Michigan State Fair

About every year we visited the Michigan State Fair. 2009 was its last year. In the old days things cost a lot less. Most people could afford to go. We did not have to worry about thieves. In later years many people became afraid to go there because of the epidemic of crime in Detroit and the low morals of the people. Costs also rose. A Day at the fair used to cost under $3. Today they gouge you every way they can. Parking gouge, outrageous entrance fee, outrageous food prices and fear of being a crime target either robbery or car theft which are both very big in Detroit. No wonder people are reluctant to go. On the positive this last year they had many good exhibits. Some of which are in fotos below.

The biggest thing there is the Colloseum with many various shows all week. Oh for the memories. There so many things we saw there. The Ringling Brothers & Barnum Baily Circuses, Scoutoramas, auto and truck events and many other shows.

Behind the Colliseum is the Beef, Dairy & Sheep barn. Foto below

Horse Barn

Of course there were lots of carnival rides.

Whitehall is almost gone. It was closed.