Diary of an American Farmer 1868-1902

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Written by Daniel J. Stewart transcribed by Wesley Arnold MA and parts by Dr. Richard Prior.

Daniel Stewart was a farmer and laborer who lived and kept a daily diary in California Michigan from 1868 to April 5 1889 and in the area just south of Fairgrove Michigan from 1889-1902. These diaries have daily records of births, deaths with cause of deaths, marriages, accidents, weather and other daily happenings. I am typing and indexing them and plan to donate the work to local and state libraries.  The work is over 1000 pages long.  See Images folder for images of pages not yet transcribed.  The listings below are incomplete.
Daniel J. Stewart was born October 6, 1839 in York (Livingston County) New York.  He was the son of Angus Stewart (1805-1851) and Elvira Margaret Selfridge (1815-1900).  His early childhood was spent on farms particularly the family farm in Covington (Wyoming County ) New York.  His father died when he was only 12.  His brothers were Angus Stewart (1845-c1920); Archibald Stewart (1841-c1920), George Elliot Stewart (1843-1904), and Duncan (1847-?).
His widowed mother bought an eighty acre farm near California in Branch County Michigan.
The farmhouse in which these diaries were written still is being used as a residence well over a hundred years later.
E.M. Stewart of course was his mother Elvira Margaret Selfridge Stewart. (Mother) (Not to be confused with his wife Vie
Elvira Margaret Ball of Batavia ILL. (1843-1900). Daniel J. and Elvira M. Ball were married in 1868.
They sold this farm to Uncle John Selfridge in 1889 for a mere $3,630. and moved to Fairgrove Michigan.
Although they had no children Dan and Elvira (Vie) raised Daniel Thurston Stewart,(1884-1966), and George L. Stewart.(1879-1951)
As a boy I heard my grandfather Thurston talk about his Uncle Dan and Aunt Vie.  He held them in very high regards.  It turned out that Aunt Vie was a psychic -and foretold several events.

Daniel Stewarts Diary had some records that even the county clerk does not have.  Example: On May 24, 1884 Dan writes "George's Folks [Clara Stewart] had a son [Daniel Thurston Stewart]  born shortly before midnight Dr. Merry physician."

Here are some names and excerpts from California near Coldwater and Ray Indiana.

Angus is his brother Angus Stewart.
Archy is his brother Archibald Stewart
Mother =Elvira Margaret Selfridge Stewart (1815-1900) widow of Angus Stewart (1805-1851)
A.C. McNaughton a fellow farmer he worked for.
John Morrow is the son of Uncle Walter Morrow
Jas Haight neighbor from the farm immediately west of Dan. The road his houe was on was Haight Road named after this family.
John Selfridge is Dan's mother's brother.
Mr. French sold them the farm.  He had bought it from a J.J. Stewart.
Uncle George Selfridge probably a brother of John Selfridge.
W.T. Ellis the storekeeper

Just transcribed and being updated weekly 1872

Location Branch County Michigan SE of Coldwater in California Michigan.
Old History of California Michigan .
Names found in 1872 diaries.
Rough 1870 Census Names California Michigan By Location.
Rough 1870 Census Names California Michigan A-Z.

Services by Rev RST WYLIE MR Wm LAWRANCE died last night in his 83rd year, of cancer.  May 25, 1884"
David Hilkins May 26,1884
Justin.-.Wm Holley ... W.T.Ellis...S.3. Chestnut...May 27,1884
28 Philip Michael.-Georgie., Justin to Fremont .. paid David Michael...
paid Dervey J Chadwick for goods..pd Dr. Hagerty for med for Vi. pd Havens
pd Albert Paul for drugs.
29 Angus helped Justin draw a load of hay from Ira Adams.
30 Justin & Mowerv...pd Mowery two a days work $1.00
31 Justin went home this evng.
June a, 1884 Justin & Mary were over to Church.
planted potatoes, plowing, fixed fence, shearing sheep also for others June 12 pd Alex Thompson by Angus Stewart an acnt of Herbe Scrods 13 Justin and Mary went home
21 .-Chas Adams
22 We were out to sab school L preaching services by Rev Joesph McCracken Mother stayed at Angs this evg
23 Took the wool over to MtGomery-.recd of E.J. French for 145 3/4
lbs wool 280 40.81.-Rbt Logan.-Sam Drigvrd a store acce-pf Jas Sievois
25 Rbt Logan
27 helped Chas Holley haying...Justn was grubing.-plowed corn for Angus 28 helped Chas Holley-was over to see Angus .. Justin was plowing corn for 30 a fine day...Justin was plowing corn.  Angus & team were mowing for me at Chas Hollovs ... to MtGomary pd Greg J Strunk-.

July 1884

2 a Mr Garnor from MtGomery, helped Chas Holley draw hay for me today. 3 we were bunching and drawing hay-.put up 8 loads a! hay for myself and one for Charles Holley
9 Justin went to the corners this evng...Rbt Logan..Wm HoRev
10   helped Angus cut wheat..Justin plowed potatoes
12 Justin & I were up to the corners this evg pd W.T.Ellis..pd Morene Grapr bill on threshng
14 David Logan helped us.-Jas Haight
16 cut wheat for Walter Morrow . [more needs to be added here from the original text and will be when I get time]



Tues. 14 A cold chilly air com-ed snowing about dark. We took up a pit of potatoes in the fore-n.

Attended Mr. Aultman's sales in the after-n. Rbt. Logan called today

Dr. Miner Dr to 10 bush potatoes .40@ 4.00

Weds. 15 Some 2 or 3 in of snow fell last night. Misty this morng. Pleasant the ball of day. John was at

several things. I was helping Mr. Aultman pack up and load a car with

goods. Drawed a load to depot. Pd. Jas. Mitchell cash borrowed Mar. 9th 5.00

Thur 16 Cool & cloudy. John was sprouting and picking up on the lea-g. I was helping load Mr. Aultmens car.

Wm. Holly and wife called this after-n. Rec-d of him 2 bus. oats lent last fall.

Frid 17 Rained quite hard part of the time today. I helped finish loading Mr. Aultmans Stock and goods.

Pd Ed Meingers for sharpening drag teeth .50

& repaid John Grayles by a clothes wringer 6.00

Sat. 18 Con-d rain-g in the night and rained part of the fore-n. John was shelling cobs & put in about 1/2 time.

I was helping Angus tag his sheep. (? phrase) .50 Paid him cash to send for Witness 1.00

Sab 19 John Jay and I were out to Sab School and Preaching

Mon 20 A fine day. We were clearing stone off the field at Sam-I Sherers. I am to have the stone for drawing off the Field. W. J.Ellis Rec by tobacco got by Jay last Friday

Tue 21 We were splitting and drawing rails in the fore-n. Was laying up fence on the line between Ira Adams and me in the after-n. Norene Crapo Dr to 1/2 bush. potatoes

W. T. Ellis Cr by 1/4 lb tea got by Jay

Wend 22 A very warm day. We were laying up fence until 4 P.M.

Helped the women the rest of the day. Called at Wm Peters this eve-g.

Thurs 23 A very warm day. We were tearing down fence in front of the house in the fore-n. Drawed manure on the garden in the P.M.

Frid 24 Cool and cloudy in the fore-n. Pleasant in the P.M. We were drawing manure on the garden and plowing a strip for potatoes. I called on Chas Adams this even-g.

John Paul and Barbey Duguid were married last evening.

Sat 25 Quite a strong chilly east wind. Com-ed raining quite hard this even-g. John was at several things in the fore-n. He helped Chas Holly cut wood in the after-n. I attended shearing at Hall's corners. My 2-yr old Buck sheared 21 lbs wool. 365 days growth. Weight of carcas with wool 116 lbs. Paid W. T. Ellis .75 for trade and and rec-d of him in trade for 7 doz eggs .70


I took Rbt. Logans wool home and I took supper with him. Left my sheep with him on account of rain. I left my wool with him to sell 20 1/2 lb of it.

Sab 26 Rained quite hard the most of the night. A pleasant day. We were out Preaching today.

Mon. 27. A pleasant day. We finished grubbing and I plowed the fence row for the hedge. Vi and I called at Mr Logans this even-g. Dr. Miner came to see George this A.M.

Tues. 28 Pleasant but quite cold. We were drawing stumps and stones off the oat ground this fore-n. We were mowing briers, taking up potatoes & plowing for oats in the P.M. Norene Crapo Ds to 4 1/2 bush potatoes .40@ 1.80 Returned to Chas. Holly I bag potatoes borrowed.

Wend 29 A pleasant day. We were plowing and grubbing and taking up potatoes.

Thurd 30 Cloudy and threatened min, but did not until aflnoon. I was dragging and John took up a pit of potatoes in the fore-n. We were putting in drag teeth and irons in the P.M.

MAY 1885

Frid 1 Pleasant but quite cool. John finished plowing for oats south of Bear swamp this forenoon. Decurved rails and fixed fence in after-n. I rode out to Fremont with Angus.

Paid Philip Michael on store acct 10.00

He is Cr by Oil 4 tined fork hoe & knife 2.60

Paid for several articles other places 1.00

Paid Sim Dugruid (?) in Copeland for trade 1.00

John Mitchell Dr to Knife and Overall 1.30

Sat 2 Cool but pleasant. We sowed about 4 acres of oats south of the Bear Swamp.

Sab 3. Cool and cloudy threatened rain but did not. We were out to Sab school and Preaching. Mother stopped with Russel Jameson-s Ice froze 3/16 of an inch thick last night.

