactivity polluted water.
The governments are making plans for waging nuclear war over a period of six months or longer. If there were any survivors left after all attacks they would be faced with radioactive fallout for months afterwards even in areas far from direct hits. In fact the radioactive fallout will go around the world eventually it will spread to every area of the world. In what were populated areas there will be only burned out devastated areas with no hospitals, no supermarkets, no stores, no police, no fire departments, no unemployment offices, no welfare offices, no employers, no places to eat at, just miles of desolation which will remain radioactive for over 100 years. This radiation will take its toll and there will be no one to bury the dead, MILLIONS of dead. Disease will spread as the millions of corpses decay. The bacteria will multiply in the dead tissues left on the surface; they will be food for insects that since the birds will be gone will be able to multiply by the millions. As the few surviving birds die off from radiation poisoning and exposure to greater ultraviolet radiation the insects will multiply by the trillions. Cockroaches are four hundred thousand times (400,000) more resistant to radiation than humans. There will be epidemics like the Black Plague, Typhoid, Hepatitis, Poliomyelitis, Diphtheria, Pneumonia, Rabies, Tetanus, Cholera, Malaria, etc. Without proper medical treatment many of the survivors may die.
Abbreviations: ICBM=inter continental ballistic missile range over 4000 miles.
M/IRBM=medium/intermediate range ballistic missile range 500-4000 miles.
SRBM=short range ballistic missile under 500 miles. SLBM=submarine launched ballistic missile. SLCM=submarine launched cruise missile. GLCM=ground launched cruise missile.
ABM=anti ballistic missile missile. ALCM=air launched cruise missile.
KT=kiloton thousands of tons of TNT equivalent. range from 0-999.999 tons of TNT equivalent. MT=megaton millions of tons of TNT equivalent.
Note the ABMs are the missile killers. It is time that the governments of the world started developing and building thousands of them and stopped building nuclear warheads.



Nuclear Disaster

All of the bombs and explosives of World War II totaled about 2 megatons. In a nuclear war lasting just one night it would be like the total of World War II going off every second. Every major city is scheduled for not only one but several hits. The super powers have nearly 50,000 of these warheads instantly ready to go and more being made every day. In the first day alone millions would die. Nuclear war is madness yet the nations rush onward at increasing rates towards mass mega death. Billions of dollars are being spent yearly to create bigger and bigger nuclear monsters. There are an average of two nuclear accidents yearly (most are kept secret) The nations are hypnotized by mutual distrust and misperceptions. There is a very delicate balance of terror which depends on things not going wrong or mistakes not being made, or computers not malfunctioning, or anger or madness not getting control. We are nuclear hostages facing death and yet we ignore it hoping it will go away. They will not go away; we must dismantle them before they destroy us. It is possible to hide a nuclear bomb in a briefcase. We know that nuclear material has been stolen. We know that terrorist groups could make their own nuclear bombs if they got hold of some of this stolen material. It is possible that entire cities could be held hostage. The government is even creating teams to deal with this.
If the world population continues to rise there will be shortages of food, energy, land, water and of other resources. With severe fresh water shortages the possibility of conflict over fresh water will be very great especially when one considers that 200 of the world's major rivers are shared by two or more countries. With the gap between rich and poor widening someone may be tempted to use force. The situation grows ever more dangerous.
The Computerized Hair Trigger Automatic Launch On Warning Doomsday Machine
On computer screens deep within Cheyenne Mountain Colorado; at the Strategic Air Command in Omaha, at the National Military Command Center in the Pentagon, and at the secret underground Military Command Center near Washington D.C. flash the computer alert signals. The computers many of which were installed over a decade ago gather data from satellites, radar and other sensors. If the computer sounds the alarm almost immediately squadrons of bombers take off for Russia, submarine commanders are alerted and hundreds of missile fire control officers strap themselves into blast resistant swivel chairs, unlock safes, remove verification codes and insert launch keys into slots ten feet apart. (When both keys are turned within a second the deadly missile is launched up and away to kill millions of people) Once launched missiles cannot be recalled like bombers. Realizing that all of these control centers will be destroyed in a nuclear exchange an B-4 Command Center aircraft also known as the doomsday plane is always on ready at Andrews Air Force Base within a few minutes helicopter distance from the Whitehouse. It is limited to three days in the air by fuel, crew fatigue, and by probable destruction of landing runways. In the past there was about thirty minutes in which a president could decide on the data given to him on whether or not we were under attack.

However the system has grown so complex that it has become very difficult to determine that. There are over 1000 false alarms a year. When an alarm occurs squadrons of bombers are sent on their way to Russia, submarine captains and silo fire control officers are ordered to prepare their missiles for immediate launch. In some cases the E-4 command plane has even taken off without the president because it has taken so long to find the error. (In most cases the error is found within 10 minutes.) The General Accounting Office evaluated the Wimex computer system and found that it consisted of 158 different computer systems in eighty one separate locations and that it was prone to error. Even the engineer that tested it told the Whitehouse that it was not reliable. In fact the International Institute for Strategic Studies in its report 'Can Nuclear War Be Controlled?' stated that both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.'s command and control systems are vulnerable to jamming, spoofing (sending spurious signals), errors and destruction. Also that the systems are prone to communications failure, with large fixed soft facilities and radars that are easy to knock out. If a country is on alert and cannot ascertain whether or not it is being attacked what is it going to do.
Thirty minutes isn't very much time to gather advisors and make a decision on the fate of the world especially when one isn't sure of the data that one is being given or of the accuracy of the communications. However that thirty minutes may soon be cut to six by a new round of weapons. New nuclear weapons based in Europe will be able to accurately hit Soviet targets within six minutes. If the Soviets had only six minutes before their command center would be destroyed and if they had intelligence that B52s were in the air heading towards them and American missiles were on alert they might be tempted to launch theirs before their command center would be destroyed. Both sides have been talking about first strike or preemptive strike capability that is that one side could wipe out the other before the other could get their missiles off.
There is great danger when a decision must be forced within a period of only six minutes. EXPERIENCE HAS SHOWN THAT THAT IS SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH TIME.
Now there is talk on both sides of setting up computer control over the missile launch process and when there is a computer system set up to launch upon attack or on mere warning the fate of the world RESTS ON a HAIR TRIGGER. Furthermore the situation is further complicated by the fact that a single Soviet nuclear warhead detonated about two hundred miles above Nebraska would generate an electromagnetic pulse that will knock out the Defense Departments computers memories nationwide. Accidental nuclear war is becoming more likely as countries begin to practice counterforce which is where countries decide to attack the others missile launch centers at first warning in order to destroy them. The problem is that this forces a decision to be made in just a few minutes WHICH IS JUST NOT ENOUGH TIME.
In essence counter force first strike, and positioning of weapons less than 20 minutes away from targets is leading to computer control of their launch with launch on attack or launch on warning as part of the system. This is locking the superpowers into an ultimate game of war with the stakes of the game being the survival of our species.

Because there will be malfunctions, errors both human and electronic resulting in false warnings there NEEDS TO BE TIME to solve the problem. IF LAUNCH ON WARNING IS INSTITUTED THERE WILL NOT BE ENOUGH TIME AND SOONER OR LATER WE WILL ALL BECOME THE CORPUS DELECTI OF ACCIDENTAL COMPUTERIZED WAR. We have survived hundreds of computer errors and false alerts because we and presumably the Russians had time to act rationally. With computer systems set to launch on warning or on attack the survival of mankind CANNOT BE ASSURED. THE PEOPLE of the world have been DECEIVED because civilization and probably mankind will not survive a major nuclear exchange. LAUNCH ON WARNING OR ALERT IS NOT SAFE OR RELIABLE. ANNIHILATION BY RUSH DECISIONS WHETHER BY COMPUTER OR NOT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. The use of nuclear weapons by either side would mean MUTUAL SUICIDE.
Computer launch on warning or attack is NUCLEAR MADNESS.

Solutions To The Threat Of Nuclear Holocaust And War.

It is possible that both can be prevented. The experts agree that there is the real possibility of nuclear war and conventional wars. To avoid war those involved must develop understanding. The problem of misperceptions, how countries perceive each other must be cleared up otherwise the arms race will continue to its ultimate end the annihilation of mankind from this planet. It is the logic of madness. Can we seize our destiny away from the nuclear monsters? It is the most important question of our time.
We can if we will. If mankind can build them than mankind can unbuild them. We can dismantle them and reform them into something useful.

Mankind can prevent nuclear holocaust if it wants to by taking positive action to:
Recognize that nuclear war will be mutual suicide and stop the arms race.
Recognize that there is no way to guarantee that limited nuclear wars will stay limited and that the only rational alternative is to sign agreements that no one will start a nuclear war, no one will strike first and to prove it will dismantle any first strike capability.
Negotiate a non egression pact between the super powers,
Realize that Neither the U.S. nor the U.S.S.R. can any longer afford to try to dominate militarily third world countries or intervene militarily or for that matter be the world's policeman, except as mutually agreed to be in the best interests of world peace.
Refrain from placing missiles closer than 20 minutes fly time from targets.
Realize that there is no longer any such thing as nuclear superiority that the superpowers are on a collision course leading to the annihilation of mankind and that there are already adequate warheads to assure 'Mutual Assured Destruction.' (MAD) (Right on!)
Realize that putting computers in command positions with launch on attack or launch on warning is asking for accidental nuclear annihilation via computer, as these systems are doomed to failure and errors.
Realize that building more nuclear warheads only reduces security and that they are only rational in the light that they provide deterrence. All must refrain from doing anything that will upset the delicate balance.
Encourage communication between all peoples so that they may be of mutual help to each other and that they may share the viewpoint of the great majority of mankind that there is no need nor reason to have nuclear weapons or wars--who needs them-only the power hungry.
Instead of building more warheads build antimissile missiles with conventional warheads and utilize new technology to destroy any nuclear missile launched without prior announcement. (New Technology Can Make Nuclear Missiles Obsolete.) Satellites can now detect their firing and liftoff and within seconds plot their trajectories. Any missile that poses a threat to people could be destroyed along with its MIRVs in mid flight by antimissile missiles or by other new high technology weapons under development. (lasers, particle beams, micro waves to destroy, disarm or confuse missile guidance systems.) The U.S.S.R. has already installed an antimissile system using sophisticated radars around Moscow. Eventually nuclear missiles would become obsolete and could be dismantled. Nuclear warheads could be banned and inspection teams on land, sea and in space could be empowered to seek out and destroy any found.
Encourage the people of the world to become united in opposition to nuclear weapons and wars so that they can be banned forever.
Build world brotherhood and mutual trust thru student exchange and by encouraging world travel. It would help peoples to get to know each other and share the great treasures of our wonderful planet Earth.
If enough countries would support the United Nations peacekeeping efforts and provide the UN with the airborne troops and equipment it needs, most conflicts could be brought to a truce and major wars prevented. The mechanism is already there. Look at the UN Charter it just needs a fair bit of support from the nations to work. The UN isn't perfect but it can be made to work for the benefit of all mankind. Read the Preamble to the Charter, what a wonderful document. It deserves a chance to work and it can work if it has the backing of most of mankind. At last we could have a world free of the threat of nuclear war and have the means to stop small wars and prevent them from expanding into big wars.
Now is the time for action. Too long have the leaders failed to keep the needs of the people uppermost. Too long has the common man been the sacrificial lamb to the games of the rich. Too many dictators have basked in luxury while their own people starved or while their own native sons died in needless wars. Most hawks and warmongers won't go out and fight a war instead they make others (usually the young men) go out and fight for them.

Those that want war should all be put on an island and let them go at each other, instead of having our children die in needless wars for nothing.

Most wars accomplish nothing just destroy someone's life, property or work.

Too many battles have cost lives when there was no need to battle at all.

In war two men kill each other because each is the others enemy. They have never met before and have nothing against each other. Perhaps both have families, people that need them and care about them. If the two soldiers could take time to talk things out it is very doubtful that they would end up shooting each other. But they aren't allowed to talk they are put under a time clock of seconds to kill each other.

Just as they have become the slaves of generals we may become the slaves of technology in that we have to make a decision on whether or not to kill millions of people in only six minutes.

War is needless, foolish, insane and negative. It is the unnecessary destruction of positive human efforts. War threatens to waste and tear down all of the good things that mankind has built up. A multimillion dollar hospital and research center can save thousands of human lives. War can blow it up in seconds. The result is that all of mankind loses. War brings only suffering death and destruction and often of innocent people. War is not healthy for children or other living things. War is a gross violation of human rights.
War is unnecessary, unneeded and obsolete. Summit meetings, discussions, conferences and research should replace war as a means of solving problems.


All land based ICBMS are now obsolete. They like the big battle ships sitting ducks. Even the most hardened silo will not survive a close hit. Targeting accuracy has been improved to such an extent that no land based missile is safe, Instead of protection which land based silos used to provide they now act as magnets for nuclear warheads because an enemy would want to knock them out before they are launched. The MX is a first strike weapon therefore it must be destroyed first if it is to be neutralized. Where ever land based silos are they will draw repeated hits by large payload warheads, resulting in the destruction of the missile inside and in huge amounts of radioactive fallout which will make unlivable huge areas of this country. Besides if the military truly never intend to strike first why are they pushing ahead with a first strike weapon? If a country states that it does not intend to strike first then it must show by its actions by not building first strike weapons, If we build them it will start an even more accelerated arms race, then the USSR will add hundreds of MIRVs to cover the threat. (And they can do this at much lower cost than we can.) Then we would all be worse off. (We and our children would be even closer to death.)
The ALTERNATIVES are better. They must be nontargetable, survivable, have good command and control. They must not destroy the environment, cause inflation nor put additional burden on the taxpayer.

If we must have missiles it is better, cheaper and safer to get them away from our population areas and land. Bombers can unlike missiles be recalled which gives us precious hours.
Small subs are virtually untargetable, are invisible to satellites and quiet enough to be practically undetectable. They can carry several missiles each in complete safety. 100 sub based missiles are equal to 300 land based missiles. Mini subs can be at an infinite number of unknown locations, 24 hours a day, day after day most of them on duty, posing a serious threat to any would be aggressor. Command and control are excellent. There would be no environmental impact at all. (no 40,000 square miles chewed up, no crop and livestock damage.) They would draw nuclear warheads away from us. The fallout problem would be greatly lessened.
The cost for mini subs even with the MX (Trident missiles do cost much less) would be considerably less than any land based MX system. In fact billions of dollars could be saved by going with mini subs rather than with ANY land based system. And no land based system can meet the above criteria. (Being untargetable, safe, less costly, survivable, having excellent control, not disruptive to the environment) But the best thing about mini sub basing is that they will reduce the threat of nuclear holocaust and danger to people as they furnish deterrent without being first strike weapons. And they are away from populated areas. And there is no serious threat to subs for the next decade. Mini subs could serve until such a time that mankind can eliminate once and for all, all nuclear weapons.
With eventual strong antimissile systems we would not have to fear any more. Then nuclear missiles will have become obsolete and will be dismantled.
Mankind could take action to eliminate any future threat to its safety.


The lack of human rights is a factor in war, and in many other problems. It is responsible for much of mankind's misery. The resolution of the problem of the lack of human rights is critical to mankind's future. Of the charters of mankind none is greater than this Declaration adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948.
Its Preamble starts out,’ Whereas recognition
of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world;
Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people; .... Human rights should be protected by the rule of the law....
Whereas a common understanding of these rights and freedoms is of the greatest importance for the full realization of this pledge; ...
The General Assembly proclaims this Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and nations, to the end that every individual and every organ of society, keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote, respect for these rights and freedoms, and by progressive measures, national and international, to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance....
Article I states that ALL human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience, and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

The following articles state that: Everyone is entitled to: .... life, liberty, security of person, (that there should be) no slavery, no torture or cruel degrading treatment or punishment, equal protection (that there should be) no slavery, no torture or cruel degrading treatment or punishment, equal protection of the law, to an effective remedy by a competent court if he feels his rights have been violated, free of arbitrary arrest, detention or exile, entitled to a public hearing by an impartial tribunal, everyone is to be presumed innocent until proved guilty in a public trail with adequate defense, no arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home, correspondence, or attacks on his honor and reputation, freedom of movement, and residence within borders of each state, to leave any country including his own and to return to it, to asylum from persecution except for non political crimes, to a nationality and to change it, to marry anyone freely and found a family, to own property alone or with others, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, freedom of opinion and expression of ideas through any media regardless of frontiers, freedom of peaceful assembly and association, not to be compelled to belong to any association, to take part in his countries government directly or through freely chosen representatives, the will of the people shall be the basis of authority of government expressed in free and secret vote elections, to social security, economic, social and cultural rights, to work, free choice of employment, just and favorable conditions of work and to protection from unemployment, equal pay for equal work, to just and favorable pay insuring for his family an existence worthy of human dignity, to join trade unions, to rest and leisure, limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay, to a standard of living adequate for health and well being for self and his family including food, clothing, housing, medical care and security in case of unemployment sickness or disability, to a free education, to the full development of the human personality, 'Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding tolerance, and friendship among all nations, groups ... to participate in the cultural life of the community, to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from his authorship, to social and international order in which these rights and freedoms can be fully realized, Everyone has duties to the community, everyone has the right to share in scientific advancement and its benefits; to be subject only to such limitations determined to respect the rights and freedoms of others. Many of us feel that we should adopt this as our standard also.
It needs to be pointed out that we must take very seriously the violation of any one person’s rights because a violation of any ones rights is a violation of the human rights of all. For example in the 1930s if the German people had strongly objected to the killing of the Jews and to the censure of the free press things would not have gotten as bad as they did. A people should be truly concerned whenever anyone tries to stifle their free press and when people start disappearing. Once any group can kidnap and or kill the opposition without the press sounding the alarm freedom is on the line.
Freedom is easily taken for granted by those who have had it handed to them. It is often necessary to point out that freedom was fought and died for by their forefathers and that it must be maintained by each succeeding generation. If the next generation is not careful freedom will be lost. (Look at what happened in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Laos, Cuba, Poland, etc.)


If we can sell others on this idea and on human rights we will be taking a giant step forward, to the goal of a better life for All.
No one person is going to be able to do it alone but if we could get others interested and united with us in these goals then we will begin to see positive change for the better. If only there were a way or an organization that could facilitate this. As a matter of fact there are several organizations working toward these goals, part of a larger movement I call the International Better Life For All Movement, or the Ample For All Movement which is composed of all of those wonderful people who are working to make things better for mankind.

