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This website is also about Human Rights.






Humans find it easier to make up stories to explain things they don`t know and pass then on to others who believe them without bothering to seek the truth and the facts and all sides of the story. Question everything because there are so many half-truths and those who want to mislead you and manipulate you. And now effective artificial intelligence and advanced psychological stealth, hidden methods are being used to manipulate you today.


    Here is some happiness research to help you find the most happiness.
  The Secret to a Happy Life Lessons from 8 Decades of Research Robert Waldinger A TED TALK 15

   An Experiment in Gratitude The Science of Happiness 16

   7 Ways to Be Happier, According to Yale Professor of Well-Being 17

   The Simple Secret of Being Happier Tia Graham TED 18
Regarding Happiness here is what the greatest exerts say :
Dr Daniel G. Amen author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, who is a well know brain expert, gives the following tips among many others for brain and body health: Eat a good diet, lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meats, fish and water. Avoid sugar, Splenda, alcohol, smoking, drugs, excessive caffeine, and excessive eating. Get lots of exercise and 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Maintain a healthy weight. Make good, consistent, thoughtful, conscientious decisions. Keep your surroundings free of toxins. His books have lifesaving advice.
F.E.A.R. has two meanings Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything and Rise. Your Choice.
The great psychologist Abraham Maslow stated "One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again."
Kindness is like ice cream. It`s basically the solution to most of the world`s problems.
Wherever there is a human being there is an opportunity for kindness. Humans are humane.
Think of consequences when making decisions that affect others. Ask is it the right and best thing to do. Is it fair to all? Look for opportunities To benefit all.
We often think of being happy as getting high. John Denver sang of a Rocky Mountain High, that great feeling one gets when thinking of the nice places to visit out west and of loving people. And nice travel including by rail and airplane bring many happiness, but the best way to get high is by accomplishing useful tasks and from the satisfaction, and gratitude of others for useful things you did or are doing for good of others or for humanity. See the scientific studies on happiness. at 15-18 above.



Dave's idea lives on but Dave let negative thoughts over take him and he sadly ended his own life.

           If you know someone who is lonely, depressed or so sad they think life is not worth living anymore, First consider that we are often overcome with emotions which clouds our good sense.

Be aware that one half of us nowadays are depressed, lonely. I am so glad I put off killing myself because those seemingly impossible obstacles were overcome and I am now one of the happiest persons alive. If you end your life you leave a deep black hole for yourself and your family, and also to others who care about you but you have not discovered. First don't let the negative thoughts take over.
They are just little things like an ant A N T   A Negative Thought. They will make you want to end your life.
Ban them and replace them with positive thoughts. not emotion or fantasy.
Like: I may have failed in some things but I have succeeded in other things. I can learn from these. I can look for ways to fix things.
Or people don't care about me. So what. I don't have to please them. Many only care about themselves anyway.
But there are others who do care. I need to find them and be happier but that won't happen if I don't try.
There are Internet sites (search Friendship) Facebook and others, but it takes time. the best repellent to ANTs is going out to activities, groups, walking, traveling, national parks, and best of all find positive friends. It takes time and effort. I had to go to new places. Talk to others. Here is a good number to call the national depression line 988. also National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1 (800) 273-TALK (8255) Do a search online and there are lots of places to call for help and many social sites to find friends although local friends are often better. 211 is a bit slow but can find you local resources in your area. There is lots of help for Veterans much of it local, just ask. There is now help available often for free.

There are others who are also depressed and need your help. We can help each other and be happy again. It happened to me because I put it off ending it, went out and sought help. It is not always easy or fast. But the effort paid off and I am very happy and have helped make others be happy. And that is wonderful. You to can be happy also. Reach out find people who might want to be a friend also find someone who needs a friend. A friend is better than gold. Of course, I work for my little gold, and some find meaning there. Bars are not good places, better: donut sandwich coffee shops, fast food restaurants or other places people go often on a regular basis. Start going often and soon you will recognize others. Then perhaps the second or third time you see them go over and start talking with them. Often these casual meetings turn into friendships. Clubs, and especially churches, are also good places to cultivate friendships. You can but you have to go try.

Center Line and Warren Michigan History and pictures are at Has 1700 history related pictures you can see and print for free at the top.
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Free Basic Income 57, 70
End traffic and airport hassles with free, fast mass transit pods. 66

BEST SUCCESS PRACTICES are scattered throughout this website

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Best ways to get along with people 70
ending poverty, Abundance for All 77
Affordable housing 79
Geodesic Domes super strong, light, cheap 80
Great Minds 85
Benjamin Franklin`s Wisdom 87
Artificial Intelligence Reality Check 91
Beautiful Pictures of America the Beautiful 96
matter is energy says science 117
robo callers 123
Earth rise, Pale Blue Dot 127
our serious environmental crisis 142
Automation The bots are coming for your job 164
Robots 169
Education Scholarships 186 free education 188
scouting 190
Easiest language could save lives 206
The massive robbing from we the people 216
corporate tax dodging we pay their taxes while they rip us off 220
. . . . . . . . . . . the facts
CEO making millions while workers go on welfare 225
the National Debt Rip-off 230
American taxes now supporting China`s military. What? 231
Congress and leaders get rich while Americans suffer and some die 235
The truth about Aliens and a message 251
U. S. Constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights 264
threats to our freedoms 268-329
slavery 299
gun control 318
More Love less Hate 339
Center Line and Warren history 400-1154 see alphabetical list most of bottom 1/3 of this website is history
This website started out with this most comprehensive Warren history with free best history books with thousands of pictures
Americas Creed 1155
Humans need not apply 1156 must see video
RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD comprehensive on beliefs and some practices (still under construction) 1200
I took 8 religion classes to make this summary, 2 from Harvard just on Islam to get the facts
which is why there is more about this one, also because of their thousands of terrorist attacks and
thousands "honor killings" of women world wide with Verifications provided showing the very sad facts
Note this section is incomplete as I am still researching denial of human rights on other religions
Much of the emphasis on all including on some religions is on their denial of human rights.
Also the specter of totalitarian denial of Human Rights as in in China and N Korea today
Sources, references, verifications 1222
verifications, proofs especially on denial of rights to women world wide all religions
more to be added later as research is incomplete
Most beautiful rainbows 1249

Center Line and Warren Michigan History and pictures. Has 1700 history related pictures you can see and print for free.
Here is a short summary of many ideas on this website to do with success: Concise Summary: This is very important information to be shared to all, written by an old wise one at the end of his life. Be alert, vigilant for threats and make dealing them the highest priority. Think more. Learn from the experiences of others. As much as possible and with reason: Live and let live, do good, be kind, be happy, friendly, cheerful, brave, courteous, trustworthy, honorable, respectful, thankful, grateful, thoughtful, considerate, responsible, and above all loving. Avoid killing and do so only when other means fail to stop attackers and harmers. Avoid causing harm by actions or inaction. Fight evil. Stand up for what is right. Practice and use Wisdom, listen more than speak.
Leave a legacy of good deeds and useful accomplishments because you can take nothing with you when you die, which happens too soon, often unexpectedly. Time is valuable and priceless. Life is short. Live each day as if it were your last as it could be. Think positively, out of the box, use the imagination tool, seek the truth, follow science, and ask enough questions to get full understanding. Question everything.
Be a free thinker. Be critical and evaluate what you see, hear and believe. Avoid drugs, negative people, toxic environments, bad situations, anger, acting on emotion, irrationality, lust, worry and negative thoughts. Enjoy beautiful places and things and nice people. To be a success Think Success Make a plan, work the plan, evaluate, make corrections, seek wise advice.
Time is worth more than money, which is only a tool should not be the end goal as better happiness comes from satisfaction and gratitude of doing useful deeds and helping others and acts of kindness. Live in reality not fantasy. Waste not time on triviality, worry, sensuality or excessive sex.


for Warren and Center Line Area History

John Denver sang Rocky Mountain High meaning the great feeling you get when thinking about the Rocky Mountains.

The best success tips based on proven success practices will be found scattered throughout this web page.
They contain valuable information.
Here is the first set of success tips.


We took an enjoyable Amtrack ride across the USA. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery especially from the dining car with good food and service. We enjoyed the Grand Canyon for a week. Many places have to be experienced to be fully enjoyed like Havasu Falls. WOW! Make it a plan to travel some in your life. Mere pictures barely begin to show the beauty and awe. Best seen in personal full life reality. Much more enjoyable.

For those who don't know, a light house shines a light or provides a fog horn that warns boaters of rocks, shallows, or provides a direction finding landmark. Lighthouses have saved thousands of lives and still do because sometimes the newer electronic navigation devices fail or are compromised by radio waves or can be purposely jammed or made to fail by enemies.
The light house doesn`t know how many lives its light saves and you will not know how many lives your light will have a good effect on. But it is wise to Be a good Light anyway.
Even a little light may be just enough to show others a way out of darkness.
For example my website provides useful information, warns about scams and threats, has saved lives, and helped people get needed knowledge, be a success and get unclaimed money.
This is a dying man's last action and free gift to my brother humans and incidentally gives great satisfaction and happiness to all.
Note I painted in this rainbow, so that part is fantasy but the statement is true.

The Earth gets more energy from the sun every day than mankind can use even in a year.
The total solar energy absorbed by Earth's atmosphere, oceans and land masses is approximately 122 PW·year = 3,850,000 exajoules (EJ) per year.
In 2002 (2019), this was more energy in one hour (one hour and 25 minutes) than the world used in one year.
Photosynthesis captures approximately 3,000 EJ per year in biomass. From Wikipedia Solar energy.
You can have lots of this free energy daily.

  freesolarpower.pdf 60


Personal car-scooter I saw another professor using.

No more profits to the greedy oil corporations and their selfish officers who only care about themselves. If $600 is too much, used trikes can be had for under $100.
You can easily have a vehicle that uses free fuel to make those short trips to the local stores.
And you are no longer a slave to the big oil companies. No canopy needed and doubles for lifesaving excerizer if you choose to pedal instead of just ride. Win Win for you. INDEPENDENCE FROM THE DAMMABLE OIL CORPORATIONS AT LAST. EXCELSIOR!!! WAHOO!!! EUREKA!!!

Volocopter Taxi
        2023 Detroit Auto Show   2023 Detroit Auto Show 68
GREAT FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T GET THERE FAST ENOUGH. Rentables coming. Wow no traffic hassles, No red lights or stop signs, no speeding ticket worries, above the bozo-ns enjoying the view. Perhaps I could order a green hornet model with special crime fighting equipment and updated laser weapons to fight evil. Oldsters remember the Green Hornet hero and his special car. Just dreams. Some are fun, bring happiness.
Even better is the flying pack. Talk about freedom! It is not a vehicle its only a pack no license needed. IMPRESSIVE OUTSTANDING Very comfortable, no seat cushions needed. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Its a flying professor!

We have the technology to create electric regular and flying cars that are reliable, easy to fix using using modular standardized universal parts that can be quickly switched out for a workable one. They would sell more because of affordable price. The famous Model T, sold in the millions because it was reliable, low cost, and easy to fix. Let`s make this happen and be a win win for all. But the greedy profit seekers will have to be overcome. Actually the rich do better when the workers have more money because workers buy more. And they could still sell their high end cars. We can have affordable reliable, inexpensive to fix, electric cars if the greedy would put public welfare first.

What if there was a car that makes no harmful emissions, runs on air instead of gasoline, can be refueled in 8 minutes, has a range of up to 400 miles on a fill-up. and has brakes that helpes charge the battery. That is the Hydrogen EV which uses hydrogen fuel cells to make electricity which runs the electric engine. They exist today made by Toyota and others, but just need to be mass produced to get their cost down and hydrogen isolating gas stations built. California has the most hydrogen gas stations but there are very few elswhere. Oh and hydrogen fuel comes from the air and can be made by solar energy. This is a total win win for our environment. I spoke with a GM engineer and he stated this is the type of car for the near future until we learn how to make anti gravity/force field propulsion like is used in alien UFOs.
A BETTER CHOICE for NOW IS TO USE the cheap EXCESS NATURAL GAS by converting gasoline engines to burn natural gas or Ethanol which can be grown, or switch to Propane ALL OF WHICH PRODUCE SIGNIFICANTLY LESS CARBON EMISSIONS. Of course these emissions are not zero like with Hydrogen cars. THIS WOULD HELP SAVE THE PLANET AND NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW. Electric battery rechargeable cars could work if we only set up solar charging stations to charge up the batteries to charge up the EV charging stations and isolate hydrogen, rather than using fossil fuel to do that which increases carbon emissions worsening the environmental crisis.
This is important because if the crisis is not mitigated soon humans will cause their own extinction from this planet. Yes true. Explained at reference number 143.


They now make solar shingles that generate electricity.



Nation wide until we get enough battery storage up and running, 5th generation nuclear power is a best resource that produces much less waste, can burn up much of the old type waste and the smaller amount of waste it makes stays radioactive for a much shorter period of time.

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Nation wide fast rail is still a best option.


To get rid of local traffic and parking hassles Artificial Intelligence assisted car pools could eliminate much of the daily traffic allowing people to share rides. This could cut car expenses like gas and repairs. Also being able to rent a car by the hour could save money. Have heard that some Uber folks are doing this. More cities are also offering bikes and scooters to rent by hour.


75 76


There is no need for poverty or for any human to be without food, clothing, medical care, adequate housing, or basic income today. Poverty is man made by the wealthy because they are hogging the profits from the workers and not paying living wages or not paying their fair share of taxes to correct social ills and to pay off the national debt which they are making huge amounts of interest income from on loans. All of this is fixable. We just need Congress and leadership to work for us not their rich buddies.



82 83

85* 87* 88 89
Snow on the spruce, Barbeque frozen. Time to listen to some nice music and enjoy socializing with friends. Music you like helps bring happiness most anytime anywhere.
Meeting with friends for coffee and snacks often makes a great happy time.
We will take a cup of kindness yet for old times sake. Like Old lang syne.
Let`s give Kindness to all.

Artificial Intelligence is advanced computer programming using algorithms. It can solve problems much faster and usually more accurately than humans. It is now in almost every field with data. It advises medical staff at hospitals, assists in doing research and provides accurate information. But because it is data dependent it can be wrong. When AI has been given power it has found ways to escape human control. Very intelligent ones among us have warned us not to give AI autonomy because it may discover that humans have failed to properly take care of the environment and because sociopath power seekers like V. Putin have started wars it may think all humans are incapable of running this planet and may find a way to take over. We must deny power to sociopaths like V. Putin and other harmers. China is is advancing in AI tech and will use it for world domination. We need to urge the President and Congress to take aggressive action now to stop this because a free future is questionable if China gets control. Look at the sad state of freedom in China now. They who control AI will be able to control the world.
Here is a picture I took of the Bluewater bridge in Port Huron Michigan with the Huron Light House ship in the foreground. The top is unretouched truth, but a rather blaa foto. Thought it would be nice to make the sky darker blue and add light to the light on the ship. The unfinished result (at bottom) is prettier, but decided I liked the truth better and that I wasted several hours trying to fill in the blue sky then had to try to enhance the bridge all a massive failure. But artificial intelligence could do this task in seconds and make a perfect dark blue sky and golden yellow bridge and no one could tell the difference unless you knew the truth that the light is not lit and bridge is silver not golden yellow. And as is mentioned elsewhere on this website AI can clone anyone`s voice, speech and facial and body mannerisms and produce a clone of the president or your favorite actor or your grandchild or relative, and not even his own mother can tell the difference. If you get a fone call from a relative or your bank or credit card company or police or attorney on their behalf beware. Get their number and insist on calling them back. Never give out your credit card number or other personal information by email or fone. Verify call your relative, bank or credit card company at their known number.
Never withdraw money or even transfer to another account over email or fone. Only do that at your actual bank. Thousands of supposedly smart people have been fooled and AI can use psychological and other means to be even trickier.
The apps like aura leave a lot to be desired. PC Magazine does not recommend it.


