Schools of Warren Township

I am in process of going to each school district to get more information. So you will hopefully see several pages on schools in the future.  Wes

The first schools were held in temporary shelters.  The greatest part of the child's education was taught by being shown how to do chores and tasks that the parents needed to have done.  It was hands on learn by doing and was very effective.  Many people living in our area did not know how to read or write.

The pioneers were first too busy with just surviving.  Children had to work to survive.  They learned survival skills from their parents.  But as farms developed and farm families were able to support their families they felt the need for basic education.  Most residents at that time were not able to read or write.  Sometimes they would have others come to their homes to teach their children.  Some of the local churches may have been involved with some basic education.  Richer families sometimes send a child away to school.

Probably about 1840 the actual first school house in the Warren Township was constructed.  The first known school was s split log school house the farmers built at the corner of Creek Road (Chicago Road) and Ryan roads.  This school house was also used for a church for both the Methodist and Baptist groups.  This log building also had uncomfortable split log benches. 

West 1894

Later a newer better wood frame building was built in 1894 to the south on Ryan Road.  That burned down in 1931. 

A Brick one room school building was constructed in 1931.  Later it additional rooms were added.  That red brick building  still standing.  It is being currently being used by Korean war Veterans.  Of late it has been place for sale.

North School Berz was built in 1859

The North school built in 1859 was also called the Berz school
It was located on the West side of Mound just South of 15 Mile Road.
It became part of the Warren Consolidated School District in 1941, 
It was sold in August of 1952.

South School 1866

The South school was built in 1866.  It was located on the East side of Mound Road between 13 Mile Road and 12 Mile Road. It was also called the Halmich School.  In November of 1945 it was sold to General Motors and is now part of the GM Tech Center.

East School

 There was also an East School built before 1875 on North side of Chicago Road between Van Dyke and Mound.  It was about 500 feet west of Van Dyke.  It was sold in August 1951 to Seventh Day Adventst Church.  From 1963 to 1968 with new owners it was extensively remodeled.  It now exists as part of Teddys Tavern.

Bunert One Room School

The Bunert One Room School was built in 1875 and located on the northeast corner of Bunert and Martin Roads.  It was named after August and Mine Bunert who sold the land to the Warren School District No. 4 in January of 1875.  The school is a wood frame board-and-batten structure.  Originally the school housed students in grades 1-8. 

Bunert Standard was built in 1927

Bunert Standard 1927 School Betty Chargo at Left Class of 1940

A larger two room school was built in 1927 and sat next to the Bunert School.  Classes K-4 were taught in the one room school, 5-6 and 7-8 were taught in the two room school.  The two schools had 3 teachers and 65 students. Classes were held in it until 1944.  The two older schools were then sold to John O’Connor who made them into residences.  In 1970 it was sold to the Santa Maria Lodge.  In 1987 the lodge people offered it to The Warren Historical Society who later moved a few hundred yards to its present location just south of the Tower High School and have restored it as a school and museum.  In 1944 a new 6 room school was built and named Charwood after Betty Chargo and Irene Woodward.


Murthumn High School was built in 1926. 

Murthumn High School was built in 1926.  It was the first school within the Villiage of Warren.  It closed in 1978.  Was used for storage after that until it was demolished.

The Flynn Junior High School was dedicated 1973.