THE INTERNATIONAL BETTER LIFE FOR ALL MOVEMENT Millions of people are part of a movement that is helping to improve our way of life. They have individually decided to do something useful not only for themselves but for mankind. You can become part of this great movement by doing positive things such as sharing good ideas with the goal of helping to create a better life for all. The International Better Life For All Movement IBLFAM is kind of a brotherhood of mankind-love in your heart attitude. Many of us are of the opinion that it is what the world needs in order to survive. Without it we feel that mankind will be doomed to misery, suffering and death.
We believe that mankind working together can prevent a nightmare future from happening. If IBLFAM can convince enough people that the use of nuclear arms is suicide perhaps we can avert a holocaust. Perhaps we can convince a majority that there is no need for mankind to commit suicide, or for people to starve, or to suffer from diseases we have cures for, to die needlessly, to live in fear and misery, to be without employment, housing, clothing, or freedom. These things have happened because too many people took the 'I don't care attitude. In fact never before has our civilization been just seconds away from unstoppable total destruction of nuclear holocaust which can now be triggered by computer error or terrorists. There now exists the real possibility that mankind will become extinct in your lifetime.
These things need not be, but they will be unless the rational, reasonable and decent people of the world decide to take positive action, before it is too late.

Through cooperation, study, scientific research, and freedom to share ideas, mankind can solve most of the world's problems and create the technology to literally create a paradise on our mere speck in the Universe our Planet-Spaceship Earth.

But it won't happen unless we make it happen. If you doubt this look at the world situation today. Millions are living in misery, without adequate food, clothing, housing, freedom, or education as pawns of totalitarian states. Every day thousands of children die while dictator leaders bask in luxury and plan for
world domination through scientific people control.
For TOO long too many dictators put their own selfish interests ahead of the needs of the people. Too long have the rich turned their backs on the needy. In spite of the fact that the Earth has enough resources to support the human race with a decent standard of living and the technology to solve most problems millions live in misery, thousands die of starvation or violence and mankind is on the brink of extinction.
There is no need for people to starve, to suffer from diseases we have cures for, to die needlessly, to live in fear and forced poverty, to be without education, employment(if willing to work), adequate housing clothing or to be deprived of basic human rights.
Science and technology have made possible a wonderful new culture, a better standard of living, nice homes, adequate transportation, nice cars, good medical care, adequate food, shoes and clothing for all etc. A better life for all is possible if the human race works together rather than against each other. The more people working towards these goals the better and the faster change for the better will happen. If we can create great shopping malls and put men on the moon we certainly can build more homes, train doctors, grow food, produce shoes, new small efficient cars and create lots of jobs in the process.
If the effort and energy that is wasted fighting one another could be used to make houses, cars, shoes, clothes, grow food, build clinics, train doctors etc. We could create a better life for all.

WE CAN CREATE AMPLE FOR ALL. Those that are working towards that goal are part of the greatest movement in history-The International Better Life For All Movement. It is the people's answer and hope for a better future.
You can be a part of this great movement by sharing good ideas and working to improve conditions in your area. The People's Manifesto might provide some ideas. Only you can decide what you can do.

Most of the world's people not only do not live in what we know as freedom but don't even know what it is, or what human rights are.
Millions of people live under totalitarian or dictatorship type governments as puppets with great fear of the secret police. Most people in the free world take their freedom for granted, especially young people. But if they were to experience life under a totalitarian government they would cherish their freedom. Whenever people have the choice the great majority prefer freedom. Educated people prefer a free system to a totalitarian system if they get the choice. Many have risked their lives to escape from totalitarian governments.
Americans and others from free countries have been arrested and held for months on end without even a hearing or bond on what appears to be only suspicion of what in America might only be a misdemeanor. One young sailor for example was given liberty in a foreign port. After sightseeing he got thirsty. While having a drink at a local bar he refused a cigarette from a local barmaid. She took it personally, called the local police and accused him of offering her drugs. That innocent sailor spent several years in prison in miser-able conditions until his parents finally got up several thousand dollars in bribe money to get him released. During all this time he was never accused of any crime before any court, offered bond, or ever given a hearing or trial. In addition he was often beaten by guards. His is not an isolated case. There are hundreds of cases of innocent people being locked up for years without even as much as a hearing or trial.
Why are freedom and human rights so great? If Ivan were alive he would tell us. Ivan was 20 years old and a good student of architecture in a communist country. One day while riding on a public bus he was joking with other students and made a funny quip about one of the country’s leaders. At three AM the next morning there was a loud knock at his door. It was the secret police who ordered him to come with them. His wife was told that if anyone were to ask where he went she was to say
that he deserted his family, any other story and they promised to kill him. Ivan died after seventeen years in a forced labor camp without so much as a hearing or trial. His family was never officially notified of his death. Word did leak out. When a communist or totalitarian government gets power it immediately takes over the press, TV and radio. It establishes secret police whose mission is to remove any person who might be even the slightest bit opposed to it. People are being taken in the night without any publicity.

In totalitarian countries around the world if you make a joke about the countries leader you may become an unperson. The secret police just take you away. Sometimes the records that that person ever existed are purged. There is nothing to stop it as the totalitarian government has most of the power.
Thousands of people disappear every year according to United Nations and other studies. These people are arrested and taken away by armed men often identified as security forces or police. The victims sometimes reappear bearing the scars of torture, or are discovered dead with their bodies mutilated sometimes beyond recognition. But most often they are simply just never found. These unfortunate people spend months under torture and constant fear for their lives until they are finally tortured to death. This is a fact of life in iron curtain countries. WHY ARE THEY CALLED IRON CURTAIN COUNTRIES? Because they must build barbed wire fences and post armed guards to keep their OWN people from fleeing their oppression. Look at the history of East Germany for example where thousands of its own people freely chose to risk their lives to escape from communist oppression to go to another country where they had no guarantee of a job and no family.
Also in the United States and around the world is now an enormous child trafficking along with human trafficking problem. These children and adults are being sold into slavery and many into the sex trade. Parents be alert protect your children. Teens that run away are particularly vulnerable. The internet is being used to recruit gullible teens with false promises.

Freedom must be fought for, won and defended by each generation or else the power hungry will gladly take over. When a dictator and his group take over FREEDOM DIES a miserable death and often so do many innocent people along with his opponents.
Having eyeglasses, or an education, being a doctor, being able to read-these were reasons for the communist government of Cambodia to murder thousands of people.
True communism is supposed to be government by the people who are of one class and who have equal rights. The problem is that this ideal never has worked because the power hungry set themselves up as leaders and then go around ordering arrests, torture and often death to anyone who threatens their power. Under communism freedom of speech and of the press are guaranteed by their 'constitutions'. But if a newspaper prints a critical article about the dictator, the editor gets life in a slave labor camp if he survives the torture by the secret police. Just try to find radio amateurs in communist or totalitarian countries. You will only find those controlled by the government. Anyone else found with a transmitter gets the torture-slave labor trip. The communist government of Cambodia murdered everyone with glasses, the literate, the educated, medical doctors regardless of their opinions. In fact it murdered over one half of its own population in its purge. Many people were brutally tortured and parts of their bodies cut up or cut off a little at a time before they were eviscerated and left to die a slow agonizing death. As many as four million people were cruelly purged (murdered) by the communist government in the name of liberation. (I did not make this up. Look at news magazines, check the world almanacs, read Tom Dooley's The Night They Burned the Mountain.) It can happen here unless we preserve our strength and our freedoms.
In the last twenty years America has become weaker and weaker. Now its young people appear to care less about it and its defense than ever before. Its young people are given the opportunity for a free education and are vandalizing the schools at record rates. Our armed forces are weaker than they have been in years. Our army and navy are defenseless against some new Russian weapons. Russian chemical and biological warfare weapons are second to none and could practically wipe out almost our entire population without firing a shot. American civil defense has been nothing more than a JOKE while Russian citizens train monthly and have hardened blast shelters. One little canister of chemical or bacteriological poison can kill a cities population and still leave all of the buildings intact. Poison gas is
another deadly menace. How many people own a gas mask?
Totalitarian governments not only have large numbers of secret police that spy on their own people including secret police that spy on other secret police but also they maintain large spy networks in other countries. There are more foreign agents in Washington D.C. than there are members of Congress. There are more foreign agents in New York than members of that states legislature. In fact there are foreign agents in practically every large American city. These agents are under the control of foreign governments. They should be monitored very closely so that their capacity for causing any harm can be limited.
It is time that the public is treated like an adult and not a child. The public should be given the true facts. It is time that the public got their heads out of the sand. It is time we grow up to face the facts before it is too late. If we don't get our act together we will be acting to another audience only it will be the secret police and we will be acting for our lives. Find out for yourself, do some reading, check out the things in this book, you will find out that this book has given you the truth even if it isn't always pleasant. A mature mind should seek the truth.
We must be strong both in defense and in internal vigilance. The freedom of speech and of the press are the true safeguards of freedom. Both the press and the public should be vigilant in regards to human rights especially those of: freedom of speech, of the press the right to peaceful assembly, to a hearing and trial and from arbitrary arrest. Freedom of speech should include the free expression of ideas through any media (paper, magazine, books, pamphlets, newsletter, written letter, posters, pictures, tape recordings, records, radio broadcasts, radio talk, two way radio conversation telephone communications, live TV broadcasts etc.) regardless of frontiers. The jamming of broadcasts should be banned worldwide.
Once lost Freedoms, Justice, and Human Rights may be difficult or impossible to regain. Look at what is happening in Poland, Cuba, Cambodia or Afghanistan. Remember that people there are being abused but news of that nature is censored.

Solutions To The Problem Of Lack Of Freedom, Justice, And Human Rights.

The first step is to prevent as much loss as possible by: encouraging others to realize the importance of freedom of speech and of the press and of the other human rights as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; to insist on having those freedoms and rights; to take action against anyone or any group that would try to take those rights and freedoms away; to keep informed as to what is going on in your area and in your country; to aid the press or media in exposing threats to your and others rights.
We must realize that the freedom of speech and of the press are the safeguards of freedom. Once they are lost it is easy for a dictator to kidnap and kill all opposition.
We must realize that freedom and human rights are no joke, that they should not be taken for granted, that they were fought and died for by our ancestors, and that each generation must safeguard them or else face the possibility of losing them to the power hungry. And that there are those in the world today that worship power and wealth. There are those that would take over your country if they could, and they will if the people are not vigilant.
We must realize that a threat to one is a threat to all. If they can take away one person's rights and get away with it they can take away your rights also. We must not be so naive as to assume that it couldn't happen to us and that they would not get away with it.
We must fight any attempt to take away our rights and freedoms. There is a certain huge worldwide religious group that is pushing for “anti hate” laws. They have succeeded in many countries. But it is not anti hate it is really anti free speech. People that say something about this group that sounds negative are forced to pay a fine even if it is the truth. Beware.

Also political correctness is a form of censorship.
We can accept and promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the Universal Standard in the world. Or if we wish improve upon it,
we could stand up and insist on freedom and human rights for all members of the human race.
We could create better communications with fellow humans in all parts of the world by all media.
We could share with them the ideals of freedom and human rights.

We need to discover that people all over the world are humans with the same basic needs.

We can encourage more and better short wave radio broadcasts in more languages worldwide with accurate news good music and good public service programs.
Perhaps radio programs could include the teaching of Esperanto or Basic English as world languages. Radio language teaching has had some success,
A common world language such as Esperanto (not replacing native tongues but used as a second language) could enable people everywhere to understand each other. We should encourage the teaching of a common world language now to all children and to as many adults as possible. Esperanto teach yourself books, records and tapes should be made available at every library worldwide. See
Children could be urged to write to pen pals worldwide as an educational experience. They would find that other children share the same interests and needs the world over. Perhaps these could be done as part of language classes or social studies classes. Our hope for the future lies in children.
We need to recognize that not only is war not healthy to children and other living things but that it is a violation of human rights.
We need to expose and attack human rights violations around the world. A threat to one is a threat to all. I am not advocating violence but we must be strong so that we can wage PEACE rather than war. We should be the world’s peacemakers rather than policeman. We need other countries to join in in being world peacemakers.
Our foreign policy should be one that promotes peace, freedom and human rights for all.
We could encourage all countries to endorse and practice the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
If our foreign policy was one of promoting freedom, peace and human rights we would win over millions of allies worldwide and greatly enhance the chances that Homo Sapiens will survive.
Many have made sarcastic comments about the United Nations and the fact that it costs each of us a few cents to support it, but it does in fact represent mankind's best hope for a peaceful future. 135
To abandon it now with the present condition of the world would be to invite disaster. The world needs a forum in which to air differences and determine common agreements. Many of the programs of the United Nations have done a lot of good, and most of them have furthered the causes of freedom and human rights around the world.

It is time for us to stand up and be a positive force for Peace, Love, Cooperation, Brotherhood, Freedom, Human Rights and for the Survival of Mankind.

We must recognize and circulate the idea and fact that the use of nuclear weapons is a violation of human rights and that any use of them could lead to suicide for mankind.
Somehow in the years ahead (if we can manage not to cause our civilization to self destruct) we might look into ways to stop drafting young people to fight other young people over matters that should rightfully be settled by discussion, cooperation and research. Let those that want to fight and wage war go away somewhere and fight to their hearts content but don't force others to fight for them and don't ask anyone to fight suffer and die for stupidity or to help them get rich.

We can settle disputes without violence through discussion, cooperation and research. We can create ample for all. There is no longer any need for humans to maim and kill each other. War is an obsolete and very poor way of solving problems.

We must not allow others to talk young people into fighting offensive wars for them.
We must fight against first strike capability by any nation.
We must fight the placing of any nuclear missile less than one half hour from target.
We must outlaw computer control of missile launch because of the chance of error.
We must outlaw launch on warning and launch on attack systems, or else we are doomed.
We must get informed and keep informed on all matters involving Freedoms and Human Rights.
Eventually all nuclear weapons must be dismantled and international inspection teams created to seek out and destroy any nuclear weapons found.


YOUR PRIVACY IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE Your Privacy is your business and no one else's, yet there are hundreds of others in the business of selling your privacy.
There are thousands being paid to collect facts about you. If you have a drivers license, a social security number or have ever subscribed to any publications you can be sure that your name and data about you is recorded in computer data banks. When you buy on credit, enter a magazine subscription, fill out a product questionnaire, enter a contest, own a credit card, or belong to some organizations your name gets put on a mailing list. These mailing lists are bought and sold. Anyone with the money can buy mailing lists of people as possible customers of his product. I bought a computer and subscribed to a computer magazine. Soon I was besieged with mail from organizations I never heard of wanting my money. If that was all there was to it, it wouldn't be so bad. The problem is that many groups and organizations including the government also buy these lists and are compiling a great amount of other information about you and other individuals and put in computers.
Recently a man took a tour of FBI headquarters. The tour guide was rather new and when challenged that the FBI didn't have anything on the man the tour guide typed the man's name into the computer, which immediately printed several feet of information on the man including his unlisted phone number, his friends, his club, his hobbies, his ex-girl friends, his income, employer, and much more information the most shocking of which was that he was allegedly associating with known criminals and foreign agents because he had been seen talking to them. He was very shocked because he did not even know them.
We say we have nothing to hide but does anyone other than those we choose, have any business knowing with whom we associate, or how much we earn, or what we say on the phone? In fact governments are collecting too much personal information and can actually print out a book about you that their big computers have compiled. As we advance to more computer control over banking, credit, purchasing, bill paying, etc. we must have better safeguards to our privacy lest the cashless society bring on dictatorship. Laws must be enacted now to protect us before it is too late.

An area of concern is the explosion of organizations collecting data on individuals worldwide. Government agencies, cities, businesses, doctors, dentists etc all gather detailed personal information and save it on computers where others have access to it.. Worse LexisNexis, Intellus, Checkpoint, have more data on people than the federal government and sell it to anyone with money. Your personal information is stored on thousands of computers worldwide and is available to thousands of others. Did you give them permission to collect, share and sell your information? They have detailed data on you such as your social security number, age, credit card & bank records, employer, police, court and city records, your photo and it is for sale. Terrorists and foreigners can buy this data also.
And it gets worse when you realize that there is enough data on you out there for sale to have your identity stolen and to possibly have money taken from your bank and credit card accounts. It is possible to cause a person's credit card usage to be cut off without any notification. Imagine you are on vacation and suddenly all of your credit cards are declined. It is possible just like in the movie "Enemy of the State." And the feds now record all phone conversations and now can search anyone's home without a warrant. Not only is privacy dead but if we go to a cashless society we are at the mercy of those in power and who have our information.