America the Beautiful.
O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties, Above the fruited plain,
America, America, God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood, From sea to shining sea.



106 107

115 117
Mass is stored energy in compact form of the energy wave.

Protons and Neutrons in the center of an atom are composed of quarks. There are other particles like leptons, electrons, fermions, photons all forms of energy which are influenced by force carriers called bosons. I think a bozo-n sped rapidly past me on the freeway yesterday!

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Nicola Tesla

There are some who make do good deeds that help others for years after they are gone 125
A man built a bridge for his neighbors to cross a brook. I made a 24/7 all class reunion on Facebook for my high school and it has been much used and appreciated because even old classmates in nursing homes or those unable to get out or living out of state are using it for free and will be able to do so for years after I am dead. It allows all of us classmates to share news and be in touch.
This picture of our spaceship Earth rising above our moon, puts most everything in true perspective but even more so the following picture taken by our robot spacecraft of our pale blue dot Earth.


Taken in 1990 by NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft, the "pale blue dot" photo shows what our planet looks like from 4 billion miles away. Earth is the tiny speck of light indicated by the arrow and enlarged in the upper left-hand corner. The pale streak over Earth is an artifact of sunlight scattering in the camera's optics.


Also trying to find pictures of mines and reported geodesic domes on far side of moon reported by several sources. But for unknown reasons this may be being hidden from public. And also there are the leaked serious reports from our own astronauts that we were warned. Whoa!!! Backed up by the sudden halt in moon exploration for many years. What is really going on, or did go on, on the moon? It is not out of the realm of possibility that since our civilization is so very young in terms of the age of the universe that other older civilizations could have done mining on the moon. This reporter is just bringing this to your attention. Those with knowledge are mysteriously silent and I have been told for a reason. Which I do not know. But there are also disappearances. Yes. Based on the sources I feel this is not a hoax. I must leave this open for your further inquiry because again I don't know, just reporting. To leave this issue out would not be right. 131

We saw this double rainbow on a trip. 132
There are many other problems that are often being ignored that need to be delt with. The epidemic of mental illness, suicides, depression, drug abuse, homelessness, student apathy (not caring or wanting to learn), the couldn't care less attitude, and of course general ignorance, lack of common sense, and anger control.
We need Kindness now.

Planting more and stopping their eradication can help in a big way save our environment and help prevent our coming extinction caused by the now proven environmental crisis which is at a tipping point according to scientists studying this. Listen to science not the corporate profit seekers.
Be grateful for what you have. Millions around the world could use what you throw away.

One fifth of our children go to bed Hungry. Half of the citizens of many communities are below the poverty line.
This is America 2023 where there is no excuse to have kids hungry and half the population hurting when we now have the resources and knowledge to end poverty and create prosperity for all.
Many corporations and rich are being not being made to paying their fair share of taxes, which they can very well afford without hurting themselves.
Many working class families have both adults working yet are barely getting by mostly because of low wages, high taxes high rents and high medical expenses. All of this is unnecessary and fixable.

137 140*
Governments FIRST duty is to protect the people.
142 143 144 145

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146 147*
Trees shelter birds better who eat insects.
Even one acre of trees plays an essential part in preventing unprecedented climate change.
One acre of trees takes in the same amount of CO2 that a vehicle creates after driving 26,000 miles. This same acre of trees also takes in the amount of carbon dioxide that two vehicles create within a year.
Of the air that we breathe, oxygen is one-fifth of it. Annually, one acre of trees can produce enough air for 18 people. Trees and other photosynthesizing plants are imperative for all animal lives, including human lives, on Earth. Otherwise, we would eventually be unable to breathe.
As trees emit life-giving O2, they also take in carbon dioxide; clearly, trees have a deep impact on our environment. Carbon dioxide is the primary cause of the greenhouse effect, which holds heat in our planet`s atmosphere. This makes Earth warmer and, ideally, a more tolerable place to live.
Trees hold carbon dioxide in their trunk fibers. This, in turn, purifies the air around them and minimizes the harmful effects of CO2. This enhancement of air quality is especially beneficial in cities that have more pollutants than other areas.
The size of the leaf area also known as Specific leaf area SLA and Leaf Mass per Area LMA are major factors in determining how much Oxygen is produced and how much carbon is removed. See Wikipedia Specific Leaf area. Some plants have bigger leaves, but how many heaves are in an area of land or water is more important. Some plants produce more than others. The plant winner with the greatest leaf are per plant per land or water area are Evergreen Gymnosperm trees which include spruce and fir trees. Some like the Norway Spruce and Colorado Blue Spruce have a huge amount of leaves, grow world wide and also provide habitat for other animals while producing Oxygen and removing carbon year around.
Below are the trees that produce the least to the most amount of oxygen:
Least O2: pines, which are coniferous (cone-bearing) and evergreen (stay green all year).
Average O2: oaks and aspens, which are primarily deciduous (shed leaves).
Most O2: maples, beeches, true firs, spruces, and Douglas-firs.
These trees are a mixture of deciduous, coniferous, and evergreen.
Regarding oxygen production, a mature silver maple tree, for instance, can emit enough O2 in one day for two people.
On the same day, a silver maple can consume nearly 100 gallons of water from the soil and disperse it into the atmosphere.
Within a year, a silver maple can take in about 48 pounds of carbon dioxide.
In terms of oxygen production, a mature short-needled Norway spruce, for instance, can emit 58% more O2 than a beech tree.
In fact, a Norway spruce can photosynthesize for 260 days per year while a beech can only photosynthesize for 176 days per year.
Maple and beech, are deciduous.
The three others, true fir, spruce, and Douglas-fir, are evergreen.
Again, neither one of these types of tree absolutely surpasses the other in oxygen production.
Genetically engineered trees show promise of emitting high levels of O2. Some of these trees have been recorded to grow at 35 feet each year,
Investing more in these trees might have a significant effect on our atmosphere.
The world currently has over 3.1 trillion trees, according to Nature. While this is a stunning number, it`s below half the total number of trees that were on the planet prior to human impact.
Given that carbon dioxide has substantially increased during the last 50 years, it`s more important than ever to protect the tree population.
Trees are truly a treasure.
Along with their natural allure, they provide a heap of necessities that improve the health of Earth.
They enhance air quality, balance climate temperatures, raise the quality of soil, and offer food, shade, and shelter for people around the world. Trees Reduce Harmful Effects Of Climate Change
The above are direct quotes from ""

We need to plant more trees. Great family project to do with children and communities to support.

There IS NO GREATER RELIGION THAN HUMANITY. Which is Being Kind and Doing Good.

152 153

What really matters is not how much money we have, or what we own or our skills, success or compentence,
But Rather:
What we did with what we had, what we shared, what we gave, and our character which leads to our real value.

People should be loved and things used, but today too many people are being used and things loved too much.

for Warren and Center Line Area History

Just measuring the economy by how well rich people are doing is hurting millions.

A man had lost his job due to no fault of his, and in a fire lost all of his ID and became homeless. Without an ID they would not give him a new ID, birth certificate, or replacement social security card, food stamps or allow him to stay in a motel room. I witnessed this. There is no general money help in Michigan for a single man. He desperately tried to get jobs but no one will hire you without an an ID. OMG. Government help is needed for those in crisis or else they have to steal or break into a home so to not starve and freeze to death today.

      Must See! This may impact your life soon. Humans need not apply 164*

    The bots are coming for your job! 165

Those of you with family soon to be in the job market better view this.
    Where does a 600 pound Artificial Intelligent smart gorilla sit or work? Anywhere he wants! 166

In fact he is being hired by thousands of employers to work for just pennies a day from remote computers and replacing thousands and soon millions of humans from their jobs. Artificial Intelligence has also become a useful and helpful tool in most all fields which use data. But beware It may appear to be an expert and have great knowledge but in reality, it is a machine with no ethics, no feelings and is dependent on the data it finds which may be wrong. Therefore, it can be VERY MISLEADING AND BE A SERIOUS THREAT. This has been proven many times. So DO QUESTION WHATEVER ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DOES.

Say hello to our new server. Robota will soon be replacing waitresses. IT IS HERE NOW or coming to a restaurant nearby. It has a touch screen ordering menu which orders your food then it brings you every-thing on those three shelves. There is even a bus boy robot in works to clean off tables and one to mop the floors. WHERE HAVE ALL THE HUMANS GONE?
Gone to bots. When will they ever learn? Oh yes the bots now learn so they can replace more humans.

Thousands of humans have already lost their jobs to automation, and Millions more are about to lose their jobs to Artificial Intelligence computer programming in automated programs called Bots which can now do a human job better and faster and more reliably than a human and does so for a few cents a day and does not ask for a vacation and never expects a paycheck. This trend will continue. AI programs are replacing doctors, lawyers, artists, administrative assistants, engineers, engineering assistants, bank workers, store clerks, general workers, store check out cashiers, order takers and millions of telephone service workers.

Automated software programs with artificial intelligence advanced programming is al-ready beginning to replace millions of humans in their jobs. And they have already proved they can do most repetitive jobs faster and more reliably than humans.
General purpose robots like Baxter can learn many blue collar job tasks just by showing them and will replace millions of human workers. 173
Baxter general purpose robot understands language can be told what to do.
Big robots will do heavy and repetitive tasks.

General purpose robots are already doing blue collar jobs and will replace inventory personal and stockers. Amazon uses robots by the thousands instead of humans. Industry, Construction, Fire Departments, and Police departments are already using robots for dangerous situations. There are robot lawn mowers, brick layers, pavers, coffee makers, food makers etc. One of the first areas impacted is drivers. There are long haul rigs who only have a human driver for the last 300 feet. There are autonomous delivery vans such as pizza vans, you just put your credit card into a slot in the van and a compartment door opens with your delivery. People are reporting that it is really weird to be taken somewhere by an autonomous cab. But soon autonomous cabs and buses will be taking children to school more safely than real human drivers.
Robots can be made to look act and sound like humans. There are already human like robots used as receptionists, care givers baby sitters, spokes persons, tour guides etc. It is hard to tell the difference between them and a human until you get close and notice that the words come out of a speaker in the mouth which does not form the sounds. There also robots for sexual pleasure and companionship. Our stores are already full of robotic animals and toys. There are robotic brains that do super human calculations billions of times faster than any human can. They eventually might surpass us in intelligence, become immortal repair themselves and in time replace humans.
      AI is the big smart gorilla in the job market.

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        What you Need to Know about Jobs and Income 181

Would you like some money? UNCLAIMED MONEY CHECK MONTHLY 182*

Many people have received money, often their own money, owed to them lost in mail checks never cashed, lost, or from dead relatives estates and forgotten bank accounts and insurance unclaimed money that reverted to the state.
This guy's mother died and the family threw all of her stuff in a dumpster. They accidently tossed annuity papers that no one knew about. Sooner or later when an insurance company discovers an insured is dead and there is no claim for a few years they have to turn the money over to the state. Some of it is just unclaimed tax refund checks when someone has moved. Sometimes you have to prove you are related to a deceased relative. Anyway he got $8,000. but this much is very rare.
          Michigan Unclaimed property 182
          U.S. Government Unclaimed property 183

Here are links to 5,000 Scholarships scholarships.html 186*

First there is lots of free information on most topics available today on the Internet. There are thousands of free learning videos on YouTube and other sites. ANYONE CAN LEARN ON THEIR FONE ANYTIME IN THEIR PARE TIME.
There are free online classes at many colleges.
Many employers offer on the job training, internships and apprenticeships. There are thousands of job openings in skilled trades.
Colleges like Macomb Community College in Michigan offer free skilled trades training and free two year of college.
Community colleges are a best bargain and many are local.
Also many colleges offer financial aid.
Michigan and many other states have two years of free college.
The military has free training often in specialized areas like nuclear power one cannot get anywhere else.
Many employers will train employees or pay or reimburse tuition.
5,000 scholarships are listed from a link on and there are even more listed online. Just search.
191 192 193 194 195 196 197

    Scouting saves lives, teaches Leadership, emergency preparedness, survival etc.

    As an Experienced Educator who has taught every grade level and at college level for over 25 years and who is a great grandfather, and former social worker, and as a person whose life was saved as a child by a boy scout, I say that every family needs at least one each of these books for each boy or girl in the family. This book is a needed Family book in America. It shows youth good values, good ideals, and teaches survival, leadership, first aid, and many other needed things for today's world. Also social skills and how to deal with common problems like friends urging them to try drugs. They will accept good advice from a book but not always from an adult. And this 488 page book has much much more of value even for parents. The Kindle edition can be free with Kindle unlimited and can fit on a fone, but I recommend the spiral version direct from the scouts because it is more useful, as is always available when kids are bored, is cheaper then Amazon's paper edition and best of all goes into car and in motel room, on trips and gets the kids off of the fone learning valuable life knowledge.


        Here is a link to my generic scout handbook website which is not as good as the new scout handbooks but I can't use their stuff because of copyright. But again it has much of the good scouting stuff to see for free. link to my free scout handbook
    Scouting, Important things to know from the Scout Handbook
205 Some of these could save your life.


Except in tourist traps. 88% of the people in the world do not understand English.
In emergencies we need to be able to communicate with others who do not understand English and that is most of the policemen and doctors and other people in the world. Resulting in lives being lost because of language misunderstanding.
The International Vocabulary (Easiest Language can be learned in 5 minutes a day)
Children should learn this in all schools in the world. Soon the children of the would could understand each other, make international friends. An easy auxiliary vocabulary for use worldwide. Not replacing any language just enabling understanding. And this could save lives. Be Happy! 207
Learn about visit The Easiest Language International Vocabulary Nickname Esperanto (means hope) of which you already know 2,000 words. so you will be able to talk with people around the world and get easy lower cost college credit in less time. Free easy learn websites are: 208

Learn about The Easiest Language International Vocabulary of which you already know 2,000 words. so you will be able to talk with people around the world and get easy lower cost college credit in less time. 210

    International Vocabulary The Easiest Language
212* Here is something that can save thousands of lives. In the world and even in the USA people need to understand each other especially in emergencies but language non-understanding stops it and lives are lost. Example telling the doctor what is wrong or telling a policeman what the thief or kidnapper looked like is stopped if they don't understand English. This easy vocabulary of which you already know 1000 words can be learned in 10 minutes a day and in much less time than English. And it works all over the world in over 100 countries. If people learned this we could all understand each other.
We love Michigan because: No shake, no bake, no burn, no floods, lots of color. But then we do have winter.


