The first post road was established in 1801.  In 1804 first post opened office in Detroit.  In 1820 the second post road was established between Detroit and Mt Clemens via Pontiac.  The mail was carried by in saddle bags by horse and rider.  To Saginaw in 1823.  In 1828 postal route between Fort Gratiot at Port Huron and Ann Arbor.  The first mail carried on wheels was from Detroit to Ohio in 1827. (Farmer p880)

Mt Clemens  deliveries started in 1821.

The mail usually arrived on just one day in a week.  For example the Mt Clemens mail arrived by Saturday at 7 PM.  In 1836 it took 14 days and nights to send a letter to New York City.  In 1843 it was down to nine days.  Except in winter.   Postage ranged from six cents for under 30 miles. to 25 cents for over 450 miles.  1851 postage was dropped to 3 cents. (Farmer p880)

Telegraph line to Saginaw in 1863. p885

1838 the Pontiac & Detroit RR went out of Detroit out 12 miles in the direction of Pontiac. The first engine was the Sherman Stevens was used in 1839 before that horse drawn cars were used.  

There were very few horses for private use until the 1840’s.  (Farmer p887)

First public stage from Detroit to Mt Clemens started in 1822.

Here is the postage timeline.  We know that people got letters before that.

1639- Richard Fairbanks' tavern in Boston named repository for overseas mail.

1775- Benjamin Franklin, first Postmaster General under Continental Congress

1789- Samuel Osgood, first Postmaster General under Constitution

1823- Navigable waters designated post roads by Congress

1838- Railroads designated post routes by Congress

1847  Adhesive postage stamps began in the USA

1858- Street letter boxes

1860- Pony Express

1862- Railway mail service, experimental

1863- Free city delivery

1864- Railroad post offices

1873- Penny postal card

1896- Rural free delivery, experimental

1912- Village delivery

1930 Mail to house delivery.

 When did the US Mail in our area really begin?  Did the stages bring mail?