Mon 4 Cool and cloudy a light shower of rain and hail from the N West this morning. We sowed about 1 1/2 acres of oats west of the Bear Swamp I plowed and dragged the shock rows in the 2nd field east of the lane. I was helping Angus abt 1/2 of the after-n

Tued 5 Sunshine, Cloudy and Showery. We were shelling corn & tinkering in the fore-n. Drawed out manure in the afternoon.

Wend 6 A dark rainy day. John was sorting out potatoes and picking up trash in the yard. I was over and taged Mrs. Chestnuts sheep. Rec pmt .50

Thursd 7 A cold cloudy windy day. John was cleaning up the yard & I was up to Hall's comers in the fore-n. We picked up a grist took it over to Angus & cleaned it in the after-n. Dragged the hedge 3 row in the evening. Two of the hedge men are stopping with us overnight.

Recd of W.1 Ellis in trade for 9 doz eggs. I 0@ & 10 1/4 lbs butter I 0 pr lb 1.94

Paid Mrs. Abby Purdy $8.00 being interest on one 8.00

year's int on a note of $1 00.00 given May 3rd 1884. 1 am to keep it another year.

Frid 8 A cold windy disagreeable day. The Dayton Hedge Company men were here and set out 34 rods of hedge for me this fore-n. There were 6 of them at it for about 1 1/2 hours. I gave them my note of $8.50 Payable in 30 days without int - if payed when due, if not paid then .08 int. (payable at Waldron's Bank at ReadingJuly 1st. We were dragging the hedge row now planting it to potatoes. Plowing a strip in the garden, drawing the litter out of the back yard & chickens hatched today.

Sat 9 A cold windy day. Squalls of snow or fine hail in A.M. We were spreading and drawing manure

Sab 10 A cold windy day. We were out to Sab School and Preaching.

Mon 11 Quite pleasant today. Froze a trifle last night. John was

spreading manure and helping the women & I went down to Wm.

Peters after hay & to Chas. Adams after a wagon in the fore-n. We

were drawing out manure in the after-n. Mother came home with

us last evening. Wm Peters Cr by I 1 64 lbs bay $8.00 per ton4.65

Pais Merle's partner (Aug 29, 85) on store acct 5.00

Tued 12 A white frost last night. A fine day. We were drawing manure.

Wend 13 A light frost last night. Very warm through the day. We were drawing manure. Had a litter of nine pigs. 3 killed and died 6 pigs

Thurd 14 A fme warm day we were drawing manure in the fore-n John took Chas. Adams wagon home after dinner. Spread manure in P.M. Very warm in the afternoon. George and Clara, Vi & I attended the Ladies Missionary Aniversary at the Church in the after-n. Jas. Mitchell and Stella French, Simon Dugruid and Ella McNaughton were married at the close of the exercises. B. F..,Isenhour July 4th Cr by a farm bell 1.75 Sent Chas Adams 8 bags of oats (May 29) weighing 80 lbs to the bag (including bag).

Frid 15 A fine day. We drawed out 2 loads of manure and sowed the shock rows to oats in the fore-n. Started the plow for corn and spread manure in the after-n. Took 3 bushels of potatoes over to McGomery this eve-g to send to Uncle John Selfridge Dr to same 1.20 (Pd Mar.28,87) Paid John Gray for plow point & oil Cr..50

Sat- 16 A fine day. The thermometer stood at 84 at 3 P.M. on north


stoop. I was plowing for corn. John was spreading manure, grubbing, tc.

Sab 17 A fine day. Quite a strong breeze. We were out to Sab School and Preaching (one sermon).

Mon 18 A fine day with quite a breeze. I was out plowing for corn. John was helping clean the cellar in the fore-n. At various things in P.M.

Tued 19 A fine day but quite a cool air. We was plowing grubing & tearing down lane fence.

Wend 20 A fine day. I was plowing. John was cleaning out fence comers in A.M. Helped Angus plant in P.M.

Thursd 21 Very warm the most of the day. I was draging. John went over to McGomery and burnt trash in the fore-n. Helped Angus with his ditch in P.M. John Grey Cr by a plow point -by John .40

Frid 22 A cloudy day with a light fall of rain. We were draging and making corn ground. Had Chas Holly's team about 3 hours dragging.

Sat 23 A fine warm day. We were planting corn. I marked the most of the time. Charley and Angus helped all day & Wm Holly after 2 1/2 P.M. We planted with hoes. John went to the Corners this eve-g paid him cash this eveng 25

Sab 24 Very warm with a fine shower abt noon & another in the eve-g. We were out to S.S. and Preach-g

Mon 25 A fine day. We Finished planting corn and potatoes on the field N. of Bear Swamp. 'There is 6 acres of corn and 3/4 acre of potatoes. Angus helped us. Finished at 4 1/2 P.M. I went after hay and the boys went fishing. George and Clara went over to Angus this After-n. David Filkens Cr (July I st) by 992 lbs hay @ $8.00 3.96 John Dr to trade at W.T. E. 45 W.T. Ellis Cr by trade 45

Tuesd 26 A fine day. John and I was helping Ang mark out & plant corn and potatoes today.

Wend 27 A fine day. Quite cool this eve-g. We was helping Angus mark out and plant corn. The 3 yr old red heifer calved Bull calf from Chas. Adams Bull. Angus Cr by 95 lbs feed for a few days till I go to mill. Angus Dr to 1 bush potatoes .40

Thursd 28 A fine day but a cool air quite a breeze from the east. We were grubing trash out of the garden and finished plowing it. I picked up trash pulled stumps & started the plow on the new ground N of the wood lot. Ang helped us.

Frid 29 Showery in the fore-n pleasant in the after-n. We were sorting and sprouting potatoes in the A.M. There was a thundershower this eve-g. Chas. Adams ret-d the oats borrowed 14 May.

Sat. 30 Sunshine and showers. We were sorting and sprouting potatoes this fore-n. Ang and us washed sheep in the after-n. John went to the Comers in eve-g.


W.T. Ellis Cr by sugar got by John .50

Sab 31 A fine day. Jay was over to Sab School. I went doct a sick sheep.

JUNE 1885

Mon I June A fine day. I was over to McGomery after repairs for plow in the fore-n but failed to get them. I was plowing in the after-n. Philip Michael Cr by sheep shears Wm Holly got them for me today. John was grubing and picking up.

Tued 2 A flne day. We were grubing and plowing on new ground. Angus was over after Mother and Vi this after-n. They had a son born last night. Vi came home this eve-g Mother staid. Robt. Logan called this eve-g. Returned to Philip Michael by Robt Logan Sheep Shears got by Wm Holly. Wend 3 Sunshine and showers. We were plowing and grubing. Ang’s team and hand helped us about 1/2 day or over. Wm Holly Dr to 3 bush potatoes by Jas. Paul. I borrowed them last winter.

Thursd 4 A very warm day with a heavy rain about 5 P.M. We finished plowing the new ground this fore-n. Ang's team and hand helped us in the fore-n. I was draging and John picked up trash

until it rained.

Frid 5 Rainy in the morning. Fair day. We were at several things. Took 2 sows up to Jas Haights.

Sat 6 A fine day. John was replanting corn. I was out to Reading to Mill. Took 6 bush wheat- 2 corn for meal & 8 bush feed. Rec'd of parties in Reading for 9 bush potatoes 3.15 Paid for trade at several places 2.25

Sab 7 A fine day. We went out to Sab School and Preaching.

Mon 8 Quite a storm of wind and rain last night. Cloudy and misty in the fore-n. We com-ed draging in the mom-g quit on account of rain. Sheared our sheep and fixed up our board fence in the barn yard. Rbt Logan helped us. Norene Crapo Cr by 1/4 bush seed corn 35 Mrs. W. T. Ellis was buried today. Died Sat

Tued 9 A fine day. We finished fiting and planting the corn on the new ground. Rbt Logan helped us. We done sever odd jobs in the afternoon.

Wend 10 A fine day. There was a light frost Tued night. John was working on the road. Rbt Logan and I com-ed shearing sheep 1.50 And for shearing Buck April 25 50

Thursd 11 A fine day. John was plowing corn. Robt Logan and I was shearing at Wm Hollys fill I I A.M. Wm Holly Dr to my share of shearing 137 Angus Dr to my shearing 1/2 day 1.00

Frid 12 A fine day. Communion Fast Day. We were out to Church. Rev. McAllister is assisting. Mother came home with us.

Sat 13 John was plowing corn. We attended church. Paid


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S. Duguid for sugar .40

Mrs Greer called here this mom-g. Mother stayed at Ang-s this eve-g.

Sab 14 A very warm day. Communion today. We were out to Church.

There was a light shower in the eve-g. We were out to eve-g services.

Mon 15 A very warm day with several light showers or squalls of

rain. John was farming. I was shearing at Jas Dunlaps. Rbt Logan

was with me & I went home with him in eve-g.

Rec-d of Jas Dunlap for shearing 2.00

Tues 16 A fine day. We sheared for Alex Dunlap in the fore-n & for

David Sherer in the after-n. Came home in the eve-g.

Rec'd of Alex Dunlap for shearing .87

1 lent Robt Logan cash .13

Wend 17 Cool this mom-g A fine day. We finished shearing at D.

Sherers this morn-g. He is Dr to the same 3.50

Sheared Walter Morrows sheep at Ang-s.

Recd pay for the same 2.00

Sheared for Wm Mitchell next. He is Dr to the same 1.25

Sheared for David Mitchell in the eve-g. Newt Woodard helped us

shear after 11 A.M. He came home with me this evening.

David Sherer paid Vr (?) for shearing 2.50

Angus Dr to 3 bush wheat - lent to him.