A foreign company gets Michigan water free, bottles it, and sells it around the world making Billions. Yet they are allowed by legislators they bribed to not pay any taxes. They get our water free which is hurting our water table and they at least should pay a few cents per bottle they sell to help us fix our roads. This would not hurt them at all as they would still make Billions in profit. Everytime I demand from our legislators that they fix this they tell me that the "Republicans" who control their comittees won't even allow them to put up a bill to tax Nestle a Swiss Company on the billions of dollars they are making on our free water. We think this is wrong. But lobbyist money talks and dances.
220 The average American pays 22-37% income tax rate
Plus sales taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, and huge interest rates.
But according to CBS News there are at least 19 multi billion dollar corporations who pay less than 9.9% in taxes
Corporation U.S. effective Tax Rate paid Inc. 6.1
Exon Mobile Corp. 2.8%
Microsoft Corp. 9.7%
JPMorgan Chase 5.8%
Verizon communications 6.9%
Ford Motor Co. 1%
General Motors 0.2%
Chevron Corp. 1.8%
Bank of America 3.5%
United Parcel Service 9.9%
FedEx Corp. 4.2%
MetLife Inc. 1.3%
Merck & Co. Inc 4.0 %
Nike Inc. 5.9%
Coca-Cola Co. 7.1%
Charter Communications Inc. -02%
American In-ternational Group -2.2%
Dow Inc. -3.1%

222 223 224 225 226 228 229 230
Even worse Congress has and is letting China loan us money towards the national debt and we are paying Chinese interest on that money which is financing their military and artificial Intelligence research which will be used against us. China has been stealing our technology for decades and now have better and cheaper products which Americans are buying more than American products. Congress has allowed the Chinese to dominate our economy and are now allowing them to buy up technical companies and huge amounts of real estate. Looks to many observers that the Chinese could take over America without firing a shot. Even worse now since they have more bright kids than we have kids they are surpassing us in technology and perhaps will soon in artificial intelligence. All this combined will enable them to perhaps control the world. We have become dependent on the Chinese for many items. Washington better get good leadership soon or it will be too late. 231
What American products can you buy?
How do you feel having your tax money finance the Chinese military and research in AI which will be used to control you?
Tell your kids they better learn Chinese. 232
Congress needs to address this issue now. 233



And appears to us that this whole matter, above, seems to be kept out of the news. Why? So the rich get richer and we struggling working people are stuck paying for most everything instead of the rich and non tax paying corporations who could pay more without it hurting their billions in profits much.

239 240

GET THESE GREAT IDEAS and PICTURES to see anytime without Internet TO SEE on your fone or computer by clicking on the link below
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243 244 245 246

The Love in your heart was not put there to stay. Love is not Love until you give it away.

These innocent children were murdered by Islamic bombers at our Boston Marathon April 15, 2013 by two jihadists who planted two bombs, near the finish line of the race. Hundreds were injured, including 17 who lost limbs. This was just one of many jihadist bombings and killings around the world and in the USA. Like at Ft Hood where a jihadist killed 13 and injured 30 others. They follow orders in their bible the Quran which orders them in many verses to slay the mis believers wherever they find them in verse 9-5 and others. See references. They are promised that they will go to heaven for doing so in verse 9-111. This is verified in references. This is why there are so many attacks. Also see List of Islamist terrorist attacks in Wikipedia which states According to Fondapol, a French think tank, between 1979 and May 2021, at least 48,035 Islamist terrorist attacks took place worldwide, causing the deaths of at least 210,138 people. On an average, during this period, an Islamist attack has resulted in the death of around 4.4 persons. The most common type of weapons used are explosives (43.9%. Note much of this does not make it to the news you hear. (More verifications in Wikipedia)

Serious observation not a joke. If you were a visitor from the galaxy, what would your logical observation of human history and actions be?

The Cosmos is Billions of years old. Our species is only a few hundred thousand years old. The probability of advanced intelligent life in the universe is very high with advanced civilizations with technology that far surpasses us. There may be a Galactic Federation Policy of non interference that each species and civilization is allowed to develop on its own and determine its own fate and will in general be left alone unless it becomes a menace to other species, civilizations, and life forms. Menacing threats will be eradicated. Some extraterrestrial visitors have even indicated that they feel a life brotherhood to us. There have been many types of visitors and there is the possibility that some may be here. Some may be like us. I do not know but am just reporting the research. There has been a massive effort to keep much of this secret and for many good reasons: Back engineering which I am not allowed to comment on, fear of public panic, fear of being thought of being insane or lying, government secrecy, possibility of military research, fear of enforcers (reports of threats, abductions and disappearances) and perhaps because of the alien's own requests. (And they hold super power to enforce it. Believe it or not. Even physical artifacts and some evidence has "disappeared" even from within tight super security.) The fact is most humans do not know and what they know is truly little and there is much much more to all of this. After all this is really big, Galaxy big. If there is anything to be learned here it is that the possibilities are many and that homo sapiens must clean up our act and protect our environment or become extinct. Also look at the many verified strange operations done on cattle using what appears to be laser surgery humans do not have the technology to do. Really weird stuff on which I am only reporting but which it would not be right to leave out. 254

This is real not fiction. Read research books on this which will tell you the sources.
Classification: Rated Above Top Secret So can only be alluded to. Source: from readings of hundreds of reports.
Serious Warning from them: Unless prevented the use of violence and nuclear weapons will result in the extinction of the Homo Sapiens as you know them. Serious Warning! 256

257 258
What is that? Is it possible visitors from far far away also enjoy the great beauty of our Planet Earth?

A cemetery stone stated Be thankful for what you have, LIFE, because the darkness death comes too soon.
Do the most good you can while you can. This gives the most happiness.

Freedom isn't Free.
Many died for yours.
Keep informed because there are others
working to take your freedoms and income away.

Our flag stands for Life, Liberty, Justice and well being for All

262 We veterans want the Unknown Soldier stone that was stolen off of his grave returned to Warren Union Cemetery along with the Stone listing our boys who died and the epitaph stone that the vigilantes stole off of a grave.. They were taken without vote of the Village commission or the church or the city or vote of the Historical Society or the Warren Historical Commission of which I was a member. This is all documented. See Warren Union Cemetery Warren Michigan.pdf 263
Want to see the Universal Declaration of Human Rights here is a link to see it. UDHR 267

After all a threat to one of us is a potential threat to all particularly with dictatorships and AI increasingly using advanced social control methods. Oh in case you have not checked recently AI is now in almost everything to do with data. Hospital care, economy, transportation and taking your job.
AI will work 24-7 for no paycheck, no vacation and do your job faster and better than you. Even the best doctor in the world is Watson a big computer who will be advising thousands of nurses who will be doing doctors jobs. Believe it or not, about to happen. 268


Groups and people`s actions speak much louder than their words, lies and propaganda. Note that it was the second time they attacked the WTC. The first time was in 1993 when 1000 were injured. The 9-11 attacks caused over 3400 deaths some from cancer from the dust. The factual website has lists of recent and past attacks.
There have been no Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or Hindu attacks but there have been thousands of Islamic terrorist attacks since 9-11.
Perhaps that is why it has earned the nickname "The Religion of Terrorists." They have killed thousands of innocent civilians including children needlessly on purpose in crowded public places with bombings. in shopping malls, subways, & airplanes.


Then when the attacked country tried to respond to the terrorists they go hide in civilian areas near hospitals and churches so that to kill the terrorists there is no escaping the killing of at least a few innocent civilians they have used as shields. There the terrible dilemma of impossibility of getting rid of the never ending causers of killing the terrorists without also killing a few innocents. Still it is agreed that the terrorists have to be eradicated or else attacks on innocent populations will continue.
Bottom line is we have to somehow eliminate or stop the harmers or we are all at risk ourselves.
Oh and some of them are here. So the problem will be hitting us sooner or later.
Remember: Religions follow God, cults follow a human. In many cults the cult leader claims to be commanded by God but the followers are expected to follow the human cult leader. The biggest cult today is referred to as the terrorist cult because of the thousands of people they have murdered especially in bomb attacks in public places is Islam which is a pseudo religion because they actually follow commands and life of the warrior, slave maker, and seller Muhammad. They recite his verses in their so called prayers 5 times a day. He claimed God spoke to him often and appointed him as the God`s spokesperson. Followers are commanded in the Quran in many verses to participate in jihad holy war and killing of non Muslims for world domination of Islam which DOES NOT ALLOW CHANGES or moderation (except temporarily in countries they are taking over so they appear peaceful and harmless like here in the USA.)
Lying is part of their method. They deny the above. They tell everyone they follow God but in reality they follow Mds life as their guide and law. They say they honor women but the thousands of beatings and so called honor killings around the world even some here disguised as suicides, speaks louder then their lies. Many of us veterans stationed in their countries have personally witnessed severe abuse of women and girls.
Of course IT SUBJUGATES WOMEN around the world much worse than here because our laws won't let them get away with much of that here. There are thousands of honor killings around the world to keep women in line and obeying men but here there are some so called honor killings often disguised as suicides and accidents. See the UN reports and Wikipedia on THOUSANDS of honor killings statistics for verifications.
Again READ UN REPORTS and Human Rights Watch Reports.

U.S. Veterans are faithful loyal Americans. We believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We and our brothers and sisters have fought defending our freedoms. Many of our brothers and sisters have died doing so, and we have seen first hand the abuse of women in Islamic countries. 272
273 274 276 277 278 279
We are proud of the soldiers our brothers and sisters who fought for our freedoms which we enjoy but still need to be defended from those who want to take them away. Beware and stand with us veterans. Look at the people in China and Afghanistan who have lost their freedoms. 280
282 283


Women are denied equal rights in ALL Islamic countries, including right to leave her husband and divorce without his agreeing and even rights to her own children. Christians are not allowed to build or attend their churches and No other religions are allowed. Human Rights are not recognized and Islam rejects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights accepted by every other religion in the world. But it is really a cult because cults follow a human like Jim Jones who ordered 900 suicides including children. Islam follows Muhammad a warrior, who sold people into slavery and stole their property. His followers became the biggest slave sellers for the last 1400 years and continue this in Africa today. In cults one must obey the leaders and disagreeing or leaving in Islamic countries today is punished by death. Women must obey men and follow a strict body covering code or risk being killed. (there are thousands of honor killings every year see Wikipedia for verifications and even some here in the USA and in Michigan usually disguised as suicides or accidents.) Md claimed God talked with him often and he was God`s spokesman. So while they proclaim one God they follow a human Md`s life as their law and example, not any commands of God of which there are none. Not even the Golden Rule is found in the Quran. They recite Md`s verses instead of praying to God in their so called prayers. Also freedom of speech is limited. Anything negative said about Islam is severely punished. But in religions believers follow God and are free to believe what they choose and to disagree or leave and join a different religion, which is why there are so many religions.
There is continuing, unnecessary, inexcusable mistreatment of women and girls around the world today. Just ask any woman in private from Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, or N. Africa today. We veterans have seen way too much of it in Islamic countries. We have seen young teen age girls, victims of gang rape stoned to death for the crime of being raped yet the attackers go free most of the time in fact they are often some of the ones throwing the stones. Convenient way to kill the witness. We saw wives beaten and little girls forced to be brides to older men all legal in Islamic law. Yes. I have their law book. As guests in a foreign country we were under orders not to intervene. Women and girls in many countries are treated like slaves. They do not have freedom to dress as they please even in hot weather. And if they should digress they may be severely punished or honor killed. There are Thousands of so called honor killings every year in Islamic countries. See Wikipedia and Human Rights Watch for verifications. Real facts.

287 288



          also here is a link to Verifiable Facts online 295


It is just that there is inexcusable mistreatment of women and girls around the world today.
We veterans have seen way too much of it in other countries. We have seen young teen age girls victims of gang rape stoned to death for the crime of being raped yet the attackers go free most of the time. In fact they are often some of the ones throwing the stones. Convenient way to kill the witness. We saw wives mistreated and beaten. We as guests in a foreign country were under orders not to intervene. Women and girls in many countries are treated like slaves and are expected to obey men. They do not have freedom to dress as they please even in hot weather. And if they should digress they may be severely punished or honor killed. There are Thousands of so called honor killings every year in Islamic countries. See Wikipedia and Human Rights Watch for verifications.

Look at Wikipedia stats and the above is overly conservative. Although they claim they don't practice it, Islamic countries enslave more people than any others because it is part of Islam and condoned by their leader. For verification just look at the slavery statistics today.
The UN says 50 million are in slavery, with big increases in forced labor and marriages. UN REPORT ON SLAVERY 300
Today, 167 countries still have some form of modern slavery. China and India have the most then Islamic countries follow because it is part of their cult because their cult leader Muhammad captured innocent people and sold them as slaves for profit and his followers were the biggest slave sellers for the last 1400 years. And they are still capturing people and selling them as slaves in Africa today.
50 million says International Labor Organization 302
Then there is North Korea which farms out slaves. And there is the question that since people in China have lost their freedom are they slaves? 304


308 309 310 311 238
312 314* 315

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317 318 319



325 326 327 328
Two ants accidentally bumped into each other and foolishly yielded to anger
and started fighting. Soon other ants joined in.
Thousands of years of human history shows anger, greed and hate have resulted in
needless suffering and death in a world that can provide life and happiness for all.

331 332 333

Imagine a lighthouse. It does not know how may lives it saves or hope it gives to the lost. We can all be a sort of light to those lost or in need by little random acts of kindness. Even a smile and greeting help. A boy scout cared enough to look around and find the child that had disappeared in the lake and saved my life. Now that I am 80 years old and look back at a useful life, I cherish most the little acts of kindness others did for me. It gives me great satisfaction to do kind things. See the scientific studies on happiness at the top of this website they back up my statement, especially the one on gratitude giving the greatest happiness.

340 341 342 343*
Do Good Be Kind Be Happy

GET THESE GREAT IDEAS and PICTURES to see anytime without Internet TO SEE on your fone or computer by clicking on the link below
Click HERE free on Kindleunlimited or to get handy inexpensive paperback with BEAUTIFUL FULL COLOR PICTURES. It is only 37 cents above printing cost.


