Current History - Current Wars

Our troops are deployed now in almost 130 countries.

See http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ops/global-deployments.htm

Or just do a Google search on US troop deployment.

The main ones are of course Iraq and Afghanistan, and Korea

Because of the Iraq War there have been over 4,800 Coalition deaths and 32,000 American casualties. Plus over 1 million people killed and several million injured. Many were innocent peaceful people. As of 5 August 2018, there have been 3,458 coalition deaths in Afghanistan and over 15,000 civillian deaths. Multitply that times 3 for casualties. This war on Islamic terrorists is now gone on for 25.5 years The first attack on America at WTC by devout Mus.was on February 26 1993 by truck bomb which killed 6, injured over 1000 people, Then over 3,000 because of 9-11 attack on America. 2001-present worldwide range of people killed in Islamic attacks on innocent peaceful people is from 242 thousand to 1.2 million.

There are other serious wars going on that you may not be aware of.

There is a huge war on crime, illegal drugs, organized crime and gangs going on around the country. It is serious and lives are lost daily in this war. Some of the crime is sponsored by people and groups outside of the US.

There is a huge espionage war going on to steal our technology and to find ways to shut down our power and utility grids. This is coming from China, Russia and some other countries.

But Even Worse Then Candidate John McCain stated that one of the greatest threats was that of Radical Islam. These folks have caused thousands of deaths around the world. They killed 3,000 of us on 9/11 and have killed over 5,000 of our troops. They have terrorist cells in the US and sponsor about 30 terrorist training camps in the US. If you doubt the seriousness of the threat they pose just look at the 800 new concentration camps the government just built for them or look at the barricades around government buildings, or the hassles you have to go thru when flying. They plan to take over the US by force, by recruiting converts, by procreation (making a lot of babies) and by increasing their power.  They are making converts in prisons. They are getting as many of their people into the US by both legal and illegal immigration. Their growth rate is many times that of regular Americans. Given time they will out number us. To top it off they are mounting a huge propaganda campaign. It is part of their religion to lie.  It is sanctioned in their bible the Koran and by their founder Muhammad.  And let us not forget most importantly that they are a cult of violence (despite what their propaganda tells people.)  They do not hesitate to kill anyone even children. There are numerous incidents where they have killed children. They have used suicide bombers many times in crowded markets, buses, trains, airplanes and schools. Their bible the Koran has numerous verses that orders them to kill non Muslams. In fact several verses order them to participate in jihad (war) or be severely punished.

This is a cult several million strong and growing stronger which is peaceful now but is planning to take over our America. Several hundred are in our area secretly making plans to overthrow our government. The following are some facts about this threat. Note we are not bashing anyone. These are actual facts provable by research. Do a Google search on the topic below you wish to research and look at what is out there. Consider the sources. Beware of their propaganda. If in doubt just look at what has happened in countries where they have taken over and look at how they took over. You will discover the following facts: This cult is building church-terrorist training camps across the USA. The threat is so serious that the US Government has just built 800 internment camps across our country in preparation for them. They are against our US Constitution and Bill of Rights. They want to dump our constitution and put in their own law. They are using our freedom of religion and our laws against us to increase their power. They are bringing in thousands of their people and secret warriors. They are becoming US citizens but have no allegiance to America. They are making babies like crazy which we sometimes have to support with welfare. The American birth rate is 1.4 but their birthrate is around 6-8. (children per family). In time due to their population increase they may eventually obtain a majority and will be able to take over the country. This is not an idle threat. One must look at their tactics and the use of terror to understand the seriousness of this upcoming threat. Their men are allowed to have four wives and to divorce them by just saying I divorce you three times. But their women are denied this. They believe that their bible is the absolute word of god who has ordered them to, when the time is right, to tax or kill Christians and Jews and to kill anyone who leaves their cult. They take away womens rights and treat women like property. Look at countries where they have taken over. Women have become slaves. Women are not allowed to defend themselves in court even to testify against a rapist. DNA tests are not allowed under their law which they will insist on. In countries where they have taken over thousands of very young women and girls have been forced in to marriages to older men and thousands of girls have suffered female genital mutilation. Under their law they are allowed to "marry," in temporary marriage, to females of any age, even babies, and to have vaginal intercourse with girls as young as 9 years. In these countries few to no Christian and or Jewish churches are allowed. In fact eventually all other religions are forced out or underground. Members of other religions are often harassed or killed. They do not hesitate to kill children and innocent people, see sources.  They have big money behind them to buy politicians, build mosques, build departments at universities and to mount propaganda campaigns. They have already bought large shares in TV, media and newspapers. Already it has had an effect. TV stations and newspapers are hesitant of news critical of this cult. The stations excuse themselves because of not wanting to offend or by political correctness. This guarantees soft coverage and the not airing of stories about their actions. Lying is considered part of their strategy and is ordained by their bible and leaders. They are doing major recruiting effort nation wide including recruiting members in prisons. Beware they are putting a lot of propaganda on the Internet. They have killed some of those who have criticized them. They have tortured, killed and imprisoned journalists. For example they beheaded Daniel Pearl and cut up his body into ten parts. People feel threatened even here in the USA. They have threatened to get me, a harmless old man. But I am a veteran and will not shirk my duty to my fellow Americans to warn them of this threat. Americans must become informed about this threat and take action. If they don't we will lose our freedoms. Look at what is happening in France, Iran, and Pakistan. This secretive cult is serious about eventually taking over our country. Many feel that the answer is to deport them now and stop members of their cult from gaining American citizenship. We must become informed about them and tell others. And remember if anything happens to me such as being killed it will probably look like an accident but they will be behind my death or severe illness. They might just set me up on some phony charges. But they are a serious threat to our country and to our freedoms. What is important is that Americans become informed on this serious malignant cancer that is spreading in our country.