Honored Historians

These wonderful people have helped preserve our local history.

Norman Smith
Fire Chief of Center Line, Goodfellow, Historian, Fireman, Grandfather
He has helped many people. He has helped Wesley Arnold record our history. He has overseen and cared for the St Clement Cemetery for years. He is a true inspiration to us all.

Mike Grobbel
Historian Researcher and author of the first and best site on Center Line History. He continues to do research and publish it at his own expense. He is a wonderful person to work with. He has helped many others. He now also owns the Garland Bank.

Jack Schram
Historian. He has researched history of transportation in our area and collected pictures which he has shared. He published books on Transportation. His son Ken has been very helpful to those interested in history.

Anna Kluck
Anna wrote historical articles and interviewed old timers. Unfortunately she did not share her research. I am hoping that perhaps her relatives inherited her research and will share it. Problem is we do not know who they are.

Pat Hallman

She has left her wonder work all over Macomb County. The Bunert School exists today mostly because of her labors. Research on the Bear Creek mansion was done by her. There are several other studies she has done that has benefited those interested in history. We owe her a great dept of gratitude for her great work.

Tom Turmel

Who had done much historical work and beautified our lives and cared for many people and plants.

Lislie Foss
Was dedicated to creating and preserving our Center Line Public Library

David Hanselman

Who is an inspiration to all

Bert Hazen
Historian, former Mayor of Center Line. He and Harold Stilwell researched and wrote the Silver Anniversery of Center Line book.

Harold Stilwell
Active city councilman with an interest in history, he penned a booklet on Warren history.

Hubert and Dorothy Leech

For their long labors to preserve our history

And all those who gave their lives preserving our freedoms

And those who have labored to preserve our history

Thank You

The Late Wesley Arnold

Wrote useful books like Workable Solutions to the Problems of our time, Did Doctoral work on finding the easiest language to use around the world; wrote International Vocabulary International Communication and Understanding in ¼ the time. was a Red Cross Volunteer, Scout Leader, Social Worker, Teacher, College Professor, Humanitarian, and humble historian. Wrote 20 Vol History of Warren and Center Line and published it without cost to others and shared all of his research and fotos. He was an Army veteran and a soldier in the War on Terrorists. Thank you Wes for the history research, and the beautiful old music videos on your history site, Thank you for teaching the Golden Rule as a standard of human conduct and for warning us to be educated, informed and prepared, and most of all we thank you for your service to your fellow Americans and for having the courage to stand up against the local terrorists here in Warren MI who threatened to kill you if you did not take your web site down. (He was a witness against some local terrorists)

at Forest Lawn

And the list continues

Thanks to Martha Ruth Burczyk

Who did historical research and still has the Friendliest Book on Warren History

Dorothy Cummings

For her help and stories

Jenny Horn

For sharing her multiple family history

The Weigand Family

For sharing their history along with those listed below

Shirley Opfer

Eugene Mandziuk

William Leroy

Margaret Licht