A NEW SPECTER HAS REARED ITS UGLY HEAD It is called by several names; scientific people control, scientific dictatorship, scientific socialism, scientific communism, scientific government.... Its father is the desire for power, its mother greed. At the moment it is only a mere infant but unless its maturation is halted it will become an evil God able to control millions of people. What it is is the art of dictatorship developed into a science. It is rule by fear and terror. In a modern dictatorship a person loses his or her freedom to a large extent and becomes a puppet of the state. The state owns everything. You are free to speak whatever you want but if you say anything against the state you may just disappear in the night and end up under years of torture and forced work in a slave labor camp. In these camps the treatment is cruel and harsh and the food barely adequate. Many atrocities are done in these camps. The living standard in dictatorships is usually far below that in the free world.
One new aspect of scientific people control is among other things to implant into the brain of anyone who has spoken against the state a tiny electrode and associated micro receiver. This receiver can receive signals sent by a transmitter in the area of the persons work and apartment. The transmitter is controlled by the secret police. Any resistance to the desires of the state and the secret police can unleash a coded signal which causes the receiver to send an electric charge into the electrode causing traumatic agonizing pain in the body of the implantee.
In a scientific dictatorship the God of Love is replaced with the God of State. The State becomes God. Whatever serves the state is right. The State becomes all important and the individual becomes an expendable piece of State property for the State to use or misuse as it wishes. Communism seeks to change the nature of man, instead it may destroy him. The way that dictators stay in power is by eliminating all opposition. Stalin and Mao ordered mass purges several times during their rule. They may be responsible for more murders than anyone else in history. Communism has degenerated into dictatorships.
Call it what you want but dictatorship in any form is anti freedom and anti human rights. The goal of Communism is world domination and destruction of the free world. Perhaps the goals of communism and social-ism were better lives for all of their people but the problem is that in the putting it into practice the power hungry will not relinquish their power once they have it and communism and socialism turn into dictatorship by an elite group of government officials. In these systems the secret police simply kidnap anyone who says anything against the state. People just disappear never to be seen again. Their mangled tortured bodies are sometimes discovered much later near slave labor camps. A soviet citizen must keep this in mind before he speaks up about anything. In regards to the standard of living a soviet citizen must work five to nine times as long to earn enough to buy the same item as a worker in a free country. A citizen in a communist country is only allowed to read censored books, newspapers and magazines and listen to censored news on official government Radio and TV stations. Even the music is censored. Personal mail is commonly opened and read by the secret police. Telephone communications are listened to by secret police and are even shut off at the will of the government. Listening to a foreign radio station or TV broadcast is a crime severely punished. Energetic inquisitive young people are sent off to the military sometimes to be killed off so they will not be a threat to the State. Shoppers in most communist countries have to stand in long lines to shop at stores that have by free world standards very limited and poor selections of items. In most communist countries there are always shortages and items are often rationed. If communism is so great as they would have us believe then why have millions of people risked their lives leaving everything behind to flee from communism. Our great free world system even with all of its flaws has produced more prosperity, freedom, happiness and opportunity for more people than any other system on planet Earth, and we do it without secret police, with-out dictators, without slave labor camps and we allow people generally to do what they want to do and become what they want to become. In countries with totalitarian governments people are forced to become whatever the State decides they will become. Self determination is lost. Even history is changed to fit the desires of the State. Both news and history are altered to suit the State. You will not find records of millions of people who were purged (murdered) in these countries. The communist government of Cambodia will not admit that it murdered over half of its own people (several million people) either in its history or in its news broadcasts. Truth is even altered to serve the desires of the State.
Another problem with dictatorships is that they usually want to expand their empire into other areas. For example the communist revolution in 1917 brought communism into power in Russia. Since then with a GOAL OF WORLD DOMINATION communism has GOBBLED up country after country until now over two billion people are enslaved by it. It is not afraid of using its great military power: in 1948 Berlin, in 1949 Yugoslavia, in 1951 Korea, 1953 East Germany, 1956 Poland, 1956 the invasion of Hungary against the desires of the Hungarian people, 1961 the Berlin wall to stop the flight of its own people from its oppression (When people that live in communist countries can, they often flee from the communist system. That must tell us something about the true nature of communism. In every country that the communists have taken over large numbers of people have chosen to flee.) in 1962 nuclear missiles in Cuba, in 1967 buildup in the Mideast, 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia with 400,000 troops to overthrow the government; in 1968 Rumania, 1969 China, 1970 Egypt, 1975 Angola, 1977 Ethiopia, 1978 Kurile Islands, 1979 Southeast Asia, Yemen, Cambodia, Afghanistan, in 1980 buildup in Middle East, 1981 support for world terrorism, attacks, assassinations, murders, hijackings, bombings etc. Supports revolutionary and terrorist groups in all non communist countries, encourages world drug trade in non communist countries along with moral degrading of young people, encourages revolutions in all non communist states.
In 1981 & 82 Russia sent a nuclear armed sub on a spy mission in Swedish waters. The USSR also interfered with and altered events in Poland. It conducted extended maneuvers in and around Poland and used coercion to resist liberal reforms in the affairs of Poland against the will of the Polish people. It set up concentration and torture camps-stations in Poland, cut off communications, censored newspapers and mail, cut telephone service jammed radio broadcasts, arrested thousands of people, placed the population under martial law and took away many rights of the people. It smashed the new labor union Solidarity and other peaceful groups. The Polish people are being forced into submission to communist dictators in Russia and thousands of human lives are being destroyed in the process.
Another problem of dictatorships is their abuse of power. They maintain huge secret police and spy networks both within and outside of their countries to spy on their own people and on us. They reportedly have over a thousand agents in the U.S. alone. These agents speak better English than most Americans, and they are ready to carry out any type of mission including assassinations or destruction of entire cities by use of secreted weapons such as Chemical, Biological and Nuclear devices. (According to experts the USSR has a 14-1 by comparison to the US stockpile of chemical and biological weapons. Actually their advantage is greater than that because their troops are actively trained and ready to use these weapons. They have used them in Afghanistan.) The free countries such as the US have decided not to use these weapons because they believe that they are too terrible to use. Blister gas and nerve gas do terrible things. The problem is that all people even children and all animals in an area would suffer terrible agonizing deaths. Militarily these are superior but ugly weapons. We have no defense against them except for a few gas masks in the hands of the military. If it suits their purpose the USSR would use these weapons. After all to them what serves the State is right because the State is their God. They have surrounded the US with deadly nuclear missiles. They refuse to withdraw from Cuba, and from Europe.
From 1962-1980 THE UNITED STATES DELIBERATELY SLOWED DOWN THE ARMS RACE AND EVEN STOPPED PRODUCTION OF MOST NUCLEAR WEAPONS. The U.S. made an agreement with the USSR that they would halt the production of nuclear weapons, and allow the USSR to catch up. They agreed to halt production when a certain number of missiles and warheads was reached and agreed not to produce any anti missile missiles and to forgo civil defense in order to prove to them that the US wanted peace and to make it impossible for the US to win or gain anything from nuclear war. The Soviets gladly agreed and the US allowed them to catch up and actually surpass the US. The US had MADE A VALIANT ATTEMPT TO INSURE WORLD PEACE. What did the USSR do during this great opportunity for peace? They increased their military spending 3 to 1 in nuclear weapons, not only catching up and surpassing all other countries but also kept on going in all military areas especially nuclear weapons until they had almost a 10 to 1 advantage in deliverable megatonage. This fact is incomprehensible to anyone as being an act of defense or peace or of any humanitarian value. Not only did the USSR break the agreement but they went overboard to build the most gigantic monstrous military in the history of mankind. They have the world’s best civil defense and anti missile systems while the US has neither because the US kept its word.
After World War II instead of laying down its weapons like the rest of the worlds countries the USSR armed itself to the teeth. It has been the main cause of instability in the world ever since because it supports revolutions and terrorism in support of its goal of WORLD DOMINATION. Generals Patton and MacArthur both warned us. The Domino theory proved correct. While the US stayed with small clean weapons the USSR deliberately went with larger dirtier (heavy radiation and fallout) nuclear weapons. Dirty weapons kill and injure over a much larger area and poison the atmosphere to a much greater extent. In addition the Soviets have created and hidden in hardened missile silos aimed at US population centers 100 megaton nuclear warheads which are 1000 times as powerful as the majority of US warheads.

One Megaton is equal to fifty Hiroshima sized bombs.
The Soviet 100 megaton warhead is equal to 5000 Hiroshima bombs. If it was exploded over OHIO EVERY LIVING THING IN THE STATE WOULD DIE. People looking in the direction as far as 300 miles away would have their eyes burned out before they could turn their heads. Radiation would make the State of Ohio UNINHABITABLE FOR CENTURIES. These 100 megaton warheads are aimed for the US and are in a ready to go status. In a matter of minutes most of the population of the US could be wiped out as we have no anti missile missiles, and no civil defense worthy of the name, however the Soviets have anti missile missiles and the world's best civil defense with well trained citizens and hardened shelters. They have stated that they can survive. They have hardened their silos and made them reloadable. They believe that a nuclear war is winnable. They have more nuclear weapons in reserve than the US has to start with. They could close the sea lanes causing severe energy crisis and food shortages in the US. What would happen if grocery stores ran out of food? With American overdependence on oil and on car and truck transportation we could have economic chaos.
Could our spoiled public handle such a crisis.
Much of the cost of food goes to pay for its transportation. More local growing of food needs to be encouraged.
There is at present widespread ignorance of facts that may not be pleasant. There is now a very prevalent and dangerous attitude of escapism and antirationalism in the world.
Ignorance of the facts could lead to our demise.
What this all adds up to is that dictatorships are anti human, anti freedom, anti human rights and to say the least dangerous.
With better human communications worldwide we have the hope of reaching people within these totalitarian countries. If we can convince them and especially their young people that nuclear war is suicide, and that all peoples of the world will prosper by having peace in the world then there is hope.


Mankind can win the battle against violence causing it to be greatly curtailed in the future. There is very little need for violence and it should be outlawed in every country. Violence is an obsolete way of getting things done. More can be accomplished without it than with it, and with the result that less things get destroyed and fewer people get hurt.
The truth about violence must be taught. It is not nice. It does terrible things to people. It causes people to react with even greater violence. It is anti human. It is almost totally negative. It destroys the results of positive human effort. When angry, people do not have to resort to violence. They can pause and think about the situation and deal with it with intelligence rather than with brute stupid unthinking imbecllic force. It is better to insert a little bit of time whenever possible into a situation to reflect on responses and alternatives rather than to react with immediate violence and the resulting escalation. And when there isn't time to think then as a general rule it is better to react without violence anyway*
Intelligent thought generally gets better results than thoughtlessness. We often regret our thoughtless words and acts later.
It has been said that there is a subculture of violence in which members very often are taught to use physical aggression quickly in any difficult situation rather than an alternative of not reacting with violence. In other words it is a learned response developed into a habit, and it becomes a social norm.
Some say that children learn that violence is an acceptable form of behavior from physical punishment as children. The use of reason and prudence in the discipline of children and young person’s usually gets better results in the long run than violent discipline. Reason should be encouraged as the best way of doing things and the social norm rather than egression quick and unthinking.
Many sources find the mass media partly responsible for presenting too much violence and for glamorizing it.


See to it that strict laws are passed against it, with certain punishment followed up by strict and adequate enforcement.
We should encourage reason, courtesy and consideration as the best and accepted behavior and make it the recognized norm. In other words the Golden Rule. Don't do to others what you would not want done to yourself.
We must eliminate the causes of violence.
The truth about violence needs to be taught worldwide.
We can take a stand against the glamorization of violence especially on TV. We can tell the truth to children. Those fights on TV where they knock the heck out of each other then get up and walk away aren't real. They are carefully staged. On the sets they have special break away furniture, bottles etc. In a real fight of the magnitude often seen on TV both parties would probably end up badly injured. The person that gets attacked ends up seriously injured and sometimes dies in a pool of blood. Even in a simple fisticuffs there is a very real chance for serious injury. War is not glamorous it is pain, suffering and seeing ones friend's body mutilated in front of one’s eyes and then feel the sharp excruciating pain as you are maimed yourself. It is death, kill or be killed and more death. Young people need the truth about violence pointed out to them.
Attitudes about violence need to be upgraded, subcultures altered, and more research done into the causes, processes and possible solutions. It has been found that violence in the movies and on TV encourages people and especially children to be violent also... A lot of violence is added to TV, and movie scripts to raise ratings and sell products. Pressure should be put on advertisers to stop this. TV is full of violence and violent fantasy ten times more violent than in real life. Violence becomes a social norm. Violence on TV is definitely not good for children. There is a causal connection between TV violence and children’s behavior. Many of the ideas in the chapter on crime also hold true with the problem of violence.
The factors are the same as for crime.


If mankind worked together using all of the economic and psychology research available it would be possible to at some future time to say that crime as we know it today was a phenomenon of the past. Unfortunately we must live with it as a fact of life.
Although crime may never become extinct, mankind has had societies in which crime was virtually nonexistent. In these cultures the children were brought up with respect for themselves and others, and with decent moral values as normal norms and mores. To treat others as one would like to be treated oneself was the expectation and everyone agreed on it.
Crime can be greatly reduced however.
In countries with low crime rates there are strict laws and certain punishment for convicted felons and mandatory cold turkey cells for drug users.
If the solutions in this book were followed the crime rate could be reduced at least two thirds within a few years after full implementation.
Crime is defined by each culture. Worldwide crime is up. A major crime in which someone is hurt happens every few seconds. No one can escape the consequences of crime. We all pay higher taxes because of the need for police, jails, prisons and courts. And worst of all we all cannot avoid taking the direct risk that we might become the next victim. In the US robbery is up 20% and other crimes up almost as much. There is a rape every few seconds, a burglary every eight seconds, a murder every 24 minutes, an assault every 48 seconds. In crowded cities the crime rates are much higher.
One half of the drivers that cause accidents are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and most are under age 25. One third or more of crimes are done by career criminals. If they could be taken off the streets there would be a great reduction in crime.
However of all crimes only a very few lead to arrests and of every 100 arrests more than ninety percent never spend a day in prison. Most young offenders only get "probation" regardless of the crime. No wonder there is more crime-they can get away with it much of the time and very little happens to them if they get caught. 147
We may laugh at the drunken driver that the police put into their car but it isn't so funny when we later find out that he ran over one of our relatives. It is bad enough to come out of a store to find ones car gone, or to return home to discover all of one’s valuables are gone but even worse to be minding one’s own business and get robbed and then shot so you cannot identify the robber. This can and does happen daily. The assumption that it will always happen to someone else is not valid. It could happen to you or me, the family, the school and the local neighborhood used to be major agents of social control and education in moral values. As population densities go up, as people feel more alienated, as there are more broken homes shifting populations, and especially when the peer group takes over as the primary source of values and control the crime rate will continue to soar.
Science has disproved biological, genetic, racial, and even slum housing as major factors in crime. Even mental illness only accounts for a very small percentage of crime. Men commit crime much more than women. The rato is: 6-1 for murder, 7-1 assault, 22-1 robbery, 30-1 burglary. Age is another factor. Most crimes are committed by people under age 25 with the age group 11-17 accounting for one half of all arrests. Poverty is a factor but only a relative small percentage of those raised in poverty become criminals. Slums and discrimination are also minor factors. The effect of the mass media, mainly TV and radio has been shown to be a minor factor but one of some importance, first as a teacher of values and second as an inciter to action. Sometimes suggestions to crime prone individuals occur because of news coverage. It has been stated that the rash of aircraft hijackings, and medicine bottle poisonings happened partly as a result of news coverage. Many feel that there is too much news coverage of crime and violence.
Education for all has not proved to be the cure-all for crime and won't be as long as education is limited to "impartation of knowledge only".
Believe it or not prisons are a cause of crime. In prisons offenders become hardened criminals. Crime is taught and practiced in prisons and the attitudes are such that rehabilitation becomes almost impossible.
Prisons have had little positive effect at all on the crime rate.
Victims are often part of the cause of crime. One fourth of homicides were precipitated by the victim himself. Sometimes victims make it easy-keys left in cars, doors left unlocked etc.
Crime is taught in some families. Poor child rearing methods may be a major factor. Many criminals admit that they felt deprived, revengeful, rejected by or of their parents. Many parents use too much negative and not enough positive reinforcement with their children which results in a poor self image in the child. It is like a self fulfilling prophesy in which if you keep telling a child that he is no good after a while he believes it. After all who is he a mere child to question the wisdom of the parent.
Many children go through childhood without any taste of success or reward. They soon learn to think in terms of failure. They feel that they can never succeed through the regularly accepted methods such as good grades, work, etc. so they seek and obtain instant gratification by joining a gang and doing anything the gang suggests. Studies show that young people value their peer group status extremely highly. In the peer gang group there is instant status, recognition and excitement of action. These groups develop new "subcultures” with different morals, values and standards. These new values may be very different than what is accepted by society. Being "cool" or being unafraid to take any dare may for example be the highest value. It then makes "understandable" such terrible acts as the beating of elderly persons, arson of living quarters, random murders of innocent people or gang rapes. New group members are often forced by peer pressure to "prove themselves" by some daring often cruel act. Often non group members that live in the group’s territory are forced to join the group. Even if peer groups are only junior high groups there is often very high peer pressure which frequently outweighs parental values. How many times does the teenager say to the parent "But the others all do it!"
Any good school counselor will agree that too many parents give kids too much freedom without giving them the responsibility to go with it. And too many parents simply take the easy way out and let the kids do whatever they want.
Children in the average public school grow up in a jungle where they can get away with almost anything. In the old days if another child broke your child's glasses a call to the other child's parent led to a confession and a new pair of glasses to be worked off by the offender. Today it is "My child wouldn't do that go to hell!" As a parent I started out teaching my child the golden rule and wound up teaching her self defense. Whereas in the adult world repeated assaults would lead to arrest, in the child's world there is no relief. It is a fact that for the juvenile there is little if any punishment for offenders other than probation. Young people know that they can get away with almost anything without any real danger of punishment. All too frequently lately are cases in which elderly homeowners are harassed by teens. Teenage vandalism is costing homeowners a lot of money, worry, and has cost some teens their lives when the homeowner got fed up with police inaction and took matters into his own hands. An elderly man recently shot a teen in a scuffle after they reportedly attacked him. The teens admitted that they had been harassing him for over a year. This man had been an outstanding citizen and had not even received a parking ticket in his 80 years. It is time that some teeth should be put into the juvenile laws. The fact that juveniles are repeatedly vandalizing public and private property, schools, homes, cars etc. and harassing people says that something is wrong with the laws.
Crime is very much related to cultural values, norms, mores, laws, peer groups, and the social environment. Both the individual offender and the society share responsibility. The offender should bear most heavily the consequences. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Too many times innocent people have to suffer or die because of someone else's thoughtless couldn't care less attitude.
If most of us would support simplified improved laws, courts, firm enforcement, and certain punishment then the crime problem would be greatly reduced.

Solutions To The Problem Of Crime

If the solutions given below are fully put into practice crime could drop two thirds within a few years after implementation. Bearing in mind the foregoing discussion on causes and factors of crime, and that a greatly detailed program is beyond the scope of this book the following ideas are presented towards solution of the problem.
Revise and improve the current archaic and overdone laws regarding crime and punishment.
Make the new laws absolutely clear and concise. They should be clearly understandable by the public, police, offenders, and the court. The present laws are antiquated and so overly complex that Justice is often not to be had in spite of the work of many attorneys, courts and hours of legal bickering. There should be no legal bickering because of unclear laws. The innocent get convicted and the guilty go without punishment because of legal confusion. This is outrageous in this day and age. It is a disgrace and insult to justice that the so called legal profession has become a profit making sham rather than the profession it should be.

