Things that Need to be fixed:
And the solutions to most of these is to put resources into fixing these things which Congress and the State Legislature could do if pressured by the people. If they are not pressured by the people the big money interests and corporations get their agenda’s approved which is about making them richer and us poorer and at further risk.

Not keeping informed and Not being prepared. This puts you at risk. Too many citizens are not informed and not paying attention so big corporations, big money interests, special interests and big bankers are ripping us off and getting away with it.

Not doing enough research in preventive medicine. This is putting all of us at life/death risk in mankind's battle against diseases, infections and super germs/bugs. This is an extremely serious risk which is being ignored.
Not keeping green house gasses in check. We are on the brink of serious weather and climate change because of this.
Not doing adequate research in crop disease prevention. Again we are at potential risk. Mankind depends on just a few crops for its survival.
Not heeding the warning of thousands of species dying
Not readying anti asteroid defense. Scientists have been warning us it is not if but when an asteroid is going to head for us. We simply must be ready to deflect it or face catastrophe.
Not ending the nuclear missile trigger madness. This huge potential catastrophe has been looming on a hair trigger for years. The danger is real. Now terrorists have nuclear stuff. Only the world governments can prevent this. To say it is a serious threat is a big understatement. It is the death of mankind 20 minutes away and on hair trigger. We have mutual assured destruction. MAD for short. This is real and looming now.
Not providing occupational training to all of our children who can use. It is a waste of human potential and lives. Not providing college education or technical training to our bright young people. Not providing occupational training to all workers who need it
Not providing jobs to all workers who need one and are willing to work. This hurts our economy and worse it hurts people and their families. It pulls our country down. It hurts everyone but the wealthy.
Not getting rid of the terrorists and their followers and allowing terrorists and their followers into our country. This puts all of us at risk. We have allowed thousands of these people who support terrorists into our country. They should be deported. Otherwise it is just a matter of time when they will hurt us.

Not fighting government waste. This is costing every one of us in taxes and in future taxes. We need to put pressure on congress to end this and to be accountable.

Not reining in corporate greed and and limiting CEO and officials excessive salaries. This is making the rich richer while stealing from the middle and poorer classes.

Depriving working people a fair liveable wage and benefits. Every adult able minded human in our country should be able to earn a living, should be required to and should be given the opportunity to. The American dream was that everyone could go out and make a decent living. Now the rich and corporations and Congress and Presidents have ended that dream. They are killing the middle class.
Not taxing stock market trades. These folks keep getting tax breaks and get bailed out on our backs.
Not taxing the rich fairly. They should be paying their fair share.

Allowing corporations like Walmart to rake in billions yet force their employees to go on welfare. They should be made to pay a living wage. Higher up officials in these corporations make millions of dollars each every year. The CEO of Walmart makes 31 million a year but his employees have to go on welfare and do without health care. That is not right. That is greed. No executive should be allowed to make more than 10 times the lowest paid employee.
Giving welfare to bankers, corporations and the rich and Not ending corporate tax breaks. Not ending oil company subsidies. This is corporate welfare. Oil companies make millions in profits and get billions in tax breaks. They get tax breaks and exemptions at our expense.

Allowing corporations to pollute and abuse our environment. Then the taxpayer has to pay to clean it up is negligent.
Welfare should be replaced with workfare.
Not running the economy so that all those who need work to support themselves can work. This is hurtful to our country and to millions of people and children.
Not stopping automation that is destroying working class jobs. Corporations are putting profit ahead of people. They have responsibility to fellow human beings.
Allowing banks to charge excessive interest while allowing them to borrow at no interest.
Not auditing the federal reserve
Not returning the dollar to the gold and silver standard so dollars are worth something

Allowing criminals to spend years in jail without working for society. You and I are sentenced to a life of work so why should they get free medical, conjugal visits, free attorneys and not be required to work for us.
Not making criminals work on roads, picking up trash, doing community work
Not developing inexpensive mass produced solar panels
Not deploying solar panels and shingles to all homes
Not having prisoners install solar panels on all public buildings
Not holding senators responsible for their actions.
Not holding criminals responsible for their actions.
Not insisting criminals repay victims.
Not requiring congress to use same medical social security as the rest of us.
Not insisting congress live by the same laws as the people.
Not insisting congress have a balanced budget.
Not ending excessive government.
Not insisting that the president stop excessive vacations and unnecessary travel costing us millions.
Not insisting all federal and state spending be audited.
Not insisting wasted spending be ended and if possible repaid.

Please contact your Congressman and st legislators about these concerns. Put pressure on them to fix these things. Vote out those who do not have a record of working on these.

Here are a few examples. You and I struggle and do without while:

Rich Bankers who get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars get bailed out and go on vacations at our taxpayer expense.
and Port MacKenzie – serving a total of 40 residents. -- The National Drug Intelligence Center’s “jobs program” – a $39-million earmark for a duplicate program that the President has sought to eliminate since at least 2005. Omnibus Appropriations Bill with its $18 billion in earmarks To see details on more wasted billions visit click on the pig book and scroll down this is the site of Citizens Against Government Waste. Also there are too many too highly paid government employees many making over $100,000 a year. Congressmen get about $200,000 a year in pay and benefits plus retirement. And they give themselves a multi thousand dollar raise every year. Yet they want to cut pay and benefits promised to our soldiers U.S. Senator William Proxmire gave Golden Fleece Awards from 1975 to1988 to highlight government waste of which some were: * Federal Aviation Administration for spending $57,800 on a study of the physical measurements of 432 airline stewardesses, paying special attention to the "length of the buttocks" and how their knees were arranged when they were seated. * National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) funded project by psychologist Harris Rubin for $121,000, on developing "some objective evidence concerning marijuana's effect on sexual arousal by exposing groups of male pot-smokers to pornographic films. * National Institute for Mental Health for spending $97,000 to study, among other things, what went on in a Peruvian brothel; the researchers said they made repeated visits in the interests of accuracy. * Office of Education for spending $219,592 in a “curriculum package” to teach college students how to watch television. * United States Department of the Army for a 1981 study on how to buy Worcestershire sauce. * United States Department of Justice for conducting a study on why prisoners want to get out of jail. The above is only a drop in the bucket of the wasted billions of our hard earned money. What can we do about it. Tell your representatives and senators to stop wasting our money and to make cutbacks in government spending. And the situation is even worse when you see what our congress and president have done. Look at the US Debt Clock at Congress has been so stupid as to repeatedly borrow money from rich bankers and China to pay for unnecessary pork. You will find that the government owes a huge amount of interest (several trillion) to bankers and China because of their irresponsible actions. No wonder these rich bankers are getting richer and they pay almost no taxes. China is using this money to finance its military. This is something that can be used against us. Congress and the President have been irresponsible in dealing with this and it has put our nation at risk. Many countries demand payment in cash including the oil sources. If we can't pay them in cash, oil and other needed things will stop causing a massive nation wide shutdown. This is the terrible truth. Both the Democratic and Republican parties have become self serving money making machines and have failed the American people. But blaming is not fixing we need to fix this situation before there is a national crisis. Call them demand responsible positive actions now.