Lillian Street Views.

Lillian Street in the middle of Warren Township was farmers field until the late 1930s when the area was subdivided. Gradually people bought lots and built houses.  The Warren Township hall was built nearby and torn down in the late 1950s.  The State police had their post in the big house at the end of Patomic in southern Center Line. This nice old man gave me these fotos which tell the story of the street. I still need to do a little more research to fill in some details.

man and horse
House on Lillian  DTS Kittens
After losing a house in the depression the man had finally found work and saved his money to buy a lot. The depression was veryrough.  People did without much even food at times.  He built the house himself by hand about 1942.  No power tools. It was very sturdy. He and his wife lived in parts of the house as it was being built one room at a time. Other people on the street did the same.  Some had a basement dug then built the pre floor and covered it with tar paper.  They lived in the basement worked and when they had enough money they put up a house frame, then roof, enclosed it. and lived in it while finishing one room at a time. They kept gardens.  They canned a lot which was time consuming but there was food available during the winter and during times of lean income.  Some houses were made partly of scrap lumber. Many families kept chickens and rabbits for food.  There was no complaint from the neighbors as sometimes they were invited over for dinner.  After the old man died his family lived in it until the 1980s when it was sold to the city nice lot and all for $5,000.  The City demolished the old house in order to update the lot with a brick house with basement. 
houses replace fields 
Beautiful elm trees had been planted and provided shade for residents. The streed was csushed stone hard packed and treated with someting in the summer to keep the dust down.  All in all it was a very peaceful environment.  A road grader would come by in the spring and level the rough spots.