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They Killed Each Other Needlessly

If you look at a summary of history such as in the World Almanac you will see that a major activity of mankind is warfare.  This fact has not changed and is true even today.  Governments and dictators spend more money and GNP on warfare than any other item.  At any moment in history and even today there are many wars going on around the world.  In the last few years the United States has lost several thousand people to warfare.  Around the world millions are dying due to this needless activity and there is no end in sight.  Of course sometimes fighting is unavoidable but for many other situations there are better ways to resolve issues than to resort to killing.  We must be alert to take action to resolve potential conflicts and prevent needless dying.  If we don't it will happen here again as it has in the past many times. And, as history demonstrates to us, in absence of law and order the brutes take charge and they kill anyone and everyone they choose even innocent women and children.  We also need to train all young people in citizenship, and to be able to prevent fighting whenever possible and to defend our communities in the case the need arises.  See more below.

Observations of veterans and Warning

As a historian and war veteran, I feel responsibility and duty to tell the truth.  One function of history is to learn from it.  Americans have become soft, lazy, obese and weak according to experts.  This means that they would be easy pickens in a war.  Look at what has happened to other peoples when they became weak.  Examples look at the Romans, English or the peaceful christian Moravian  Indians of Macomb County.  Need another how about the British Empire, or the Japanese Empire. Think the military can protect you.  Well a 16 year old boy was able to stop the US Army cold by hacking in to their computers.  Besides there isn't much army left anymore.  The army has been largely disbanded and if any crises occur they have to rely on weekend warriors (The National Guard).  An E bomb can render the military's computers useless and our military now cannot function without them.  Do you think your police department can protect you?  During a terrorist attack or war condition there are not enough police to protect 99% of the local citizens.  How about the National Guard.  They will be occupied fighting in Iraq or some other place then to protect you.  Who does that leave to protect your family?  Terrorists are planning attacks locally in our area.  If you doubt any statement I have just made do some research.  You will find out that I am correct.  Some solutions are below.

     If you appreciate your freedom and way of life thank a veteran.  Families living in our area had members like mine that had fought in the Revolutionary war, the American Civil War, World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and Iraq.  You will see examples in the fotos that follow.  Both St. Clement Cemetery and Warren Union Cemetery have veterans buried there.  Heronoius Engleman for whom Engleman street was named was a civil war veteran. 

Center Line has a street named after Paul Hazen a holder of the Silver Star who died in war.  Clem Grobbel fought in Russia.  See the story on Mike Grobbel’s wonderful web site.  7,484 women served in South Vietnam, Nearly 60,000 Americans died because of it.  2,650 died from Michigan.   Many state that it was a terrible waste.  Over 6000 Americans have died in the just four years due to war and as an observer I must comment that it appears that there is no end in sight. 

The following are some very important things to consider:
Partly as a result of the Ugly American image abroad (Result of severely flawed foreign policy)  there are thousands of muslim terrorists in training around the world and others that would do us in.  And we are being warned that we can expect terrorism here at home.

Our military over-relys on computers and satellites.  The chinese have just stolen our technology and developed the capability to destroy our communications satellites.  They tested it and have destroyed a satellite and shortly will have the capability to destroy our command and control satellites.  They would not have been able to accomplish this except for the fact that our government has allowed our technology which took many years to develop to be given away.  And what the Chinese did not get for free they are stealing and back engineering.
  Since our current society is failing to support its educationally talented youth thousands of bright young people don't make it thru college and their skills are wasted.  Education has been given a back seat in our country for too long and we are about to pay the price big time.  In several other countries such as China promising young people have their way paid completely thru college.  Students from other countries are surpassing the few American students with better test scores.  As a result America is losing its technology lead as other countries with better trained minds are advancing their technology.  Why is it that most electronic equipment, even phones, radios, TVs, home entertainment, and cameras are now being developed in other countries and even manufactured there.  Within just a few years China will surpass the United States in technology, engineering, war technology, economics, and sales.  If you doubt this go to any big store and compare how many items are made and engineered in the United States as opposed to those from elsewhere.  You will be shocked.  And with it go millions of good jobs AND YOUR SECURITY!

This is serious business and we need to take action now before it is too late!

One thing that could be done is to provide our young people with decent opportunities for vocational training and practical education in and after high school.  This might be accomplished by having a "National Voluntary Vocational Training and Service Corps."  This could be something like the peace Corps.  A voluntary organization where young people can be trained in a vocation.  They would be required to perform a period of time in practicing their vocation as a public service as part of their training. A young person could be given help in selecting a vocation then be given the training.  Let's use three examples of  building construction,  MRI technician and medical doctor.  The student would be given the training but required to pass tests along the way, then would have to practice the vocation for a period of time to gain proficiency and lastly they would have to serve the public where needed for a period of time as payback for their training.  Everyone benefits.  The student gets a skilled occupation and the ability to earn decent income.  Society benefits by utilizing its youth and from the services they provide.  The working person working in a good vocation pays more taxes than an unemployed or unskilled person and over time the program pays for itself by bolstering the economy.
What to do about the need of society to defend itself.  It appears that one good idea is for all young people to be required to spend one month just after high school in basic training for defense of our country and in learning about their responsibilities of citizenship.   Opportunities could be provided for additional vocational training. This could possibly straighten out many misbehaving youth.  Opportunities could be provided for them to go on for training in an occupation and or to enlist in the military.  It seems to many of us that it is unfair to dump repeated years of war duty (such as in the case of Iraq) on family persons that enlisted in the National Guard and were told that it was just for local duty in times of disaster.  It seems so unfair to them to have to bear this burden alone when there are many strong young people on the streets learning instead to sell drugs, pimp and do drugs and party such as in Detroit and other big cities.
Our society needs to get its head out of the sand of fantasy and deal with reality.  We need to be prepared.  We must prepare young people for success in vocations and to learn how to defend our communities.  We must be vigilent and ready.  In time of war everyone may be needed to help and all youth should be required to learn about and serve in defense of our country.

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