Much of this work was from interviews with senior citizens over the last 60 years.
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Works cited include: Bert Hazen's work about Center Line, Gerald Neil, Harold Stilwell, Daniel Stewart, Cadillac's narrative, Joseph Wampler's notes from 1817, Detroit Free Press and News papers, Cemetery records of several cemeteries, Warren Township Records, several old maps, Historic Michigan George Fuller, Utica Sentinel, Tri City Progress, Warren Watchman, Macomb Daily, Warren Historic commission Archives, Warren Metropolitan Club, St Clement and St Paul's church records, many other church records, Archives of State of Michigan and Burton Historical Collection, U. S. Constitution, Thomas Jefferson quotations, CBS News, Old Sears Catalogs, Military and Civilian Death records Through the Ages, John Kern's History, Boy Scouts of America, City of Warren website, James Fouts Mayor of Warren statements, Records of several school districts. First thanks to all of those who shared historical information with me. I am in turn sharing it free of charge with the community. Most of the historical information came from talking with people. I have long since forgotten who told me what.

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