Thursd 18 A fine day. We finished shearing at David Mitchells.

Dr to same 2.00

Sheared at Sam-I Hamers. Recd pymt 1.25

Sheared at Chas Seelys next. Recd pymt 1.50

Drove over to Joseph McNaughtons in eve-g

Frid 19 We sheared 3/4 day (July 2) for Joseph McNaughton

Dr to same 4.50

Rbt Logan and I sheared 1/4 day for Mr Staly & Newt went

home. I came home in the eve-g. John Mitchell Dr to cash .50

Sat 20 Rained part of the fore-n & a light shower in the P.M. Rbt

and I sheared 1/4 for F. Staley making 2 days in all.

Rec pymt 4.00

Sheared ball of the day for Dwight Ellis. He is

Dr to the same 3.00

Robt Logan owes me a ball of $3.00 on cash Recd by him for

shearing alone this week.

Sab 21 (1885) Pleasant in the mom-g light showers in the afternoon.

We were out to Sab S. & Prayr Meet-g. Robt Logan came here this evening

Mon 22 Quite cold this mom-g. Rbt Logan and I went to Newt

Woodards to shear sheep. We were about chilled through when we


got there. John plowed corn.

Tued 23 A light frost last night- a pleasant day but cool air. We

finished shearing at Newts this fore-n. Came home in the after-n

Rbt recd the ball due from Newt on our

changing weeks shearing 1.00

Wend 24 A light frost last night. Warmer today.Rbt & I were out to

Thomas McClues today. Rbt recd of him for shearing 2.50

Recd of Rbt cash on shearing 2.00

Alice Holly died this fore-n. Cause Quick consumption and

Childbed fever. WT.Ellis Cr by Sugar $1.00 & Crack-s.25 125

Thurd25 A fine day. John worked on the clearing in the fore-n. We

attended Alice Hollys funeral in the after-n. She was buried at the

Brickham cem-y

Frid 26 Very warm threatened rain in the after-n but did not John

was underbrushing & I was washing wool in the fore-n We were

hoeing the potatoes and hedge in the after-n

Sat 27 Very warm today. There was several showers went around

today cooler the eve-g. We were splitting rails this fore-n. At odds

and ends in the after-n. Mother & I were over to Ang-s this

afternoon a while.

Sab 28 Quite cool today. We were out to Sab S. and Preaching.

Were back to Preaching in the eve-g

Mon 29 Quite cool John was plowing corn & I was weeding and

hoeing. Was over to Chas. Reynolds in the mom-g. Not at home

Tued 30 Pleasant but cool north wind. I was out to Fremont went by

McGomery John was weeding and hoeing corn.

Recd of Chadwick and Dewey Cash for 114 1/2 lbs wool 28.62

at.25 cts pr lb. Pd P. Mitchell for Sythe & Rakes 2.10

Paid Chadwick and Dewey for trade 1.10

John Mitchell Dr to cash on work 1.50

JULY 1885

July Wend I Pleasant but cool quite a strong west wind. John was

plowing and hoeing corn. I was out to Reading to Mill. Took 7

bush wheat & 6 bush of feed. Took up my note of $8.50 given to

the Dayton Hedge Co. May 8th 8.50

Paid David Wilkins for hay got May 25 4.00

Paid for several articles at several places 3.00

Mrs David (?) Woodard spent the P.M. here

Thurd 2 Pleasant but very dry and cool. We were cultivating and

hoeing potatoes in the fore-n. Mother & I attended the Ladies

Missionary Society at McJudsons in the afternoon. Recd of Mr.

Joseph McNaughton for shearing 4.50

Frid 3 A pleasant day cool air. John finished hoeing corn & potatoes

I took a sow over to Chas Reynolds in the fore-n. Angus and 1


were rigging the tools and machinery for haying and starting the

mower in the after-n. Angus went over to McGomery after repairs

& I mowed for him for a while. Recd of Chas Reynolds by Harry

for a buck sold him 2 years ago 10.00

Paid Grey and Strunk on acct by Angus 2.50

Sat 4 Warm and dry. John was off holding the 4th. I was helping

Angus haying. Gave Angus 1.75

to pay B. F. Isenhour for a Bell got May 14th

Sab 5 Warm day We were out to Sabbath School & Preaching

Mon 6 Cloudy and threatened rain in the fore-n with a heavy shower

in the after-n. John & I were helping Angus draw hay in the fore-n.

I helped him mow about 1/2 of P.M.

Tued 7 A warm day with a fine breeze I was helping Angus with

hay. John was planting beans in the fore-n. Plowed corn in the afternoon.

Wend 8 A warm day A fine breeze. I helped Angus haying after 9

A.M. John plowed corn in the fore-n. helped Ang in P.M.

Thurd 9 Cloudy and threatened rain but did not amt to much. We

were at work at the bay here today. Angus and hand helped 3/4

day. We cut down some 6 acres or more. There was a very high

west wind today Paid Andy Handley by his brother Cameron ball

due him on work 1.00

David Logan called this eve-n Dr to Varnish & Terp .25

Drove W. cow to Chas Adams

Frid 10 A fine day We were at work haying. I bought three acres of

grass (Sept 9) of Geo Holcomb for $4.50 pr a. 13.50

I was cutting it in the fore-n. Ang and hand helped us till 5 p.m. I

went home with them and helped draw hay the rest of the evening.

Rbt Logan came here this eve-n

Sat 11 A fine day. Rbt Logan helped us today. Him and John

plowed corn abt 1/2 of the forenoon. Rbt raked up hay the rest of

the fore-n. Angus and hand helped us 3/4 day drawing hay. We

drawed 6 loads from Holcombs and I from ours. Martha and

George (?) spent the day here

Sab 12 A fine day. We were out to Sab School and Preaching

Mon 13 Cloudy and threatened min but did not amt to much We finished

drawing and stacking hay. Rbt Logan Angus and hand helped us. We

drawed IO loads here and 7 from Geo Holcombs making 18 in all

Pd Merene Crapo on threshing 5.00

Paid Sm Dugruid in Cash on by Angus for

trading done last Wend 1.13

Tued 14 A fine day. John was plowing corn in the fore-n. Helped

Angus in the after-n. I was mowing for Angus all day.

Wens 15 A fine day We were helping Angus draw hay. There was 49

rounds in a 12 acre field. W. T. Ellis Cr by sugar got by Jay 1.00


Thurs l6 Very warm with quite a strong S West wind in the P.M. Angus was here and helped me cut around the wheat and rye until 10 1/2 A.M. I went home with him and helped draw hay the rest of the day. John helped in the after-n.

Frid 17 A fine harvest day. We were over and helped Angus finish up his hay in the fore-n. Brought over the reaper and I com-ed cutting rye in the after-n. Angus and hand and Willie Staley helped us. 2 yr old hiefer calved Bull calf.

Sat 18 Quite warm today. We were harvesting Angus and hand were helping us. John went to Halls Comers this eve-g.

W. T. Ellis Cr by sugar got by John 1.00

Sab 19 A very warm day. Ther 96 in the shade. Showers went around We were out to Sab. S. and Preach-g.

Mon 20 Very warm in the fore-n A fine shower after dinner and a light one in the eve-g. We were harvesting Angus helped us. Borrowed of him 12 lb 8 oz Salt Pork. Drove the red hiefer over to Chas Adams 2nd heat.

Tues 21 A very warm day. Claimed that the Ther marked 107 in the shade at McGomery yesterday. We finished cutting our wheat this fore-n. Angus and hand helped us Moved over to Angus and cut for him in P.M. John & I helped him in the after-n.

Wens 22 Very warm today. Angus Finished his wheat abt 3 1/2 P.M.

John and I were helping him. Came home and built a stack bottom.

Thurs 23 Very warm with a light shower that hindered us about 2 hr.

We were drawing and stacking our wheat. There was 234 dozen.

Angus & hand & Rbt Logan helped us.

Fri 24 Very warm with a fine shower abt 2 P.M. We were over

helping Angus stack wheat until stopt by the rain. John went over to Chas Reynolds this eve-g after a sow of mine taken there by Chas Holly yesterday. Mowed in eve-g. The Brass Band called and played several tunes for us this eve-g.

Sat 25 Cloudy and misty this mom-g. Pleasant and very warm in P.M.

We were at several things in fore-n. Helped Angus finish stacking his wheat in the afler-n. There was a very heavy shower abt 9 this eve-g. Reported that French & Fealton (?) have failed.

Sab 26 A fine day. There was several showers through the night. We were out to Preaching mom-g and eve-g.

Mon 27 A very warm day We were out at several things in the mom-g.

Uncaped our rye and drawed it. There was 145 doz of it.

W. T. Ellis Cr by sugar $1.00 Feb. 25 1.25

John got this for me Sat eve-g.

Tues. 28 A very warm day. We finished our stacking & helped Chas Holly draw wheat 3/4 day. A heavy thunder storm went north of us this eve-g.

Wens 29 A very warm day. John was plowing corn. I went to


Reading after a load of shingles for Angus for his barn. John Dopps barn 22 acres wheat his hay & other things were bumt.

Thurs 30 A pleasant day. John was plowing corn. I was at odds and ends in the fore-n. We attended Ladies Meth-t Picnic at Clear Lake in the after-n.

'rid 31 Very warm with a light shower in the after-n. We were

plowing corn gr in the mom-g. Helped James Haight thresh from 10 A.M.until 5P.M. Vi and I were over to the St.Line (?) this eve-g.


