Here are some of Professor Wes's books. Not seen here are the many books of pictures of gravestones at Warren Union and St Clement cemeteries which number over 4000 or of the hundreds of historical pictures. All except those are available FREE here.

    Many of my older books are out of print and gone.

    No books were written for money. All books are free as they have been for 50 years.

    If you want a printed copy see me at Hometown Heroes. Some like "Grandpa's What you had better know" I can give to you for free. And I want to because it may actually save lives. You will see when you look at it.

    I may have other books free with me. Barnes & Noble and Amazon also have some going back 20 years. But you can download and print any of my books or parts of them as you wish here for free.

    Grandpa's What you had better Know Be a Success with People Skills, Real Life Experience and Proven Success Practices Needed by most young people and may actually save lives.

    Makes a great gift to anyone. The ones I give out at Hometownheroes Coffee also has more color picture pages.

    Scholarship helps

    5000 Scholarships Has over 5,000 Scholarships, and the first 50 are drawings for $1,000 scholarships that all they have to do is send in their email address.

    Free Solar power I never have to worry about being without power because the sun charges up my big batteries daily. We save money on our electric bill and never go witout power. You can for under $200 put a solar panel in a window and hook it up to a battery so you can always be able to charge your fones, run your laptop and have light. Of course if you want more read my article.

    Most Interesting Videos Which I Presented at University Center Lecture Hall 2019
    over 400 of the best interesting, informative, videos fits on 8 pages but if you leave it on the screen you can open the videos in a separate tab by right clicking them.

    Concise History of Center Line and Warren 2019.pdf c112 pages

    2020 History of Warren and Centerline part one c108 pages being worked on

    Index to 2019 book only Index to Concise History 2019 only It is not in the book because I am adding material to this history.

    The Easiest Language with the University Research Behind it includes 2 way Dictionary of most needed words scientificaly selected for quick fluency. This is a win win answer to the world's huge language problem. 144 pages.

    Warren_History_Concise 2014.pdf Nifty booklet well liked 64 pages

    St Clement Cemetery Index and grave location Several years of research. Shows info on over 6,500 burials with locations for most. Pictures of nearly every one of the over 3,000 stones are on the website. 113 pages Note I have written 15 other books on St Clement Cemetery not on this list. See my Educational Archive.

    Scientifically Selected most needed vocabulary Scientifically selected vocabulary and easiest language with 2-way Esperanto Dictionary For fast language learning and Quick International Understanding 138p

    What we need to do to help make a better life for all

    Modern Languages Compared Documenting Language Learning Difficulty Great research 81 pages

    The Easiest Language with University Research Behind it included 2 way dictionary 74 pages

    International Vocabulary for Quick Inter-Language Understanding 66 pages

    The Easiest Language & International Vocabulary 74 pages Note this website puts the books usually in a full size format. The original books often had more than double the now given pages because they had smaller page sizes.

    Fraser Michigan History.pdf 20 pages single spaced

    Language Learning Research Scientifically selected Vocabulary & Language 138 pages

    Center Line-Warren Michigan Area Free Educational Archive 30,000 pages, 28,000 pictures

    The Last Michigan State Fair

    Warren Union Cemetery Fall Color Beautiful Worth a look.

    Pioneer Cemeteries of Warren Township Warren Michigan

    English to Esperanto cell phone dictionary These were originally little booklets because the dictionary could be put in several columns. Now because of the way ebooks work they may go almost to 200 little pages but work great on the little cell fone screens. So now instead of carrying around a dictionary book you just use your fone. And if you use the find or search feature you can locate any word quickly.

    Esperanto to English cell phone dictionary See comments above.

    2WAY English-Esperanto, Esperanto-English Dictionary 8x11 Print this and you have the most commonly needed and scientifically selected words for most conversations for language learning on 6 sheets of paper which can be folded and put in a pocket. Saves time.

