Lessons Of History

Lessons and comments from looking at history

We must be prepared against attack from without and from within from humans and microbes. We need more medical research. The government allowed antibiotics to be put in animal feed. Now the bugs are becoming resistant to antibiotics. We are running out of treatments against them. Anti human bacteria and viruses are increasing. Mankind is not doing enough research on fighting them.     In the old days the air was clean,   the water was pure, the ground wasn't littered with chemicals and you could eat fish from any stream or lake.
Now fish contain poison and people are dying from the air, water, and ground pollution. 2008 ALA report shows Warren high in year round particle pollution. This is unhealthy air causing deaths and global warming.. We need to clean up the enviroment before it is too late.

The history of mankind is full of needless brutal warfare and cruelty. It is our duty to our children to put an end to it.

We need a Code of Conduct for all Humans.
It should be:     Bring no harm to another by your actions or inaction,
Don't do to others what you would not want done to yourself.
In other words Love one Another and Kindness needs to be the standard.

People can learn in 5 minutes a day an international vocabulary so all humans can understand each other especially in emergencies. It is the quickest most time and cost efficient solution to understanding between over 1000 languages. See Easiest Language
This is not obvious when you are surrounded with people who mostly speak your native language. But in many parts of the USA and in most parts of the world people do not understand English. Except for tourist areas you go two blocks away from the tourist attraction and your English is worthless. I know I have been in many such areas. This easy to learn international vocabulary solves the problem of communication between languages, and it actually helps students learn English better. Check it out visit Easiest Language

In Michigan we have access to all the free water we need. Yet we pay to throw it away.
There is no need to pay Detroit's high price. We can just capture the water from the roof like they did in the old days. It is free and pure.

In the past windmills provided some free power. Now we can get free power from the sun. Get solar shingles or panels. Get government to pay for some of it. Become independent of the power company. Make them pay you.

Something is seriously wrong with the justice system. Justice for All has been killed by Justice only for a very high price. Attorney gods and their judge partners have taken over. In Feb 2009 a school girl cried for help from security guards because she was being attacked. Three guards just stood there and did nothing while the girl was brutally attacked knocked to the floor and severely kicked and beaten. They failed to act because they were afraid of expensive lawsuits. Many security guards around the country are not allowed to do anything for the same reason. Homeowners even those who have been repeatedly broken into can't do much to an invader for fear of outrageously expensive lawsuits, and have even been sued because the thieves injured themselves while inside the homeowners house or yard. Many people are wronged because they could not afford attorney's outrageous fees. Ordinary people are often ordered by judges to pay attorneys hundreds of dollars an hour. Malpractice and greed is rampant among attorneys. I have seen an attorney get a poor widows house for his fees. An attorney refused to let an innocent man state that he was innocent and why. Ordered him to plead guilty. That gave the innocent man a criminal record. Then the judge ordered the innocent homeless man to pay his appointed attorney $250 for five minutes of legal services. Attorneys like that are white collar criminals and should be sent to Pagan Island in the Pacific.

Someone is choking or drowning or in a car that is about to catch fire and good Samaritans are afraid to even give emergency help because of the possibility of expensive lawsuits.

Child protection gone nuts.
Everyone agrees children should not be harmed but because of attorneys school districts have ordered no paddling and even no shouting at students. In fact students are encouraged to report any teacher or parent incidents. Because of lawsuits and child protection laws any teacher that is reported for any alleged incident is automatically put on unpaid leave for 30 days. I know of several of these alleged incidents that caused a teacher to lose pay and enormous personal stress and had absolutely no grounds in fact at all. I have witnessed a teacher being set up. I overheard a girl confess that she had made up a story that a teacher who had given her an E grade had fondled her. I remember that that teacher was a family man with two children and because he had not got tenure was not rehired due to the fact that the alleged incident had hit the papers. He lost his job and his home and who would hire him if the school district he had worked for wouldn't. The Teachers are afraid of the Administration who is afraid of the School Board who is afraid of the parents and lawsuits. And the kids. They aren't afraid of anyone because they can make up a story against a teacher or parent and cost them dearly in legal fees. Teenagers have picked up on this and can and do threaten parents. Parents now-days are afraid of discipline for fear someone will call protective services and they will have to take off of work, perhaps get fired or pay large legal fees.