Sat August I Pleasant in the fore-n. A heavy shower after dinner. We were plowing and weeding corn in the fore-n. Mr Wylie & family D Mitchell and wife Jane McNaughton & Mrs Simon Dugruid were here and spent the atfer-n.

Sab 2 Cloudy and threatened rain in the morning com-ed raining about I P.M.

and rained very hard most of the time until night. We were out to Sabbath School & Preaching.

Mon 3 Rained quite hard in the night. Showery the most of the forenoon.

Pleasant in the after-n. I was calling on the neighbors in the fore-n.

John mowed the fence comers and I drove over toMcGomery in the after-n. Tues 4 A heavy thunder storm last night. Pleasant today. We were fixing fence on the east side of the wood lot in the fore-n. Ground our scythes & mowed in the fence comers around the rye field & drawed in the after-n. Claimed by several person there was 5 in of rain fell in the storm of Sab after-n and eve-g.

Wens 5 A pleasant day. We drawed rails and finished the fence along the road. Com-ed cutting oats this eve-g. Chas Holly infant boy was buried this after-n.

Thurs 6 Pleasant in the fore-n. Raining in the after-n. John grubed

half of the fore-n. Bound oats the rest of the fore-n. I cut and bound oats. Frid 7 Cloudy and damp most of the fore-n. Pleasant in P.M. I was fixing fence through the oak (?) swamp in the fore-n. Worked at the oats in the P.M. John was away about 2/3 of the day.

W. T. Ellis Cr by tobacco .25

& Stick and Saive.25 Goot by John for me .50

Sat 8 Showery in the mom-g. Cleared up before noon. We were working at the oats. Angus helped 3/4 day.

Sab 9 A warm day with a heavy shower aftnoon. The folks were out to church. Mother stayed at Angus this eve-g.

Mon 10 A fine day finished cutting our oats abt supper time. Angus was helping us and I went home with him & put up grist of rye for us. I borrowed 16 bush till I thresh & put up IO bush for him. Tues I I A fine day John was raking out stubble and mowing I went over to Wakemans, Mill with rye for Angus & myself. Went over to McGomery this eve-g. J. Grey Cr by Pfs .40

Wens 12 A fine day. John was drawing stone off wheat gr. I helped

Wm. Sherer thresh. We threshed 488 of wheat and 234 oats.

Thurs 13 A fine day John was drawing manure in the fore-n. Helped

Wm Peters thresh in the after-n. I was helping Angus shingle his

bam. John Grey Cr by a South Bend Plow - standard 3.00

He left it here today

Frid 14 Quite cold and cloudy today. John was helping Wm Peters to thresh. I was laid up with a boil in the fore-n. Helped Angus shingle in the afternoon.

Sat I 5 A pleasant day. I was cutting the oats in shock rows in the

fore-n. Was riging up the plow in the after-n. John drawed

manure in the fore-n Bound oats in the P.M.

Sab 16 A pleasant day. We was out to Sab School and Preaching.

Was out in the eve-g.

Mon 17 Quite wann today. Angs hand and John were threshing for

Chas. Holley until 4 P.M. & for Henry Holley the rest of the P.M. I went out to Reading after a load of shingles for Angus. Attended a debate at the Church this eve-g between Mr. Wylie & a latter day saint by the name of Scott on this Quest Resolved that the recognized Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints is the only true Church in organization & doc. The Bible the Standard of evidence.

Tues 19 Threatened rain this mom-g but did not amt to much. We

drawed our oats in the after-n. Wm and Chas Holley helped us.

There was 120 doz on the south field. Attended debate this eve-g.

Pd S. Duguid in Coupons for trade .39

Wens 19 A fine day. John and I helped Jas Haight thresh in the fore-n. John com-ed plowing & I helped A. D. Nobles thresh in the P. M. We threshed the shock rows rakings of oats at Haights- had 20 bush. We attended debate thiseve-g.

Thurs 20 A fine day John plowed & I helped A. D. Noble thresh in

the fore-n. John was destroying weeds & Clara Vi & I attended Mrs Wylies birthday party in the after-n & the debate in the eve-g. Lent Jas. Haight 6 bush of oats and lent Angus 4 bush till they thresh. Frid 21 A lovely mom-g threatened rain but did not amt to anything till after-n when we had a fine shower. We were plowing getting our oats home from Jas Haights & several other things. We attended the debate at St. Line. Took a vote of the house at the close. They decided in favor of the negative. John went to

Fremont this eve-g. He is Dr to cash on work 1.00

Sat 22 A fine day. John did not come home until this eve-g. We

attended a picnic at Pleas-t Lake. I was plowing for wheat today.

John came home this eve-g.

Sab 23 Several light showers today. We were not out to Church

Mr Wylie was away.

Mon 24 A dark cloudy day threatened rain but did not. John spread

1 2

manure and plowed. I went in the mom-g and after-n to help Wm Holley to thresh. We threshed 10 bush. after dinner & quit for fear of rain. I was taking up part of a ditch in P.M.

Tues 25 A fine day John was plowing & I helped Wm Holley thresh

finished abt 5 P.M. We had 274 bush wheat- 178 of oats- & 62 Rye.

Wens 26 Quite cool John was plowing. I was repairing the Stone

ditch in the fore-n. Helped Jas Chestnut thresh in the after-n.

Thurs 27 Cool and cloudy. John plowed & I helped John Copeland

thresh at Mrs Chestnuts in the A. M. We were plowing and

grubing S of the Bear Swamp in the after-n. Recd of John

Copeland for a fork .50

W. T. Ellis Cr by Sugar got by Jay Tues. .50

Frid 28 A fine day. We were plowing and gmbing in the fore-n. John

plowed and I helped Angus thresh at his place & W. Morrows

in the after-n. Angus had 150 B W

Sat 29 A fine day John plowed in the fore-n & I helped Wm. Morrow

thresh till abt I I 0 clock. He had 320 bush wheat & 85 oats. John

was under brushing & I was over to McGomery in the P.M.

Borrowed of Burt Meyers 25.00

for 30 days. Gave my note for the same.

Pd Morse & Co bull on the store acct 1.50

Paid John Grey for Point and Wheel Axel .60

Sab 30 A pleasant day Quite cool the eve-g. We were out to Sab

School and Preaching.

Mon 31 A pleasant day Quite cool this eve-g. We were retoping hay

stacks & drawing manure. Angus took dinner with us. Sold Herb

Warner 5 bogs with the privelege of 6 at .03 3/4 cts per lb to be

delivered at McGomery a week from next Sat. Recd on sale 5.00


Tues Sept 1 Several changes of the weather today. Quite a fog in the

mom-g. Cleared off quite warm. Then turned quite cold with wind from the N.W. about I 0 0 clock with rain to the N of us. We were plowing grubing fixing up the grainery & Angus & hand was helping us. Angus went to Mill for himself and me today. He took 6 bush pf wheat & 6 bush of rye for me. Borrowed of him until I thresh.

Paid Angus for a bbl of Salt 1.10

I went home with Angus and helped butcher a sheep. I got 1/2 of it - It weighed 17 3/4 lbs with cloth.

Wens 2 Quite a frost last night. We were plowing and grubing in the

fore-n. John was draging and Mother Vi and I were attending Society at

Ebenever Dugruids in the after-n. We stopt with them for tea. Mrs

Leon-d Roby of Tuscola came here this after-n and was over to St. Line

in eve-g. Paid S'm Dugruid in coupons for trade 1.94

& cash on store acct ten dollars 10.00

1 3

John Mitchell dr to cash 1.00

Thurs 3 A fine day. We were plowing. Spreading manure mowing weeds etc. Mrs Roby left this after-n to visit other neighbors.

Frid 4 A fine shower this mom-g cool and cloudy through the day.

I finished plowing 8 acres S of the hill lot this fore-n. Plowed west of the Bear Swamp this after-n John was mowing briers and grubing today

Sat 5 A light shower about daylight- pleasant through the day John and team were draging for Angus. I was running around and churning in the fore-n. Helped Wm Peters thresh oats in the

afternoon. He is Dr. to the same .63

We threshed 645 bush firom 22 acres. Drove 2 Y H to Wm Peters Sab 6 A light frost last night- a pleasant day. We were out to Sab School & Prayer Meet-g.

Mon 7 Cool and cloudy. We were plowing and grubing west of B. Swamp I attended School meeting this eve-g. Doct Miner was elected Director for 3 years & Geo Null to fill vacancy for 2 Tues 8 It was raining all day. Light this morning & mined quite hard the most of the fore-n. Cleared up abt noon. Had a veryheavy shower abt 3 or 4 P.M. John was away in the fore-n. We finished cleaning the grain-y in P.M.

Wens 9 A dark cloudy day with squalls and showers. We done the chores & tinkered.

Paid Geo Holcomb for grass bought July IO 13.50

Thurs I 0 a dark misty day. We done the chores husked corn and tinkered

Frid I I A pleasant day. John was cutting and husking corn Spliting

wood etc. The children and I were out to Reading this forenoon.

Newt Woodward called here this afternoon I rode over to Ira

Adams to see the threshers with him.

Paid Sila Jeffers for a pair of boots 5.00

Paid Smith and Merry for Barn Shovel 1.00

Paid Hill for Sugar Coffee Tea etc 1.75

Sat 12 A fine day. John was helping Dan Sherer thresh in the fore-n.

Was at various things in the after-n. I took some hogs to

McGomery in the fore-n. Butchered a Sheep Sorted out the lambs,

etc in the after-n. Came home by Ang-s. He helped me butcher

the Mut-n He is Dr to Tegr(?) weighing 10 lb

Recd of H Warner for 5 hogs 3 3/4 cts 45cts / I 00 41.25

this includes cash recd on sale.