    Quick Learning Language Key of common words for Cell Phones Cell Fone Screen Size. Students of any language can benefit from the scientifically selected vocabulary as it gives them the most used and needed vocabulary.

    Language Quick Learning Key 6 8.5 x 11 sheets 1,100 entries Students of any language can benefit from this list of scientifically selected most needed words. Print this for language learning on 6 sheets of paper which can be folded and put in a pocket.

    Ample For All Can Be Created Workable Solutions And Practical Insights Into The Problems Of Our Time Amplenomics 106 pages

    Esperanto the International Language 1999 140 pages

    Warren Union Cemetery Index Warren Michigan 73 pages

    Warren's Oldest Cemetery No it is not Warren Union or St Clement, or Detroit Memorial.

    Brookside Cemetery Index Fairgrove Michigan Tuscola County Some of our settlers came from this area.

    Moreland Cemetery Index Fairgrove Michigan Tuscola County

    Perkins Cemetery Index Fairgrove Michigan Tuscola County

    Watrusville Cemetery Index Watrusville Michigan Tuscola County

    Olivet Cemetery Covington NY Where some of our pioneers came from such as Abel Warren. Perhaps our earliest settler. I visited his farm there.


    The Diaries below are my transcriptions of the original diaries of my great uncle Daniel Stewart's life from 1872-1902 recording actual daily life for 30 years as an American Farmer and Pioneer. From primary source handwritten diaries. Most of the diary books below are around 100 pages each .

    Diary of an American Farmer Introduction

    3431 Diary Excerpts and Questions.pdf

    3501_Diaryfrm_bgn 1872-75.pdf 3501_Diaryfrm_bgn 1872-75.pdf

    3600_Diary 1876_1877.pdf 3600_Diary 1876_1877.pdf

    3700 Diaries 1878 1879.pdf 3700 Diaries 1878 1879.pdf

    3800 Diary1880_1881.pdf 3800 Diary1880_1881.pdf

    3901DanielStewartDiary.pdf 3901DanielStewartDiary.pdf

    4000_DIARY_1885-1890.pdf 4000_DIARY_1885-1890.pdf

    4101_DIARY_1890_1896.pdf 4101_DIARY_1890_1896.pdf

    4201_DIARY_1897_1902.pdf 4201_DIARY_1897_1902.pdf

    My Warren Michigan History Site There is 1000 times more information there

    Warren Michigan History Summary pages 1-50

    Warren Michigan History Summary pages 51-99

    Warren Michigan History Summary pages 100-200

    Warren Michigan History Peaceful Christians Slaughtered Completely unnecessary. They did not understand each other's language and didn't bother to get the facts.

    Who's Who in Center Line and Warren Michigan History1600- 1899 Scroll down to Who's Who There are actually 25 books here.

    Old Families in Center Line and Warren Scroll down to old Families There are actually 25 books there.

    Old Businesses by Street Working on this

    Book 112 Our Local Farms

    Scroll down to Maps The archive has a lot of maps which do not count as books but one map often has hundreds of pieces of useful historical information. And I have gathered many in my archive.

    Book 109 starting on page 10,901 10,900 Reminisces of Old Timers regarding Businesses 97 pages

    11,000 Reminisces of Old Timers regarding Happenings Book 110 starting on page 11,001 96 pages

    Book 111 starting on page 11,101 11,101 Reminisces of Old Timers regarding Old Days 90 pages

