Civil War

Battle Hymn of the Republic MTC "Dixie" player piano roll   Battle Hymn of the Republic  US scenes Army of the Free
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, the Boys Are Marching The Yellow Rose of Texas
Star Spangled Banner short Dixie  instrmental Dixie Land (I Wish I Was in the Land of Cotton)
Hell on the Wabash Fife and Drum    Drum Calls Call To Battle    Battle Cry Of Freedom Marine Corps
SHENANDOAH American Traditional     American Marching Song "I Left My Love"
I wish I was in Dixie land    Stephen Foster's Ring de Bango    Stephen Foster's Dolly Day-1850
Gettysburg History Channel (Part 1)     My Country Tis of Thee
Tenting Tonight Civil War Music Video   TENTING TONIGHT with many fotos
When Johnny Comes Marching Home By String Band
WHEN YOU AND I WERE YOUNG, MAGGIE1866     . Civil War Fotos    Hard Times
Give Peace A Chance Michigan in the Civil War  nicer nice music Civil War Songs Union
When Johnny comes marching home  (Mitch Miller Chorus)
Gettysburg Address As Read By Johnny Cash     AURA LEA
OLD FOLKS AT HOME - Original 1851   Verses HOME ON THE RANGE - Original 1873
Lyrics & Chorus- Tom Roush THE PICTURE ON THE WALL - 1864 Civil War Ballad     Civil War 101
THE BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM . Civil War in Film 1    Civil War in Film 2    Civil War in Film 3
Gettysburg Civil War reenactment footage  Gettysburg Part 2  Gettysburg History Channel Part 3
(Part 4)/a>     (Part 5)     (Part 6)     When Johnny Comes Marching Home     Army of the Free
Confederate Anthem    Best Civil War Photos     Field Musicians of the Civil War
The Blue and The Gray, Battle of The First Bull Run    Movie Gettysburg
Pickett's Charge end.wmv     battle scenes
Civil War Days July 2007 at Historic Fort Wayne Michigan    Gods and Generals First Battle of Bull Run
US Civil War Music Video action scenes no blood   . Battle Cry of FreedomThe Weavers
We shall breathe the air again of the free land in our own beloved home.
The Boys Are Marching Including lyrics
Civil War Rememberence May 2010     Michigan in the Civil War