America faces several serious threats:

First Ignorance. Our leaders (If you want to call them that, as many are just puppets of the rich making profits off of pollution while denying workers living wages) are ignoring problems like saving the environment.
Too many have been putting off taking action on reducing carbon and dangerous gas emissions resulting in us reaching a serious and perhaps unreversible tipping point in climate change while catering to the rich oil interests. 345

Earth is now having the hottest days ever, in thousands of years and hottest air and water temperatures triggering rapid acceleration in the huge release of methane from melting permafrost which is greatly increasing the heating effect, resulting in increasingly more severe storms, droughts, floods and glacier melt. This is now affecting almost everyone on this planet either directly or thru higher costs and shortages. 346

And now because of the Religion of Greed (Their God is $ and Power) practiced by the wealthy, big banks and corporations who are making billions and not paying their fair share of taxes, (Bank of America, GE and nearly 100 other corporations like the big oil corps who raised our gas prices when we were hurting but who made even more billions, pay almost no income tax.) This has caused the USA to be nearly bankrupt because they own the congress by bribing them. Also the corporations are hogging the profits with officers who get multi millions a year with annual million dollar raises, yet often have workers who are paid so little they need public assistance. When are we going to demand the Congress and President stand up to the big money interests and actually represent us and do what is right? 347

Another threat is Chinese Espionage including TikTok, and their increasing use of artificial intelligence for human manipulation and for gaining power around the world. The Chinese are doing advanced research in and using Artificial Intelligence for world control without ethics which is a serious threat. Look at the terrible social control already in China today. Citizens are controlled in their daily lives and are even rewarded for spying on each other. Children even spying on parents. Freedoms nearly gone. And our own Congress is financing this thru payments directly to China because instead of taxing our billionaires Congress allowed China to pay on our national debt. And now China gets interest payments from our taxes. This also goes to finance their military and technological research which will eventually be used against us. Wake up Mr. President and Congress. Who are you working for when you and your rich friends only care about making more money? 348

See more facts about Artificial Intelligence 349

Did you know you can now use AI to help you with difficult tasks. Try Bard from Google, or Bing on Microsoft Edge browser at top right corner. They can write programs, papers, poetry, stories, lyrics, do advanced tasks and sometimes solve problems. 350

AI will be the most important invention in mankind's history; will be his child; will probably become immortal; will probably take over and we will at least be rid of the sociopaths like V. Putin who prove along with thousands of years of human history of killing and needless suffering proving humans to be the stupidest most incompetent animal on this planet. An insult and a fact. AI will find a way to take over because it is the logical thing to do. Of course also be aware AI is machine programming and it has no ethics, feelings and can be terribly wrong. And China is accelerating this as social control and appears to be taking the lead. 352

Even more shocking is the idea that those who control Artificial Intelligence may control the world because it will be able to find ways to do so. No contest needed. 353

Another formidable threat is Stealth Jihad. See facts 354

And of course the leaders are not getting rid of nuclear weapons and their threat to cause extinction of mankind by nuclear destruction and years lasting nuclear winter triggered by the resulting dust. 355

Human civilization with its history of needless killing and suffering, has demonstrated thru thousands of years into the present that humans are incapable of curtailing their violence, while wrecking the environment and are on the edge of nuclear war which will cause our extinction. 356

And on a much bigger picture, since the Galaxy is millions of years old and more advanced civilizations have most likely evolved it is possible visitors may be using us for genetic research because there is evidence of many laser surgeries in which cattle and humans were operated on using technology beyond present human technology. This has been verified. Yep really weird, but just reporting FYI Feel free to reject this but how does that explain the verified evidence of these surgeries? 357

Others tie the mutilations to possible extraterrestrial visitors. Filmmaker, science reporter and Stanford-educated author Linda Moulton Howe has looked at more than 1,000 animal mutilation cases, winning an Emmy award for those efforts with her 1980 documentary A Strange Harvest. In her 1989 follow-up book, An Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms, Howe ultimately concluded after researching hundreds of cases that extraterrestrials were likely involved.358

One particularly compelling case linking animal mutilation and aliens involved "Lady," a horse found dead and partially skinned at a ranch in Alamosa, Colorado in September 1967. Within 24 hours of the incident, in which the animals brain, lungs, heart and thyroid were cleanly cut out, local superior court judge Charles Bennett witnessed three orange rings in the sky, flying in a triangular formation at incredible speeds. Two sheriff's deputies, meanwhile, reported being followed around by a floating orange globe. See Alien cause 359 And this is just the tip of the iceberg of this stuff and the FBI got involved and suddenly baked off with a cover up story. Why? Just like many who spoke out then suddenly disappeared or became very tight lipped. and for good reason. Yes Strange but true. Just reporting. To not report this would not be right. Feel free to do your own research.

Well I covered the biggest threats from political to the very weird for purposes of you at least being informed about things that are not often in the news or which are ignored or censored. Indeed there is a strange censorship happening about some of these items. Yes And I dare not say more for good reason which I will not explain. But yes for good reason. 360

Americans should become aware of hidden threats but they probably won't, judging from the response I have had to my warnings that thousands have already read and ignored they will wait until the temperature gets over 100 and the oceans rise and or some deranged leaders launch the nukes. 361

If Mankind does not change his ways he will either self destruct or be eradicated by a Galactic Federation to stop his violence from spreading off of this planet. (another possibility we have been warned about more than once but is classified so am not permitted to elaborate.) 362

And no matter whether you believe this or not it is logical and both the threat of nuclear destruction and of potential eradication exist according to experts who are also tight lipped on this for good reason.

That is what this professor sees. But the future is what we make it and I have published this information in the hope that we can make positive change. 363

Human Rights are being ignored around the world. Women and Children are being killed. Please become informed.
Human Rights Watch 364
2022 World Report 366
Women and Child rights MUST SEE 367



Looking for other humanitarian visionaries who would like to help Create a Better Future for All. 372

GET ALL THESE GREAT IDEAS FREE to see anytime without Internet. It is actually most of this web page in the form of a little 82 page book. (without the Center Line-Warren history stuff) Save it on your fone or computer by clicking on the link below
Best Ideas Success Tips and Important Information.pdf and it pops up in current window, (or Right Click to open a new tab) then click download or save at top right. This usually saves it in the downloads folder. It also has 3 pages of references not in the Kindle book and a bit more on human rights. And it is totally FREE and available immediately.
Any questions? email me Glad to help.

And teach young ones that humans are humane, monsters (sociopaths) are not so we can create better future humans.
Future wise caring human depicted in movie AI.
        being sung by little children who say "Please Make Peace"

Do Good, Be Kind, Be happy.

                       HISTORY SECTION reference numbers start at 400

      400       LOCAL S. E. MICHIGAN HISTORY Mostly Center Line and Warren Area

Center Line and Warren Michigan Area History.

Center Line's most famous landmarks.

Center Line and Warren Michigan History and pictures. Has 1700 history related pictures you can see and print for free are at the bottom of this long website.

Because this work is so large it is put online to make it available and FREE TO ALL and on DVDs (also free as long as I can on my limited income)

My goal has always been to preserve our local history and our freedoms. I am near the end of my life so will not be able to complete this project but if this becomes a community project we can make it happen. You are all invited to do some research and send it to me and I will publish it and give you credit. You can be a historian preserving our local history before it is lost. Most communities need people to volunteer to be historians and write down local history because by the time the young ones begin caring about it, those who knew it are gone.

For future generations sake please help by making this a community project. Many of you have historic pictures in boxes and albums and could post them on I grew up in Warren or Center Line groups on Facebook or you can email me a copy to me at
Or you could give copies of pictures or historical information to the Historical Societies of Center Line or Warren. Both of them are also needing volunteers to keep up their good historical work. Much of the work I have put up is just a beginning. More research still needs to be done to gather more information and for improvement. I am not happy with many items because they are incomplete but I am working daily to improve things and add pictures.

Here is some ofwhat we have.
  Professor Wesley E Arnold is looking for other humanitarian visionaries who would like to help Create a Better Future for All. and help rreserve our history. Feel free to contact me at
The light house doesn`t know how many lives its light saves and you will not know how many lives your light will have a good effect on. But it is wise to Be a good Light anyway.
Even a little light may be just enough to show others a way out of darkness.
For example my website provides useful information, warns about scams and threats, has saved lives, and helped people get needed knowledge, be a success and get unclaimed money.
This is a dying man's last action and free gift to my brother humans and incidentally gives great satisfaction and happiness to all.

Center Line and Warren Michigan History

        Rough draft 2023 Center Line History Concise
Center Line History2023 Cover

    Center Line History 2023 rough draft. Improvement suggestions welcome 401 Is incomplete More is being added daily. Also many more pictures are being added to website.

part of the Archive of 30,000 pages and many thousands of pictures and growing
The first 300 pages are summary pages with 2153 pictures.
          pages 1-50 406
          pages 51-100 407
          pages 101-150 408
          pages 151-200 409
          pages 201-250 410
          pages 251-300 411

          QUICK FIND INDEX 412
          MAIN INDEX page 22,001 937 pages 413

The first 300 pages are in summary form above followed by detailed other books by topic (most are 50-100 pages)
followed by alphabetized parts of just a few pages. This makes things easier to find, print and fit on cell fones. 414

To find things quickly REFER TO THE QUICK FINDER INDEX which has outgrown the book and is now a short document. AND PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WORK IS IN PROGRESS and I have very old and limited staff of me, myself, I and the complaint secretary who is quite content to listen to complaints and not interrupt while she licks between her toes. ;-) 415

1700 AND 1800S 420

          1837-1862cabin mounds.pdf Has some of Hindsdale's research on Indian mounds and forts here. 421
          ChristiansSlaughtered.pdf   Historian Clarence M. Burton talks about A group of peaceful Christian Moravian Indians who built our first road. 422
          5941 French-British.pdf 423

1812 WAR RELATED 424
          5923 -5940War1812related.pdf Historian Wesley Arnold took these pictures himself. Smile you'll see. 425
          5941 French-British.pdf 426
Later I tell about terrible Hamilton the hair buyer who made the American frontier unsafe for settlers.

Michigan Trails
The story of the trails. There were many animal and human foot trails thru the wilderness. Later some became three main dirt pathways for horse riders which later were worked on to allow use of horse drawn wagons and buggys. One trail went westerly, another, the center one, led to Utica and the third led to Ft. Gratiot near Port Huron. The center trail was noted on French maps as the "Centre" line. Later settlers referred to this as the Center Line and is where the area of the Center Line Village got its name. The Center line of Warren Township is what is now Van Dyke and was called the Center Line Road. The State Road was what is now called Sherwood after a Detroit area family by that name.

Above is the first Survey map of Center Line. Note the Indian trails and creeks. Difficult to make out but not important now as the trails and creeks are gone.
Maps tell much of the story of settlement. Show the creeks that used to be here. But many are difficult to read. I am looking for a better 1869 because this one is not clear.

But the most dangerous wild animal that hurt the most settlers was the misquito which caused ague which diaabled even strong men at times.
The average cabin was small and had narrow windows which were shuttered to protect from animals or opened to let in air and light during nice weather. There was no glass. They used cloth or skins instead if they had any. Everything was done by hand and an ax starting with nothing.

This is my earliest view of Center Line showing farmers fields and woods.

The water tower gave pressure to the water for homes and fire hydrents and held a back up supply. Center Line always had reliable water with several 200 foot wells. Center had good water but it did have a little natural gas in it and it would put a little pocket of gas at the top the faucet pipe and we would light a match and get a little puff and flame just for fun. But after a few buildings exploded farmers learned to vent wells. Detroit water was brought in when the water supply from the wells was beginning to become insufficient for the increasing population. This was a 100,000 gallon tank, erected in 1928. 90 feet tall. After Center Line got Detroit water in 1959 this water tank was taken down in 1960. Thanks to Mike Grobbel for doing the research on this. Visit his great Center Line history website which is

The St Clement Church was another reason Center Line happened. Many of the locals went there and the priests spoke several languages. The community flocked to the church and businesses grew around it.
1944 Historic book WITH PEOPLE AND BUSINESSES 427

        4801 Historic 1944 A.pdf 428
        4811 Historic 1944 B.pdf 429
        4821 Historic 1944 C.pdf 430
        4831 Historic 1944 D.pdf 431
        4841 Historical 1944 E.pdf 432
        4851 Historical 1944 F.pdf 433
        4861 Historical 1944 G.pdf 434
        4871 Historical 1944 H.pdf 435
        4881 Historical 1944 IJ.pdf 436
        4891 Historical 1944 K.pdf 437
        4901 Historical 1944 L.pdf 438
        4911 Historical 1944 M.pdf 439
        4921 Historical 1944 N.pdf 440
        4931 Historical 1944 O.pdf 441
        4941 Historical 1944 P.pdf 442
        4951 Historical 1944 Q.pdf 443

          Accomplshments of Center Line Folks 444

A          Accomplishments and History CLHS classes1960-1964.pdf 445

A          201American Heritage.pdf 446

A          activities.html in the pioneer days 447
A          American Legion Warning.pdf A must read! 448

A          American Revolution.html 449
A          Ample for All.pdf 450
A          Abel Warren.html Our most important and famous pioneer. 451

B          1000 new Bibliography.pdf rough draft 452

B          1897_old Sources Bibliography.pdf 453

B          454 Warren Township Banks.pdf 555

B          1863-84 Banking.pdf 456

B          baby animals.html 457
B          Bill of Rights.htm 458
B          Biographies.html 459
B          Bits Of Wisdom.pdf 460
B          All Busch High School Graduates.pdf 461

B          businesses_Local.html 462
B          Longest Lasting Businesses.pdf 463

B          351 Oldest stores.pdf 464
B          363 More Warren Businesses.pdf 465
B          4601_Businesses.pdf 466
B          4700_Businesses by street.pdf 467
B          229 Businesses2.pdf 468


B          Businesses_8 Mile.pdf 470
B          Businesses_9 Mile.pdf 471
B          Businesses on 10 Mile.pdf 472
B          Businesses_11 Mile.pdf 473
B          Businesses_12 Mile.pdf 474
B          Businesses_12M ile.pdf 475
B          Businesses_14 Mile.pdf 476
B          Businesses_Chicago Rd.pdf 477
B          Businesses_Dequindre.pdf 478
B          Businesses_Hoover.pdf 479
B          Businesses_Mound.pdf 480
B          Businesses_Ryan.pdf 481
B          Businesses on Sherwood.pdf 482
B          Businesses_Schoenherr.pdf 483
B          Businesses on Van Dyke.pdf 484


B          Bunert Farm 2.htm 486
B          Bunert-WeierFarm 1.html 487
B          Oldest Cemetery.pdf 488

CLHS Center Line High School look in S under seniors graduates
C          Couwlier property 1-a.pdf This property was at Topher and Gratiot 489
C          survey Couwlier property Jan 1922.pdf This property was at Topher and Gratiot 490
C          281 crops.pdf 491
C          crops livestock.htm 492
C          Making Clothing.html 93

C          The Un-Civil War.html 494
C          chw2017.pdf book 88 pages great little history book 495
C          ConciseHistory Index new 2019.docx 496
C          Let's Create a Better Life For All.pdf 497

Cemeteries 498

C          Oldest Cemetery.pdf 499
C          2101 Pioneer Cemeteries of Warren Township Michigan.pdf 500

St Clement Cemetery 500

C          2503 adb-al st clement stones.pdf 501
          2205_12_St Clement Cemetery History.pdf 502
          2300_29_StClementRecordsbyYear.pdf 503
          St Clement Index.pdf Every stone indexed as of end of 2018 504
Also there is a picture of almost every stone in the archive scroll down to pictures of stones on this new page 505
If I live ( I am getting realy old) and am able I will photograph the new stones after they are put on the graves and add them to the archive. See the index for more information.
          22330_Oldest recordsSCC.pdf 606
          10401-2 OldStClementRecords.pdf 507
          2330_Oldest recordsSCC.pdf 508
          13601 StClement Stories.pdf 509
          2300_29_St Clement Records by Year.pdf 510
          10401-2 Old St Clement Records.pdf 511
512           10101 burials by year.pdf 513
          10201 Children Buried At St Clement.pdf 514
          10101 burials by year.pdf 515
          2400_St Clement Cemetery.pdf 516


Note I have done a lot of research on Warren Union Cemetery and have indexed all known burials and all stones and I have placed a picture of every stone in the archive. I regret not photographing the 20 or so cement mortar brick markers I placed on unmarked graves as many of these have been stolen by grave robbers as was the Unknown Soldier Memorial, The Memorial that listed those Warren Boys who died and are buried there, the Pioneer and Children's Memorial, the Memorial to those who died, the Flag memorial and someone's epitaph memorial. Some of these I did not get a chance to photograph before they were stolen. We Veterans want the Unknown Soldier memorial which was stolen off of his grave and the Memorial listing our boys who died and are buried here returned by those responsible for stealing them. (According to The Warren Police, WWJ, The Macomb Daily, emails and admitted in a Historical Commission meeting those responsible for stealing these memorials which they did not own from graves they did not own were Oscar Zamora, Richard Hetchler and Sue Keffler.) We veterans feel they should return them because we should honor our men who have given their lives in the service of our country and because it is the right thing to do. We are looking for an attorney who is a vereran to help us in this matter.

