Our Newspapers and Freedom of the Press

Our Bill of Rights which is part of our US Constitution legalized our right to freedom of the press. Now days that included internet media. Macomb County has had some fine newspapers.

Recently a form of censorship has taken over the media. It limits what reporters report. It sometimes stops the truth from being reported. It is called "political correctness." large parts of many media are now owned by foreign investors and they influence what gets to the public. Our print media is dying out along with investigative reporting. This is an undesirable situation we somehow need to fix. Americans need to be truthfullly informed on all matters of imortance.

This page is being worked on and good examples of the papers below are coming.

The Warren Watchman

by Harold Stilwell and Bert Hazen

South Macomb News

The Tri City Progress

The Star Reporter by Holmes

The Detrout News

The Detroit Free Press

The Macomb Daily

The Warren Weekly

Here is one you may never have heard of