Improving Things For All Think Tank


This is a place to share good ideas with the purpose of improving things and creating a better future. You can discuss them also. Let's keep things positive. Actually there is more discussion on the Facebook site because that is almost live. This web page you are on will be more of a summary of the ideas posted on facebook. I am a retired college professor but frankly do not have the time to hoste a live discussion group on the Internet. So Since a lot of people understand and use Facebook that will do for now. About privacy concerns - - The basic rule is just don't post anything especially about yourself that you don't want the world to see.

Here are a few pictured ideas from the Facebook site to find it just sign in to Facebook and search for the group "Improving Things For All Think Tank"

We have created abundance and ample for all. Look at Walmart, Kmart Meijer, Home Depot, Target etc. There is about everything anyone needs and if you don't find it go to, Ebay, or at a cheap price. But what about affordable housing? An affordable car? Adequate income for all? A livable wage?

We have done the first one Ample for All already. But our Abundance is poorly managed. The second and third ones need good planning and management. We have at least 4,000 job openings but people need to be trained qualify for them. We therefore also need better vocational training.

Hunger in Michigan 1 in 5 children go to bed hungry. One half of the population of Warren is below the poverty line. How can we meet the human need for FOOD?

But now we are taking steps to solve this problem with Gleaners and Forgotten Harvest, and food banks.

What is the name of that city which just started giving homeless people work such as picking up the trash in exchange for food and shelter and occupational training? And the few that have mental problems get treatment for that.

The good news is we are helping these now.

What do you do if you have a sick child or senior or person who needs medical care but does not have money or insurance? I've known seniors who have to choose between taking required medicine or buying food. Many have died. This was just posted and we will have ideas presented soon.

Let's see your ideas on how to improve things and to create a better future for us and our children. We can discuss those ideas if you want to. We know that too many people have died needlessly, and many are still suffering. We live in a culture where we have created abundance. We have everything created people need yet many still are without adequate food, shelter, medical care, needed education and the resulting income. Does anyone care? Will anyone join this group? Time will tell.

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