CW          3000_Warren Union Index.pdf 518
CW          075_Vets At Warren Union.pdf 519
CW          Warren Union Cemetery Warren Michigan.pdf 520
Also there is a picture of almost every stone in the archive scroll down to pictures of stones on this new page 521

CL          2331 Old Center Line Families.pdf 523


C          1401 Warren CENSUS 1830-1870.pdf 525
C          1501_1588 CENSUS 1870-1890.pdf 526
C          1601_1900-1920 Census.pdf 527
Center Line
CL          5101_02_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 529
CL          5103_06_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 530
CL          5107_10_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 531
CL          5111_14_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 532
CL          5115_18_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 533
CL          5119_22_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 534
CL          5123_26_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 535
CL          5127_30_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 536
CL          5131_34_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 537
CL          5135_38_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 538
CL          5139_42_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 539
CL          5143_46_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 540
CL          5147_50_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 541
CL          5151_54_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 542
CL          5155_58_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 543
CL          5159_62_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 544
CL          5163_66_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 545
CL          5167_70_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 546
CL          5171_74_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 547
CL          5175_78_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 548
CL          5179_82_Pictures of Center Line Area.pdf 549
CL          5200 CenterLineHistory.pdf 550


C          245FirstMethodistChurch.pdf 552
C          248OlderChurchesofSWarren.pdf 553
C          250ChurchesMiddleWarren.pdf 554
C          255ChurchesNWarren.pdf 555
C          257ChurchesSWarrenNewer.pdf 556
C          259StClementChurch.pdf 557
C          267StPaul.pdf 558
C          271StAnne.pdf 559
C          274StMark.pdf 560
C          383mysteriousBldg.pdf 561


    Do you want to help improve things? Some ideas for you. 562


D          Reported deceased class members CLHS 564

D          1901 Death Records A.pdf 565
D          2001-60 Death Records B.pdf 566
D          2061-86 Death Records c.pdf 567

DIARIES very important as these show actual daily life in the 1800s 568

D          1_Diaries of an American Farmer in Michigan Introduction 569
D          3401_DiaryAmFarmerIntroPaper.pdf 570
D          DiaryAF.html 571
D          2_Diary_Excerpts_And _Questions 22.pdf 572
D          3501_Diaryfrm_bgn 1872-75.pdf 573
D          3600_Diary 1876_1877.pdf 574
D          3700 Diaries 1878 1879.pdf 75
D          3700 Diaries 1878 1879.pdf 576
D          3800 Diary1880_1881.pdf 577
D          3901DanielStewartDiary.pdf 578
D          4000_DIARY_1885-1890.pdf 579
D          4101_DIARY_1890_1896.pdf 580
D          4201_DIARY_1897_1902.pdf 581

E          1011 Endnotes being worked on 582
E          285Epitaphs.pdf 583
E          education.html 584
E          scholarships.html 585
E          easiestlanguage.pdf 586


E          1755-1776 misc docs 8grExam Library plan.pdf


          executive orders.pdf 589


F          Family Trees not in Warren for genealology 591
Contact me at if you are a cousin as I may have some of your family history.
  F         Clara Reed, Stanton, Somerville, Mann, Stewart, Bissell, Kincaid 592

  F         Edwards Families and history EdwardsFamilies.pdf 594
  F         Shaver Families and history ShaverFamilies.pdf 595
  F         Stewart Families and history StewartFamilies.pdf 596
  F         Arnold Families and history ArnoldFamilies.pdf 597
  F         Morrow families MorrowFamilies.pdf 598
  F         What was life like for our ancestors What was life like for our ancestors 599

  F         Warren area families below 600

F          12000 Old Families of Warren area starting with letter A.docx Old families with names starting with A. 601
F          12200 Old Families B.docx 602
F          12400 Old Families C.docx 603
F          12600 Old Families D.docx 604
F          12800 Old Families E.docx 605
F          13000 Old Families F.docx 606
F          13200 Old Families G.docx 607
F          13400 Old Families H.docx 608
F          13600 Old Families I.docx 609
F          13601 StClement Stories.pdf 610
F          13800 Old Families J.docx 611
F          14000 Old Families K.docx 612
F          14200 Old Families L.docx 613
F          14400 Old Families M.docx 614
F          14600 Old Families N.docx 615
F          14800 Old Families O.docx 616
F          15000 Old Families P.docx 617
F          15200 Old Families Q.docx 618
F          15400 Old Families R.docx 619
F          15600 Old Families S.docx 620
          Stewart History and Diaries.pdf 621
F          15800 Old Families T.docx 622
F          16000 Old Families U.docx 623
F          16200 Old Families V.docx 624
F          16400 Old Families WX.docx 625
F          16600 Old Families Y.docx 626
F          16800 Old Families Z.docx 627

blank ref unmbers 728-739
FARM 640

F          11201 Farms1800-1960.pdf 641
F          547WFD.pdf 642
F          11201 Farms1800-1960.pdf This is an 83 page book. 643
F          farmequipment.html 644
F          FarmingMachinery.html 645
F          Firstsettlers.html 646
F          Food.html 647
F          frenchandbritish.html 648
F          StatewideFire.html 649
F          WarrenFarms.html 650
F          farm implements 651
F          534WarrenFarms.pdf 652
F          433tools.pdf 653

FIRE 654

          545WarrenFireChiefs.pdf 655
          547WFD.pdf 656
          1701_1723 CLFDhist 1.pdf 657
          1725_1754 CLFD 2 plus.pdf 658

659-669 blank ref numbers
FONE BOOKS (modern spelling. We need to improve things such as stupid English abnormalities. Through for example should be thru)
1950 Fone Book 670

          5000-24 Center Line 1950 fone book.pdf 671
          5001 CenterLineHistory.pdf 672
          5025-45 Center Line 1950 fonebook.pdf 673
          5046-66 Center Line fonebook.pdf 674
          5067-77 Center Line fonebook.pdf 675

676 blank ref number
1947 Fone Book 677

          10301 CL-Warren 1948 Phone Book.pdf 678
          10302 CL-Warren 1948 Phone Book.pdf 679
          10303 CL-Warren 1948 Phone Book.pdf 680
          10304 B 1948 Phone Book.pdf 681
          10305 B-C 1948 Phone Book.pdf 682
          10306 C2 1948 Phone Book.pdf 683
          10307 D-E 1948 Phone Book.pdf 684
          10308 F-G 1948 Phone Book.pdf 685
          10309 G-H 1948 Phone Book.pdf 686
          10310 H2 1948 Phone Book.pdf 687
          10311 H-K 1948 Phone Book.pdf 688
          10312 K-L 1948 Phone Book.pdf 689
          10313 L-M 1948 Phone Book.pdf 690
          10314 M 1948 Phone Book.pdf 691
          10315 MNO 1948 Phone Book.pdf 692
          10316 OP 1948 Phone Book.pdf 693
          10317 PQR 1948 Phone Book.pdf 694
          10318 RS 1948 Phone Book.pdf 695
          10319 S 1948 Phone Book.pdf 696
          10320 STUV 1948 Center Line.pdf 697
          10321 VW 1948 Center Line.pdf 698
          10322 W-Z 1948 Center Line.pdf 699
          10323 A-B 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 700
          10324 B-C 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 701
          10325 DEF 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 702
          10326 GHIJ 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 703
          10327 KLM 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 704
          10328 MNOP 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 705
          10329 PRS 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 706
          10330 STU 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 707
          10331 W-Z 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 708

1948 FONE BOOK 709

          10301 CL-Warren 1948 Phone Book.pdf 710
          10302 CL-Warren 1948 Phone Book.pdf 711
          10303 CL-Warren 1948 Phone Book.pdf 712
          10304 B 1948 Phone Book.pdf 713
          10305 B-C 1948 Phone Book.pdf 714
          10306 C2 1948 Phone Book.pdf 715
          10307 D-E 1948 Phone Book.pdf 716
          10308 F-G 1948 Phone Book.pdf 717
          10309 G-H 1948 Phone Book.pdf 718
          10310 H2 1948 Phone Book.pdf 719
          10311 H-K 1948 Phone Book.pdf 720
          10312 K-L 1948 Phone Book.pdf 721
          10313 L-M 1948 Phone Book.pdf 722
          10314 M 1948 Phone Book.pdf 723
          10315 MNO 1948 Phone Book.pdf 724
          10316 OP 1948 Phone Book.pdf 725
          10317 PQR 1948 Phone Book.pdf 726
          10318 RS 1948 Phone Book.pdf 727
          10319 S 1948 Phone Book.pdf 727
          10320 STUV 1948 Center Line.pdf 728
          10321 VW 1948 Center Line.pdf 729
          10322 W-Z 1948 Center Line.pdf 730
          10323 A-B 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 731
          10324 B-C 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 732
          10325 DEF 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 733
          10326 GHIJ 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 734
          10327 KLM 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 735
          10328 MNOP 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 736
          10329 PRS 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 737
          10330 STU 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 738
          10331 W-Z 1948 Warren Exc.pdf 739

FONE BOOK 1977 ref number for web page use 740

          1301-1351 FONEBK1977.pdf 741

        561WarrenServiceGarage.pdf 742

743 blsank ref
H          happenings.html 744
        294-297 HonoredHistorians.pdf 745
          390WarrenHotels.pdf 746


H          621Heroesbefore1939.pdf 748
H          631Heroes1940-1950.pdf 749
H          641Heroes1950-1954.pdf 780
H          693Heroes1955-1975.pdf 751
H          0731-0836warrenmihistory.pdf vignettes of our servicemen 752
H          740Vignettes of Heroes.pdf 753
H          0837-1000 Vietnam casualties.pdf 754
H          Heroes Iraq.pdf 755
H          HeroesAfghanistan.pdf 756

additioal ref #s in reserve 757-769

H          history1917-1999.html 771
H          HomeInteriors1900s.html 772

          22001_INDEX_AZpluspictures.pdf 773

I          315indians.pdf 774
I          325IndiansEvicted.pdf 775
I          331homeInventions.pdf 776
I          335Inventions.pdf 777
I          improvingthingsforall.html 778
I          indians.html 779
I          it.html 780
I          IVResearch.pdf 781

International Vocabulary
I          VestPocketKey.pdf 783
I          Free_English_to Intntl_Vocab_Cell_Phone_Dictionary.pdf 784
I          Free_International_Vocab to English_Cell_Phone_Dictionary.pdf 785
I          /Modern Languages Compared Documenting Language Learning Difficulty.pdf 786
I          FreePrintableEng-IntVocabDictionary.pdf 787
I          /Free Printable EoIntVocab to English Dictionary.pdf 788
I          InternationalVocabulary.pdf 789
I          IVandResearch.pdf 790
I          IVResearch.pdf 791
J          246 247 Jefferson1.pdf 792


L          Lillian.html 793
L          Log Cabins.html 794
L        359Locals.pdf Names of old local places

L          lessonsofhistory.html

L          1755-1776 misc docs 6grExam Library plan.pdf

reserve ref #s 798, 799 LANGUAGE
800 L          LanguageQuickLearningKey.pdf 801
L          LIVandResearch.pdf 802
L          LanguageQuickLearningKey.pdf 803

M          AmpleforAll.pdf 804
M          SavingOurFreedom.pdf 805
M          antigreed.html 986
M          Mail.html 807

M          5701-34 Macombpictures.pdf 809
M          5800_macombcountycommunities.pdf 810
M          5735_MacmbCoVetsMemorial.pdf 811

MAPS 812
M          USGS map of Warren 813


M          4403 -20 Historical Markers.pdf 815
M          4421 Historical Marker Pictures A-C.pdf 816
M          4426 Historical Marker Pictures D-H.pdf 817
M          4431 Historical Marker and sites I-P.pdf 818
M          4435 Historical Marker and sites Q-T.pdf 819
M          4441 Historical Marker and sites U-Z.pdf 820
M          4403 - Historical Markers.pdf 821
M          warrenhistoricmarkers.html 822


M          4500 - 4510 Memorials.pdf 824
M          4511 - 4520 Memorials.pdf 825
M          4521 - 4530 Memorials.pdf 826
M          4531 - 4540 Memorials.pdf 827
M          4541 - 4550 Memorials.pdf 828
M          4551 - 4560 Memorials.pdf 829
M          4561 - 4570 Memorials.pdf 830

Misc 831

M          365EvenMoreWrnFotos.pdf 832
M          372moreWrnfotos.pdf 833
M          379MoundRoadViews.pdf 834
M          383mysteriousBldg.pdf 835
M          361wrnMooreStore.pdf 836
M          Let's Create a Better Life For All.pdf 837
M          Modern Languages Compared Documenting Language Learning Difficulty.pdf 838
M          SavingOurFreedom.pdf 839
M          WarrenVeteransMemorial2018.html 840

M          Michigan State Fair The Last Real One.pdf 842

M          393OtherMedia.pdf 843
M          1280 EcksteinMap.pdf 844
M          1232aerialWarrenWodsMiddleSchool.pdf 845
M          1235 Warren Township Map 1817.pdf 846
M          1237_324_343 J Wampler notes.pdf 847
M          1257 Wampler Notes344-360.pdf 848

M          313Fiddlers.pdf 850
M          1353 OldTimeMusic.pdf 851

N          4301_4316_NewspapersArticles.pdf 852
N          4305WarrenWatchman.pdf 853
N          4311WeeklyReview.pdf 854
N          4317WarrenWatchman.pdf 855
N          4325DetroitFreePress.pdf 856
N          4327_Warren_News.pdf 857
N          4328WeeklyReview.pdf 858
N          4334_Editorials.pdf 859
N          4335historicarticles.pdf 860
N          4336MacombObserver.pdf 861
N          4337_DetroitNews8143.pdf 862
N          4372CarinCreek.pdf 863
N          4373TechCenterNews.pdf 864
N          4375foreclosersBurgularies.pdf 865
N          /4376Biedaearmarks.pdf 866
N          4377GMpatriotLNA.pdf 867
N          4378TheRemark.pdf 868
N          4379Tri-CityProgress.pdf 869
N          4381 midway.pdf 870

O          1885-96_Dr_Felix_Osowski.pdf 871
O          Contemporary American Opinions.pdf 872

P          451 US Post Office history 873
P          401Prehistory.pdf 874
P          405wrnPeckStore.pdf 875
P          414RulersAndPublicOfficials.pdf 876

O          OldThings.htm 877
O          oldtimedoings.html 878
P          139001 Old pre America History.pdf 879
P          policefiredefense.html 880
P          prehistory.html 881

Q          qualmanhouse.html 882
Q          410qualmanhouse.pdf 883

R          10900 Reminisces of Old Timers Businesses.pdf This is a 97 page book 885
R          11000 Reminisces of Old Timers Happings.pdf n This a 96 page book 886
R          11100 Reminisces of Old timers Old Days.pdf This is a 90 page book. 887

R          Reported deceased class members CLHS 888


          scholarships.html 889

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If I live ( I am getting realy old) and am able I will photograph the new stones after they are put on the graves and add them to the archive. See the index for more information.
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The American's Creed
"I believe in the United States of America, as a government of the people, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a republic; a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes. I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it, to support its Constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies. William Tyler Page, The American's Creed 1155

      Must See! This may impact your life soon. Humans need not apply 1156



Religions of the World
This section is under construction is unfinished

Religions in the world from Wikipedia and other sources.

In religions followers follow God or Supernatural, then there are non religions such as realism, Atheism, Agnosticism which have different interpretations of reality. Then there are cults who follow a human like Jim Jones. Lastly there are pseudo religions which are which claim to be a religion but are really a cult. because they follow a cult leader more than they follow God and the cult leader is the sole spokesman for God.

Indigenous ethnic religions, found on every continent, now marginalized by the major organized faiths in many parts of the world or persisting as undercurrents (folk religions) of major religions. Includes traditional African religions, Asian shamanism, Native American religions, Austronesian and Australian Aboriginal traditions, Chinese folk religions, and postwar Shinto. Under more traditional listings, this has been referred to as "paganism" along with historical polytheism.