It is worse than ludicrous and scandalous that JUSTICE IS STILL OFTEN HAD ONLY FOR A PRICE and that THOSE WITHOUT THE MEANS OFTEN RECEIVE LESS THAN ADEQUATE JUSTICE. It has been said that the legal people have purposefully made the laws unclear so that they might profit from it. This is an absolute disgrace. This should be remedied as soon as possible.
We need efficient strict law enforcement by professional police officers who have clear laws to serve as their guide. They need the support of the public. They should use a minimum of force but must be equipped to handle most situations.
Technology can put a stun gun on the policeman's hip and a long range stun rifle in the police car. The stun gun should replace the standard revolver now used.
The traffic light intelligent controller could clear up traffic jams, clear the way for fire engines or ambulances and put up four way red lights to stop traffic during car chases saving lives in the process,
Electronic break in alarms are relatively cheap and may pay for themselves by the peace of mind they bring. They can sound the alarm to those in the building or to the public, or to the police directly with the aid of an auto dialer.
Remote surveillance in potential crime areas by use of day/night TV-sound cameras can enable one employee to observe several locations at once. The use of sonar or sensors that can detect motion, light, vibration, sound or movement can allow the monitoring of hundreds of locations at the same time. When movement is detected at a location a beeper goes off at the station so that a team could be sent out.
Vehicle roof top numbers would allow police air units to track getaway cars or cars involved in so called high speed chases which when the escaping driver thinks he has lost the pursuing police car would slow down. Police could then block his path.
Remote traffic surveillance by TV cameras could allow police to monitor many problem areas without wasting gasoline. Remote traffic sensors tied into computers could not only allow police to monitor traffic flow but also alter light timing. How many times have you had to stop at a red light and wait when there is little or no traffic to stop for. Timing the traffic signal to the traffic would result in much time and gasoline savings and would aid traffic flow during rush hours.
Airborne helicopter police units can deter roof top break ins ( a major form of break in), monitor traffic, observe high crime areas, spot fires or smoke, warn freeway traffic of accidents ahead, track fleeing vehicles or people, and could shuttle police to any spot in a couple of minutes. Imagine help to any location in a city in two minutes. Aerial surveillance can cover large areas.
Teams of volunteer observers armed with binoculars, maps and charts and perhaps a high powered spotlight could be stationed at good observation points in cities and could even monitor alarms. Volunteer teams of citizens on foot patrol with special walkie-talkies and pen alarms could be the eyes and ears of the police. Groups like this have already proven that they can help reduce crime greatly.
The neighborhood watch programs where neighbors watch their own areas with or without patrols have also proven to be great deterrents to crime.
Computer controlled water paint guns, stun guns, or when technology permits laser guns could mark getaway cars or persons or could blow the tires out on a getaway car turning a high speed chase into a slow speed foot race,
Computer controlled water paint marker guns mounted on helicopters could also mark getaway cars.
Computerized high resolution TV cameras mounted on police cars could read a license number of a getaway car from much farther away than the human eye can and flash the license number on a screen. It could also get a fix on the model, make and exact color of the car. It could transmit this information to central where all cars would instantly have their computers instantly programmed to alert police if that particular getaway car is spotted by any in police car computer-watch-camera. In this way computers could search for wanted cars while the police officers are going about their separate duties. When a computer-watch-camera spots a wanted car it would flash the information to central and to the officers in its car. Stolen cars and getaway cars could be found more quickly.
Remote computer-watch-cameras could be installed to scan major roads and could alert central if a stolen car was spotted. Computer readable license plates could be easily made. These remote computers could scan thousands of cars in a day resulting in the recovery of many stolen cars and possible arrest of car thieves or other wanted felons.
Perhaps manufacturers could place a small bar graph marker on cars indicating the model and serial number. Computer-watch-cameras could scan traffic for specific cars reported stolen.
Use of remote TV cameras both inside and outside of banks with constantly running video tape which can be stopped after a robbery showing the robber and the getaway car. Outside alarms and flashing lights could alert the public. No one would have to stumble into a robbery. CBers going by could pass on the license number of the getaway car to police.
The pocket scan alarm pen could bring protection to senior citizens and others. This pen is a small radio transmitter the size of a pen. If a senior needs help they just move a switch on the scan alarm pen and it sends a radio signal out. The signal is picked up by sensors and the help signal is relayed to the police or to building security and help is on the way. These pens are already in use with much success.
Fire detection technology has reached the state that fires can be detected and the fire department notified automatically often before the residents of a building even realize that there is a fire. It only needs to be installed. Installation of these systems could create many jobs. Scan pen sensors could be installed at the same time.
Citizen Band Radio clubs can do great things when it comes to spotting crime, accidents, fires, drug pushers, pimps, broken water mains, malfunctioning traffic lights etc, and they can direct traffic, close off streets give first aid, patrol areas, protect schools and many other worthwhile things.
Amateur radio clubs can do the above and since they can use higher power units they can send signals much farther. They can help in times of emergencies. They can send a signal from a portable hand held radio to a repeater high in a building which can transmit their voice hundreds to thousands of miles. These volunteer groups are made of some wonderful people, many of which are willing to donate some of their time to public service. This valuable resource is being wasted in many places at this time because it is not being used. Citizen groups such as the Guardian Angles can have a beneficial place in society. They have proven that they can help make subways and high crime areas more safe. They could be registered with police and with proper supervision be of great benefit to both citizens and police.
There are thousands of people who would volunteer their time to help with worthwhile crime fighting projects such as helping hand, neighborhood watch, walkie-talkie grannies and granddads, passing out literature, manning public service information or observation booths.
If they ever ran out of volunteers they could use workfare public service placementees.
All items of value could as much as possible be marked with an identifiable serial number or the owners drivers license number. Libraries could offer free of charge the use of an engraver with which people could mark their valuables. In Warren Michigan our great public library offers this service and gives out stickers marked "Operation Identification." These bright yellow stickers show a police badge and state "All items of value on these premises have been marked for ready identification." The Warren Exchange Club a local civic organization and the Warren Police Department have teamed up to provide the materials for this service. Hopefully these stickers when placed on a door would cause a thief to think twice before breaking in as the items of value would be hard to sell because they are marked. Removing the number marking the item would destroy the marketable value of the item. On metal objects and on some plastics even if the number is sanded off the police can still read it by use of special photography which shows its normally invisible remains.
Another good program is the Secret Witness Program in which a witness who does not wish to be known writes his observation on a note mailed to the police and puts a code number in a corner of the note. He keeps a copy of the code number. If his information is validated he can claim a reward with no questions asked by later presenting his code number to a cashier. Newspapers and civic organizations can sponsor these programs.
Repairmen should be required to note the serial numbers of TVs, typewriters, copiers, appliances etc. that they work on and later send in a list to the police. A computer check could be run to search for any reported stolen. This would make it more difficult for thieves to sell items.
All major automobile parts should have traceable serial numbers not just part numbers. This would allow police to trace and to put out of business auto theft rings that steal cars and strip them down to parts which are now untraceable.
New developments in fingerprint and voiceprint (a graphic picture of a particular voice which can be programmed into a computer and compared with other voiceprints) technology can aid identification of felons. A voiceprint can be as distinctive as a fingerprint. There are no two finger prints exactly alike. Voice printing and fingerprinting could be expanded allowing almost instant verification of ID for credit or check cashing as well as criminal identification. A national network of voiceprint machines could put an end to credit card and stolen check abuses. The first time a thief tried to use your stolen credit card he would end up in the stammer and your card would be safely returned to you. It could also be used to scan for wanted felons.

Most id theft and credit card theft transactions could be stopped if everyone was simply required to put in a pin code.

New personal weapons could be used by people for their protection. The screamer is a very small device the size of a large pen that emits a very loud scream like sound. The scan alarm pen is a device the size of a pen that houses a radio transmitter which when activated sends a help signal to sensors that relay it to building security or to police. A combination of these two devices would create a great new crime fighter.
The court systems should be updated and streamlined in order that justice may be swift and certain. In many cases a people’s court (a general small claims and minor criminal court) could settle most cases fairly quickly and without the ridiculous red tape, adjournments, backlogs and other nonsense of the present system. The requirement for and need for money hungry attorneys for most cases should be eliminated. This doesn't mean that in some situations attorneys aren't needed for their legal knowledge. But to have to pay an attorney several hundred dollars for ten minutes work when unnecessary is absurd.
There are a great many people that have been had by attorneys. Many attorneys have been found guilty of dishonesty, greed, incompetence, excessive charges some up into the thousands of dollars per hour, embezzlement of thousands of dollars of their client’s money -and still the bar associations refuse to take positive action to stop this. Therefore by their inaction the bar associations condone this corruption and refuse to clean up their own house. It is a national scandal.
Since bar associations refuse to clean up their own house people must expose corrupt lawyers actions to the media and to citizen groups rather than to the bar associations so that these crooks can be put out of business. They are rotten apples in what otherwise should be a decent profession. We should encourage the legal profession to become a true service profession rather than a profiteering racket.
Groups of interested citizens could form groups to watch courts and lawyers. They could publish their findings to the media so that the public could have more information on which judges are easy on criminals, and those that accept the corrupt practice of plea bargaining, and to expose corrupt attorneys. The voter could use more information around voting time than the usual election handouts.
Good police work and tough laws can remove guns from criminals. Technology can help with random metal detectors. A buyback moratorium in which the government would buy back or accept turn in of all hand guns is needed now before it is too late. This should be followed by strict enforcement, hand gun confiscation, and severe penalties for anyone committing a crime with a hand gun.
Efficientizing the present antique penal system which is inefficient, expensive and obsolete to say the least would be another step in the fight against crime. Merely keeping offenders locked up uncured, learning to be harder criminals, learning homosexuality, and watching TV while we the taxpayer pay over $20,000.00 per year per inmate and another $10,000.00 per year to support their families on welfare DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM. Science can give us better, cheaper, faster ways to handle offenders. One idea is to place them on guarded farms with their families and make them work to support their families while they undergo intensive mental-psychological therapy and vocational training. Their cost to society would be minimized while at the same time they get cured of their crime prone attitudes and learn skills to make them self sufficient.
These 'Rehabilitation farms' could be places where offenders could learn the vocational and social skills necessary to function in society.
Certainty of punishment and adequate deterrence
are MAJOR FACTORS. Many feel that requiring the offender to both reform his ways under the threat of punishment and to undergo extensive psychological testing and treatment under restricted conditions with the possibility of personality improvement of the worst cases up to and including medications and even the possibility of limited Electro shock treatments for the severe cases.
The present system is merely a very expensive storage system with a very poor success rate. The large prison systems are very expensive wastes of taxpayers’ money. They have a very high rate of recidivism, do little to deter crime, are places of intense misery and in general serve little function other than as expensive storage houses for career criminals. There are other more efficient systems that are very inexpensive which could be used with career criminals. The reusable nylon rope for example.
New technology is under development in the mental health-psychological and crime fighting fields.
Some old ideas might be looked into such as: The tattooing of career criminals on the forehead, bringing back the lash (at least it is quick, simple and costs the taxpayer almost nothing). Sentencing to work camps rather than to long prison terms which is a waste of taxpayers’ money and does not result in a cure. At least in a work camp the tax payers would benefit from free labor while the convicted repeated felon works off his debt to society, rather than have him supported by society at a cost of over $20,000 per inmate and $10,000 for his family on welfare while he lays around watching color TV, learning to enjoy homosexual acts, and earning college degrees at government expense. (About four million dollars a year of taxpayers’ money is used to pay for college courses for prisoners who often get these courses totally free and delivered to their cells where they are already getting room and board at taxpayers’ expense. About 11,000 convicts nationwide are receiving "Pell" grants, while our honest law-abiding children have to work to stay in school because of massive cut backs to colleges. With regards to education it appears that crime pays. This should be stopped).

It is one thing to rehabilitate a felon by allowing him to learn vocational skills and quite another to waste taxpayers money on college degrees for criminals.
It is important that young offenders be kept separate from career criminals. First so they do not learn to be career criminals and second for their own protection. (The hardened old timers like the new young ones for 'wives'.) There is too much homosexuality going on in prisons.
Attitudes and moral values may be the greatest of all of the factors in the problem of crime. Our civilization must eliminate the causes perhaps the chief is the attitude that it is ok to do something even though it is a "crime". We must work on educating everyone on basic human rights so that they will see that human rights are important, that a violation of anyone's rights is a violation of their own. We must have updated laws that are very clear to all. The "I couldn't care less" attitude results in a lot of crime and a lot of unreported crime. People see crime happen and don't even bother to call the police. In a recent case for example over 100 people watched a young girl get raped and stabbed many times in a period of over an hour. She called help many times even called some of the neighbors that were watching from their windows by name. Still no one bothered to get involved enough to call the police.
Attitudes and moral values need to be raised to the point that the average person believes that human rights are right, that crime is a violation of his human rights, and therefore crime is wrong, no matter whom the victim might be.
When everyone feels that crime is wrong then no one will commit crime. That may never happen but we must still proceed in that direction as to do otherwise would be admitting defeat beforehand. If other countries can lower crime rates so can we. It will take a change in public attitudes to accomplish it. 160
Sociological factors cannot be ignored. The influence and importance of the family, the school, the peer group, the mass media, the church, the job, the neighborhood and the community to the solution cannot be overestimated.
Evidence points to personal attitudes and conditions in the family, school, neighborhood and peer group as primary causes of crime.
It has been shown that children headed in the direction of becoming delinquents (and future criminals) can be spotted in many cases while they are yet in elementary school. It is said by many experts that if pro-per preventative programs could be put into action at this time that not only would there be a great reduction in the crime rate in later years but also there would be great future savings to taxpayers not to mention the benefits of a safer world, and neighborhood.
Free classes in child raising and dealing with children and teens should be made available to parents. Free counseling should be available to all children to help them work out problems. Teachers should be allowed to make referrals to counselors for children they feel are headed for trouble so that they can receive help to put them back on the right course before it is too late. Volunteer counselors could be of great help.
Community volunteers could do many jobs and perform services within the school system and in the community that would help children with problems. Research has shown that many career criminals were launched on their way because of problems in the early school years. Organizations like volunteer grandparents, big brothers and big sisters can accomplish wonders.
The marvelous potential of youth groups such as the boy and girl scouts should not be overlooked. The groups if properly run have a positive effect on young people. Not only are they educational and provide career and hobby exploration but also they often provide the only set of moral standards that the kids are given. Both the boy and girl scouts do have very decent ideals that have passed the test of time and are therefore proven decent standards and ideals.
Take a good look at a Boy Scout handbook. It is an excellent collection of useful information and good ideals. Scouts are given the opportunity to learn about: first aid, emergency preparedness, getting along with others, camping, hiking, backpacking, new hobbies, improving school grades, success, leadership, cooking, making friends, winter emergency preparedness, fitness, improving reading skills, swimming, rescues, lifesaving, water safety, safe boating, canoeing, home safety, nature, outdoor survival, emergency survival, fire and accident prevention, fishing, responsibility, receiving awards, horsemanship, flying, sailing, safety, good citizenship, world brotherhood, common emergencies, emergency signaling, finding directions anywhere, map and compass use, directions without compass, knots, self improvement, what to do if lost, self reliance, individual counseling with personal problems, and over 120 vocational and hobby topics. Scouts go camping with boys of other countries at international jamborees. Scouts participate in sports, athletics, computer classes etc. if they wish and may receive personalized instruction in: American Business, American Cultures, Astronomy, American Heritage, Atomic Energy, Animal Science, Aviation, Archery, Basketry, Beekeeping, Architecture, Art, Bird Study, Bookbinding, Botany, Bugling, Camping, Canoeing, Chemistry, Citizenship in Community, Nation & World, Coin Collecting, Communications, Computers, Consumer Buying, Cooking, Cycling, Dentistry, Dog Care, Drafting, Electricity, Electronics, Emergency Preparedness, Energy, Engineering, Environmental Science, Farm and Ranch Management, Farm Mechanics, Fingerprinting, Firemanship, First Aid, Fish and Wildlife Management, Fishing, Food Systems, Forestry, Gardening, Genealogy, General Science, Geology, Golf, Handicapped Awareness, Hiking, Home Repairs, Horsemanship, Indian Lore, Insect Life, Journalism, Landscape Architecture, Law, Leather Work, Lifesaving, Machinery, Mammals, Masonry, Metals Engineering, Metalwork, Model Design and Building, Motor boating, Music, Nature, Oceanography, Orienteering, Painting Personal Fitness, Personal Management, Pets, Photography Pioneering, Plant Science, Plumbing, Pottery, Printing, Public Health, Public Speaking, Pulp & Paper, Rabbit Raising, Radio, Railroading,
Reading, Reptile Study, Rifle & Shotgun shooting, Rowing, Safety, Salesmanship, Scholarship,
Sculpture, Signaling, Skating, Skiing, Small-boat Sailing, Soil and Water Conservation, Space Exploration Sports, Stamp Collecting, Surveying, Swimming, Textiles Theater, Traffic Safety, Truck Transportation, Veterinary Science, Water Skiing, Weather, Wilderness Survival, Wood Carving, Woodwork, All major Religions, etc. As you can see scouting has quite an impressive list of opportunities for young people. In ten years of research I have not found a better youth organization. Groups such as this should be sponsored more. These programs (scouting, etc.) have a positive impact on the community. Scouts have saved thousands of lives and done millions of good turns for communities. Many a potential delinquent has been turned around by scouting. Many of our outstanding athletes, Olympic champions, professional people and leaders have been scouts. Scouting groups have helped communities in time of emergency many times. Boy Scouts have given life saving first aid many times when people just stood around not knowing or not caring to help.

Scouting deserves a better break than the current usual sarcastic put down of the uninformed.
Some propose that each community do more than merely create a recreation director who 'keeps the kids off the streets'. Mere keeping kids off of the streets just playing games while better than nothing is inadequate.
Each community should sponsor scout troops and have at least one person that is paid part time for the purpose of recruiting sponsors and volunteer leaders for these groups. The whole community cannot fail to benefit. Scouting has an excellent program that can help all young people become better persons, become successes in life and also prevent crime and delinquency. Volunteer leaders are desperately needed. Any person that is interested in possibly becoming a leader can find out more by just calling his or her local scout council.
There must be continued research into the causes factors, and especially the processes involved in crime. Improved preventative, deterrent and treatment methods and systems needs to be developed, and implemented as soon as possible.
One of the causes of crime is the lack of food and money. Persons who are below a certain level (the poverty level) should be entitled to free food stamps and payment of reasonable rent and utilities. These persons should be required to work at least four days a week for these benefits with the exception of those that are truly disabled or aged or young people in school. Part of the program as mentioned earlier would be to train these people in new job skills. The paperwork to approve such cases should be held to a minimum so that people can get help within just a few days or in case of emergency, food stamps could be given out for just a few days.

Welfare should be made into workfare.

Those on public assistance should be required to do public service work for it to best of their ability. Those phony disabled folks collecting social security disability should also be required to do public service work up to the limit of their ability. I was a welfare worker and have seen too many slackers eating out of the public trough ad taxpayer expense. You and I have been sentenced to a life of work and these slackers should also be required to do public service work. And for those claiming to be disabled work can be found for them sitting down or even work from home by computer. I have seen too many of them and for many the main disability is in their lazy head. But work can be found for them also. There is even simple work that can be done by the mentally challenged. This gives them a sense of pride not shame and gives the taxpayer relief in lower costs for city community and state jobs.

Checks and food stamps should be given out at the job site. The government should become the employer of last resort. Welfare recipients could be assigned public service jobs such as cleaning up parks, streets, public buildings, cleaning windows, landscaping, public gardens, painting fire hydrants, painting signs, fixing holes in roads, supervising playgrounds, helping senior citizens, shoveling snow, helping build new housing, helping build mass transit facilities, etc. They could also participate in On The Job Training to learn new vocations. The fifth day would be set aside for job searching and study.
Employers, labor and government need to combine their resources to create computer listings of all job openings and possible future openings. The employers need guarantees that they may hire whom they choose. When most jobs are listed job search could be done in less time and with greater efficiency. Employment specialists could even match employer needs with Job seeker capabilities and training. When jobs are open or coming open people could be trained for those jobs.
When a person can earn decent money at a job there is no need for turning to crime. Since that is the major motivation in crime it goes to follow that most crime would decrease as good paying job opportunities increase. Of course this isn't a cure all but experts
say it would help.
The governments could offer temporary public service work for those temporarily unemployed, State, county and city governments have need for occasional
temporary workers. It might even save some taxpayer money because it is less expensive to hire part time help. Employers could report their need for part time labor to a central day labor office.
The unemployed could register at one central unemployment office then they could call in, give their registration code and receive their work assignments by phone. The workers at that office could match each unemployed workers code number with job openings on a computer. This would alleviate long unemployment lines and much wasted time and gas. The employer or government office could issue pay checks directly to the workers resulting in savings in cost of postage. This system would eliminate much current fraud because unemployment and workfare recipients would have to work to get their checks. The unemployed would be earning their way and the public would be getting something for its tax dollar. Those who would have resorted to crime to get money wouldn't have to as they could get money on workfare.
Child rearing practices are a factor in crime. Although there is a little crime from children of good homes most of the crime is committed by young people from homes where there is relatively poor child rearing practices. Child rearing is one of the most important activities in our society yet most parents receive little or no training in it. Parents should be encouraged to enroll in classes offered by schools in effective parenting or to seek out good books on the subject. Parents could try to understand child behavior and its goals. For example some authorities state that misbehavior in children has four goals either of power, revenge, attention or display of inadequacy. In dealing with children parents must use much patience and understanding. Democratic relationships and understanding make all members of the family more responsible and capable. Children's behavior is most influenced by the parent’s behavior. It is better to focus on a child's strengths by showing confidence rather than by fault finding and criticism. Parents and children are responsible for their own feelings and behavior. Parents should give children choices and let them learn from the results of their decisions. Parents need to learn to show respect for themselves and their children. It is in the best interests of children to encourage them to be responsible. As they get older they can take on more and more responsibility. Effort and improvement need to be recognized and accomplishment rewarded. Parents should let children know that they have faith in them. Be positive. Encourage them but avoid too much praise.

