When were schools built in Warren Township?

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The first known school in Warren was s split log school house the farmers built near Creek Road (Chicago Road) and Ryan roads. This school house was also used for a church for both the Methodist and Baptist groups. Log buildings also had split log benches. There were often few if any good books. Church buildings were sometimes used for schools.

West school was built in 1894 to the south on Ryan Road. That burned down in 1931.A newer better red brick building was built to the south on Ryan Road and is still standing.

The North school built in 1859 was also called the Berz school. It was located on the West side of Mound just South of 15 Mile Road. It became part of the Warren Consolidated School District in 1941, It was sold in August of 1952.

The South school was built in 1866.  It was located on the East side of Mound Road between 13 Mile Road and 12 Mile Road. There was also an East School built before 1875 on Chicago Road between Van Dyke and Mound.

Leonard Schemm School Nine mile at Hoover were one room school. Washington later built there

The 1865 Jeremiah O'Leary School at Bunert & Frazo burned about 1875. Probably leading August and Mine Bunert to donate land so local children would be closer at the Bunert One Room School built in 1875. It housed students in grades 1-8. A larger two room school was built in 1927.

The 1869 Plunkett school named after Mortimer Plunkett who taught there 1900-1916 after Frank Bacon. Mort had a farm in southern Van Dyke Note school was in use before school district formed. These had grades 1-8. St Clement School before 1868. Murthumn High was built in 1926. Busch High 1921. Students could attend either. Schools with two or more rooms followed. Lincoln 1921. Harding 1925. Ellis 1926. Groesbeck, Mckinley, Macomb Park 1928. Ladd 1941, Victory 1942. In 1944 a new 6 room school was built and named Charwood after Betty Chargo and Irene Woodward. Miller 1950. Peck 1961 CLHS 1962. Flynn 1973.

Below schools by school District and year built. Info directly from school districts or by calling school to get year off of plaque. Some schools refused to give the historian even the year on the plaque in the hall which was paid for with public money.

Center Line Public Schools

Crothers Elementary

Busch 1921

Ellis 1926

High School 1954

Kramer Elementary 1942

Groesbeck Elementary 1928

New Groesbeck Elementary 1954

Frank Ladd Elementary 1941,

Miller Elementary 1950

Peck Elementary 1961

Plunkett 1869

Roose Elementary 1960

Sherwood Elementary 1950

Victory Elementary 1942

Glenn Wolfe Middle School 1960

Fitzgerald Public Schools

Chatterton 1970

Lefever 1960

Mielke 1894

Mound Park 1953

Neigebaur 1940

Schofield Elementary 1955

Fitzgerald High School 1940

Westview Elementary 1959

New Westview 2006

St Anne Elementary c1950

St Clement

Elementary 1860s

brick Grade School 1921

High School 1952

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Van Dyke Public Schools

Leonard Schemm School 1865

Jeremiah O'Leary School 1865

Harding 1925

Lincoln 8 room school 1921

Lincoln 12 room 1925.

Mckinley 1928

Macomb Park 1928

Lincoln High School 1940s

Lincoln Middle School 1945

Lincoln Elementary School

Marjorie Carlson Elem 1960

Kennedy Elementary 1964

McKinley Elem 1928, 1932, 1954, 1964

Washington Elementary School

1940s (now closed)

Little 1954

Warren Consolidated Schools

Log Cabin School 1850s

East School before 1875

Flynn 1973

William Murthumn High 1926

Warren High School 1926

Warren High Victory 1944

2nd Warren High School 1950

North School Berz 1859

South school 1866

West School 1894

Angus Elementary School 1962

Black Elementary School 1966

Cromie Elementary School 1962

Fillmore Elementary School 1969

Green Acres Elementary 1958

Harwood Elementary 1970

Holden Elementary School 1971

Hatherly Elementary 1970

Jefferson Elementary 1976

Pearl Lean Elementary 1964

Susick Elementary School 1966

Siersma Elementary School 1964 Wilde Elementary School 1964

Wilkerson Elementary 1969

Willow Woods Elementary 1970

Agnes E. Beer Middle Sch 1969

Annie E. Flynn Middle Sch 1971

Virgil I. Grissom Middle 1969

Carter Middle School 1969

Will Carleton Middle Sch 1971

Cousino High School 1961

Warren Mott High School 1965

Sterling Heights High 1971

Former Schools

Warren High School 1950 (closed 1992)

Maple Lane Elementary 1970 Closed 1980 Sold to MISD

Murthum Elementary School (Closed 1978, completely demolished by 1992)

Warner Elementary School 1961 (closed 1992)

North Elementary School 1859

Fuhrmann Middle School 1958 (Events still happen there. Was used by students and staff from Grissom, Beer, and Carleton Middle Schools when they were under construction & remodeling.

John Haitama Elementary School

County Line Elementary School (Corner of 15 mile/Dequindre is now a shopping center)

Frost Elementary School Demolished 2008

Beaver Elementary School (Administration Building now)

South Elementary School 1866

Warren West Elementary 1894

Alan Shepherd Elementary School

Thorpe Elementary School (Used for Sterling Heights Police Department Training) Building was demolished

Robert J. Hesse Elementary School (Building still standing, now part of a housing complex built on the former school grounds, located in the 29700 block of Boewe Drive)

Hartsig Junior High School

Melby Junior High School (Currently Regina High School)

Butcher Junior High 1963 (building now used for the Macomb Math, Science and Technology Program)

Norman Rockwell Elementary School (Closed)

Monfort Elementary (closed 1958)

Pennow Elementary

John F. Holland Elementary School (Closed 1981, used through early-mid eighties for Warren Parks & Recs during the summers, demolished by 1992

Rinke Elementary (Currently Macomb Christian School)

Career Prep Center 1976

New CPC 15 Mile Rd. 1974

Frost Curriculum Center

Warren Woods Public Schools

Bunert 1875

Bunert II 1927

Charwood 1944

Warren Woods High School 1965 closed in 1983 merged with Robert Tower High School1983

Warren Woods Tower High School 27900 Bunert 1983

Warren Woods Enterprise High School

Warren Woods Middle School.

Briarwood Elementary 1966

Pinewood Elementary 1969

Westwood Elementary 1962

Former schools









Holly High

Hickory High

Hawthorne High

Macomb Community College

founded 1954

East Detroit School District

Note Some Warren Students attend in this school district.

Crescentwood Elementary 1953

Forest Park Elementary 1956

Bellview Elementary 1959

Pleasantview Elementary 1953

East Detroit High School 1929

Kelly Middle School 1965

Kellwood Alternative Ed 2011

Former Schools

Oakwood Middle School

Kantner Elementary c1953

Roosevelt Elementary 1945

Warrendale Elementary School

Woodland Elementary 1953

Former Kellwood School

Admin center was a school 1953

Now there is an ongoing endless parade of private schools opening and closing.

Now some students are being home schooled.

In addition some students are attending online schools.

Education is changing.

Historian comment:

Many high school graduates in 2012 do not actually get as good an education as students did in 1890. Today's students would fail the 1890 8th grade test. Many can't tell you who we fought in WWII or why. Many can't even make change without a calculator. And many are not prepared to fill out job applications or for even a basic career.