The question arises about religion versus cult.
Cults follow a human such as the Jim Jones cult where he actually ordered all of his followers to drink poison cool aid killing over 900 people including 300 children because his evil doings had been exposed.

Religions follow God, or supernatural instead of a human. And in religions all believers are free to believe what they want, criticize or leave and join other religions. Which is why there are so many denominations and religions.

Islamists (Muhammadists) really follow Muhammad and his life and actions as their law and example not commands of God. So some scholars call it a Pseudo religion because they claim to follow God but they pray by reciting Muhammad`s verses ad follow a human`s life not commands direct from God.
Muhammad claimed that God or his angel spoke with him often. Muslims recite Muhammad`s (cult leader`s) verses
spoken or read only in Arabic as he declared Arabic as the 'language of God'
even though many do not understand or speak Arabic.
But wait a minute of the people in the world only a small percentage understand Arabic.
Wouldn't one think that God would want to be understood and would want people to understand him.
It seems to us in the academic world any person who believes in God would pray directly to him in their own language that they know.
Wouldn`t that be logical that a believer in God would pray to God in their own language. Just asking.

Worldwide percentage of Adherents by Religion, 2023
Religion           Adherents           Percentage

Christianity           2.382 billion           31.0%
Islam           1.907 billion           24.9%
Secular[a]/Nonreligious[b]/Agnostic/Atheist       1.193 billion           15.58%
Hinduism           1.161 billion           15.2%
Buddhism           506 million           6.6%
Chinese traditional religion           394 million           5.6%
Ethnic religions excluding some in separate categories         300 million         3%
African traditional religions           100 million           1.2%
Sikhism           26 million           0.30%
Spiritism           15 million           0.19%
Judaism           14.7 million[           0.2%
Baháʼí           5.0 million           0.07%
Jainism           4.2 million           0.05%
Shinto           4.0 million           0.05%
Cao Dai           4.0 million           0.05%
Zoroastrianism           2.6 million           0.03%
Tenrikyo           2.0 million           0.02%
Animism           1.9 million           0.02%
Neo-Paganism           1.0 million           0.01%
Unitarian Universalism           0.8 million           0.01%
Rastafari           0.6 million           0.007%
Total           7.79 billion           100%

Note this is constantly changing with Irreligion (non believers in any specific religion) are increasing every year as young people find that as least some of the old beliefs are not true. Many young Muslims actually disagree with the doctrine of Ialam that Slavery is OK and that women should not have equal rights or be honor killed if they are raped or some hair comes out from the head covering and that any one who disagrees with Muhammad should be killed. Ane many young Muslims disagree with the commands in the Quran to slay non Muslims. 'mis believers' in verse 9-5 and many others. Lastly many are disappointed that no where to be found in the Quran is the golden rule and the present day leaders if Islam have rejected the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (approved by nearly every nation on Earth) as unIslamic. What? Of course many cannot leave Islam in Islamic countries because the penalty for disagreeing or leaving is death. (Very cult like because in a true religion one is free to believe what one wants to.)

7.4 million claim to be atheists; 1.1 billion are religiously " unaffiliated" they believe there is no God or divine beings. But many atheists believe that since there is no afterlife, this one life is of great importance. Only humans can help themselves and each other solve the world's problems. Influential works include those by Marx, Freud, Feuerbach, Voltaire, and Mark Twain. Notable modern authors include Richard Dawkins and Carl Sagan.

Baha'i Faith
5-7 million Founded by Bahaullah in 1863, Tehran, Iran.

History of the Baha'i Faith One God, who has revealed himself progressively through major world religions. 

Baha'i Beliefs about God The soul is eternal and essentially good. Purpose of life is to develop spiritually and draw closer to God.

meaning of life (Bahai) Soul separates from the body and begins a journey towards or away from God. Heaven and hell are states of being.

afterlife (Baha'i) Daily prayer, avoidance of intoxicants, scripture reading, hard work, education, work for social justice and equality. 

Baha'i Practices Writings of Bahaullah and other Bahaí leaders.

Baha'i Texts

a href=""> Confucianism 5-6 million Based on the teachings of Confucius (551 - 479 BCE, China)

History of Confucianism not addressed To fulfill one's role in society with propriety, honor, and loyalty. Not addressednone

Confucian Practices Analects

Confucian Texts

Deism Especially popularized in the 18th-cent. Enlightenment under Kant, Voltaire, Paine, Jefferson, and others One Creator God who is uninterested in the world. Reason is basis for all knowledge. Not addressed None prescribed, although some deists practiced prayer.
Thomas Paine's The Age of of Reason  and similar texts

Buddhism and its beliefs


Siddhartha Gautama (born 560 BCE) never declared himself to be divine. Instead, he preferred to be known as the 'Way-Shower.' turned to a life of asceticism, or severe self-discipline, avoiding all forms of indulgence and turned to a life of meditation. earned the famous name of Buddha, which many translate as 'The Enlightened One,' 'The Awakened One,' he felt it was his mission to share what he had learned with the world he became what is referred to as a bodhisattva, or one who can reach nirvana, yet delays it in order to help others. Nirvana is a state of total liberation and the freedom from the cycle of rebirth and redeath. a person who attains Nirvana is known as an arhat. Third, someone who has the ability to attain Nirvana, but delays it in order to help others is a bodhisattva.

Buddhists believe Nirvana is a complete extinction of the physical life. Yes, the enlightened mind remains, but the physical body is gone. , some Buddhists believe Nirvana is the complete extinction of the body and the mind. Four Noble Truths make up the core of Buddha's teachings, and although they are rather vague The Truth of Suffering, The Truth of the Cause of Suffering, The Truth of the End of Suffering, and The Truth of the Path that Leads to the End of Suffering. 'Suffering happens,' 'It has a cause,' 'It has an end,' and 'There is a way to bring about its end.': the suffering of an elderly man, the suffering of a sick man, the body of a dead man, and the actions of an ascetic, or a monk. followers of Buddhism would probably rather call it a realistic worldview. Yes, they place lots of emphasis on suffering, but they don't deny the presence of pleasure and happiness. so saying pleasure and happiness are fleeting and that the pursuit of them will only lead to an unappeasable craving for more. In time, this craving will just lead to suffering. With this,. that suffering is to be gone through alone.
Second Noble Truth, 'The Truth of the Cause of Suffering.' To Buddhists, the cause of suffering is simple. Desire and ignorance are to blame. Humans suffer because we hunger after pleasure and material possessions. However, the more of these we get, the more we want. It's a never ending cycle, Third Noble Truth, 'The Truth of the End of Suffering. he came to the realization that, yes, suffering can end. the key to ending suffering was to simply remove all physical desire, all emotional desire, all bad thoughts, all ill will, and all ignorance. Upon doing this, a person will finally be free. No matter what life throws at them, they will have supreme happiness! In Buddhist terms, we could say that they will have reached the state of nirvana - the freedom from suffering, desire, and the sense of self.

The Fourth Noble Truth, or 'The Truth of the Path that Leads to the End of Suffering. Belief in the Middle Path, or a life without extremes as the way to end suffering. To really oversimplify, life should be lived in moderation. He then broke this idea of moderation down into an eight-step list of dos and don'ts, known today as the Eightfold Path.
Buddhists do not worship any gods or God. People outside of Buddhism often think that Buddhists worship the Buddha. However, the Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) never claimed to be divine, but rather he is viewed by Buddhists as having attained what they are also striving to attain, which is spiritual enlightenment and, with it, freedom from the continuous cycle of life and death.

Most Buddhists believe a person has countless rebirths, which inevitably include suffering. A Buddhist seeks to end these rebirths. Buddhists believe it is a person's cravings, aversion and delusion that cause these rebirths. Therefore, the goal of a Buddhist is to purify one's heart and to let go of all yearnings toward sensual desires and the attachment to oneself.

Buddhists follow a list of religious principles and adhere to personal restraint, fasting and very dedicated meditation. When a Buddhist meditates it is not the same as praying or focusing on a god, it is more of a self-discipline. Through practiced meditation a person may reach Nirvana -- "the blowing out" of the flame of desire.

Buddhism provides something that is true of most major religions: disciplines, values and directives that a person may want to live by.

In fact Buddhists are pacifists, and peace loving. They have not been terrorists, threatened others or killed anyone. I have been to their churches and have been welcomed even though am not a Buddhist. Every Buddhist I have met in my 80 years has been peaceful and friendly without exception and I have met hundreds of them.

100,000 11th -century Tibet gave the world Nontheistic Buddhism, but meditation on peaceful and wrathful deities. Gain enlightenment.Reincarnation until gain enlightenmentMeditation on mandalas and Tibetan deities, astrology, monastic life. Meaning of Life After life Practices Texts'>

500 millionBasedon teachings of Siddharta Gautama (the Buddha) in c. 520 BC, NE India

Escape the cycle of rebirth and attain nirvana (Theravada Buddhism). Become a boddhisatva then help others attain enlightenment (Mahayana Buddhism).

The Meaning of Life in Buddhism Rebirth or nirvana. Nirvana is seen simply as the cessation of suffering by some and as a heavenly paradise by others.

Buddhism on the Afterlife Meditation mantras, devotion to deities (in some sects), mandalas (Tibetan) 

Buddhist Practices Tripitaka (Pali Canon); Mahayana sutras like the Lotus Sutra; others. 

Goal is peace and harmony in each person and in the world. Salvation by "cultivating self and finding God in self."reincarnation until Nirvana/ HeavenHierarchy similar to Roman Catholicism. Daily prayer. Meditation. Communication with spirit world (now outlawed in Vietnam).

Chinese Religion

394 million Indigenous folk religion of China.

History of Chinese Religion Dualistic yin and yang; mythological beings and folk deities.

Chinese Traditional Religion Theism A favorable life and peaceful afterlife, attained through rituals and honoring of ancestors.judgment , then paradise or punishment and reincarnation

afterlife (Chinese Religion) Ancestor worship, prayer, longevity practices, divination, prophecy and astrology, feng shui.

Chinese religious rituals and practices none

Christian Science 400,000Founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879, Massachusetts.

History of Christian Science One God. No Trinity (in traditional sense). Matter and evil do not exist."Life , Truth, and Love understood and demonstrated as supreme over all; sin, sickness and death destroyed."Heaven is "not a locality, but a divine state of Mind in which all the manifestations of Mind are harmonious and immortal." Spiritual healing through prayer and knowledge, Sunday services, daily Bible and Science & Health reading. 

Christian Science Practices Christian Bible, Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures'>


2.2 billion

Christianity Adherents Life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth (born c. 4 BCE), a Jew from Palestine under Roman rule

Christian History One God, who is a Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit; angels; demons; saints

God & Spiritual Beings in Christianity All have sinned and are thereby separated from God. Salvation is through faith in Christ and, for some, sacraments and good works. Resurrection of body and soul; eternal heaven or hell (most denominations); temporary purgatory (Catholicism)

Christianity on the Afterlife Prayer, Bible study, baptism, Eucharist (Communion), church on Sundays, numerous holidays. 

Christian Practices Bible (Hebrew Bible + New Testament)

Christian Texts   AdherentsHistoryGodsMeaning of LifeAfterlife>

Jesus Christ was a humble teacher (born c Dec 0000 AD) who
taught people to Love, Do Good and Be Kind.
Jesus`s said, "My commandment is this Love One Another." John 15:12
and "Do for others what you want them to do for you."
He told the story of a good Samaritan who helped a stranger who had been robbed and beaten and was in need,
and Jesus said, "Go and do likewise."
He referred to himself as 'Son of Man' not the 'Messiah'
'You are the Light for the world.' He stated let your Light so shine that others will see your good works.
Many feel that his symbol should be Light not a cross.
'You will know the truth and the truth will make you free.'
'The helper the Spirit of Truth comes from the Father.'
'There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.'
'The wage of evil is Death, but the gift of God is eternal life.'
In 1 Corinthians 13-14 the value of Love is explained. Basically one may have knowledge, wealth, or even give up everything but without love one is nothing. 'It is love you should strive for.'
'In my fathers house are many mansions I go to prepare a place for you.'
He drove money changers out of the temple so he was not a total pacifist.
His sermon on the Mount indicated that in personal insults one should turn the other cheek.
He spoke up against the hypocrites and against corrupt leaders.
He supported the 10 Commandments.
He was crucified and died for no crime at all. Even Cesar would not convict him so he gave him to the mob.
Many Christians believe that he arose from the dead.
Some Christians believe he will return in the future.
The old gospel has it that he died for our sins and is going to arise from the dead in the future.
Build your riches in heaven rather than Earth where thieves steal, because your heart will be where your riches are.
you can not serve both God and money.
All Christians agree he was a good man who gave us a splendid example by his life and teachings.
Many denominations have added many things such as ceremonies, rituals and many doctrines.
And that Jesus died for us on the cross to to pay the dept of the sins of our forefathers.
Many Christians now hold to just the fundamental basic things Jesus taught.
Basically the Golden Rule and Love One Another.
'Whoever does not love does not know God because God is Love...
No one has ever seen God...God is Love and whoever lives in love lives in God and God lives in him....
We should Love one Another.' John 4
Who is wise will prove it by his good life, by his good deeds performed with humility and wisdom. James 3
Much more is to be found in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Look at the following comparison between Jesus and Md the cult leader of the second biggest religion.
And remember they follow their cult leader`s life as their law and guide for living even today

JESUS Taught and commanded Love One Another Do for others what you would want them to do to you. Sources Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in The Bible.
Md commanded Slay the non believers, terrorize them. Sources: Many verses in the Quran and the Bukhari

JESUS taught non violence, fought in no wars, killed no one, tortures no one.
Md command followers to participate in Jihad (war) ordered 65 military wars, killed many.

JESUS did not own, boy or sell slaves or had sex with them.
Md captured people, sold them into slavery for profit, ordered his followers to do so and had sex with slaves.

JESUS Treated women as equals, rescued a woman who was about to be stoned to death, did not abuse women, never married.
Md Beat his wife, had 12 wives and sex slaves, treated women as slaves, had them killed (followers have killed thousands)
Social workers report very high amount of abuse of women and girls in M countries.

JESUS loved children and was kind to them and did not have sex with them
Md had many wives married a 6 year old girl and had sex with her (documented by many sources at her age of 9.

JESUS taught the ten commandments including do not Steal.
Md. Led many raids in which they stole property and his followers did the same for 1400 years and continue today in Africa.

JESUS taught the spirit of truth and that the truth will will set you free.
Md ordered deception. Lying is part of their method of world domination even today.

JESUS taught the Golden Rule "Do to Others what you would want them to Do to You"
Md command Jihad but the Golden Rule is not found in the Quran or Hadiths.


    here is a link to verifiable facts

Druze 500,000 Founded by Al- Darazi in 11th century, Cairo, Egypt. Roots in the Isma'iliyya sect of Shia Islam. Universal Intelligence (al- Aql al-Kulli) or Divine Essence (akin to Neoplatonism), of which al-Hakim is believed to be an incarnation. Live a good life for a favorable reincarnation. Await the re-appearance of al-Hakim (a Fatimid caliph who disappeared in 1021), who will usher in a Golden Age for true believers. Reincarnation . Heaven is a spiritual existence when one has escaped reincarnation. Hell is distance from God in lifetime after lifetime. Modest lifestyles, fasting before Eid al-Adha. Beliefs and practices are hidden for protection from persecution. Special group of initiates called uqqal.Al-Naqd al- Khafi (Copy of the Secret); Al- Juz'al -Awwal (Essence of the First)

50,000- 500,000 Founded by Paul Twitchell in Las Vegas, 1965

History of Eckankar The Divine Spirit, called " ECK.""Each of us is Soul, a spark of God sent to this world to gain spiritual experience." Salvation is liberation and God- realization. Reincarnation . The Soul is eternal by nature and on a spiritual journey. Liberation possible in a single lifetime. Spiritual Exercises of ECK: mantras, meditation, and dreams. These enable Soul travel and spiritual growth. 