Paid E. Teachout for 1 1/2 bush Tim. Seed 338

Simon Dugnjid Dr to cash 10.00

Sent this to him by John Carruthers

Sab 13 Rained very through the night- broke up about 10 OC We

were out to Preaching fore-n

Paid James Servis ball on Preachers Salary 5.00

1 4

Paid Jos McNaughton on Sub for Christian States Man 4.00

Mon. 14 A flne day. We were taking up part of a stone ditch in the

wheat field, filled up.

Recd of John Copeland by Wm Leitel .50

for helping thresh at Mrs. Chestnuts

Tues 15 A pleasant day but quite a strong wind part of the time. The Crapo

Bros were threshing for us. Finished about 15 min to 4 P.M. We had 181 bush wheat 129 of rye 153 of oats includ-g those threshed at Jas Haights.

They are Cr by same 12.36

1 had 2 hands from Wm. Sherers Wm Holley J. Haight Chas. Holley Albert Nobles Willson Leitell for helping him at Jas Chestnuts Angus & Walter Meffow & 2 of us.

Wens 16 A rine day. We were plowing draging grubing & burning South ol' the

Bear Swamp I was over to Ang-s this eve-g

Thurs 17 A fine day. We flnished fiting the South piece of ground & com-ed fiting the other. I was hunting a drill this fore-n. De Mitchell spent the day here. David Filkins & family left for Greensville last Monday mom-g. Frid 18 A fine day. Jay and I were cleaning seed wheat & picking stone & John was draging in the fore-n. Jay and I were drilling wheat & John was grubing & burning South of Bear Swamp. John was over to Angus in eve-g. Sat 19 A fine day. Jay & I were drilling wheat in the fore-n & John was grubing and ditching. We were mowing around stumps water furrows & choring in P.M. We had Wm. Peters drill to sow with. Sowed about 7 acres, 13 bush.

Paid his son Melvin on hay 1.00

John went to the Comers this eve-g. He is Dr. to cash on work .50 Sab 20 A flne day. We were out to Sab School & Preaching.

Mon 21 A fine day. John was draging and drawing some stone for ditch. I was repair-g a blind ditch in the wheat lot

Tues 22 A clear day com-ed getting cold this fore-n & got quite cold by ene-g. John was draging & I was repairing ditch. John went to the Comers this eve-g.

Wens 23 A flne day. John was cutting corn & I fllied the ditch,

finished draging & done the water furrowing. Angus was over & done the drilling for me. Sowed abt 6 acres. Martha & Georgie (?) were here this eve-g with Angus. I sowed 20 bush seed in all.

Thurs 24 A fine day John was cutting corn. I took Ang-s drill home in the mom-g. He was going to Mill came this way helped me clean up 12 bush of feed & took it to Mill for me. Mother went home with him this eve-g.

Paid Angus for tumblers.50 for I doz & Sug .88

1 was helping cut corn in the P.M.

Frid 25 A fine day. John was cutting corn. I took Angus drill home and helped him butcher a sheep in the fore-n. Cut corn in P.M. Angus Cr. by 16 1/2 lbs of mutton.

1 5

Sat 26 A fine day. John & I were helping Angus cut corn Mother came home with us this eve-g.

Sab 27 A fine day. We were out to Sab School and Preaching Were out to eve-g Services.

Mon 28 A fine day. We were cutting corn. Attended a National Reform

Lecture this eve-g at McGomery by the Revs J. W. Coleman & R. C. Wylie.

Tues 29 A fine day. John was cutting corn. I cut corn in the fore-n.

Attended the Cent-I Aniversaiy at St. Line in after-n & eve-g. Lent Wm Mitchell 16 2/3 bush of red wheat for seed. He agreed to put the same amt in the market when notified (of white wheat) & also the difference in price. (RecdpayOct2,1886)

Wens3O Aftne day. John was helping Angus with com ground. Vi,

Georgie & I drove out to Fremont. Came home by St. Line.

Paid for trade today

Chadwick & Dewey Cr by goods


Thurs I October 1885 A fine day. John & I were helping Angus fit the ground and sow wheat

Frid 2 A fine day. Communion fast day. We were out to Preaching.

Rev W. J Coleman Assistant John cut corn for Wm. Holley Sat 3 A fine fall of rain last night & a while this mom-g. We were out to Preaching. John was away 1/2 day & went up to I lalls Comers this eve-g.

Sab 4 A cold chilly rainy mom-g broke away abt I I A.M. We were out to Services Communion Services today. Mother is going to stay over-n.

Mon 5 Rained through the night & mom-g. Broke away abt 9 A.M.

Mother Vi & I attended Church. Stopt at W. Moffows & took dinner. George & Clara Vi & I attended Mrs Wm McKinnys birthday party this eve-g. This was a complete surprise to her. John attended the pioneer picnic & doings at Reading. Tues 6 We arrived home from Mr. McKinneys about half after one this mom-g. Rained quite hard through the night & early mom-g. We were sorting sheep etc in the fore-n. John was cutting and husking corn & I went out to N. R. Woodwards with some sheep to change in the after-n.

Wens 7 Pleasant in the fore-n. Com-ed raining abt 3 P.M. I got

home from Newts abt I I A.M. We attended Society at W. Murrows in after-n. I was over to St. Line afterwards

Paid S'm Dugruid in Coupons for trade

Thurs 8 Quite cool & chilly this mom-g, a cloudy day. Cleared off this eve-g. I was over to Ang-s this mom-g. We were splitting wood, husking corn & drawing pumpkins etc. I butchered a veal 12 weeks old this afternoon. It dressed 150 lbs of meat. Hide 22 1 6 1.75 17.00 1.60

lbs. Wm Holley helped me. Took abt 1/4 day

Frid 9 A heavy frost last night a fine day. John was cutting corn & cleaning rye. I was up to Halls Comers in the fore-n. We were cutting corn & plowing in P.M. Mrs Mattie French & Mrs Stella Mitchell were here visiting today. W. T. Ellis Dr to a Hide

weighing 22 lbs Cr. by 4 lbs Crackers .25 cts .25

Sat 10 A fine day. John was cutting corn & I was plowing. John went up to the Comers this even-g.

Sab I I A fine day. We were out to Sab school and prayer meeting.

Mr. Wylie was away.

Mon. 12 Cloudy and threatened rain but did not until eve-g. We were cutting corn, pulling beans plowing and draging. I sowed part of the rye this P.M.

Tues 13 A dark cloudy day with squalls of rain. Rained most of the

might. John was away today. I went to Jonesville to see Uncle John.

Wens 14 A dark cloudy day with rain squalls in the fore-n. John was

at work. I got home from Jonesville.

Recd ofJ. A Selfridge 425.00

on a note of $600.00 given last Jan. Sent Edward Moffow

a Draft on New York One Hundred Dollars 100.00

to apply on a note given him. Took up a note of Twenty Five

Dollars given to Burt Meyers Aug 29 with.30 cts int. 25.30

Thurs 15 A fine day John was husking corn etc & I was plowing new

ground for rye. Silliman Woodman came here today Angus called

this AM. I paid him on Cash borrowed Feb. 19,1883 50.00

1 owe him a ball on int of 5.83

Frid 16 A fine day. I finished plowing for and sowing rye on the new

ground. There was abt 2 acres. John was husking corn draging etc.

Sat 17 A fine day. John was husking corn diging potatoes etc I

attended Frank Lawrences Mothers Funeral. She was buried 2 ½ mi N. of Waterhouse Comers. Mrss Parker, Cass, Sherrer, Newton, Goodrich & myself were Bearers.

Paid Thos Spier on Trade acct 5.00

Paid John Mitchell on work 25.00

He went up to the Comers this eve-g. Is going to stay at David Sheffers

Sab 18 Pleasant through the day. Com-ed raining in the eve-g. We

were out to Sab School & Preach-g Were out in the eve-g.

Mon 19 A dark rainy day did not rain hard but most of the time. We

were washing out wool tinkering etc John was up to the Comers

this eve-g.

Tues 20 A dark cloudy day & quite cold. I was out to McGomery &

John spent most of the fore-n at the Neighbors. We were cleaning up a grist & husking corn for the hogs in P.M. Paid John Gray on store acct 3.00 1 7

Wens 21 A dark cloudy day & quite cold. Water froze some last

night. John was building fence spliting wood & husking corn. I

was out to Fremont to Mill. Took 6 bush wheat & 12 of feed, 3/4

bush corn for meal. Changed the wheat and left the feed.

Borrowed 91 lbs of feed. Took up J. L. Hagerlys Note of

$50.00 vadi $9.39 int 59.39

Paid Phil Michael on store acct for trade 5.00

Paid Havens & Son for a Clock 5.00

Paid Chadwick & Dewey for pants 3.75

Paid Angus ball due on borrowed money 5.83

Thurs 22 Pleasant but quite cool. John was husking corn for the

hogs & diging potatoes. I went over to Angs got the mower & cut

the grass in the orchard & took the mower home Mother went

over with me.

Frid 23 Quite a frost last night. A fine day cool air. We were diging

& piting potatoes. Put 25 bush in pits & 21 in the cellar

Sat. 24 The ground froze a trifle & a heavy frost last night We were

husking corn for the hogs & diging potatoes in the fore-n. Put up

the hay & pited 13 bush potatoes in the after-n. Mother came

home this Mg John went up to Halls Comers this eve-g.

Sab 25 A fine day. We were out to Sab School & Preaching.

Morning & Evening. Mrs Albert Paul was buried Saty Cause of

death Consumption of Bowels.