Expectations that parents have of their children are powerful motivators.

Parents can influence children by changing their expectations.

Discouraging words and actions should be avoided. Parent child communications are very important and it starts with effective, reflective listening to hear all of the child's feelings and meanings and let him know that you understand what he has said. We should avoid criticism and ridiculing. Treat the child as you would like to be treated yourself. Mutual respect is important and involves accepting the child's feelings, and giving open responses that accurately state what the child feels and or means. Parents should avoid closed responses that ignore the child's feelings and signal that the parent has not heard or understood. Parents should let their children learn and resist the impulse to impose the parent’s solution. Avoid reacting with anger. Instead wait, calm down use reason.

The use of the learning discipline method of natural and logical consequences has many advantages over that of just reward and punishment. Natural and logical consequences: encourages responsibility for one’s own behavior, is better for self concept, allows the child to learn from the natural order of the physical world (such as-not eating is followed by hunger), children learn more about reality, is positive, is its own punishment, is based on good will and fairness rather than threats and punishment, and it permits choices rather than blind obedience. Parents can learn to use I messages (a statement of how you feel when a child does something that upsets you. Example "When you do not return my tools you borrowed from me I get upset because then they are not back in their place when I need them.") The above brief paragraph mentions just a few of the possibilities for better child rearing practices. Public libraries are good resources for more information.

One of the biggest factors in the solution of the problem of crime is crime prevention. Of course prevention includes all of the things that have already been discussed but it also includes the things that the victims can do to discourage the potential crime from happening to them. It has been noted that the victims often help the crime to happen. The latest statistics indicate that there may be more than ten times as many crimes than are reported to police. With a violent crime every 24 seconds and with burglaries increasing dramatically to one every eight seconds the concerned person should be aware that the following may significantly reduce the chances of him or her becoming a victim.

A good neighborhood watch program where neighbors watch each other’s homes.
Keep all doors and windows locked. Use deadbolt locks.
Keep shrubs trimmed so there is no place for the burglar to hide.
Maintain a lived in appearance at all times, grass cut, yard clean, mail and papers picked up. Use timers on inside lights to turn on when away.
Install an alarm system. Keep a dog.
Noise and lights are good deterrents.
Consider having a home sitter when away especially for funerals or weddings.
Read up on home security. Take action now.
Park the car in well lighted areas. Lock it and remove the keys. Do not leave valuables on seat.
Engrave all items of value in household and place a sticker on the door of the house to advise the potential thief of such action.
One can be courteous to others and avoid fights as much as possible.
One can keep the car locked when driving.
One can scream and run away from an attacker whenever possible.
Take courses in self defense. Be Careful.
Travel in groups. Be observant.
Women might consider wearing something to cover provocative clothing at times.
Avoid high crime areas whenever possible.
Avoid leaving valuables unguarded.

The Problem Of Mental Illness And Substance Abuse
There is probably more of this around than the general public is aware of. There are large numbers of very sick people wandering around. Some of them are a very serious threat to themselves and others. At present there are too few facilities to help them and the ones we have are overcrowded and understaffed. It has been stated that a large percentage of the population at one time or another has a need for psychological help. The help should be there when it is needed.
We need more mental health facilities and the staff to run them.
More people are needed in the mental health field and they could be trained from the ranks of the unemployed. More young people could be encouraged to go into the counseling and psychology fields.
Governments would serve their people better if they built more clinics to handle psychological problems, substance abuse and family problems.
More public service jobs could be created in this field.
More shelters are needed where those that are troubled can go for help before they hurt themselves or others.
It must be made easier for the police to make referrals to these shelters. As it now stands a person has to commit a crime in order for the police to pick them up so that they can get help and sometimes by then it is too late.
It has been suggested that certain parts of our culture are becoming too artificial and contrived. Many people may be losing touch with reality. Children almost never see a farm or learn about nature. Some experts have suggested that people in general benefit from parks, farms, gardens and animal parks.
Locating some mental facilities in rural areas with gardens that patients can walk in and work in and with animals they can take care of may be very helpful to the resolution of their problems and could even allow them to do something useful--grow some of their own food. They could be taught useful skills and vocations.
Much more research needs to be done into the causes and treatment of mental illnesses, social maladjustment and related problems.
Substance abuse/drug abuse should be recognized for what it is-a dangerous mental problem and a dangerous social problem. It is responsible for not only the deaths and crippling of many users but also for the deaths and injury of many innocent people. Alcohol or drugs are involved in one half of all traffic accidents. Thousands of children have been killed or crippled because someone abused a substance then drove a vehicle before the effects wore off. The maimed freshly killed body of an innocent child torn open with the wheel of the car still spinning on it as the drunk stuck on the shoulder of the road floors the accelerator to get away, is not a very nice scene.

Thousands-perhaps millions are victims of abuse physical and mental by drug users and alcoholics, and thousands to millions are victims of robbery, burglaries, muggings, rapes and murders by alcoholics and drug abusers. A drug habit costs a lot of money. Addicts often have to steal, rob, or kill to buy more drugs. The requirements of a habit can be enormous, and when they are going down they become so desperate that they will do anything to get a fix. If the substance abuser-alcoholic-drug abuser-addict or whatever we choose to call him merely got high and didn't bother anybody it would be different but the problem is that they hurt, maim, rob and kill thousands of innocent people, many of which are children, every year. Substance abusers are dangerous-mentally ill persons. They are dangerous both to themselves and to others.
Strict tough laws should be passed and enforced without mercy for drug abusers and junkies. They should be locked into a cell and not pampered with more drugs. Let them come down cold turkey as is done in other countries where drug abuse is being curbed.
Arrest and lock up all drug pushers for years, Encourage anti abuse education for all. Confiscate all illegal drugs and destroy them. Rehabilitate as many abusers as possible. Prosecute drug related crimes to the limit of the law.

It is nice to have freedom and to enjoy human rights but along with them must go certain duties and responsibilities, which if neglected will result in the loss of freedom and rights.
Each citizen must be ever vigilant against any and all threats to his rights and freedoms, and to the survival and safety of the human race.
If a threat is discovered positive action must be taken to let others know of it and to fight it.
Other responsibilities are:
To obey the justly constituted laws of rightful governments of the people.
Respect the rights and property of others.
Keep informed and help others keep informed. Vote responsibly in elections.
Serve and defend the cause of human rights and freedoms, including the right of self determination.
Treat other citizens as you would like to be treated yourself.

Stand up for what you feel is right.
Help improve things and correct injustices by non violent actions.
Parents must in general take more responsibility for the training of their children and for their control. Giving the teen too much freedom without corresponding responsibility for his actions can lead to problems. Not being aware of who the teen is with or what he is doing is asking for trouble in today’s world. Irresponsible peer groups are a major cause of problems today and they can have dangerous effects on young people. Parents should make it their business not only to know but to control if necessary who their children associate with, where they go and what they do. Too often parents shun their responsibility and push it off onto the police or to irresponsible peer groups.
There appears to be today an epidemic of antinationalism and large scale escapism. True it is much easier not to get involved but unless we do we will deprive ourselves of a future because of our inaction.

The Problem of Poverty

Poverty is obsolete. There is no need for it.
There are enough resources in our world to create ample for all. The new economic order if allowed to develop will make poverty rare and will bring prosperity to those that want it. An explanation follows but first a look at the facts.
Two thirds of the human race lives in varying degrees of needless poverty. Less than one half of the population of the most prosperous country in the world (the U.S.A.) supports the other half.
Enormous growth is now underway in many large cities worldwide where millions are forced to live in shanty lots in "uncontrolled areas" where there are little or no city services such as running water, sewers, police, fire or health department protection.
What is it like to have to live in poverty? Living in poverty means mostly living, or rather surviving without most all of the things considered "necessities". For about half of the human race it means living without (IMAGINE LIVING WITHOUT): money, utilities, gas, electricity, running water, clean water, sewers, lights, appliances, TVs, beds, sinks, toilets, refrigerators, stoves, bathtubs, showers, good soap, decent shoes etc, It means sleeping on the ground in a shanty made of improvised materials. It means that one has very few possessions which usually consist of a few rags that may pass for clothing, rags or scrap tied together to form "shoes", more rags used for sleeping on and under, and a small collection of scrap used for cooking outside because there is no stove or utilities.
It means living crowded together three to six people to a one room shanty that has no heat, cooling windows or bathroom. It means living with insects rats, mice, snakes, animals and since there is no lock on the door it means living at the mercy of gangs of passing hoodlums. Insect repellent is unaffordable. Cooking is done outside over a scrap fire made on the ground. As there is no car everything must be carried to the site, including all water wood and whatever food can be scavenged or stolen. Food consists of basics but usually in inadequate
amounts. There are scraps from garbage, rice, millet, corn, puny vegetables and fruit. Sauces, butter, meats and other nice foods are unaffordable. Hunger is sometimes so great that wild animals, dogs, cats, rats, plants and even insects are eaten by people. It has been observed that in China there are few dogs. Besides the material deprivation and constant hunger there often is a kind of mental deprivation or dulling caused by the almost total hopelessness. If ones child or loved one becomes seriously ill there is no health insurance, Medicaid or in most cases even basic medical care to be had. In bodies weakened by malnutrition diseases normally not fatal often cause death. It is not easy to watch ones child or loved one die and not be able to do anything about it. What a terrible happening for a young child to stay helplessly by the side of her dying mother while she slowly dies from some undiagnosed and usually preventable disease. There is no funeral just a pickup.
Life becomes an hour to hour battle to survive in any way possible. With few jobs and usually no welfare sometimes crime is the only means of survival left. In most instances the poor have little or no formal education or opportunity to obtain one therefore what few jobs are available go to others. There are just too many workers for the available jobs. The crowded cities grow in population daily.
Millions of young people in cities are forced to join street gangs. Often they have no choice. It is the case of many against one-if you can't beat them then you had better join them. The gang becomes the school. And it is often a brutal hateful education. In many areas to refuse to join is to become a victim of constant harassment, abuse, beatings and perhaps death. To become a member they must prove themselves often by doing some cruel dangerous acts. The young person drops out of school and the gang becomes the educator. Gang values and ethics are most often very opposite to those of parents. In Los Angeles alone there are over 350 gangs having a total of over thirty thousand members. In the cities gangs are a growing and serious threat to both local citizens and visitors. More needs to be done to counter this problem. We need among other things a recommitment to decent principals, values, and ethics. Gangs are symptoms of a society’s failure.

Solutions to the Problem of Poverty

Much of the poverty in the world could be cured. It cannot happen overnight but it can happen. There must be a joint commitment on the part of government to help people to help themselves.
Economic opportunity can lift an impoverished family out of poverty if they have initiative.
With decent education-training and economic opportunity (jobs) the poverty stricken can work their way out of it just as so many of our forefathers did. It may mean hard work and long hours but it can be done if the opportunity is there. Governments need to provide those opportunities to them.
It may be possible for governments to create plans for new settlements just outside of large cities where families could be relocated. They could provide the labor in exchange for food and temporary housing until they can help construct their own apartment building. The government could extend them credit on a limited basis to be paid back by payroll deductions. Hundreds of jobs could be created first in the construction of these new settlements or revitalization of parts of the city, then later with new industries and farms.
Public service and private industry jobs need to be created. Businesses need tax incentives to encourage new ventures.
The cycle of poverty needs to be broken. Millions of those in poverty waste away their time in idleness when their time could be better used. Requiring recipients to train for jobs and participate in On the Job Training would accomplish this. Workfare works.
See the sections on housing, clothing, education, violence and on settlements. President Lincoln said "You never help a man when you do for him what he can and should do for himself."
New housing should meet adequate safety standards.

The Lack of Economic Opportunity
Together with lack of education and initiative these probably are the chief causes of poverty. There is no simple answer but there are solutions to this problem. These solutions involve many factors. Individual initiative is a big factor. Those who really want to work and earn their own way can find a way if the economic opportunity is there.
All societies are changing throughout the world. There are thousands of jobs unfilled every year because of the lack of people trained to do them.
Vocational education must be made available even if at government expense. Instead of just pouring our tax dollars down the welfare drain with no return, welfare should be a stepping stone to self sufficiency rather than a stumbling block to dependency. All able bodied welfare recipients should be required to be actively involved in work-training or service programs. The goal of all welfare should be to make the client self sufficient tax payers rather than tax users. Just handing out money just makes people dependent. Many people on welfare need the incentive to improve themselves.

Required vocational training could provide the incentive for them. Of course education can solve a lot of problems but not all.
Job experience is an important factor when going job hunting. Workfare is the requiring of welfare recipients to: participate in job training and do some public service work. Workfare gets welfare snoozers into the work habit or if they refuse saves taxpayers money. Workfare benefits the client by getting him needed training and experience along with dignity. Workfare can actually enable the client to work himself off of welfare by helping him to find a job. In the meantime the public benefits by having some public service work done without additional expense.

Welfare recipients should be required to pick up their checks at their training or work location ONLY, rather than have them delivered to their door. They should not be paid to sit at home and watch TV and mooch off of the rest of us who have to give up a large chunk of our paychecks to support them. WORK is a dirty four letter word to many on welfare. Workfare could save taxpayers millions of dollars.


The old economic systems based on scarcity are obsolete. There no longer is any need for people to be without the necessities of a decent life.

The world has ample supplies with which to build buildings to shelter every member of the human race and to produce sufficiency for all of: food, clothing, eating utensils, beds, radios, TVs, pens, paper, schools, furniture, vehicles (with new technology) appliances, golf clubs, tennis rackets, swimming pools, computers, fabrics, windows, paint, knickknacks, sheets, sailboats, surfboards, beach blankets and everything else needed for every member of the human race.

Producing the above items and all of the other things humans want and need could create millions of jobs worldwide. There is enough potential work in the world to provide every adult member of humanity with a job. Credit could be extended to people in need and could be paid back by payroll deductions secured by new ID techniques and workfare. No one need work overtime unless they want to. Work would not have to be rushed or forced. Work hours could be made on a flexible schedule. Work hours could be shortened for all. Jobs could be humanized and made pleasant so that people could enjoy them.

Money/Credit could travel in continuous cycles first printed by the government and placed in circulation to replace worn money then, from employer to worker to store, to wholesaler, to manufacturer to bank to employer to worker etc. The trick is to get the system balanced so that the vast majority is in continuous circulation and not being manipulated by power hungry forces. There need be no shortage of money for anyone willing to work. With Amplenomics wages could be doubled. Money is on an arbitrary standard determined by the government. It was based on silver. Now it is based on nothing which is partly why we have inflation. It could be based on work time or energy units, as long as it represents spending power and as long as it is in continuous fair balanced circulation.

With Amplenomics the standard of living could be such that a short work week could over a year allow the average worker to meet his needs. In a short time abundance for all could be created.

One could call Amplenomics Humannomics because its purpose is not to serve the rich but to serve all. Since the Earth does have ample resources to serve all of humanity those resources should belong to all of humanity and not to any one group. For example oil should not belong to one family it is a world resource. Those that drill the wells, invest the money and refine it are entitled to fair pay for their labor or investment but they are not entitled to outlandish excessive profits. The right to own property is a human right but no one family or group should be allowed to have a monopoly on the sun, moon, coal, oil, natural gas or Texas. No group should be allowed to have a monopoly on a natural resource or to take unfair advantage by charging exorbitant prices. At that time the government should send in auditors to determine what the fair price should be.

Utilities in general should be public trusts providing services at minimum costs to the public. Private families and companies mining and processing earth's resources are entitled to a fair profit for their work but not to excessive profit taking. Economic experts and accountants could determine what the fair percentage of profit should be. Amplenomics supports the free enterprise system but would seek to correct imbalances and abuses in the system. It is not socialism or any other ism. The excessive prices charged by the world oil producers was a major factor in causing the world recession. This was an imbalance in the system. If other imbalances in the system are corrected economies could be made to prosper. Excessive profit taking by any one group or family may result in an imbalance. Think of the economy as a giant circus ride spinning rapidly around and around with coins being exchanged for services. Each car on the big spinning wheel is a branch of the economic system. If the oil supplier for example gets too greedy his car becomes heavier and heavier with the weight of his coins. Eventually an imbalance will occur and the system will be forced to slow down in order to make repairs. (a recession) If the oil supplier got most of the coins and the system had to shut down that might lead to war in the real world. Of course it is much more complex than that with many variables.

Another imbalance may have been the excess government spending on military and borrowing huge sums of money requiring huge amounts of interest. This throws the system off balance. The economy is like a huge spinning top with a rim on its outer edge which has all along this rim thousands of other tops spinning on it. The net tilt of the big economic top is not uninfluenced by the positions of the other tops spinning on it. They have all got to stay in relative balance else the system will slow down and fall. The big budget of the economy depends a lot on how well the little budgets of parts of the economy are doing. When the little guy has nothing to spend the stores stop doing business which means that the wholesaler stops getting orders which means that the manufacturer has to lay off people, which means less taxes to the government and higher welfare costs- the down part of the cycle, which if not corrected could lead to a crash-chaos-no money to buy-no jobs to earn.....
In general what is good for the little guy is good for the economy. The more disposable income he has the more he buys the better business is the more the economy prospers--the up part of the cycle.
The cycle doesn't have to go way down unless there is imbalance. There are millions of people that have daily needs. The economy should be based on these needs not on false standards, unbalanced budgets, deficit borrowing, lopsided spending and off balanced excessive profit taking by certain groups. People are going to need apartments, cars, food, clothes, necessities, school supplies, entertainment, eating, places, appliances, tools, toys, TVs, beach blankets, furniture, linens, clocks, etc. Millions of workers will be needed to make the equipment needed to produce the above and as wholesalers, truck drivers, shipping clerks, sign makers, printers, cashiers, repairmen, sales clerks, stock persons, janitors-millions of jobs. And there are thousands of jobs in mining, transportation, manufacturing, recycling, etc.
There are millions of jobs in creating things, in moving things, in selling things and later in fixing things. And if things are thrown out instead of being fixed there are more jobs in recycling and remanufacturing.
Then there are millions of jobs available in the service industries, restaurants, golf courses, movie houses, sports events, banks, cleaners, auto repair and maintenance, ice cream stores, pest sprayers, zoos, firemen, policemen, amusement centers, and white collar jobs in government(like the post office) etc. Then there is agriculture with thousands of jobs in growing, producing, raising, processing and transporting. There is also much potential for part time agriculture in local gardens and for local markets. While this seems at first appearance to be chicken feed when added up it is a major factor in many countries.

