What you can do to help do good for all today.

You can help improve things help the needy help themselves and save lives.

Make the Golden Rule the code of conduct for all, with the expectation that one must not bring harm to another by one's actions or inaction. Hold people responsible for their actions and inactions.

Find out who your national and state Senators and representatives are and get their email addresses and phone numbers. Put that down in writing in a list.

Call or email them and ask them to do the following: (Just do a couple at a time in each email or call.)

Create jobs. This can be done by creating public service jobs to build low income affordable apartments for the homeless, veterans, senior citizens. Installing solar panels on them and on all senior and public housing. Improve the roads. Create subways which is the safest, weather proof, safest mass transit system. Use prisoner labor. We have to pay over $35,000 a year to give criminals free housing, medical care, food, legal services, and recreation. You and I are sentenced to a life time of work why should they get off without doing public service work. And creating subways keeps them busy and safely out of our way. We need mass transit. And Smart is inadequate pays its executives like Mr Ford $200,000 a year which is a waste of our taxpayer money.

Replace welfare with workfare. Insist on workfare which requires recipients to work and receive training so they earn their way off of it.

Stop hunger, homelessness, illness by making sure work fare can provide food, shelter and medical care for the needy.

Provide jobs training for all who lack a vocation. And provide public service placement or an internship for a a few months then require they pay back by working in these fields in Michigan. We then get the unemployed working supporting themselves and their families and paying taxes.

Everyone must be required to support themselves after childhood and before retirement and not rely on you and me to support them.

The same for social security slackers. Require training and community service work. Most slackers are capable of doing computer work or other light work. Only the absolute totally disabled should be let off.

Create affordable good health care for all. If Japan and other countries can provide total health care for everyone so can we. The problem here is that medical care is a for profit business which rips us off.

Eliminate payroll tax on all jobs paying under the minimum wage. Taxes should not burden the poor or working class or even the wealthy. A Better idea is to charge a 1% tax on $15-19.99 an hour $31,200-41,579 year jobs. And 2% tax on 20-29.99 an hour 41,600- 62,379. And 3% on 30-39.99 per hour 62,400-83,179. And 4% on 40-49.99 an hour 83,200-103,979. And 5% on 50-50.99 per hour 104,000-124,779. And so on with this graduated tax. Those making more being able to pay more. Eliminate having to file tax returns. All taxes would be required to be deducted by employer. No exemptions, loopholes etc. so no tax returns are needed. Corporations would be treated the same no loopholes capital gains etc.

Require 1% tax on all stock trades, no deductions or loopholes

This would bring in huge amounts that could be put to work creating jobs to make road repairs and build affordable housing and help seniors. This would help everyone and not even hurt the wealthy.

Provide Free 2 years college education or occupation training for all young persons if they maintain A-B grades. If they refuse send to Vocational Boot Camp where they will grow up, be learn how to defend our country and be taught a vocation, then be given work experience in that vocation and placed in a job when they finally learn what they are supposed to. When they complete the training they will be working adults earning their own way and not being supported by you and me.

Offer free skills training for those in need of it, with child care.

Offer Free parenting classes for all who need them.

Create Internships giving experience.

Give incentives to employers to hire trainees.

End the $2,025 monthly gift to refugees, use workfare instead.

End excessive government spending and boondoggles.


End life pensions and special benefits to congress, reduce terms to 2 years

End all special health plans and lifetime entitlements to congress. They should have to live on the same social security as we do, and have the same health care.

Create 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.

Lower the excessive Michigan car insurance rate.

Insist on End of Year exams for grades 3-12. Teach more science and history. Teach a Life 101 class which includes how to make change for a $20 bill, how to care for a car including change a tire. Make common needed household repairs such as fix a running faucet, survive in cold and heat. Learn the basics about food poisoning. Learn how to put out a fire and how to safely handle gasoline. Learn basic electronics. Learn how to take care of infants. Learn why they need to stay away from unprescribed drugs.

Deport people who support ideologies that are anti human rights and anti US Constitution.

Deport those immigrants who refuse to Americanize after 5 years. In other words Learn English, dress like an American, learn a trade and get a job and be self supporting.

Do not allow Sharia Law in the USA because it is anti US Constitution and human rights. End “Honor Killings” Do not allow child brides or abuse of girls or women. Sharia law is Anti American way of life.

Deport killers and rapists and career criminals to an deserted pacific island rather then pay $35,000 a year supporting them out of our pocket.

Put an end to foreign wars and supporting Japan, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, China, Iraq.

End tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, and take care of elderly and veterans.

End Congressmen acting for corporate welfare not ours. STOP CORPORATE WELFARE.

End electoral college.

Require corporations to pay their lowest paid workers not less than 20% that of their highest paid executives. Encourage a living wage for all workers and adequate work hours for a worker to support a family. 10 an hour x40 hours x 52 weeks = $20,800 a year. 20 an hour gives $41,600. 30 gives $62,400. 40 gives $83,200. 50 gives $104,000. $60 an hour gives $124,800. $70 an hour gives $145,600. $80 gives $166,400. $90 gives $187,200. $100 an hour gives $208,000. a year. This is 10 times minimum. 50 times the minimum would be $1,040,000. 100 times would be $ 2 Million. This means that if you pay your executives a million dollars a year the lowest paid worker should get at least $200,000. In other words if they pay their executives 200 thousand a year the lowest paid employee should be paid 20,000 a year.

Government is overgrown so lets reduce it to what is most efficient and necessary.

Remember the purpose of government is to provide for the safety and health of the people it governs.

Refugees may be helped only after all American Citizens including Veterans, Seniors (who have paid taxes for decades) and Local Citizens that need help have been adequately provided for first.

Encourage corporations and rich to pay their fair share of taxes.

Government employees should drive their own car and use moderately priced hotels and restaurants if required to travel. Ant not in first class.

All government budgets should b balanced. You and I have to live within our means so should they.

End unnecessary wars.

Government employees including the President must pay the expenses for their own vacations.

Quit cutting down Education. Insure good education for all.

Regulate medical suppliers hospitals and doctors so they are not stealing from us.

Don't cut social security that was money we worked for. That is my money. Increase payments to livable amount.

Repay money borrowed from the social security system.

Enforce the constitution.

Look around in your area to find people that need help and other things that need to be improved.