    Find out what happened to the kids we went to school with. Accomplishments, History and Location of Center Line High School Classmates 1960-1964 Shocking, surprising and you are in it. This is a book going to Library of Congress will be over 100 pages. Here are the first 5 pages. This is a fantastic sociological study of almost every student in Center Line High School Classes 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963 and 1964. It shows their Names, class, who they married, if they are still alive, or dead, year of death if known, obituary if I have it, and their stories if known, THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS SOME BECAME DOCTORS, SOME ENGINEERS, SOME SAVED LIVES, SOME WORKED IN FACTORIES, SOME COMMITTED SUICIDE, some were murdered, some of us killed others, one of us visited John Norman Collens who is a St Clement class member who is a convicted murderer, SOME WERE KILLED BY ACCIDENTS, SOME DIED OF CANCER, SOME BECAME TEACHERS AND COLLEGE PROFESSORS, ONE OF THEM WROTE THIS BOOK ALONG WITH 150 MORE BOOKS, some ended up in nursing homes, some continued to be stuck up and looked down on other class members (the compiler of the book felt he was at the bottom looking up and always thought he was slow but it was probably a memory disorder made it extra harder to do Doctoral work.) It is an interesting story I am compiling about all of my classmates. I avoid all putdowns because you are my brothers and sisters of Center Line which is a snapshot of the 1940s-2040. Most of us won't make it to 2040. I wish to avoid lawsuits so the book is censored from the public. If you want to see what I have compiled on you just email me. In that way you can find out and your privacy is absolutely protected. As a college professor who teaches Technology I am still a believer in privacy. But these classmates great, great grandkids will have a treasure because most families don't write down any history. Plus I offer the option of you adding your autobiography to this. Just send it to me by email not by letter because I don't have time to type it. Also you can also choose to be put in my Who's Who 25 Book series of Center Line and Warren if you wish, which is also going to Library of Congress.

    Vol 18 1800_Who Streets Were Named After _Who Streets Were Named After

    Businesses Vol 46 Businesses of Warren Michigan Area through the Years 97 pages

    Study of old families of Center Line 137 pages

    Page 13601 Stories related to St Clement 28 pages Stories related to St Clement CemeteryCenter Line Michigan Work in porogress. I need your help for more stories of families and individuals.

    Burial Records Burial Records by Year 1850-1942 St Clement Cemetery 30 pages

    Burials By Year Burials By Year at St Clement Cemetery 103 pages

    1830-1870 Warren and Center Line CENSUS 1830-1870 99 pages

    1870-1890 1501 - 1588 Historic Documents Census part of 1870-1890 99 pages

    1900-1920 Census Vol 16 1601_1900-1920 Census 99 pages

    Death Records A. Warren area Death Records A. 100 pages

    Death Records B Death Records B 60 pages

    Other Warrens 2 pages

    Busch All Center Line Busch High School Known Graduates 28 pages

    55-71 Center Line High School every senior 55-71 95 pages

    72-80 Center Line High School every senior 72-80 93 pages

    1981-2007 Center Line High School every senior 1981-2007 129 pages

    2008-2018 Center Line High School every senior 2008-2018 47 pages

    All Seniors All Years St Clement High School every senior 72 pages

    Heroes 1950-1954

    Vietnam Heroes

    Weather Extremes

    Every stone in Warren Union Cemetery scroll down to 2501 (bottom half of website) estimated 3,000 stones all pictured

    Actual Macomb County Death Records after 2507 St Clement stones and before 3300 Warren Union Stones Oldest records are from the 1860s and ran until my back gave out

    St Clement near bottom Every stone in St Clement Cemetery scroll down to 3300 (bottom half of website below St Clement stones) estimated 900 stones pictured

    Warren Union Cemetery with pictures Has information you will not be able to find elsewhere. 96 pages

    Who's Who in Center Line and Warren History

    I have a listing of every senior in Center Line from 1928-2019 and I have copied every page of every existing Center Line, Busch, and St Clement yearbooks. thru 2018. I have to make copies on DVDs as this amounts to over 15,000 pages. My staff of me, myself and I are doing the best we can. If you have a complaint talk to our complaint secretary who is usually busy taking baths or licking between her toes.

    GENERALINDEX, page 10,001 being redone as I added more things 1002 pages What? Yes because it is not in columns.

    Saving Our American Freedom and Way of Life

    Historic Contemporary American Opinions 12 pages of today's opinions.