Amplenomics is the fine tuning of an economy so that it becomes balanced and money is constantly in cycle so that all members of society are able to benefit from the resources and are able thereby to maintain a decent standard of living with access to all goods & services.

In this modern changing society new technologies come in, new job skills are required sometimes machines replace workers. Factories are becoming robotized. It seems that there are always more people than there are jobs to be had. It would seem that this is a bad thing. Not with amplenomics because that means that it takes less man-hours to make the economy work which means that the work week can be reduced. The laid off workers can be retrained to do jobs that are in demand. The work week can be shortened for workers and more workers hired. With adjustments to the system more workers would be working, the burden of taxes on employers lessened so that they are not penalized for hiring more workers. With a nearly full employment economy wages would be adjusted so that everyone would have ample pay to purchase more than their needs even with a reduced work week. In the old days men worked sixteen hours a day six days a week, now we are down to eight hours a day and people are even more prosperous, and with improved technology why not have a thirty two hour work week instead of a forty hour one.
This can be accomplished by balancing, fine tuning, regulating individual parts of the economy without infringing on people’s rights to work or earn decent wages or for employers to make fair profits. It may mean stepping on a few toes of those who want excessive pay, profit or work hours but all will prosper anyway.
With Amplenomics everyone will prosper once it gets going because that is its purpose and because wages are to be raised up to a level that everyone will be able to afford most everything they can reasonably be expected to need and want. The average working man’s pay of today could be doubled or tripled and everyone would prosper even more. Of course there will be those who want to maintain superiority. They don't want others to have it better. They insist on putting themselves up by pushing others down-we will see to it that they won't be able to push us down any more. They can go build themselves a fancy clubhouse with high ceilings where they can stick their noses up as high as they want.
A major problem of many economies is the dependence on outside sources of energy. Many have to pay outrageous prices for oil. The technology may be at hand for amplenomics to apply it to creating economic prosperity for all. A square yard or square meter of the earth's surface receives about 1000 watts of power during an average day from the sun. One horsepower roughly equals 700 watts. About 58.5 British Thermal Units of energy which if absorbed by about one square foot of water would heat it one degree per hour.

Enough solar energy falls on the USA every two minutes to supply all of our energy needs for an ENTIRE YEAR. This 17 thermal watts per square foot is about two times that needed to heat and cool an average home. Only 1.4% of our land area if converted to solar energy production would supply all of our energy needs. This energy is free for the collecting. Of course it will take some investment to get going. The sun can furnish all of our energy needs and more. But it will take time to set up collectors and related systems. With new technology more efficient solar panels can be mass produced for easy installation on home rooftops. Home owners and apartment renters will have their own free supply of energy to run appliances, charge electric car batteries, power the lights, provide full heating and cooling etc. They may even be able to sell their energy to the local power company for use by industry. The home computer can keep track of this and send the power company a bill.
Imagine sending your power company a bill. With new technology it will be possible to sell energy to them from collectors on your roof. Might it not be possible someday for people to derive a large part of their income from selling energy to power companies.
If the government could build vast fields of solar cells on waste land, creating thousands of jobs in manufacturing, assembly and construction in the process, then as more and more of these fields produce energy give each taxpayer a credit on their taxes. The government should install enough of these so that there is more than enough to meet all energy needs. As soon as these are paid for take the profit from selling the energy to power companies and send each citizen his share of the dividends each month or give him credit. The great solar panel fields as they might be called would be the property of the people and each person could be paid for his share of energy generated. Each citizen would have a share of stock in the national energy bank. Everyone would have income; everyone would have enough to at least pay for their food. Which could eliminate the need for food stamps saving the taxpayer even more. Combined with the income from selling rooftop energy and from guaranteed employment the balanced amplenomic economy could be a very prosperous one,
If the Arabs have grown rich selling their oil could not Americans and citizens of other countries find prosperity by selling energy and food that they harvest. But for sure the profits should go to the citizens as paychecks or credit and not to special interest groups, or governments.

The government could mass produce solar cells and workfare people could assemble them into units. More workfare workers could install them on every roof of every house that the owner consents. The government could provide national TV training on how to use, and maintain the system. Homeowners would begin saving money almost immediately. We would no longer be as dependent on foreign oil. We would have more money to spend due to lower energy bills. We could sell our excess energy to the power company. All could be done with little expense to the taxpayer and both we and the country would be much better off for it.
The Earth receives 1,500,000,000,000,000,000.00 (15 00 quadrillion) kilowatt hours of energy from the sun every year, of which 700 quadrillion kilowatt hours reaches the earth's surface. Mankind uses only about 50 trillion KWH yearly. Just 40 minutes of the suns energy would supply all of mankind's needs for a year. The per capita usage of electricity was about 10,500 in the USA last year and the total production including exports was about 2,386,360 KWH (kilowatt hours).
Solar cells made from silicon which is the second most commonplace element on earth reach an efficiency of over 10%. Once built and installed silicon solar cells last for years. Once their cost is paid for they could provide EVERY CITIZEN with FREE INCOME. Sun energy could be declared property of the citizens of the world. All people should receive dividends (credit) for their share in their national solar cell fields, and every person should have equal shares. People could also sell energy from their rooftop solar cells to the local power company for use by industry. All citizens of earth would in that way have income in addition to that from their work. Government could be the employer of last resort in that people could get income from temporary workfare which would help them find employment.
Since everyone would have ample income there would be no more poverty (except self imposed), and crime would be lessened resulting in lower taxes and prices.
Amplenomics would require that all items be fairly priced. The amount of materials needed to create the product, their scarcity and the amount of energy and human time used would be used as a basis for price. All businesses would be allowed to make a fair profit on goods and services but exorbitant prices and charges could be banned. Consumers could at last be protected.
Factories could mass produce all needed items such as appliances, TVs, clocks etc. but could strive for product durability and quality which would give consumers high quality long lasting items which in the long run would reduce energy and transportation costs and produce less waste. This could create many jobs and stimulate the economy. Later as orders tapered off workers could shift to producing other products. New machine technology now allows factories to switch to new lines of products by changing the programming of their machines and making a few changes along the line. Since human needs and wants are insatiable it would take a long time before the majority has everything they want. Even so things will wear out and break down and new parts or replacement items will always be in demand. Each baby born is a new customer and with going on five billion people there will be a lot of demand and a lot of need for jobs to meet that demand. With adjusted work weeks and excellent pay everyone who wants a job can have one. Amplenomics can create an abundance of products and an abundance of jobs.
With shorter work weeks people will have time to do things they want to do and since the economy will be a balanced one with high prosperity people can have enough money to do what they want to do as well.
There are ample resources on Earth to meet all human needs. There can be ample for ALL. Everyone can be wealthy in that they will be able to have most everything they need and want. (Within reason of course)
Computers can automatically let factories know when stocks of certain items are running low in time for them to begin producing more.
Even the rich would benefit as none of their valuables would be taken from them. They could still live a prosperous life, only they would have much more company. The average workers wage plus his income from his solar panel share would give him double or triple his present income. Only those wanting to have a monopoly would be limited and they wouldn't lose they just wouldn't get more than their fair share.
In addition to the great possibilities of solar energy there are also great possibilities in using geothermal, wind, tides and water flow. All of these provide great opportunities to provide each citizen of earth with a steady income. Perhaps someday the work week could be with technology cut down to only a couple days a week. Why not let the computers and machines do the hard work and we just supervise them while we get the excellent pay that the machines can't spend. With Amplenomics every worker could get great pay for a short enjoyable work week. At last we could create abundance, prosperity and ample for ALL.
A Better World Order
The time has arrived for a better world order. The old world order is now obsolete and is becoming a threat to the survival of mankind.
A new humane world order is necessary if civilization as we know it is to continue, and to improve.
Civilization now faces several critical problems. This book has dealt with these problems on a per problem basis. But that is not enough. Many of the problems cannot be solved by individual cities, or nations acting alone. They require the cooperation between nations and nothing less than global approaches to problem solving.

Some of these problems are
THE EXISTENCE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS, the existence of war planes, war ships, tanks, armies and weapons that can kill people; great global insecurity resulting in nations being forced to put defense ahead of human needs; pollution, over dependence on fossil fuels; exploitation of the oceans; world hunger and poverty; violence; crime; lack of peace, freedom and justice; monetary crises; inadequate health care; poor education, lack of transportation; lack or wells; untreated mental illness; lack of tools; lack of public libraries; lack of self determination; dictatorships; disappearances; LACK OF HUMAN RIGHTS; etc.
Because the old world order has made it necessary for governments to place top priority on defense and national security practically everything else is subordinated to them. In fact most nations have become national security states with permanent war economies. Even countries like India, Bangladesh and others with millions of their people starving are putting the purchase of military equipment ahead of the purchase of farming equipment, food, medicines and medical training. The world over billions are wasted on preparing for war while humans are deprived of basic human needs. Even departments of government have to yield to national security priorities. The FBI and Department of Justice probably spend less time on protecting people's rights than on anything else they do. Departments of government have become instruments of national security priorities rather than that of human need priorities.
The current world order has forced countries to put national security needs ahead of human needs. It is not unlike several gangs that are continually fighting with each other. None of them has real security; every member lives in constant fear of attack. If one person wants to better himself perhaps by going to school, his efforts are stifled. The school may be in another gang's territory or he is told that he is needed to defend the group not to better himself. Human needs all over the world are being subjugated to national security needs. National leaders although they have much power are virtually powerless to meet all human needs because national security needs are taking top priority on resources, people, time, equipment, everything. The result is that human needs are going unmet and people are dying, starving and hurting. (Billions of people) This is not due to a defect in human nature but rather to an archaic world order based on the myth that each nation can live in isolation, that each nation can be self sufficient. Nations have been each trying to go it alone. They are clinging to the impossible dream of unlimited national sovereignty. The times have changed and there are now too many people for the present world order to meet their needs. The fact is that the nations are dependent on each other. The earth has one big ecosystem composed of many little systems that work in harmony. The human race is one family of that system. If humans do not work in harmony with it and with each other they will destroy each other and parts of the ecosystem. They may even cause their own extinction but the earth and its ecosystem will survive mankind. The Earth will abide long after mankind is gone. There is no need for mankind to destroy the environment or each other.
What is needed is for the nations of the world to create organizations that will facilitate international cooperation, to solve the international problems of our time. We need to explore the alternatives. We all need security, freedom from fear, and the right to self-determination. International institutions need to be created to ensure the security of every individual and duly elected government. A multinational force could be created and empowered to protect human rights by removing threats, stopping invasions of one country by another, guaranteeing free and secret elections, and bringing to justice those who break international law.
Eventually the need for large standing armies must be eliminated along with all large armies. National armies were justifiable for self defense because nations were in a global war for national survival but human needs were sacrificed. The need for large armies, the national security logic has been often misused. It has often been used to keep dictators in power, maintaining military domination etc. The more centralized the military power the greater the danger to human rights.
Organizations need to be created to establish international law guidelines that will work for the common good health and welfare of all members of the human race. An authority could be created with the responsibility to enforce laws and regulations in this regard. No country would have to worry about their own national sovereignty. However no people should have to be under the domination of any dictator, group of dictators or any government that it has not freely chosen. There is a need for a global security system. We must put our heads together to create one that will truly protect us without becoming a threat in itself. When that is established there will no longer be a need for large armies or military industrial complexes. Human needs should and must get first priority.
Nations can no longer live in isolation. All nations and peoples are now dependent on one another for resources, products, services and knowledge they do not have within their own borders. Total sovereignty and independence is a myth. AMPLENOMICS would create a new world order based on human need being given top priority. It would mean the rule of law based on human rights with efficient enforcement. No nations or states will have to be eliminated. But there will be an end to anarchy.
INTERNATIONAL AMPLENOMICS will mean the efficient regulation of economic and monetary matters for the common good of all. It will mean the creation of ways to balance and fine tune the world economy and to solve crushing problems such as the balance of payments dilemma, and others that threaten world economic chaos. It is in the self interest of all to promote solutions now.

The Problem of Waste in Government Spending, Natural Resources, And Human Potential

Millions of dollars are wasted every year by governments, organizations, and individuals. Oil reserves grow less every year yet billions of lights burn needlessly during the daytime throughout the land, motors are left running in unattended vehicles and furnaces run at full blast while air conditioners run in the same building and there are warehouses full of insulation, which could reduce the need for heating and cooling.
Governments spend billions on their militaries and on military weapons and on endless studies, trips, and unnecessary expenditures. The Government Service Agency alone wasted over 100 million in 1980. There are hundreds of examples of waste in government spending: $43,639 to study body heat of penguins, $72,980 for junk art, $40,925 for junk sculpture, $71 million for unnecessary printing plants; $50 million to put more Americans out of work by funding a foreign copper factory; $85,000 to study sex habits in the Himalayas; $56 million to bail out makers of cancer causing pajamas; $9.8 million to aid foreign competitors; $27 million a year to keep ex-presidents living in luxury; 12 billion in foreign aid that is mostly wasted; $367,000 for a book for congress on what is happening in science, when a few current magazines would have done it better for a few dollars; $50,000 to learn why doctors get sued; Millions for inaugural festivities and social affairs at different times of the year, and millions more for non essential travel and entertainment expenses and excessive salaries for government officials all at tax payer expense; thousands for unnecessary remodeling; and on, and on. Billions and billions are wasted on needless over priced military items. Defense contractors have paid off officials so they can sell parts to the government at 5-100 times the cost and so they can charge huge amounts of personal expenses to government charge accounts. Twenty-Twenty reported in 3-83 of the abuses of defense contractors in charging: $5,000 for golfing junkets, $17,000 for around the world trips, $67,000 gifts to an art center, $750,000 in misc. expenses to account 7498, $2,200 for an executive party, $2,000 for golf balls, $2,000 for a party for wives, $43,000 billed as overhead at Sheridan Hotel, $10,000 for drinks, $16,000 for a party, $16,000 for a party, $33,000 for a party, etc. to us taxpayers. However supposedly they did not violate any laws in doing this, and that this is typical of defense department contractors.
Also there is the fact that $30 billion air craft carriers are big sitting ducks whose life in a world war is under one day, and the fact that $17 million bombers, $6 million tanks, and $8 billion fighter planes can be wiped out by a ten dollar shell. Millions of dollars are sent to foreign countries for purposes that may not even be in our best interests. $2 billion to build the Kama River tank and rocket launcher factory and to sup-ply them with our finest computer technology to build a giant computer system which is now an instrument of war being used against us. This is money backed up by the US taxpayers to supply multibillion dollar technology and equipment in the USSR.
Senator William Proxmire announced monthly some excellent examples of waste by giving his Golden Fleece Awards such as, To the US Treasury Dept. whose investment policies lost 2 billion dollars for the taxpayers last year.
Millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money goes to support the US tobacco industry while at the same time the US Surgeon General is using taxpayer money to fight smoking as a cause of cancer and poor health.
Millions of taxpayer dollars go to favor special interest groups because not enough taxpayers are taking an interest and asking enough questions of our legislators while the special interest groups have thousands of lobbyists pushing their interests daily.
Earth's resources are limited. Gas, coal and oil will be gone within 200 years. It took millions of years for them to be formed. Millions of lbs of food are wasted, thrown away, eaten by pests, or let spoil.
We need to put an end to all needless waste.
Millions of people each year are wasted by drug abuse, corruption and violence sponsored by organized crime. Many turn to crime to support their drug habits. Many innocent people become victims. We can put an end to these and other forms of waste.
Another form of waste is the great waste of unused human potential as human beings. This is often because of a lack of education, or opportunity. Children often spend more time watching TV and listening to music than they do on their education including time in class. It has been shown that TV, radio and certain types of music do influence young people. In the USA studies show that most programs are lacking in educational, moral, motivational and intellectual content to an extent that they are having a negative effect on many young people. Some improvements have been made along the lines of removing some of the violence and indecent sex from a few programs. However cable TV, adult TV stations, and video tapes have made this stuff even more accessible to more young people than ever before. Sure parents can limit what the kids watch but in practice few do. Just having mere entertainment for young people nowadays just isn't enough anymore. TV can and should along with entertainment provide decent moral values. Programs for young people can be educational while being entertaining. Children are getting wrong values from TV. People in the TV field must seek to improve their medium through better programming, writing, and planning. American TV people would be wise to look at what some countries are doing as well. Great adventure stories with high entertainment and educational value can easily be made from much current footage already available, on hundreds of topics.
Young people pick up attitudes and values from modern music exceptionally fast. Often they hear certain songs and consequently certain lines hundreds of times. If parents took time to listen carefully to these lines, and the potential meanings and resulting attitudes that their children may pick up from some of the music they listen to those parents might be very alarmed and with good cause. It is time song writers raised their standards out of the gutter. Music can be fun and dynamic without smut. Some singing groups have been discovered placing subliminal messages in their music. Some of this was of sexual or other undesirable nature. This practice should be banned as it can have detrimental effects on youngsters.
Another inexcusable waste is the profusion of needless suffering perpetrated on people and animals.