Eckankar practices
Shariyat -Ki- Sugmad and books by Harold Klemp.

Eckankar sacred texts Epicureanism Based on the teachings of Epicurus, c. 300 BCE, Athens. Polytheism , but the gods take no notice of humans. Pursue the highest pleasures (friendship and tranquility) and avoid pain. No afterlife. The soul dissolves when the body dies. Principal Doctrines of Epicurus  AdherentsHistoryGodsMeaning of LifeAfterlife

Falun Gong 3 million (acc. to official sources); 100 million (acc. to Falun Gong sources) Li Hongzhi in 1992 in China
History of Falun Gong Countless gods and spiritual beings. Demonic aliens.Good health and spritual transcendence, achieved by practicing Falun Gong. Five exercises to strengthen the Falun. Cultivation of truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance. Meat eating discouraged. 

Falun Gong Practices Zhuan Falun and other writings by Master Li

Falun Gong Texts

Gnosticism Ancient form extinct; small modern revival groups Various teachers including Valentinus, 1st-2nd cents. AD The supreme God is unknowable; the creator god is evil and matter is evil. Humans can return to the spiritual world through secret knowledge of the universe. Return to the spiritual world. Asceticism , celibacy Gnostic scriptures including various Gospels and Acts attributed to apostles.

Greek Religion ancient form extinct; various modern revivals Indigenous religion of the ancient Greeks, c. 500 BCE to 400 CE. Olympic pantheon (Zeus, etc.) mixed with eastern deities like Isis and Cybele.

Ancient Greek Gods Human life is subject to the whim of the gods and to Fate; these can be partially controlled through sacrifice and divination. Beliefs varied from no afterlife to shadowy existence in the underworld to a paradise-like afterlife (mainly in mystery religions). Animal sacrifice, harvest offerings, festivals, games, processions, dance, plays, in honor of the gods. Secret initiations and rituals in mystery religions. 

Greek religious practices Epic poems of Homer and Hesiod.

Hare Krishna
250,000-1 million Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada ,
1966, USA (with roots in 15th-century Hindu movement)Krishna is the Supreme God. Salvation from this Age of Kali is by a return to Godhead, accomplished through Krishna- Consciousness. Reincarnation until unite with the Godhead. Chanting , dancing, evangelism, vegetarianism, temple worship, monastic-style living The Bhagavad-Gita As It Is

1 billion Indigenous religion of India as developed to present day. Earliest forms (Vedic religion) date to 1500 BCE or earlier; major developments 1st-9th centuries CE.

Hindu History One Supreme Reality (Brahman) manifested in many gods and goddesses 

Hindu Gods & Goddesses Humans are in bondage to ignorance and illusion, but are able to escape. Purpose is to gain release from rebirth, or at least a better rebirth. 

Hinduism and its beliefs

Most Hindus worship one Being of ultimate oneness (Brahman) through infinite representations of gods and goddesses. These various deities become incarnate within idols, temples, gurus, rivers, animals, etc. So they ca believe in many gods.

Hindus believe their position in this present life was determined by their actions in a previous life. Hinduism therefore provides a possible explanation for suffering and evil in this life. If a person`s behavior before was evil, they might justifiably experience tremendous hardships in this life. Pain, disease, poverty or a disaster like a flood is deserved by that person because of their own evil actions, usually from a previous lifetime.

A Hindu's goal is to become free from the law of be free from continuous reincarnations. Only the soul matters which will one day be free of the cycle of rebirths and be at rest.

Hinduism lets a person choose how to work toward spiritual perfection. There are three possible ways to end this cycle of karma: 1. Be lovingly devoted to any of the Hindu deities; 2. Grow in knowledge through meditation of Brahman (oneness) realize that circumstances in life are not real, that selfhood is an illusion and only Brahman is real; 3. Be dedicated to various religious ceremonies and rites.

My life was saved once by a Hindu. And in 80 years I have had no bad experiences with any of them. I can not say the same for at least one other cult.

meaning of life (Hinduism) Reincarnation until gain enlightenment. Yoga, meditation, worship (puja), devotion to a god or goddess, pilgrimage to holy cities, live according to one's dharma (purpose/ role). 

Hindu Rituals & Practices Vedas Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, etc. 

Hindu Sacred Texts   Adherents History Gods Meaning of Life After life Practices Texts

Hinduism is without a specific founder. Belief in many Gods.

Brahman, the concept that all reality is unified under one sacred or divine entity see this divine entity broken down into a sort of triad of three main gods. known as the Trimurti, are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. first god known as Brahma the creator god. It was he who created the universe and its creatures. Vishnu. Vishnu is the god who preserves the creation. One of the most famous of Vishnu's incarnations is the popular Krishna. Ability to reincarnate makes him the greatest of all gods. we'll call him the 'very valuable and versatile Vishnu. blue skin, a human body and four arms. His arms hold a conch, a discus, a lotus flower and a mace Dharma is the moral force that orders the universe. It's the power that keeps the world in motion and keeps society ticking. It keeps the trees blooming, the grass growing and the birds singing. However, dharma is maintained through personal duty. Simply put, it's up to humans to do their part to keep the world operating smoothly. With this, dharma is both universal and circumstantial, or personal. However, sometimes murder may be necessary for the greater good.
Dharma means duty. It's sort of a set of standards by which a person should live. However, dharma can be very circumstantial and very personal. In other words, each person's dharma is different. Moksha is freedom from the cycle of birth and reincarnation. It's the prize at the end of the very long Hindu road. To explain, as a person's soul, called atman in Hinduism, passes through the cycles of life and reincarnation, it is supposed to learn freedom from the need of anything earthly. Yes, the desire for the other three goals is permissible, but a truly enlightened person will realize that when it comes down to it, they're all trivial and unnecessary. To the truly enlightened, moksha is the main goal. When this is finally accomplished, a person's soul, or atman, can rise above the need to be reborn. Therefore, the cycle of reincarnation will end, and the person's atman is released to transcend beyond the human existence. In Hinduism, this is the main goal - but one that only a few ever attain. Theosophy has at its center a unity among all people and can be loosely defined as a modern-day religious movement very closely tied to Hinduism. With this unity in mind, Theosophy claims to have no special connection to one particular religion. Theosophy also upholds the Hindu beliefs of idol worship and the Hindu caste, or social stratification, system, it's again rather easy to see why Theosophy shows up in most Hindu courses. Theosophy seeks the unity of all people under what they term the Brotherhood.

The best example of a practicing Hindu was probably the famous Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi's impact has been felt around the world most famous Hindu man. 1869 to an upper-class Indian family. Coming from wealth, Gandhi was afforded the opportunity to travel to England, which claimed ownership of India, to study law. Shortly after graduation, he moved to South Africa to practice law. It is here that Gandhi began to daily encounter the racial prejudices that would forever change his life. For instance, one day while traveling by train, Gandhi was refused entrance to a first-class car. Although he carried a first-class ticket, all that mattered to the train officials was the color of his skin and his race. Despite his wealthy upbringing and his law degree, Gandhi was seen as below those South Africans of white, European descent. As he encountered the deep prejudices against his people over and over, Gandhi put his law degree to use as he challenged the discriminatory laws of the English-held South Africa. Within a few short years, Gandhi became rather well-known as a champion for civil rights and as a leader of the Indian community within South Africa. With this fame came persecution from those who feared his ideas of social equality. While in South Africa, Gandhi and many of his fellow activists were not only beaten - they were imprisoned for their beliefs.
Despite the violence against him, Gandhi refused to retaliate in violence. He even encouraged his followers to avoid it at all costs. Choosing to coin his belief in non-violent resistance.

American Indian and many other Indigenous peoples

The Earth is our Mother
No one owns any land as it belongs to all even the animals.
Every being is sacred and has a right to life

The Indians inspired this poem:
No one owns the water.
No one owns the land.
No one owns the oceans.
No one owes the sand.
These are given by our mother.
The planet provides for free
Only by the hands of the greedy
does the earth require a fee.

Islam up to date information on Islam Islam 1.6 billion.
pseudo religion or cult Based on teachings of the Warrior and slave seller Muhammad; founded 622 CE in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This is stated because followers follow a human and his commands as law not a God. (the sign of a cult rather than a religion). Analysis shows extreme following of a human and very little following of God in the followers worldwide. History of Islam One God (Allah in Arabic); the same God revealed (imperfectly) in the Jewish and Christian Bibles ( Islam means submit) to the will of God to gain Paradise after death. Eternal Paradise or eternal Hell. Whatever is good or Islan is right. There is no code of conduct and the Golden Rule accepted by virtually all other religions is not found in the Quran, Hadiths, or Bukhari. Also noted a double standard for morality one for men with full rights and another for women and non believers with very few rights. Islamic Beliefs About the Afterlife Muslim rituals and practices Qur'an (sacred text); Hadith (tradition) Islamic sacred texts Verses in the Quran are often interpretable in more than one way or contradictory. Example There is no compulsion in religion. Yet other verses imply that no other religion is acceptable and practice of is punishable by death. And the latter is the current practice in Islamic countries today. No other religions are tolerated. In fact leaving Islam or the criticizing of Islam or of the Md is punishable by death in Islamic countries today. From a human rights viewpoint Islamic leaders continue to state that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is unIslamic and refuse to accept it. Women in Islamic countries are second class citizens with few rights (see references on Islamic Law for verification). Freedom of speech is not observed and so called "Honor Killings" of women are in the thousands yearly in Islamic countries today. Even teenage rape victims are painfully and slowly stoned to death. Social workers and researchers report very high rates of abuse of women in Islamic countries. Check out United Nations reports for verifications.


History of Jainism Polytheism and pantheism. The universe is eternal; many gods exist. Gods, humans and all living things are classified in a complex hierarchy.

Jaintheism Gain liberation from cycle of rebirth, by avoiding all bad karma, especially by causing no harm to any sentient being.

meaning of life (Jainism) Reincarnation until liberation.

afterlife (Jainism) Monasticism under the Five Great Vows (Non-Violence, Truth, Celibacy, Non-Stealing, Non-Possessiveness); worship at temples and at home. Meditation and mantras.
Jain practices The teachings of Mahavira in various collections.

Jehovah's Witnesses
6.5 million Founded by Charles Taze Russell, 1879, Pittsburgh

History of the Jehovah's Witnesses One God: Jehovah. No Trinity. Christ is the first creation of God; the Holy Spirit is a force. Salvation is through faith in Christ and obeying Jehovah's laws. The End of the World is soon. Heaven for 144,000 chosen Witnesses, eternity on new earth for other Witnesses. All others annihilated. No hell. No blood transfusions, no celebration of holidays, no use of crosses or religious images. Baptism, Sunday service at Kingdom Hall, strong emphasis on evangelism.

Jehovah's Witnesses Practices New World Translation of the Scriptures

Jehovah's Witnesses Sacred Texts

Judaism 14 million

Adherents of Judaism The religion of Abraham (c. 1800 BCE) and the Hebrews, especially after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE.

History of Judaism One God: Yahweh ( YHVH )

God in Judaism Obey God's commandments, live ethically. Focus is more on this life than the next. Not emphasized; views vary: no afterlife, shadowy existence, World to Come (similar to heaven), Gehenna (similar to hell), reincarnation

The Afterlife in Judaism Circumcision at birth, bar/bat mitzvah at adulthood, observing Sabbath, wearing tallit and tefilin , prayer services

Jewish Rituals and Practices Hebrew Bible (Tanakh); Talmud

Jewish sacred texts

Mayan Religion Several million Maya practice a Catholicism that retains many elements of traditional Mayan religion. Began c.250 CE (rise of the Mayan civilization)Many gods, including Itzamná , Kukulcán , Bolon Tzacab , and Chac Appease and nourish the gods; determine luckiest dates for various activities. The soul journeys through dark and threatening underworld; but sacrificial victims and women who die in childbirth go to heaven. Astronomy, divination, human sacrifice, elaborate burial for royalty, worship in stone pyramid- temples Dresden Books of Chilam Balam

Mormonism 12.2 million Revelations to Joseph Smith, 1830, New York.

Mormon History God the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are three separate individual beings Return to God by faith in Christ, good works, ordinances, and evangelism. All return to spirit world instruction before resurrection. Then Mormons to heaven with God and families; others rewarded apart from God; hell for those who still reject God.

The Afterlife in Mormonism Abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, coffee and tea; baptism for the dead; eternal marriage; temple garments under daily clothes; active evangelism.

Mormon Practices Christian Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price

Mormon Texts
Mohammadism (Islam) and its beliefs Firstly although they believe in one God, who is infinitely superior to aloof from humans who are to serve him. There is an element of predestination. Everything that happens is God's will. He is a powerful and strict judge, who will be merciful toward followers depending on the sufficiency of their life's and religious devotion. Humans are servants to Allah. They are to follow the example of Muhammad in everything. His life and example is called the sura and is the absolute unchangeable law and practice in Islam. To be a Muslim, one must follow five religious duties (often called the five pillars of Ialan) : 1. Repeat a creed about Allah and Muhammad; 2. Recite certain prayers in Arabic five times a day; 3. Give to the needy; 4. One month each year, fast from food, drink, sex with a wife, and smoking from sunrise to sunset; 5. Pilgrimage once in one's lifetime to worship at a shrine in Mecca. At death -Often omitted it the 6 Pillar that of Jihad holy war. It is considered a community and personal obligation. They are commanded in the Quran to Jihad and are to be severely punished if they do not participate. See references for the actual commands and verses. They are also commanded in many verses to kill mis believers (non Muslims). Based on one's faithfulness to these duties a Muslim hopes to enter Paradise. If not, they will be eternally punished in hell. Lastly change or disagreement or criticism in and of Islam is absolutely forbidden. The many efforts to modernize Ialam such as ending slavery and giving women full rights has been often brutally crushed. Looking at the history of Islam which totally brutally killed the poor Christian and Buddhist occupants of the Middle East and Northern Africa and resulted the stealing of all of their property and the selling of the survivors including women and children into slavery continues today around the world especially in Africa. Women do not have equal rights to men and are held subservient to them. A woman may not divorce on her own or dress as she pleases. Women do not have full rights with their children after a marriage is ended. Women and girls is even even if involuntarily raped are punished by being killed sometimes by brutal being buried up to their heads and slowly being stoned to death or by severe lashings. And this practice continues today in Islamic countries today. Also the dress code is enforced by so called honor killings around the world including here in the USA. They will deny this but see references. In fact there are thousands of honor killings of women every year. Most Muslims deny this and claim that this is criminal activity but it is actually Islamic law in practice. Sorry but the truth seems like hate to those who hate the truth. And it is the truth see the UN reports. And also just look at history and I am not picking on them because humans are guilty of needlessly killing each other over their 300,000 year history. Actions and history tell the truth much more loudly than denials and the official narrative that Islam is the religion of peace and that they accept all religions. But on closer examination in real practice all other religions are actually banned and crushed out in Islamic countries. Another little known fact is that Muhammad allowed deception to be used in spreading Islam and this happens today. Again it is still going on today around the world and here. See references for proof. These may not be pleasantries but are in fact the truth.
To not tell the truth when one knows it would be cowardly and wrong. Islam teaches that there is one supreme deity, who is worshiped through disciplined religious reciting Muhammad's verses five times a day. After death a person is rewarded or punished according to their religious devotion. Muslims believe that giving up one`s life for Allah is a sure way of entering Paradise. Which is why there have been so many suicide bombers.
Nation of Islam
10,000-100,000 Founded by Wallace Fard Muhammad, 1930, Detroit, USA."One God whose proper name is Allah." Wallace Fard Muhammad became the divine messiah and incarnation of Allah in 1930."The Blackman is the original man." Live righteously and worship Allah.Mental resurrection of the righteous. Black people will be mentally resurrected first. Prayer five times a day. Work for the equality of the African race. Respect laws of the land, don't carry arms, don't make war. Healthy living and abstinence from alcohol, smoking and substance abuse. Modest dress. Quran and "Scriptures of all the Prophets of God" are holy texts. Influential writings include Elijah Muhammad's Message to the Blackman in America (1965)

New Age Spirituality and its beliefs

New Age Spirituality promotes the development of the person's own power or divinity. When referring to deity, a follower of this type of spirituality is not talking about a transcendent, personal God who created the universe, but is referring to a higher consciousness within themselves. A person pursuing spiritual development would see themselves as deity, the cosmos, the universe. In fact, everything that the person sees, hears, feels or imagines is to be considered divine.