    Our Family History Arnold, Aldrich, Claeys, Glentz, Edwards, Haywood, Hogan, Jameson, Jennings, Mann, Selfridge, Shaver, Schepke, Stewart, Weise and others. Scroll down to old families. Click on book with family name. They are in A-Z order.

    Amplenomics Ample for All Can Be Created 106 pages because this is 8.5 x 11 inches but the original book was 224 pages as it was 4.5 by 7 inches.

    Our Veterans 49 pages

    Fairgrove Michigan Area Cemetery Fotos and Records. Some of our settlers came from this area.

    My old History of Center Line Needs revision 100 pages

    Rulers, Public Officials etc. This always needs up dating as there are unending changes

    History of Warren.pdf will add more to it when I get time

    Humans need not apply Unless you are retired you had better see this. Seriously. Have all parents of kids under 20 and the teens see this. IMPORTANT


    Success Tools What You Had Better Know.pdf From Grandpa's many years of experience.

    scout handbook subjects Scouting is a much needed program for our boys and girls because it teaches them many things they do not get in school or home. Such as Survival knowledge, Success skills, people skills, Leadership, self sufficiency, First Aid and CPR, safety, cooking even without pots, starting a fire from ice, without matches, finding directions, solving problems, camping, flying airplane, survival swimming, introductiuon to nearly 100 occupations, and above all good ideals and morals. Scout Motto is Be Prepared. My life was saved by a scout. Scouts have saved many lives including those of their own family members.

    Free Solar power I never have to worry about being without power because the sun charges up my big batteries daily. We save money on our electric bill and never go witout power. You can for under $200 put a solar panel in a window and hook it up to a battery so you can always be able to charge your fones, run your laptop and have light. Of course if you want more read my article.    


    Our Heroes Iraq Warren area young people and pictures

    Our Heroes Afghanistan

    Current Wars Wars often hit home and still do. Wars are obsolete ways of solving problems. Wars are a waste as they destroy people’s lives, their belongings, often their means of making a living and sometimes their homes and city. There are better ways of resolving disputes than killing (diplomacy, discussion dispute resolution, and mediation) In most fighting when two family men shove a sword thru each other what does that solve? It only causes more pain and suffering. Neither one has anything against the other. What does painfully killing each other solve? Week after week more of our young people are lost to needless war now perpetrated by Isslamists. Over 8,000 of our young people were needlessly killed by Isslamists. (yes I know but there is a reason) And it continues today with bombings here and the world over. Christians and Jews are their particular targets because they do not tolerate in fact any one else's religion. All other religions are destroyed including monuments. Look at any country where they have gotten a majority and verify this for yourself. Stealth jihad is happening here. I am a veteran, not a coward and am not afraid to speak the truth. We still have freedom of speech. You had better take a look at what is happening and planned behind the scenes. To see where we are headed just look at Europe. By the way the Middle East was nearly all Christian until the invaders and immigrants came in and created their majority. Learn from history. They have a perfect way of peaceful infiltration, propaganda, seemingly peaceful actions (like demands for anti hate speech which sounds great but is really a ruse to stop criticism). This peacefulness ends once they gain a majority. Then the 1% of them that are warriors take over while the vast majority of peaceful ones do nothing to stop them. Look at Afghanistan. It was Buddhist. Now there is not one Buddhist or even Buddhist statue left. 10 Million Buddhists were killed there. By the way 60 Million Christians were killed in the Middle East which was the reason for the crusades. I am a well educated person particularly on this subject having taken several classes on this even from Harvard. I have purchased and read their books and laws and I have done much research on this matter. This anti Western and anti human rights ideology is a definite threat to our country and our freedoms. It is my duty to at least educate you on this matter which will be the end of our freedoms unless this cancer is stopped. visit

    Attacks on us In USA We need to face up to these facts and the threat it poses to our children. To ignore this is suicide.