Where went Common Sense?
A local store had a big theft problem so they hired a security guard. The thieves found out that the guard would out run them and insist that they return the merchandise immediately. Well it worked and the theft rate dropped significantly. Corporate people investigated why this one store had such a low theft rate compared to other stores. When they discovered why they fired the guard. The theft rate was soon back thru the roof and you and I are paying for it.

Political correctness is a form of censorship and a form of stupidity that may cost us our freedom. See remarks about political elsewhere on this site.

Another common senseless item is 0 violence tolerance policies. Example: a teacher who was a veteran and who had training in disarming, had an opportunity to disarm a student that appeared to be getting ready to shoot a gun. The teacher had stepped into a hallway and had not been noticed by a gun pointing student who was facing the other way. However because of the 0 tolerance policy if he did so he would be fired. He therefore retreated to his room locked the door just in time to hear the gun go off. Of course no one wants needless violence but on rare occasion it has a place. 0 tolerance takes away a chance to save lives.
Another example: 0 tolerance for being late for work. There was an accident I saw on the way to work the second day of my new job. Help was needed. I saved a life. I got fired. Took me forever to get another job.

About crime. Swiftness, certainty and sufficiency of punishment where community, police and the justice system work together is a major deterrent to crime. Even more important is to prevent it. Proper parenting, the help of the community, adequate education, community expectations, and a code of conduct, are other important factors. Wonderful organizations like the Boy Scouts with community support are vital to our young people. They often provide knowledge and moral ideals otherwise missing in our society, especially considering the fact that children spend more time watching morally, educationally, and emotionally decadent television than they do learning in school. In Scouting boys often learn self sufficiency, outdoor survival skills, first aid, swimming, lifesaving, safety, leadership and many other desirable things not taught in schools and in many homes. They teach high moral ideals, integrity, personal and community responsibility. Many lives have been saved by scouts and many communities have benefited from scout good turns. My life was saved by a boy scout.

Lessons of history: Countries and people that don't learn from History are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. This professor believes that if this country does not learn from history and make corrections it will not exist as a free country in 30 years.

Our Bill of Rights gives us many Freedoms including: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press Freedom of Religion, Peaceful Assembly, Fair Trial Freedom to openly bear arms, Privacy. But Beware Now there are many people who are working to take your freedoms away. Do you doubt that? The right to privacy is in the constitution. Now organizations gather information about you and are allowed to sell it to anyone even foreign agents without your permission. Even our own government maintains detailed databases on each of us. Everyone wants your social security number and now drivers license number. Presidential orders allow the feds to take over in any "emergency" declared by the president at his discretion. They can take over from your own mayor and state government. Your right to a public hearing when being charged, right not to have your home and personal property searched with a search warrant and to a trial have all been partly taken away by the Patriot Act and Military Tribunal act. Most Americans have no idea this has happened.

President Jefferson warned us about bankers. Now we are slaves to big bankers. You are paying them to print your money, they are supported by the Fed, Even though they hold most of the money and are among the richest people they have received bailouts at taxpayer expense. They pay little to no interest but after the bailouts they raised the interest they are charging us. They pay much less than their fair share of taxes. They cause our children to fight wars they make profit on. Just follow the money. The top one percent own and control most of this country and are totally supported by us the poor little 99 percent. The middle class has become the forgotten class. Our Congress is full of rich self serving greedy persons who are not working for us but rather for themselves. Look at their record. Look at their history of voting and what they have done. Bailed out rich bankers, lined their pockets with money, wasted our tax dollars by the billions, spent the country broke then borrowed money from China. Now the Chinese are financing their military with American payback money. Something is seriously wrong with that picture. What should be done. First we need to become informed of what is going on then take positive action.

War on Islamic Terrorists 2001-Present 3,000 died on 9/11 over 5,000 have died since. Their method is: They hide and support terrorists from within large groups of complacent peaceful supporters. Their goal is to take over our country and dump our constitution by getting many accommodations and laws passed. Lying is part of their warfare. They want to take away our freedom of speech and discussions by getting "anti hate" laws passed. They want to make it like in some places in Europe. It you say anything negative about their ideology even if it is the truth you have to pay a fine. Lesson of history: If you allow killers, terrorists and their sympathizers to live amongst you they will hurt your children or others in time.