Mon 26 A fine day. We drawed a load of clover hay cut in the orch-d

& finished diging the potatoes. We had 90 bush in all. Put 13 bush

in each pit. Clara, Vi & I attended a lecture at the Church this eve-g

by Mr Wylie. Theme. The Social compact theory of Govt.

Tues 27 A fine day. Threatened min this eve-g. I went out to

Fremont after the grist. Angus went with me. John was picking

apples etc Mrs Logan & French spent the day here

Paid Chadwick & Dewey for goods 6.00

John Mitchell Dr to cash paid for goods 2.00

Paid Philip Michael for oil, 5 Gal .75

Let Angus have 2 bush Rye meal

Wens 28 Cloudy but a fine day for work. We were over to Angus

picking cider apples. Brought 7 bush wind falls to rise

Thurs 29 Rained last night quite cold & cloudy today. I took the

apples up to the Halls Comers mill in the fore-n. We attended the

Ladies Miss Society at David Mitchells in the after-n.

Paid W. T. Ellis for sugar and cloth 1.02

John was up to the Comers in the fore-n Laid up fence in the after-n.

Rbt Logan came home with us this eve-g.

Frid 30 Pleasant but quite cold. John was helping Mr. Holley dig potatoes. I cut colver seed for Angus abt 3/4 day Mother & Vi went with me. Settled all accts with Rbt Logan to date. 1 8

Paid cash to Ball 4.37

John Mitchell Dr to cash Pd. Rbt Logan for watch 525

Sat 31 Ice froze 1/2 in thick on the well tub last night. Cold &

cloudy today com-ed raining this eve-g. John was husking corn I

went up to the Comers for the cider this fore-n. Took Angus

home and picked apples for him & myself in the P.M.

Paid Jos. Depers for making 2 bbl cider .64

W. T. Ellis Cr. by 2 pr legmts.30 @ .60

1 let Angus have today cash 25.00

to pay Subscription for Cedar Lake Cong. I signed this.


Sab 1 November A dark stormy disagreeable day. The ground was

white with snow this mom-g. Old Mr Holly was found dead in bed

this mom-g. Supposed cause appoplexy of the heart. I went to

help lay him out & stayed with them through the day. There was a

young man deaf & dumb called here this fore-n. Is going to stay

Till tomorrow.

Mon 2 A cold chilly day with squalls of snow & rain. I staid all night

at Mrs. Hollys. I took this young man over to the train in the

afternoon. His name is Wm Fowler His history is that he had a

run of Scarlet fever in St Paul 3 yrs ago which deprived him of

hearing & speech both. He is trying to make his way home to

Lockport N.Y. where his mother lives. John done chores husked

etc. Send W, f lolley for a few days cash 40.00

Tues 3 Snowed some through the night- cool & cloudy today. I

attended Mr. Hollys funeral. Rbt Logan & Walter Moffow took

dinner with us. Mother had been with Mrs. Holley since Sab came

home this evening.

Wens 4 A dark cloudy day with squalls of rain & mist. John was

husking some & splitting wood etc. I let Angus have 2 calves to

winter I am to give him the small one for wintering the large one

took them over to him this fore-n and hung(?) 2 axes. I attended

Society there in the after-n. Recd of Wm Holley on Cash lent the 2nd 20.00

Thurs 5 A dark dismal day rained most of the time. John was away

today. I was binning apples tinkering etc

Frid 6 A dark showery day. We were changing wheat & oats grinding

axes husking etc

Sat 7 A thunder shower and heavy rain last night- a fine day. We

were piling manure in the fore-n. John husked corn & I was over

to Angus in the after-n.

Recd of Wm Holley on cash lent him the 2nd 10.00

Sab 8 A dark cloudy day. We were out to Sab School & Preaching

Mon 9 A dark cloudy day & quite cold. We were husking & drawing

1 9

corn. Cribed 30 bush

Tues IO A dark cloudy fore-n The sun broke out this after-n. We were husking & drawing corn & fixing fence. Cribed 25 bush.

Wens I I A fine day We were husking & drawing corn. Put 14 in the crib & 30 hog corn

Thurs 12 A fine day for work The sun did not shine in the after-n.

We were husking & drawing corn Cribed 22 bush & had 16 hog corn

Frid 13 A cold windy day. We were cleaning up the barnyard & butchering a pig. The shoat weighed 140 lbs after shrinking 1/2 day & dressed 94.

John Mitchell Dr to cash this eve-g .50

Sat 14 A cold blustery day with quite a strong west wind & squalls of snow John & I were on the road with team & wagon & worked out the ball of my road work. Freezing all day

Sab 15 Quite a cold air but thawed out through the day. Some of us

were over to Church on foot.

Mon 16 Quite a chilly air this mom-g warmed up throught the day.

We were fixing up around the house, barn & yard for winter. Tues 17 A fine day. We were husking & drawing corn. Cribed 32 bush good corn & 12 of hog corn

Wens 18 Com-ed raining last eve-g & rained most of the night quite hard. A dark gloomy day. We were at various things in the fore-n. John took 20 lbs pork over to Angus & I went a hunting. Mr. Wylie & Mr Speer were here family visiting. They staid & took dinner with us.

Thurs 19 A dark cloudy day. John was splitting wood & taking care of garden truck I was running around looking after lumber for a well curbing in the fore-n. Got 48 feet of oak lumber at Ang-s.

Frid 20 A dark cloudy day John was husking corn & I took my sheep over to Ang-s We tagged timed & sorted 90 of them I sorted out 20 ewes to breed & left 18 sheep & lambs at Ang-s & brought 20 ewes of his home to serve to the Buck turned in this eve-g.

Sat 21 A pleasant day. We were husking this fore-n. Drawed stalks & corn & chored in P.M. Cfibed 28 bush corn & IO of poor corn John is off to a party this eve-g.

Sab 22 Froze some last night quite cold today. We were out to Sab

School & Preaching. Mother stopt at Ang-s this eveg

Mon 23 A cold cloudy day. John was spliting wood & I was over to Wm Mitchelis taging his sheep in the fore-n. I traded 6 ewes with Wm Mitchell for 6 weathers. Angs folks brought Mother home this eve-g.

Tues 24 Froze last night. A dark cloudy day. John was spliting & piling wood. I spent most of the day visiting with Angs. Finished the well platform this eve-g.

Wens 25 Froze again last night. A cold N-west wind today. We

2 0

A few years later

Thurs 4  April 1889 Rbt Logan & I were taging our sheep in the afternoon. Ang
came over this eveng after us. We broke up housekeeping & went home with him bidding farewell to our dear home forever
as a family residence. [This is when he moves out of his home in Branch County Michigan to move to Fairgrove Michigan.]

Here are some of the names and excerpts mentioned in the books from Fairgrove Michigan

Note these are transcribed exactly as written.  Remember Dan had very little schooling as he had to work on the farm as a child because his father died when he was only 12 and he was the oldest child.  Some of the names he mentions are listed below.

 April 1889 I rented Munson Clarks house at Fairgrove for a year if needed at the rate of $50.00 pr y
 Sat 13  A cold chilly east wind.  Renwick, John Krick & Calvin Jameson drawed a load of goods apiece to Fairgrove for me & Renwick brought the 2nd load as far as his place.
Mon 15 A fine day.  I came back to Fairgrove this morng.  Renwick brought the last load of goods this fore-n I went to Calvin Jamesons rode out to Caro with him in the afternoon.
John Krick
L. Roby
Thurs 18 A fine day very warm for the time of year.  I was sowing barley &
pulling stumps for John Krick.
Miss Bell Huff died yesterday.  Started for Wisconsin with her remains this aftern
Jamesons Saw Mill was burnt to
the ground last night between 10 & 11 oc loss                 $1500.00
J. W. Hazelton
Thurs 25 April, 1889 Quitecold & cloudy Went up to R.J.Jamesons towards noon. He brought my chickens home in P.M
      He is Cr by 10 bush potatoes P June Sent Renwick Jameson $100.00 for 6 mo.  Took his note for the same.
      Paid Munson Clark on the house rent 4.00
Boyd Morrow
Mr Thompson   Rev R. M. C  Thompson
Tues 30 A cloudy day with a cold north wind.  I was helping Morrow Bro in the Saw Mill

MAY 1889

Tues 2 Lowery in the foren.  Pleasant in the after I was helping Leonard Roby
build picket fence along the road
Sat 4 Quite warm.  I helped the Morrow Bro in the foren Lent them for a short time cash     20.00
Sab 5 A fine day.  We were out to S.S. & Pray-r Meet-g
T Morrows
Tues 14 Quite a cool east wind I was shearing sheep for Geo Pelton.  Sheared 14 head & got 150 lbs unwashed wool
I le paid me $ 1.00 on shearing & is Dr to a ball of                             1.00
Wens 15 Cloudy with rain in the aftern.  I helped Andy Morrow 3/4 day handle lumber
Thurs 16 A pleasant day quite warm in the aftern   I helped A. Morrow about 1/ 2 the foren handle lumber Went over to Edward Evans to work on a barn frame in the P. M for Andy
.  Vi was out to Akron this week came home last eveg.  Cousin May Morrow came home with her
Sab 19 A fine rain last night & this morning.  A pleasant day.  Georgie [George Stewart] & I were out to S. S. & Prayer Meeting
Mon 20 A fine day.  I was helping Andy Morrow at Edward Evans
Calvin Browns

JUNE 1889

 Pd Gaylord & Stone for 15 cakes of Atlas Soap .50
Paid the Druggist for soap chemicals .35
Paid Andy Morrow Synods traveling expenses .75
I also paid him $1.00 to send by Len Roby to pay subscription on Presbyterian & Covnanter 1.00
Tues 4  A cloudy with several showers I went down to Akron this morng from there to John Morrows.  He & I were cutting wood & rails in P.M Wens 5 A fine warm day.  John Morrow & I took our tools & went to Frank Culberts to finish his house got there abt I P.M
Thurs 6  A fine day.  John & I were fiting doors bolting windows &c at Frank Culberts today
Frid 7  A dark lowery day.  John & I were at work on Culbarts house  [ yes spelled 3 ways]
Mon 10   A pleasant day.  I was helping Andy Morrow at a Mr Rollfs on his house
Warren went to Bay City
Frid 14 A fine day.  I was shearing sheep for Sim Brownell. Sheared 31 recd P 2.00
Orville Jameson
Mon 17 A fine growing day. I was helping A. Morrow finish the Dedric Rolif house
Tues 18 Came home & attended Congregational Meeting at the Church in the P.M Mr Thompson
Maggie spent the P. M here.
Thomas Morrow
Ed Evans
Mr Youngs
Paid a Mr Smith for 2 pigs 3.00
Mrs Roby visited here today.  Mrs Huff called this eveg
Fannie Morrow
Howard Morrow
 I was helping Andy Morrow on  Edward Evans barn.