Cruel treatment of any living being is immoral. Cruelty imposed on humans is a violation of human rights. Between 30-80 million girls have been the known victims of genital mutilation. In this practice girls are held down by neighbor women while one of them uses a butcher knife to cut out the girls clitoris, cut out the inner lips and scrape the skin off of the inside of the outer lips which are then made to grow together. All of this is done without any anesthesia and usually in extremely unsanitary conditions. Sometimes the poor victim bites off her tongue with pain. Sometimes the girl is bandaged from knee to waist and left lying this way for two weeks which leads to an excrement buildup. Sometimes the victims of this hideous procedure even die of shock, blood poisoning, retention of urine because of pain or obstruction, and infections. In 1982 this was being practiced in over 22 countries and American doctors have had requests to do this to daughters of immigrants. In some countries "defibulationttis practiced with a knife or other blunt instrument of the grooms on the wedding night. The terrified-hysterical-bleeding bride is made to suffer repeated forceful penetrations until seemingly hours later the groom presents the bloody sheet to the bridesmaids as evidence of the bride’s virginity. The fact that women have practiced the above, tolerated it, and continue to support it is beyond my understanding. The whole matter is hushed up, instead of the women getting together and doing something about it. But it doesn't have to be. IBLFAM has already succeeded in getting resolutions passed against this.
Billions of animals are unnecessarily cruelly treated, abused and tortured every year. Nothing is gained by this. Life is extremely rare in the cosmos. The Earth may be the only island of life as we know it in the universe. Dr. Albert Schweitzer one of the greatest men in history and holder of the highest awards of mankind, author of The Philosophy of Civilization, taught and practiced a basis for philosophy called Irreverence for life." It is right that we should at least practice respect for life. The true quality of a person can be best appraised by how he treats those less strong than he. Many of us believe that God will eventually punish those that are cruel.
Nothing is gained by cruelty. All humanity would benefit if all would be civil to each other. There is a theory which is not without many supporters that cruelty begets cruelty, hate begets hate and love begets love. This world needs love and kindness.
Child abuse is a wide spread problem. Many abusers were themselves abused as children. It is not uncommon that humane societies and anti-cruelty associations get calls about child abuse. Governments should promote more parenting classes, anti abuse clinics and more mental health clinics. Free child care centers and babysitting centers manned by trained personnel could be set up to help relieve abuse prone families in times of stress.
It is refreshing to note that some young people are taking an interest in making things better. They are doing volunteer work for organizations or even starting their own. For example Valerie Arnold an 11 year old from Warren started an organization to help needy animals called N.E.W.S. (National Environment of Wildlife Society). Other young people are starting clubs or participating in existing ones some nationwide to ban nuclear weapons, stop cruelty, prevent wars, foster peace etc. These wonderful young people together with their adult helpers are part of IBLFAM.
Millions of people waste most of their lives on worthless, selfish activities. Many are unhappy and bored. The individual is responsible for his thinking, thoughts, goals and actions-as he thinks so he is. Success, failure, happiness, worry, love all stem from thought. To change yourself change your thoughts, want success, than think success. Character is the sum of one’s thoughts. As you think so you are. You have the freedom to choose your thoughts. As you continue to think so you will remain. You are limited only by the thoughts you choose. Avoid negative thinking as it is a waste. The wise man controls and organizes his thoughts and thereby his actions. He spends more time in study and thought and asks questions, seeks truth and makes the best use of his time. He looks for opportunities, thinks positively, sets goals, makes plans, is careful, thoughtful, considerate and is determined.
He overcomes obstacles one at a time and benefits from the experiences of others.
Most people only use one tenth of their capacity. Use your full powers and you will be amazed.
If interested in self improvement there are
many good books on the subject.
Waste of the human potential is such a needless thing forced upon billions of people.
Amplenomics properly applied can free mankind from being a slave to work. Mankind should be the masters not the slaves to technology and machines.
Everyone should be required to do some work at least between the ages of twenty to fifty.

We should be the master of work and not work the master of us.

Too much of anything is bad. Socrates said that it was best to have nothing in excess.
The old folk saying "To waste not is to want not." is not without wisdom.
There is no need to waste and no benefit in wasting whether it be natural or human resources.
Through positive thought and action we can eliminate waste, and benefit by it.

Pollution and Our Biosphere
Our planet's life is supported by a delicate biosphere only a few miles thick. This biosphere survives in a delicate balance which man is upsetting.
The Earth will only support so many people. If people didn't pollute it would not be so bad but people just by breathing burn oxygen and make carbon dioxide, and their many cars, factories and activities make wastes that have upset the delicate balance of the environment.
At first one thinks "The earth is so big that what man does, doesn't matter, but this has been proven incorrect. It does matter. In fact scientists feel that the chemicals and wastes that we have put into the atmosphere and water are going to cause us much trouble in the future.
We must live in harmony with nature or else become extinct. Especially if the nuclear monsters are loosed it may be hundreds of years before the biosphere will be able to support people again.
Millions of tons of dust and carbon dioxide have been dumped into the air. When the earth's population was small the air absorbed this without much effect and the great areas of plant covered area of the earth used up the carbon dioxide about as fast as it was formed. However as the world population continued to grow and man burned increasing amounts of wood and fossil fuel more and more dust and carbon dioxide were dumped into the atmosphere. Man also destroyed huge areas of forests that formerly used carbon dioxide and produced oxygen. Scientists know that the limits of dust and carbon dioxide that can be absorbed without ill effect are near or passed. We may soon surpass the limits of the earth to regenerate oxygen while using up carbon dioxide as the amount of carbon dioxide being produced by man now may be more than that being absorbed by the earth's plants. As a result climatic changes may be already beginning due to excess dust, carbon dioxide and ozone layer depletion. We must recognize these as serious threats and take action.
Acid rain is now damaging crops and soils and polluting (killing) lakes all over the world. It is having a damaging effect on both plant and animal life. It is destroying works of art, and decorative parts of buildings exposed to it. And it seems that it will get worse until mankind stops polluting.
Perhaps we should rename our planet Poluto.
Almost one half of the current world forests will be razed in the next few years. Not only do we need them for conservation related factors like erosion prevention but also we need them for oxygen production. Also one quarter of the world's population depends on wood for fuel. They could be taught how to make and use devices using solar energy. Solar ovens and cookers have demonstrated their efficiency. AND THEIR FUEL IS FREE.
These like other problems must be solved soon otherwise our options become increasingly reduced as time goes on. There are few quick fixes. We can solve problems with good management and cooperation of all. Nothing can quickly replace the one third of our topsoil already lost to erosion because of poor conservation and deforestation.

Solutions to the Problem of Indifference
The problem of lack of concern and interest in solving the above problem, is perhaps the greatest problem of all. One answer lies in salesmanship. We must sell others on peace and its great benefits, on love the supreme ideal, on cooperation as opposed to competition (this is not to say that all competition is undesirable), and on human rights which include freedom, survival, and the right to have a decent standard of living and a better life for all.
We must sell others on the fact that a threat to one is a threat to all.

If any government gets enough power to enable it to take people away in the night, or to censor the free press (whether via paper, pamphlet, or spoken words anywhere), the people are in imminent danger.
Today in the world only one block of countries continues to 'jam' radio broadcasting. Tune in on a short-wave radio sometime. Radio Totalitarianisms are all over the dial spreading propaganda, but Voices of Freedoms are jammed by powerful noise transmitters from within many communist countries. Why?
Because these countries maintain control over their populations by controlling the media. They don't want their people to know the truth.
We must make sure that those in any country that
want to limit the TV, radio or printers do not succeed.
The freedom of the press and of speech and of communications such as amateur radio are safeguards of freedom itself.
Not only do we need research into the prevention of death and rejuvenation of the human body but also into the prevention of the possible death of civilization and prevention of social problems, especially totalitarianism and scientific dictatorship.
We need research & development by all scientists & technicians and lots of THOUGHT by everyone on the possibilities for solutions to the problems of our time.
It will take positive action by many to bring about positive change. It will take individual as well as international cooperation.


In finding solutions to a problem it is wise to look at as many of the possibilities as possible.
One of the greatest men in history if not the greatest has a few ideas on the solutions to the world’s problems. He taught the following ideas among others:
LOVE ONE ANOTHER (John 15:12 : 13:34) GOD IS LOVE. (Ist John 4:8 & 4:16)
TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED YOURSELF. (The Golden Rule Matthew 7:12) The Spirit of Truth (John 15:26). He who sins is a slave to sin. (John 8:34) Know the Truth and The Truth will Set You Free (John 8:32). The message from the beginning was to
LOVE ONE ANOTHER. (lst John 3:11). It is Love that You should strive for. lst Cor 14:1.
You are the Light of the World .... Your Light must shine before people so that they will see the
good things you do. (Matthew 5:14-16). As for the Good Samaritan, he said, go and do likewise. Lk 10:30 The man who taught those things perhaps influenced history more than any other person. The man is Jesus of Nazareth whose birth marks the start of our calendar.
It is too bad that more churches don't follow the theme of Jesus' teaching which is LOVE and its symbol which is LIGHT, instead of getting hung up on nitpicking doctrines, contrived theology and rigid ceremonies.
Many other solutions have failed. Why do we keep rejecting one that works? His commandment was to 'LOVE ONE ANOTHER.' It is great wisdom and good common sense. It is logical and it should be basic to anyone who wants to help improve things. The Spirit of Love belongs in the hearts of mankind-it is needed in the hearts of mankind. Many wise men have stated that without love in the heart mankind is doomed. Most of the world's religions hold that Love is the greatest ideal. Love is one of the greatest solutions to problems we can ever discover. Love is the greatest thing in the world. Unless we start practicing Love One Another we may not soon have TIME, HEALTH, or LIFE on Spaceship Earth.
We can make a difference in the creation of the future. We the people of Earth must determine our future. Some think that fate or God will but the truth is that those that have the knowledge and power and use it to influence others will influence the future. If we become informed and set our goals as to what kind of a future we want we can then influence others. Together we can influence leaders perhaps even become leaders who will influence many others. We can use the media to influence millions throughout the world. There are also many little things that all of us can do to help create a better world. The best tools we have are our brain and our determination, combined with the scientific method which seeks the truth and unbiased solutions, and we have a winning combination.
We need to take control of ourselves, our lives, and our future. If we don't rest assured that there are those that would like to gain enough power to determine our future for us.
Can we really make a difference in the creation of a better future? The answer is a definite yes. Each of us has a brain, can reason, can communicate with others, can influence others, and believe it or not each of us is in fact a power, a force, a beacon. We can use our lives as we wish because we have freedom of choice. Leaders need followers in order to be leaders. The leader gets most of his power from those that are led. An experiment demonstrates this point. Select a group of people and appoint one of them as a leader. Give them a task to do and it will usually get done. But have the group decide on its own that it is not going to be led by that leader and that leader will not be able to lead. Leaders derive power from the led. Many people through indifference or weakness yield their power to any leader by their unconcern or inaction. This is how many governments get into power, and stay in power. If the people of Earth decide that they want a better future and if most of them cooperate in creating it then they could have a better future. If they fail to do so then others will decide for them what the future will be. The German people allowed Hitler to come into power and allowed him to stay in power. He may have been the leader but they did the work for him. They made the machines of war. They waged the war. They exterminated millions. He had written his plan for the future in his book long before he came to power. The German people let him run their future. They give Hitler his power. Hitler could not have done much damage by himself but he was able to sell his ideas to others who sold them to the German people and the German people yielded their individual and later combined power to the Nazi Party. Of course one of the problems is that once a totalitarian party gets into power it will immediately seize all power, destroy any and all opposition and censor the freedom of the press. Once the press is made into an instrument of propaganda it becomes difficult for the people to know what is happening until after it has happened.

The dictators then go about destroying (usually secretly) kidnapping and killing all opposition or potential opposition including intellectuals, doctors, lawyers, professors, people with degrees, etc. but especially opposing party members. Soon after that the strong young people are put to work or put into the military where they will be kept so busy that they cannot be a threat or if they become a threat to the leader they will be killed in "battle." Eventually the people become puppets of the regime and human rights are lost to them.
Therefore the future is determined by thousands, in a delicate balance of power resulting from the competition of ideas in the struggle to win over the minds of mankind.

If freedom and human rights are to be preserved and a better life for all created, we must win the battle of ideas.
Leadership is a process. It starts with one’s self thinking, setting goals, making a plan, working the plan and getting things done through people. Leadership involves learning several skills and using them successfully to get the job done and keep the group together. Some of the factors that are of importance are: Having knowledge of the situation or access to those that do.
Having accurate and up to the minute information.
Being alert to changing situations. Communications skill in listening, observing, speaking clearly, asking questions--getting and giving correct information.
Being aware of and looking for resources and using them. Other people and groups can be resources also. They may know things or of other resources you never thought of. Idea sessions brainstorming where ideas are brought out and written down without criticism are very effective.
Careful planning and think through, testing, run through, careful observation and evaluation of results. Admitting mistakes, making improvements.
Enthusiasm and initiative.
Standing by your principles and values, being a good example.
Commitment and dedication to your cause and the determination to see victory in spite of difficulties.
Turning that stumbling block into a stepping stone.
Representing your group to others.
Wisely using discipline and control when necessary without being a dictator. Suggesting alternatives. Helping not just watching. Sharing, persuading, delegating, joining, consulting, managing teaching, accomplishing something worthwhile. Looking for opportunities. Getting the correct facts in proper perspective avoiding hasty decisions based on incomplete facts.
Promoting solutions.
Organizing thinking, groups, resources and time. Well organized groups multiply the power of their membership many times. Individuals are important but groups can get doors opened that an individual may
not be able to.
Groups should not overlook or underestimate the power of public relations, word of mouth, radio, TV, and of the press.
For the individual who aspires to become a leader the journey starts with a single step-know thyself, to thyself be true. As a person thinks so he is. He is what he thinks. He becomes what he thinks. Thinking is probably the most important thing you will do. The brain needs not only to be kept up physically but also needs good mental input. After all it is a computer. Feed it junk and its output will be junk. Try to get as accurate information as possible then file it in an organized manner using memory areas set up like a filing system. Using indexes, the what index, the Who, When, Where & How and Why indexes. Also consider that many things are a matter of degree, an opinion or a matter of individualness. Listen, observe, read, understand, get all of the facts before making a decision. Avoid always, never, same, all-instead use usually, seldom, similar. Conduct your affairs as if you expect today to be your last. Jot down your ideas. Organize a file. Remember no one knows all about anything.

Keep an open mind for further facts or ideas. It is not unwise to question and crosscheck information received. Much of what we hear is inaccurate, biased or twisted by emotion. We need to use reason as well as logic rather than emotion. The leader keeps a cool head at all times. He doesn't get hung up on material things that can be replaced but knows what is important, what lasts, what cannot be replaced. The leader should know the value of Love, Time, Health, Life and Wisdom.

Wisdom is more than common sense, reason and logic. Wisdom demands experience, patience, much thought and love. A wise decision is one that stands the test of time. Decisions made in haste without thinking or under the pressure of emotion are often regretted later. If possible it is better to gather not only all pertinent information but also to seek wise counsel and avoid hasty decisions. Sometimes it is best to sleep on it after all information is in. A wise man controls his thoughts and thereby his actions. He seeks the truth. He makes the best use of his time. He does his own thinking. Confucius taught "What you do not like done to yourself do not do to others." He also taught that people should be kind, to be gentlemanly, to show respect to elders and superiors, and that we have a responsibility toward others. Set your goals and plan, revive your dreams, take action, enthusiasm unlocks hidden powers.

The hardest part of any job is getting started. Every journey begins with a single step. Many never get started they just fool around wasting their limited amount of time on earth. Think positively think of the possibilities.

Look for opportunities.

If you fail to plan you are planning to fail said Robert Schuller. You can be the person you want to be. It's possible. The secret is possibility thinking. There is a solution to every problem. Seek friendships with positive thinkers.

You've got it made, there is nothing to worry about. Why should you care about the state of the world? You may say sure I care but there is nothing I can do about it.
It is because of the "I couldn't care less-let someone else do it" attitude that so many of our current problems are still plaguing us. We pay higher prices at stores because of shoplifting. You are paying taxes that are too high because we support a large part of the population on welfare and for unnecessary overpaid officials, and other waste in government spending.
Do you think it is fair that you have to support thousands that are too lazy to work or that are willing to work but that the government refuses to put to work doing needed jobs.

There are parks and roadsides that need to be cleaned of litter and the weeds cut. The roads need repairs. Elderly and ill people need their grass cut and snow shoveled. Day care centers need staff to allow welfare mothers to work. There are hundreds of jobs that welfare recipients could do that would not put anyone out of work and yet would allow taxpayers to get something for our tax dollar. It is foolish to give anybody thousands of dollars to sit and watch TV. If your car broke down at night and you had to walk to get help would you feel safe walking alone at night in a strange place?
Is your home really safe from break-ins? FBI figures show break ins occur at the rate of one every ten seconds in the US (over 5 million a year) About one in ten households are victims every year.
New figures show that crime is again on the rise and this is not just petty crime this includes: robbery assault, forcible rape every 7 minutes, murder every 24 minutes, burglary, larceny, auto theft, arson and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There is a tendency to assume that crime affects someone else. This is not a valid assumption. Not only do we have to pay for the crimes of others through higher prices and taxes but each of us cannot avoid the daily risk that we will be the victims.

The intoxicated driver out of control is a serious threat to anyone that by chance comes within his range, whether it be a child playing on a sidewalk or you coming from the other direction. The aircraft crew that passes around "a little high" endangers not only themselves and their passengers but also perhaps hundreds of others on the ground. Our world is becoming rapidly and unstoppably more interdependent. We must depend on each other. Air traffic controllers, power plant operators, train engineers ship’s crew, the police, the government, the health dept. the armed forces--we must depend on them. Even the hermit must deal with outside forces.

There is no place safe. There is no place to hide. The worldwide goal of communism is to take over the world, and they have made considerable progress. Soon Scientific Totalitarianism may enslave millions. It has become possible that entire cities could become nuclear hostages & victims!
Our young people have it better than any generation before them. Why is it that public and private property are being vandalized at an alarming rate and that by far most of the crime is done by young people. What does this say about our culture? Many also feel with some justification that the moral values of many of our young people have reached a new low. More and more babies are being born drug addicts. Any health department will confirm that there is a dangerous and spreading epidemic of incurable VD among young people.
No everything is not fine as long as we still have: disease, violence, the threat of nuclear holocaust, greed, starvation, over population, racism, poverty, crime, unemployment, under employment, lack of educational opportunity or vocational training to enable one to have a good paying job that they like, tensions (racial, social, international); lack of freedom, justice human rights; pollution and lack of concern for solving the above problems.

Many of us are just plain FED UPI

We have tried ignoring these problems but they did not go away-they got worse, so bad in fact that they now threaten all of us daily. We can run but there is just no place to hide. We cannot conscientiously ignore these problems any longer if we are to SURVIVE.
WE ARE AN ENDANGERED SPECIESIII Mankind is in its infancy. All of recorded history is just the beginning of the beginning of a wonderful future if mankind can just survive his childhood problems. THE EXPERTS SAY THAT WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION NOW, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

The Independent Commission On International Development in its report "A Program For Survival." states that international cooperation is essential for survival, 1/2 to 1% of a year’s total world military spending would pay for all the farm equipment needed to make the world's poorest countries self sufficient in food by 1990, 1/2 a day’s military expenditure would finance eradication of malaria, even less could end forms of blindness; the cost of one tank could provide 1,000 classrooms for 30,000 children; it would also protect 100,000 tons of rice from destruction by pests; the price of one warplane could pay for 40,000 village pharmacies.

The Commission goes on to recommend a summit of at least 25 world leaders, a tax on inter-national trade and air travel to ensure funds for development of under developed countries. "The financial and technical means to feed, clothe and house all of the world's people are available, but do we have the political will, intellectual genius, and humanitarian drive to do so?"
Economic cooperation is no longer a matter of philanthropy or interdependence. It means our survival and that of the environment in which we live.
There are workable solutions to most of mankind's problems.

