Acknowledgments of those who helped this humble historian.

Over the 50 years that Wesley E Arnold worked on recording local history of Warren and Center line Michigan he talked with hundreds of people. Because he had to work to support a family things often did not get written down right away. He has long since forgotten who told him what. But in an effort to acknowledge their help the following is a list of those he remembers as helping. We owe them a dept of gratitude for their help. Thank You All.

Joe Alternett

Beamon Arnold

Dorothy J Arnold

Margaret Arnold

Eleanor Bates

Martha Burczyk

Dorothy Cummings

Ted Derrington

William Duross

Fred Gemmill

Mike Grobbel

Pat Hallman

David Hanselman

Merriann Haberek

James Haywood

Homer Hazelton

Bert Hazen

Edward Hipwell

Jenny Horn

Owen Jax

Ed Jenuine

Mini Kirchner

William LeRoy

Margaret Licht

Eugene Mandziuk

Laverne Miller

Bob Monroe

Gerald Neil

Sherley Opfert

Barbara Peters

Richard Prior

Ruth Prior

Jack Schram

George Schultz

Simons Family

Norman Smith

Daniel J Stewart

Daniel Thurston Stewart

Harold Stilwell

Peter Tranceida

Tom Turmel

Challis Warren

Fred Weier

Ida Weier

Laura Weier

Andrew Weigand

Clem Weingartz