JULY 1889

Felix Morrow
Frid 5 A fine day.  I was helping Andy Morrow at E. Evans on the barn.  Vi & Mother attended Ladies Miss Society at the Morehead sisters.  Renwick Jameson came after them & brought them home
Sat 6 A very fine day.  I was helping Andy Morrow at E. Evans.  Came home this eveg found Howard Morrow & May Brown here
Sab 7 A fine day.  We were out to S.S. & Prayr Meetg
Andy Morrow at Ed Evans.  Calvin Browns folks & Mary Jameson & daughter
Sat 13 A fine day.  I was sprinkling potatoes & hoeing garden today R. Burrows Cr by 50 lbs flour $1.30 Pants
$ 1.00 Tea.25 Sugr.45 (Pd this acct July 16) 3.00
We were out to S.S. & Preaching Services by Rev McCracken & Rev'r.  J. Allen
Sister Clara came here this eveg
John Krick Cr by 85 lbs ground barley (settled)                  .85
Clara & George went home Tuesday.
by Rev T. J. Allen He gave a lecture at the M. E. Church
Mon 29 A fine day except one or two light showers.  I handled a few sheep for Wm Kinney in the morng .  Got over to
Mr Youngs before N Worked on the house in the P.M John Morrow staid all night with us. Paid Burrows for flour .70
Paid Hazelton for fine saw    1.00
helped Andy Morrow on a house at Wm Youngs
Thomas Morrow & wife
We were out to S.S. & Preaching Services by Rev R. M. C Thompson.  He preached in the M.E Church out by Mr Youngs
R. O Logan
R. C Burroughs

     SEPTEMBER 1889

Paid R. C Burroughs for trade 1.96
Paid Hoxie for Mill feed .88
Wens 11 A fine day.  I was digging potatoes weeding turnips &c Dug 5 bush good potatoes & I of small ones
Paid Gaylord for 1/2 bush pears                                              .60
Thurs 12 A flne day.  I was sowing a patch of wheat
I was piling wood & fixing the saw dust spout for the Morrow Bro at the Saw Mill
Mon 16 Quite cool but pleasant.  I helped the Morrow Bro on Dr. Fultons house in the foren & in the Saw Mill in the aftern
Mon 23  A fine day. I was cutting the corn & trenching the celery. Vi Georgie & Thurston started for Bay City this
 morng . Borrowed of Mr Biles cash 5.00   Sent a draft for $135.30 to Caro by C. B. Jameson to get  cashed. Paid Hoxie for Mill feed 80 lbs .70     Paid Gaylord & Stone for trade .57
Wens25 Cool & cloudy with some rain squalls through the day.  I started for the Saginaw Fair this morning Went up to Bro George at Bay City this eveg.
Paid Mr Biles cash got last Mon 5.00
Frid 27 A cool cloudy day.  We were taking a view of the Saw Mills Shops &c
of Bay City Bought some clothes for myself.  Paid for Pants $1.25 for Vest
 $1.25 heavy overshirt.75 & a Hat.25 3.50


Fannie Morrow
Thurston came home from Bay City this eveg.
in the afternoon Mr Kinney drawed a load of listem  [yes uust the way he spelled it]
from the Stave Mill for me this eveg Paid Holliker for listing .30   [What is listing?]
Wens 9 A fine day.  I was at home dug & pited 7 1/2 bush sorted potatoes,
banked the celery & visited.  The Morehead sisters and R. J. Jameson & wife.
Mr Kirks
 Paid Joseph Wylie for feed got by Georgie a few days ago .40
Rbt McLewney
Tues 15 to Frid 18 Dry cold & very smokey.      [May have been the time of the big forest fire.]
Mrs Purdys
Joseph Hall
.  R. J. Jameson Rev R. M. C Thompson & John Kirk
Rbt Martens
Jos Wylie
David Paul
John & Andy Morrow
Thomas Morrow
     NOVEMBER 1889
. Orville
Mr Clark
Mrs Hough
Came home & attended Cong-I Meeting in the P.M Paid J. Wylie for 90 lbs mill feed .90
Wens 6 to Sat 9 Pleasant fall weather I helped the Morrow Bro 4 days on Dr Fultons house Came home by train this eveg.
Paid for cheese & Oil this eveg                                              .30
Sat 16 A pleasant day, quite a frost & freeze last night.
 I was helping C. B. Jameson repair his engine wheel geting
 out stuff for the rim. Lent Thomas Morrow cash 2.00
I was helping C. B. Jameson on the Mill.
Frank Riddle
Robt McLuney
Frid 29  Quite cold but pleasant. I was puting apples in Mr
 Biles cellar piting beets cuting wood &c Paid Mrs Anna
 Vaughn on Georgies school tuition .75
 Sent it to her by Georgie
C. Brown & family
Paid Miss Anna Vaughn ball on Georgies tuition      .45
Mon 9 A fine day.  I was digging roots & put 7 bush potatoes in Mr Biles cellar, took the roots down to the Roby place
T'ues 10 Pleasant the most of the foren.  Raining in P.M We were geting ready to move
Wens 11 A fine day.  We com-ed moving to Mr Robys house R. J. Jameson with team helped us in the aftern
Thurs 12 A fine day.  We finished moving our goods Elmer Jameson & team helped us 3/4 of a day.
Stone Gaylord
Wm Huckle
H. W. Johnson
Jos Wylie
Sab 22 A pleasant day. The roads are terrible for mud
Tues 24  A dark rainy day Bro Georges folks came out to spend Christmas with us. They are now living in E. Saginaw
 Paid Burroughs for 13 lbs sugar$ 1.00 &c.28 1.28
 Paid Gaylord & Stone for 25 lbs flour .62
 Paid Jos Wylie for feed .50
Wens 25 A fine day but most horrible roads.  Thomas Morrow & family were
here spending Christmas with us.
Jean Aldrich
Mr Harrison
Frid 27 A pleasant day froze up last night.  Telegraph report last night 14 deg below zero yest-y noon in Chicago.  Wm Kinney with team helped me cut & draw a load of wood in P.M
Sat 28 A fine day.  I was cuting up & salting the pork spliting wood visiting
 &c. Paid David King for I bus onions .50
 Paid Gaylord & Stone for salt .25
 Paid for 1/2 bush turnips .10
Sab 29  Sunshine & shower very war7n this morng .  The wind blowed a perfect
gale about noon & after, turned cold towards eveg.  Georgie & I were out to
 S. S. & Prayer Mettg
Mon 30 Froze up last night. A pleasant day. I was cuting up sausage &c.
 Recd of R. C. Burroughs in trade for 2 1/2 doz eggs at.20 cts pr doz .50
 Paid R. C. B. for 2 3/4 lbs butter .42
Dec 31 A fine day. George & I were down to Akron visiting
                                                   JANUARY 1890
Vi paid for a rocking chair                                                    2.50
Sab 5 A dark cloudy day with some rain.  We attended a Miss Misners funeral
at the M.E. Church. cause of death Consumption
Mr Trimble
John Everets
Tues 14 The roads froze up last night, a pleasant day.  Mr Trimble & I were underbrushing in the foren Cuting wood in P.M Mrs Roby called a while
Wens 1 5 Misty in the foren.  We were grinding our axes & tinkering in the
foren.  Was cuting timber in the aftern.
Sat 18 A fine day.  We finished cuting up wood into draft lengths, made some skidways & fixed our road.  Fannie Morrow
came here this eve.  C.B. Jameson Cr by cash on work                               5.00
Mr Myerhoof Cr by a load of wood                                                  1.00
Sab 19 A pleasant day.  We were out to S.S. & Preaching.
Mon 20 Quite a cold rough day.  Mr Trimble & I were cuting & skiding wood.
John Everets & team helped us about 5 hours.  Andy Morrow  called & took tea with us Attended Cong-I
Meeting at the Church this eveg
Tues 21 A cold chilly day with light squalls of snow Mr Trimble & I were
skiding timber for wood.  John Everets & team helped us about 6 h
Wens 22 Ther 2 above zero this morng .  A pleasant day.  John Everts & team
 skided logs for us about 5 hours Mr Trimble & I were in the woods today.
 Recd of R.C Burroughs for 2 doz eggs .32
 Paid him for 25 lbs flour.44 &c.22 .66
 Paid Bosworth for quinine & cap-s .30
Thurs 23 A cloudy day with squalls of snow from the S.W Mr Trimble & I were underbrushing about 6 hours apiece for John Everet-,.
Paid Smith Stanard for a pair of rubber overshoes                              .70
Vi paid Mrs Moses on Georgies schooling he has been two weeks so far.
Sat25 Quite mild today. I was helping C.B Jamesonin & on his Saw Mill
Sab 26 Quite a mild day a light mist part of the day.
I Georgie & I were out to S.S & PM
Mon 27  A fineday.  MrTrimble & l were underbrushing 7 hours apiece for
 John Everets Paid the Druggist for Childs book of nature for Georgie 1.00
Mr Myerhof
Wens 29 A fine day. Mr Trimble & I were underbrushing 8 h
 apiece for John Everets R J Jameson Cr by 5 bush wheat 3.65
 He took it to Mill & had it floured
Thurs 30 A fine day.  John Everets & George Partloe drawed 4 loads of limb wood for me & 2 for Mr Trimble today & Geo Partioe drawed I load for Mr  Trinble Mon-y morng . We were helping load & sawed wood. Recd of
 George Partloe 28 lbs of barley for a full bag of wheat bran
 I kept as much as 20 lbs of midlings. [midlings]
 Paid Gaylord & Stone for 3 lbs butter  .42
 Recd of them for 1 1/2 doz eggs .13 @ .19
 Jos Wylie Cr by Buckwheat got by Georgie a few days ago  .25
Frid 31  A pleasant day but a chilly east wind. We were
 cuting wood at home im the foren. I helped C.B Jameson
 shingle on the Mill in aftern.