If we will invest as much on Peace as we do in preparation for war we could create Ample for ALL.
Many experts are predicting that mankind will make himself extinct by nuclear holocaust within the next few years. What a terrible waste that mankind should commit suicide while still in its infancy. Mankind could have built literally a paradise on Earth but chose instead to build a doomsday system to assure mutual obliteration. Is it too late?
Perhaps there is still time. All over the world good people are working to improve things. Many are passing along the idea that mankind must get rid of the nuclear monsters before they destroy us. It is time for the common people of the world to realize that they can influence the future. People working individually and in groups can effect change. If four billion voices were raised in protest the leaders would be compelled to listen. Perhaps with time larger and larger numbers of people will realize that it is to their benefit to create a better future for all mankind, and the more of us working to help create it the better.
It is possible that local International Better Life (or Ample) For All Societies could be formed to encourage that goal. These groups could encourage individuals and other groups to take positive action.
They could especially promote the study and pursuit of solutions to the problems our civilization faces through united cooperation and effort for the common good of all humanity.
If enough people the world over could be encouraged to take positive action we can eventually create ample for all and a better life for all. They can encourage the sharing of information especially solutions to problems, knowledge, experience and technology.
The International Ample for ALL Movement is mankind's hope for a better future. It may be the only way it can be attained. We invite you to join us and become part of the solution. Perhaps friends could gather together to form action groups. Let's help bring happiness, peace, brotherhood, love, beauty, and security to our lives and the lives we touch and help make our world a safe and happy place for ourselves and our children.
This can be done by encouraging fellow man to: take an interest in seeing and seeking solutions to the problems of our time, to settle disputes without violence, to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves, to preserve individual rights and freedoms, to promote the better life for all, and to realize that indifference leads to misery, violence, war and now possible nuclear holocaust.
If everyone or even a majority would take care of his own area this world could be a very wonderful place. People must become concerned and take positive action to improve civilization before it self destructs and mankind becomes extinct. The opportunity is now. The decision is up to you.
AMPLE FOR ALL and A Better Life for All is possible IF we make it mankind's goal and if we can get people to cooperate to make it happen.
We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We could all benefit.
Aren't you fed up with the terrible things you hear about. So are a lot of people we know.
If enough of us take positive action to improve things, if each of us lights a candle instead of just cursing the darkness, if enough of us sweeps in front of his own door what a wonderful world we could have.
Many of our forefathers gave their very lives that we might be free. We owe those who died or who were injured a great dept of gratitude for our present freedom.
It is everyone's duty to help maintain that freedom and to help create Ample for All. But if people, or more specifically you, don't help the alternative is too terrible to describe.
If we can put people on the moon we CAN CREATE AMPLE FOR ALL.
You can be a beacon if you let your light shine BY PASSING ON GOOD IDEAS YOU CAN INFLUENCE OTHERS. You are the ruler of your life. You control your own thoughts. You are as you think. You are a power. You can do something about it. You can make a difference. You can help to improve things. You are the Captain of your ship.
We need to work with each other, rather than against each other. IT IS SO SENSELESS TO HAVE A HELL ON EARTH WHEN WE COULD CREATE A PARADISE ON EARTH.
Some Future Possibilities Now Being Developed: AMPLENOMICS would make these available to ALL.
Cures for many now incurable diseases. New miracle drugs, hormones, & non-addictive pain killers.
New miracle medical treatments. Rejuvenation of the aging body. Longer human life span. Electronic abolition of pain. Computer assisted medical diagnosis, resulting in faster and better treatment.
Significant advances in medical science. Permanent sealing and capping of teeth.
Growing new body parts to replace worn out or damaged ones. Better transplanting success.
Excellent health care and treatment available to all. 3D TV, Movies and projection. 3D projected meetings without leaving the office or home. 3D telephone. Communications so improved that they can replace transportation in many cases resulting in massive saving of energy and time. Cars powered by cells that are fueled by water. Disposable cloth like clothes made from paper that is flame retardant. An end to inflation and recessions. Ample good food, clothing and shelter for every member of the human race.
Adequate transportation available to all. Adequate economic opportunity that will allow everyone to earn a decent living in 32 hours or less per week. Recycling of trash into energy or raw materials. Higher GNP due to higher productivity. Shopping and ordering by TV and computer from the home. Computer item searching (shopping) and price noting from the home with a printout showing which source or store has what and for how much allowing one to shop all sales in minutes without having to fight traffic, find a parking space or waste gas & time. Automatic self powered robot carpet vacuums and floor cleaners that run and do the work by themselves. Fast efficient electronic mail instantly printed on the home computer printer. Automatic telephone message recording by printer. Ultrasonic dishwashers needing no water.
Great Goal Peace on Earth, with Freedom and Justice for ALL.
Wall size TV with life size, color, in 3D
Automatic recording of your favorite TV or radio programs for later viewing in color(for TV).
Cameras that take color pictures and give instant prints in color.
Cameras that make instant slides/movies/color video with instant playback.
Synthetic blood to save lives and end need for donations. Artificial heart, organs and other body parts.
Possibly a calendar where all dates stay on certain days and each lst of the month is on a Sunday, and all months are the same length of 28 days. The 13 month calendar with 28 day months does all this. There is an extra holiday day at the end of the year which doesn't count in a month or in the weeks. (Leap year would have two of these holidays.) This calendar would streamline dates, days and bookkeeping. Flextime (flexible working schedules) with shorter work weeks, more vacations, higher pay and better benefits for all made possible by Amplenomics.
Facsimile printers allowing one to get newspapers over the phone, also instant mail or reports on any subject for school or business & business correspondence. Underground roads that are NEVER covered with snow or ice, rain or extremes of temperature. They could be solar lighted, 68 degree temperature year around and fitted with safety sensors to advise and protect drivers of traffic problems etc. There could be a pedestrian safety walkway shielded by cement crash walls for emergencies. There would not be the usual dangers as on country highways from animals, curves, children, foot traffic, farm vehicles etc.
Underground mass transit designed to be super safe and fast. New York to L.A. in under an hour with ultra safety, no bad weather, never off of the ground, the track ahead completely cleared for miles ahead and verified by laser sensors on the train and at remote locations. Fast express routes would have no local traffic permitted. Perhaps super fast magnetic levitation motors could allow the train to ride on air, giving ultra safe, smooth and quiet performance. More land would remain undisturbed by surface roads so more land could be used for parks, golf courses, farming, game preserves, forests, natural areas etc.
Computers in libraries with instant printouts of information requested.
Complete books on micro cards, disks and chips. Electronic talking, interacting picture books with sound effects. Word processors that allow a secretary to increase her productivity many times over.
Super computer helpers that can take dictation, type it up, read and even translate languages, that can teach subjects, via multimedia and that can speak. Super computers to increase mankind's brain power and solve complex problems.
Voice activated typewriters that correct spelling. [ remember this was written in the late 1970s ] Voiceprint identification security systems. These could safeguard our credit cards, checks, homes, businesses, schools and find criminals. Pocket $ wristwatch TVs, radios and computers. Stores open 24 hours a day.
Robots to do heavy, repetitive, unpleasant and dangerous tasks such as mining, sewer repair, fighting fires, directing traffic, precision assembling, welding, working with hot or radioactive materials, etc. (GM is already going into robots.) There will be robot maids, butlers, heavy movers, lawnmowers, porters, car washers, cleaners, vacuum cleaners etc. Robotized factories, ships, stations, mines, etc.
(People can be paid to supervise, build and repair robots. With higher productivity pay can be increased and the work week shortened. Displaced workers can be retrained for better jobs.)
Cars that will drive themselves, take orders by voice,
use under pavement or inertial guidance systems within the car, will have radar assisted computer controlled brakes and beeper warning signals, will be energy efficient, rust free, and require very little maintenance. These cars will be ultra safe preventing most accidents. The driver can watch TV, read or talk on the phone or radio on the way.
Superautomata immortal entities that may outlive us. Better less expensive wonder-dream homes that are redo able and maintenance free.
New better building materials and methods.
Completely planned OPTIMIZED Cities with lots of parks golf courses, playgrounds and clean air.
Underground buildings resulting in great energy savings, quieter living, more beauty, & cleaner air.
Modern, safe, spacious, energy efficient underground shopping-cultural malls topped by parks and sky-needle restaurants presenting fabulous views.
Beauty will be brought back to cities.
Moving sidewalks, escalators and mass transit in modern forms will rid cities of traffic jams and fumes, and at the same time move more people faster, safer and more quietly.
Crime will be made unprofitable and unrewarding. New instant identification systems will practically instantly identify criminals from voiceprints. Cities may be built on, in or under the sea. Almost three quarters of the Earth's surface is covered with water. 97% of which is in the oceans. Mankind has yet to tap the great potential potential of the oceans to any great extent to supply energy, food or living quarters. The Sea will be a major supplier of food energy, minerals and medicines. Huge sea farms could supply both plant and animal protein.

Gold and other minerals will be extracted from sea water.

The wealth at the bottoms of the seas will be explored and mined by robots. Great treasures buried under the waters will be recovered. Millions in diamonds, silver and other treasures are there waiting. New medicines will be made from marine sources, New miracle vaccines will be created.

Genetical engineering will allow the best food animals to be improved and cloned producing disease resistant types. The result will be more protein yield. Better plants will be created by genetic engineering and improved growing methods resulting in higher yielding faster growing , disease resistant, insect resistant, machine pickable varieties. New varieties will not only produce more food per plant per time but will be designed to have more protein and vitamin content. New plants will be developed that grow their own fertilizer with them as they grow.

Great breakthroughs in tropical agriculture will allow mankind to tap now unused tropical resources. It will be discovered that small dams can provide much energy at low cost to local areas.

Higher protein yielding crops and animals will be given to farmers around the world and designed for their specific climatic needs.

Hydroponics will allow food to be grown in areas which are now barren and in empty buildings in cities. This can provide a year around weather free source of plant food and fish.

Cars that will get far superior gas mileage.

Cars that will charge themselves up overnight.

Safety cars that will help prevent accidents.

Computerized traffic monitors that speed traffic flow.

Super fast hydra foil boats.

The electronic toilet that conserves water and also heats the house or wash water (not the same water) New miracle pest controls.

Freshwater from icebergs.

The instant alarm silent anti-crime pen.

Inventors will be rewarded for their good ideas. Household computers will do misc. chores awakening one with music, turning on lights, shopping, paying bills, directing robot servants and preparing meals. A new appliance the AUTOMATIC MEAL PREPARER will be directed by the home computer to prepare and cook meals, or snacks at our every whim. Combined with the ultrasonic dishwasher it will save us much time. Space station factories could lower production costs. Space and moon mining may give us unlimited mineral resources. New technology may make this possible in that robots and special machines designed for high productivity can do the work. There is little gravity so much less energy is required.

Sky hook transporters.

Big Zeppelins can move more freight faster, cheaper with less gas, safer as there is no traffic to speak of, and no roads needed, better as they can get to any location without interfering with traffic or taking up parking spaces. Better than trucks, also due to no road taxes need be paid resulting in lower cost of transportation.

Tours of the moon.

Quick effective treatment for mental illness and for criminals.

A Super civilization-Paradise Earth.

Super fast growing trees for wood.

New super strong and lightweight building materials.

An end to pollution.

An end to waste. Recycling will save precious

resources. Products will be built better.

Worldwide conservation will save our soil.

New better faster more efficient construction methods. Use of sulfur aggregate building blocks.

Use of new geodesic dome methods.

Engineering products so that more, better products can be made from less metal.

More parks and beaches along lakes and rivers as people needs are given more priority than in the past. Self cooling drink containers and coolers.

Degrees by examination.

Education available to all.

Privacy voice scramblers for phones.

The extinction of many diseases forever. One of mankind’s great victories is the eradication forever of smallpox.

Computerized information access. Just tell your compu­ter to look up information you want if it doesn't have in home access to it it can dial a number to a computerized library and give you a printed out copy of the information you want.

When a school or work report needs to be written the computer can take dictation, correct all spelling errors, edit and print it for you in record time. Instead of having to thumb through a cumbersome news­paper you may just ask the computer to give you a video, verbal or 3D color presentation on your wall sized color TV. Detailed information could be given to you at your request and in printed form at your command.

Video libraries will allow one to select any past TV program or movie you may have missed or wish to see again.

Life-size color sound educational programs on hundreds of subjects along with complete courses will be available to you, just have your home computer put a selection menu up on your wall size TV then tell it which one you want.

Paved bicycle pathways through areas of great beauty, and through parks, and areas away from traffic. A universal easy second language allowing any person in the world to understand any other person. The fast whole body step in shower-shampooer-drier-­massager-revitalizer-diagnostician which does all of those things in a few minutes with the added advantage that it checks out your health also.

The smart card together with new coding techniques will revolutionize banking, shopping, bill paying and will be the precursor of the cashless, checkless society. The smart card is a plastic credit card with a microchip implanted in it so that it can be read by a computer. A computer will be able to read how much is in the persons account, where they live, etc. The computer will be able to alter the memory in the chip so that the card will be up to date. Purchases can be instantly recorded. Banking, bill paying and purchasing will be done electronically without the need for checks or cash. Voiceprint and thumbprint instant identification will be done electronically and will make credit card theft useless.

These new technologies could also revolutionize present day welfare.

Mail will arrive in seconds not days electronically. New surgical methods and microelectronic devices will allow those with paralysis to use their limbs. There will be pocket tutors and translators. Expressways for electric cars with an electric rail. Super metal detectors to find buried treasure. Alternatives to heart bypass surgery. Lasers, new drugs and special devices will be able to clean out clogged arteries. Lasers can perform much more delicate surgery and special eye surgery. More eyesight will be saved. Silicon solar ribbon and new solar materials will make solar energy more cost efficient.

Manufacturing in space will enable better medicines to be created. There will be a safe artificial blood. Satellites will perform emergency locating of stranded ships, planes and stolen items. They will also make it possible to relay tens of thousands of telephone conversations at the same time, as well as TV circuits. The two minute female fertility checker device. Anti tooth decay implants. (medicine)

New drugs to improve learning and memory.

Voice command control systems for the handicapped. Computer diagnosis of medical problems by remote sensors which could even be placed in senior citizens homes. Computers can speed traffic flow spot accidents and fires and combined with other sensors they can help make cars and trains safer by spotting hazards ahead and applying the brakes automatically.

Optical fibers will be used instead of wires because they will be less expensive, use less space and will be able to carry more signals.

Tiny solid state lasers over 1000 times smaller than current models will enable each single optical fiber to carry tens of thousands of conversations at the same time. Even smaller lasers will be built into integrated circuits along with optical wave guides to create computer circuits that are faster and that are free of electromagnetic interference.

Optical readers will revolutionize information processing. Optical disk information storage will revolutionize both libraries and music. 200,000 pages of text can be stored on one optical disk from which 12 pages per second can be printed. Phonographic records will become obsolete as optical disks replace them. The optical disk will produce clean, sharp noise free music on a disk that does not wear out.

There will be thousands of new products using lasers optical disks, and fiber optics.

Entire libraries will be shrunk into the size of a filing cabinet. Later these libraries will be placed on line to be accessed by at home computers.

Eventually libraries may be hooked up to a super computer which will allow humans to do research from their homes.

Optical readers will allow super fast note taking. Advances in gene splicing will result in new super vaccines which will save millions of lives. Great advances in diagnostic imaging such as CAT, PET and NMR will revolutionize medicine.

Instead of receiving shots people will be given medicine via a gelatin placed on a Band-Aid then absorbed thru the skin.

Metals and other substances will be mined and processed by microbes.

A new growth hormone will end unwanted shortness. Artificial skin will save lives of burn patients. Embryo splitting will double production of good livestock. More research will result in an anti aging drug. Recycling centers will save natural resources. More people will be able to work at home via computer. Inexpensive dish antennas will allow homeowners to see hundreds of channels from around the world.

ABUNDANT ENERGY AVAILABLE TO ALL due to new energy technology that uses state of the art methods to efficiently produce low cost energy from :

practically unlimited geothermal energy, new ways of making gas from coal, new ways of trapping wind power, new ways of trapping water movement power such as in the massive movement of the water in the Gulf of Mexico.

new ways to use the thermal energy of the temperature differences in sea water, absolutely unlimited power if practical fusion energy extraction is discovered and if it can be made safe,

Biomass (energy from garbage and crops) which is already proving to be worthwhile as a source, and has much potential for the future.

SOLAR energy with practically unlimited potential, which is free for the collecting, is pollution free, abundant as a source and super safe. (The Earth receives 1,500,000,000,000,000,000.00 That is 1,500 Quadrillion, kilowatt hours of energy from the sun every year. Mankind only uses about a mere 50 trillion KWH yearly. Just 40 minutes of the suns energy would supply all of mankind’s needs for a year. Solar cells made from our second most common element silicon reach an efficiency of over 10%. Once built and inst­alled they last for years they pay for themselves then provide free energy for years thereafter. If only 1.4% of the earth's surface were covered with solar cells that would provide all of the low cost energy mankind needs.)

Perhaps major breakthroughs in energy transmis­sion will allow space stations to capture billions of KWHs of energy and transmit it to earth in beams. Imagine what lots of cheap energy could do. Mankind could create energy capturing areas over waste lands, build extensive energy efficient safe mass transit, manufacture everything people need and in short create ABUNDANCE for all.

Thousands of new devices and appliances will make our lives easier and better.

There are many other super ideas and wonderful future possibilities just waiting to be made into reality if mankind will just let it happen.


The world including the United States will have ONE OT THE FOLLOWING THREE:

  1. Peace, and along with A much improved civilization with AMPLE FOR ALL meaning enough: food, housing, clothing, TVs, transportation, jobs, vacations, clocks, blankets, free time, energy, health care, computers, toys, fun things, beaches, all necessities and all the wonderful things of a Better Life for All.

OR 2. A continuance of the present poor distribution of wealth, energy, power and resources with worldwide starvation and crisis after crisis after crisis and wars after wars.

OR 3. No civilization at all as the nuclear holocaust OR PANDEMIC we failed to prevent will kill most humans..

If people and countries work together for the common good of all we can create a much improved civilization with AMPLE FOR ALL meaning enough: food, housing, clothing, transportation, jobs, vacations, consumer goods, free time, energy, health care, and all necessities and all the wonderful things of a Better Life for All. . If people and countries fail to work together for the common good then we will have a continuance of the present poor distribution of wealth, energy, and resources with worldwide starvation and crisis after crisis after crisis.
Mankind must make the decision of which it will be. The people that are willing to take positive action to avert nuclear disaster and a pandemic, instill world peace improve civilization, influence fellow mankind to take positive action, to create Ample for all and help create a better life for all members of the human race before it is too late are members of an international movement called THE INTERNATIONAL BETTER LIFE FOR ALL MOVEMENT (or as some call it THE AMPLE FOR ALL MOVEMENT).
We that make ourselves part of this movement by taking positive action no matter how humble, be it only to pass on good ideas, feel that it is worth it. The goals of this movement are expressed in the PEOPLE'S MANIFESTO located in the front of this book.
We your fellow citizens of earth and brotherhood of mankind invite and need you to join with us in becoming part of the GREATEST MOVEMENT IN HUMAN HISTORY by taking positive action to help create AMPLE FOR ALL and A Better Life for All. We can do it and we will all benefit.

It is all in a rapid state of change.