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Today's students cannot communicate with others who speak languages other than English. Humans need to be able to understand other humans especially in emergencies. Even elementary students can learn enough of the easiest language to correspond with other children in over 80 countries. This can be done in 10 minutes a day. It helps them to learn English better and helps their intelectual development. Also increases their interest in social studies and geography. See
Learn the Easiest Language so all humans can understand each other.
Humans need to be able to understand each other especially in emergencies.

If one compares today's education in our local schools with the 8th grade education that children got a hundred years ago it is no contest at all. A large number of today's 12th grade graduates can't do math without a calculator, can't fill out a job application properly, and can't even read well. Half of the graduates of today's schools don't know who we fought in WWII, or why, or Korea, or Vietnam. Half can't name what the law of the land is or list the rights in the first 10 amendments, or make correct change without a calculator. Many can't find the USA on a blank map of the world or name capitals of the states or countries. They don't know how common things work. (I am a college professor and did a survey) They don't know how to cook, or survive outdoors. And they not only have little job skills but are not even ready to go into an occupation. In other words perhaps a majority of today's 12th grade graduates could not even pass the 6th grade examination of a hundred years ago. Here it is. Can they pass the 1890 6th grade test?
This has happened because of many factors. Our society no longer values education. Kids spend many more hours watching educationally and morally deficient and decadent television then they do in schools. And when in school they learn less than 1/10 th the time, because of large class sizes and because the teacher is forced to waste much time dealing with discipline problems instead of teaching, and because of poor expectations of parents and students to learning. The result is America is very much behind in comparison to many other countries in the world in educating children. And many other countries put their bright young people thru college or advanced technical training while America forces them try to eek out an existence at fast food places. Also as a result America is falling behind other countries in technology. As a result the decline of America is progressing rapidly.

When were the schools built?

Today's parenting and many students are an insult to real education. Don't blame the teachers. Why?

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Teacher's Contract    as follows     May not have company of men, Must be home by 8 pm, Must not loiter in ice-cream stores, May not leave town without permission, May not smoke or drink, May not ride in a carriage or auto with any man, Must not dress in bright colors, Must wear at least two petticoats, No makeup, Must sweep and scrub classroom floor, Must build wood fire at 7 am, Must not get married. Must be able to survive on $75 a month and buy all children's school supplies out of that also.

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