R. McClurkin
Geo Partloe
Heard Gov Luce's speech at the Court H in the aftern.
Consulted lawyer Atwood in regard to Uncle Daniel's matters.  Paid his fee 1.00
 Paid for our dinners & hrs feed .75
 Paid for a pair of cotton pants .50
 Georgie recd in trade for I doz 8 eggs .12@ .20
Mrs Biles
Sat8 Quite a wintery day Mr Trimble & I were guming & Filing the crosscut saw, cutting wood &c.
Recd of R Burroughs for 2 1/2 doz eggs .27
Mon 10 A fine day.  Mr Trimble & I were cuting wood off the skids.  Geo Partloe drawed 2 loads of pole wood for Mr Trimble & a load for me.  The hotel at the R R was burned this morng before light & most of the contents.  Mr Holikers 8 mo child was buried this P.M Cause inflammation of the lungs
Tues I I A fine day.  Mr Trimble & I were cuting wood for John Morehead, we cut some 6 cords or over.
 Vi paid R. C Burroughs for sugar tea coffee &c  1.15
Sat 15 A fine day.  I was working up wood at the house in the foren.   Vi & I attended a surprise party at Mr Furmans this eveg Mrs Furmans 38 birthday. there was some 4 persons present Presented her with a Hanging Lamp & a Base Rocking Chair.
L. F Roby
Mon 24 Cloudy & quite warm the crows were quite musical today.  Mr Trimble & I were sawing wood at John Everets woods.  John Morrow  was drawing wood out onto the road for us.  Drawed 2 loads home for Mr Trimble.  R C Burroughs Cr by sugar.50 T. 1 8 Coffee.25 Apples 1/2 bush.25 C.Y?. 10 1.28 Tues 25 A cloudy day the wind turned to the N & com-ed raining this eveg.
John Morehead
Wens 26 Froze slightly with a trifle of snow last night.  A pleasant day.  I was
sawing wood at home as the roads were to icy to handle Recd of R. C
Burroughs in trade for 2 1/2 doz eggs                                         .30
Thurs 27 A pleasant winter day.  I was firing for C.B. Jameson in the Saw Mill
Frid 28 A rainy night, froze some towards morng .  Squalls of snow thru the day.
I spent the day at home.  Paid for Oil Pepper & Raisins .42 Jen Cranson died with diphtheria this morng ,.  Buried this eve.

MARCH 1890

Felix Morrow
Recd a Batavia III paper today with the notice of Uncle George Selfridge death.  He died Feb 18th
Thurs 6  Ther 4 deg below zero this momg.  A pleasant winter day Mr Trimble & I were sawing wood in John Everets woods John Everets & team drawed wood out to the road for us.  C. B Jameson & team drawed wood 3/4 day for us, He drawed 2 jags to the road & 2 loads home for me
Sab 9  A pleasant day.  We were out to S.S & Preaching Services by Rev McBimey Ethyl Cranston died this morng buried in P.M Cause of death Diphtheria
Mon 10  A dark lowery day with squalls of snow & rain in A.M MrTrimble & I were cuting wood at Everets in the aftem.  Mrs Wylie told us the bad news of Rev R. M. C Thompsons death He died of pneumonia caused by l,a Grippe.  He died at Old Bethel III about a week ago.
Tues 18  A fine day.  I was hanging window curtains this foren.  Attended Geo Luce funeral in the aftern   at the M.E. Church.
 Paid R. C Burroughs for ½  bus potatoes .20 for 2 lbs crackers . 14 a sack o f salt . I 0                    .44
Paid Gaylord & Stone for 1/2 bush apples                                          .25
Wens 19 A light snow falling the most of the foren Pleasant in the aftern   I was making curtain slats for the wimen, spliting wood &c
Thurs 20 A light snow falling in the foren., pleasant in the aftern.   Was looking after teams spliting wood &c in the aftern.
Pd John Wylie for 50 lbs feed                                                     .45
Frid 21 Pleasant but a cold air.  I was helping raise the upper storie of Frank Bosworths store in the foren. Recd pay .63
Was spliting & Piling wood P.M John Moreheart drawed a load of wood from Everets for me this foren
Sat22  A fine day I was spliting wood & tinkering R.C Burrough Cr by l5 cakes Atlas soap & 8 lbs Sal Soda
Paid him for 1/2 bush potatoes.20 Cheese. 1 4 .34
Sab 23 A pleasant day but a chilly air.  Georgie & I were out to S.S & Preaching
by Rev McBurney Rev R. M C Thompson died of pneumonia March 2
Mon 24 A cloudy day with chilly S.E wind.  I was cleaning out & rep-g the cistern helping the wimen spliting wood &c
Recd of Gaylord & Co for 2 doz 9 eggs.  11 @  .30
Paid for Sug 3 lbs. 1 8 Rais I lb. 12 Cin.  10 Tob.  10       .50   [Tob may mean to a box]
Wens 26 Cold & cloudy quite a strong west wind I finished splifing & piling wood at the house this foren There was 12 cords & we have burnt 8 weeks wood MrTrimble & I were piling wood at the roadside at Everets place the afternoon there was 13 cords short & 1 3/4 long wood
Clare Duguid
Frid 28  A stormy blustery day with a strong N.E & N wind.The snow is all blowed into heaps.  Mrs Moses & her pupils got up a dinner at Mr Trimbles.  Vi & I were over & took dinner with them Smith Stanard Cr by a pair of
shoes got for Georgie this morng                                            2.00
Sat 29 Pleasant in the foren several light squalls of snow from the S. W in the aftern.   Several parties think there was a foot or more of snow fell in the storm yesterday there was to much slush to go out to the woods & the roads were blockaded in some places.  Tinkered at home.
Mon 31 A pleasant day thawed considerable.  I was helping a number of
others about cleaning the Church.  We set 4 hens on 14 eggs apiece  Saw Mill

APRIL 1890

Wens 2 A fine day.  I was helping the Morrow  Bro in the Saw Mill.
Sat 5  A fine spring day I was helping C. B Jameson saw lumber.  We recd a letter from Sate Ball with the sad news of Vi's Fathers death.  He was to be buried Frid Mother put Celery & Tomato seeds into the hot bed today.
Paid S Stanard for shoes   1.19  got them for Thurston
L. M. Roby
Paid LaRue for repairing boots .40
 Paid the Postmaster for cheese .22
Sab 13 A fine day.  The children & I were out to S.S & Preaching Services by Rev McClurkin
Mon 14 Quite cool this morng a fine day.  I helped C.B Jameson this morning in the S. Mill.  C. Browns had a daughter born yesterday
Mr McClurkin
Sat 19 A pleasant day but cold air. froze some last night I was helping C.B.  Jameson in the Mill.  John Ray's wife gave birth to a girl Sat 12 This is his 3rd daughter
Tues 22 A fine warm day. I taged 18 sheep for John Krick  this morng . Reed for the same  .30
 Paid Mr Harrison for a suit of summer clothes for Georgie    2.00
Fannie & Archie Morrow
 Taged 74 head of sheep for Jas Kirk in the aftern. Recd pay .75
Frid 25 White frost this morng a cold air today. I taged & trimed 40 head of sheep for John Cofield this foren recd pay .60
Robt Cofield
Sat 26 Cloudy with a chilly east wind. Set 3 hens is eveg
                                                                          MAY 1890
Thurs 1  A pleasant day. John Morehead was here & plowed
 the garden in the foren. He came by C. B. Jamesons & drawed
 my lumber & potatoes
 C B Jameson Cr by 3 bus potatoes .40 @ 1.20
 & also I bush small seed potatoes I taged 6 sheep for John
 Mills & sheared one. Dr to the same .20
 Paid Jos Wylie for a bush of oats .24
 he is Cr by 1/2 bush corn got by Georgie
Frid 2  A fine day. We planted the potatoes & sowed some
 peas. 9 1/2 rows of potatoes on this side are C. Rose 3 rows
 on the east side are Jersey Blues, the ball are R. J.

Andy Morrow
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