MILLIONS of years before present to 1699

Spaceship Earth     Space School- Earth      Geology    plate tectonics animation      Birth of the Earth & Beginning of Life on Earth       The Local Animals     More Wild Animals        The Secret Planet Earth            Structure of the Earth    Earth: Making of a Planet - National Geographic Channel           Tribute to Theropod Dinosaurs         Walking With Dinosaurs: LIVE T-Rex        Dinosaurs: The Smell of Prey        The Feathered Dinosaur         Early Earth and Plate Tectonics        plate tectonics        wolves attack moose    650 Million Years in under 2 minutes        Basics of Geography: Climate    Howling Wolves | Wolf Pack Howl        Space School- Strange Things In Space       very interesting must see    

Expanding Earth and Pangaea Theory     WOLF ATTACK.AVI    relax watch it is not bad     Wolves are not weak!