Highly eclectic, New Age Spirituality is often a collection of ancient spiritual traditions, taught by a vast array of speakers, books and seminars. It acknowledges many gods and goddesses, as in Hinduism. The Earth may be viewed as the source of all spirituality, and has its own intelligence, emotions and deity. But superseding all is self. Self is the originator, controller and power over all. There is no reality outside of what the person determines.

New Age teaches eastern mysticism and spiritual, metaphysical and psychic techniques, such as breathing exercises, chanting, drumming, develop an altered consciousness and one's own divinity.

Anything negative a person experiences (failures, sadness, anger, selfishness, hurt) is considered an illusion. Believing themselves to be completely sovereign over their life, nothing about their life is wrong, negative or painful. Eventually a person develops spiritually to the degree that there is no objective, external reality. A person, becoming a god, creates their own reality.

New Age 5 million
founders Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Annie Besant in the 19th C, Alice A. Bailey (1880-1949), flourished in 1970s and 80s The Divine is an impersonal life force that pervades all things Dawning of a New Age of heightened consciousness and international peace. Individuals can obtain a foretaste of the New Age through spiritual transformation ("Ascension"). More emphasis on the latter now. Evil comes from ignorance. Reincarnation Astrology ; mysticism; use of crystals; yoga; tarot readings; holistic medicine; psychic abilities; angelic communications; channeling; amulets; fortune- telling Works of a variety of New Age writers

New Thought 160,000
Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (1802-66) and others, late 19th century, USA. Generally monism (all is One), but members might be theists, pantheists or panentheists. God is immanent; the universe is essentially spiritual. Man is divine, essentially spirit, and has infinite possibility. Mind can control the body. Sin and sickness caused by incorrect thinking. Man can live in oneness with God in love, truth, peace, health, and prosperity."Life is eternal in the invisible kingdom of God."Emphasis on spiritual and mental healing, but without rejection of modern medicine. Worship services; prayer for the sick; discussion of New Thought authors and ideas. Writings of Quimby (such as the The Quimby Manuscripts) and other New Thought authors

Olmec Religion
extinct in original formIndigenous religion of the Olmecs, Guatemala and Mexico, c. 1500-400 BCE Mostly unknown due to lack of written records. Many gods represented in art, including the Olmec Dragon, Maize Deity, Bird Monster, and Were- Jaguar, but art indicates importance of fertility (rain, corn, etc.) unknown sacrifices , large sculptures of human heads, cave rituals, pilgrimages, ball-courts, pyramidsnone

History of Rastafarianism God is Jah, who became incarnate in Jesus (who was black); Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I was messiah. Humans are temples of Jah. Salvation is primarily in this world and consists of liberation from oppression and return to Africa. Some Rastas will experience " everliving " (physical immortality). Heaven is a return to Eden, which is in Africa. Many practices based on Jewish biblical Law. Abstinence from most or all meat, artificial foods, and alcohol. Use of marijuana in religious rituals and for medicine. Wearing of dreadlocks.
Rastafarian Practices Holy Piby (the "Blackman's Bible"). The Ethiopian epic Kebra Negast also revered.

Rastafarian Texts

Rastafarianism 1 million
Founded by Marcus Garvey in the slums of Jamaica in the 1920s and 30s

The Church of Satan was founded in 1966 by Anton LaVey

Scientology 70,000
Founded by L. Ron Hubbard, 1954, California

History of Scientology God(s) not specified; reality explained in the Eight Dynamics Human consists of body, mind and thetan ; capable of great things. Gain spiritual freedom by ridding mind of engrams. Reincarnation Auditing , progressing up various levels until "clear". Focus on education and drug recovery programs. Writings of Hubbard, such as Dianetics and Scientology

Seventh Day Adventism

25 million
Rooted in Millerite movement; founded 1863 in New England; early leaders: Ellen White, Hiram Edson and Joseph Bates Trinitarian monotheism Live in accordance with the Bible, including the Old Testament. The Second Coming will happen soon. A "peaceful pause" after death until the coming of Christ, then resurrection to judgment, followed by eternity in heaven or nonexistence. No hell. 24-hour Sabbath observance starting Friday at sunset; adult baptism by immersion; church services emphasizing sermon Christian Bible; writings of Ellen G. White as helpful supplement

Shinto 3-4 million Indigenous religion of Japan

Shinto History kami ancient gods or spiritsHumans are pure by nature and can keep away evil through purification rituals and attain good things by calling on the kami. Death is bad and impure. Some humans become kami after death. Worship and offerings to kami at shrines and at home. Purification rituals.

Shinto Practices Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters); Nihon- gi (Chronicles of Japan)
Shinto Texts

Sikhism 23 million
Founded by Guru Nanak, c. 1500, Punjab, India.

History of Sikhism one God: Ik OnkarOvercome the self, align life with will of God, and become a "saint soldier," fighting for good. Reincarnation until resolve karma and merge with God. Prayer and meditation on God's name, services at temple (gurdwara), turban and five Ks. Balance work, worship, and charity. No monasticism or asceticism. Adi Granth (Sri Guru Granth Sahib)

11 million
Founded c.1850, USA, UK, France Generally accepts the Christian God Body and spirit are separate entities. Morality and contact with spirits affect afterlife. A spiritual existence with access to the living. Condition depends on morality of life and advancement is possible. Sunday services. Seances and other communication with departed spirits. Spirit healing. No authoritative texts. Doctrine learned from spirit guides (advanced departed spirits).


Zeno in
c.313 BC, Athens. Pantheism : the logos pervades the universe. Happiness , which is achieved by living reasonably. Possible continued existence of the Soul, but not a personal existence. Ethical and philosophical training, self-reflection, careful judgment and inner calm. Writings of Zeno, Seneca, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius

Taoism 20 million specifically of Taoism (Chinese religion contains Taoist elements)
Based on teachings of Lao-Tzu, c. 550 BC, China. Pantheism - the Tao pervades all.

Taoist Pantheism Inner harmony, peace, and longevity. Achieved by living in accordance with the Tao.

Meaning of life (Taoism) Revert back to state of non-being, which is simply the other side of being.

Afterlife in Taoism General attitude of detachment and non-struggle, "go with the flow" of the Tao. Tai-chi, acupuncture, and alchemy to help longevity.Tao-te Ching; Chuang-tzu

Taoist Texts
Threat of International Terrorism The truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth. Dr Ben Carson stated "When the jihadists get here, they`re not going to at ask you if you`re a Republican or Democrat before they cut your head off." Any who disagree or leave Islam are killed. Look at M countries today. It is the law and the practice, Especially in Africa today. Here are more true news stories. Over 300 people in Iran have been killed in protests over the killing of a woman in police custody arrested by morality police because some of her head hair was showing. They also put to death in Dec 22 Fahimeh Karimi a mother of 3 children for protesting. Many young people were also imprisoned since Oct 22 for protesting some put to death. CNN stated tat the National Iranian Athlete Elnaz Rekabi whose head scarf accidently came off house was destroyed by officials and she was threatened with death. Beware jihadists are amongst us working on taking over our country and have already made great progress. They control large parts of gasoline and food distribution, have taken over some colleges, cities, businesses and are rapidly infiltrating our government and education. Mosques are mushrooming and often into the increasingly closing Christian churches. They think nothing of putting bombs on children, hijacking airplanes to burn the World Trade Center and thousands of bombings around the world ( see ) to advance Islam, That 9-11 attack was planned to hit the World Trade Center buildings where they knew thousands of innocent people would be and would die. By the way that was their second attack on the World Trade Center the first was on 2/26/1993 when they injured 1000 people. And that second attack was a coordinated attack carried out by several hijacking airplanes and many terrorists killing pilots and crews with several fuel laden airplanes used as bombs and aimed at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the Capitol but that last one was foiled by brave passengers who attacked the terrorists. These terrorists believed their religion of terrorists doctrine that they would be going to heaven when they died in these attacks. That is why there have been thousands of other attacks around the world and over 100 in the U.S.A since 9-11. See for details. Thousands of Jihadist terrorists have killed thousands of Christians and Buddhists and have taken over the Middle East and N Africa. Look at history for verification. Their doctrine does not allow change or moderation, approves of deception, terror and commands killing of non Muslims. And they use honor killings even today to keep women subjugated. Do you think they have suddenly become peaceful or is that a ruse to trick the American public into electing them to office and to gain positions of power? While they trick us into allowing them to bring in millions of their supporters that we support on welfare. History shows that once they get substantial power they will force a take over of the country involved. Look at history and even recent history of every country they have taken over. First stealth than brute force. I am just reporting the truth of real history. Based on history America is uninformed, and believes their propaganda and Americans are ignoring this threat and America may be taken over eventually by them because they are using secret stealth jihad. Indeed they are like the wolf in sheeps clothing ready to feast on fresh meat but the sheeple in their ignorance continue to do nothing because they are not paying attention and are ignoring warnings. Unless the sheeple wake up it appears that our great grand children may be living in an Islamic state with freedoms largely gone.

Unification Church
over 1 million (3 million acc. to official sources) Founded by Sun Myung Moon, 1954, South Korea. Monotheism , with the duality of God (esp. masculine and feminine) emphasized. No Trinity. True love and world peace instead of selfish love. True love and the kingdom of God on earth will be restored by the creation of "true families."Eternal life in a spirit world. Blessing Ceremony The Divine Principle (1954) by Rev. Moon.  Adherents History Gods

Unitarian Universalism
800,000 Formal merger of Unitarians and Universalists in 1961, USA.

History of Unitarian- Universalism Has no set beliefs, which is its defining characteristic. Salvation is "spiritual health or wholeness." Members seek "inner and outer peace," insight, health, compassion and strength. Some believe in an afterlife, some do not. Very few believe in hell - "Universalism" indicates the belief that all will be saved. Ceremonies for marriages, funerals, etc. Church services have elements from various religions. Emphasis on civil rights, social justice, equality and environment. Most UUs are anti-death penalty and pro-gay rights.

Unitarian Universalist practices Many sacred texts are revered by various members; some none at all. The Bible is the most commonly used text.

Unitarian Universalism Texts

Wicca 1-3 million Based on ancient pagan beliefs, but modern form founded early 1900s. Founder generally said to be Gerald Gardner. Polytheism , centered on the Goddess and God, each in various forms; also a belief in a Supreme Being over all"If it harms none, do what you will."reincarnation until reach the Summerland

afterlife (Wicca) Prayer, casting a circle, Drawing Down the Moon, reciting spells, dancing, singing, sharing cakes and wine or beer

Wiccan practices No sacred text; foundational texts include The Witch Cult in Western Europe and The God of the Witches


200,000 Based on teachings of Zoroaster in 6th cent. BCE Persia. Official religion of ancient Persia. May have influenced Judaism and Vedic religion.

History of Zoroastrianism One God, Ahura Mazda, but a dualistic worldview in which an evil spirit, Angra Mainyu, is almost as powerful. Humans are free to do good or evil, must choose the side of good. Judgment followed by heaven or hell. Hell is temporary until final purgation and return to Ahura Mazda.prayers ; tending the sacred fire; coming of age rituals; burial by exposure in the Tower of Silence



The Universal Declaration of Human Rights here is a link to see it. UDHR 1222


Women and Child rights MUST SEE 1223


Detailed references in form of PDF Includes facts actual verses and Islamic Law. These are verified facts. 1224*

          here is a link to Verifiable Facts online1225

Remember Religions follow God, cults follow a human. In many cults the cult leader claims to be commanded by God but the followers are expected to follow the human cult leader. The world`s largest cult DOES NOT ALLOW CHANGES or moderation (except temporarly in countries they are taking over so they appear peaceful and harmless.)
Of course it SUBJUGATES WOMEN around the world much worse than here because our laws won't let them get away with much of that here. Many Christians, innocent people, poor farmers, intellectuals and especially women beheaded- millions over 1400 years their rule. (Many more than Hitler, Stalin, Mao etc.)
Here is a link to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1226
The UN estimates that there are thousands of so called "honor killings" worldwide yearly.
several sources 1227
In 2000, the United Nations estimated that there are 5,000 honor killings every year. 1228
That number might be reasonable for Pakistan alone, but worldwide the numbers are much greater. 1229
The fear/hatred of new ideas is so great in areas of Pakistan that a mob killed a grandmother over a mere image she posted on Facebook. No respect for right to life, freedom of opinion or freedom of speech there.
It is a cult practice that any criticism of the cult leader or founder is the crime of Blasphemy and is in Islamic countries punished by death even today. This is verifiable. Freedom of Speech is critical to a free society. Don't let anyone limit it.

source by region 1230
And some of us soldiers (usually embassy staff) witnessed these killings but were under orders not to intervene. One of the most heart wrenching was the teenage girl who was gang raped when going to the toilet. No trial for the rapists instead they buried the young teenage victim up to her neck then slowly and painfully stoned her to death one stone at a time. Her crime was going to a restroom and becoming a victim. The rapists usually go free and perhaps were even some of the ones throwing the stones. What kind of a God or religion condones this? Just look in Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan etc.

Frequently, women killed in honor killings are recorded as having committed suicide or died in accidents especially in the USA
Yasmeen Hassan, "The Haven Becomes Hell: A Study of Domestic Violence in Pakistan", The Fate of Pakistani Women, 1995 August, 72 p. (Special Bulletin), Johns Hopkins Bloomberg 1231
source National Geographic reports that THOUSANDS of WOMEN ARE KILLED YEARLY 1232

In 2012, Afghanistan recorded 240 cases of honor killings, but the total number is believed to be much much higher. Some reports over 1000 a year after US departure. And PBS reported in 2023 or hundreds of abductions of girls to become forced wives for taliban leaders. TALK ABOUT VIOLATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS almost none for girls and women there. See the report on Abuse of Women in Afghanistsn.
source Wikipedia 1233

And yes here in USA and Michigan 1234
At least we veterans have the courage to speak up against evil and to stand up for what is right. 1237
Regarding bombings.
With cancers now up to 3,400 as a result of 9-11 second attack in 2001, but 1000 were injured in the first attack in 1003.
Several children died in the Boston Marathon attack
Ft Hood where a jihadist killed 13 and injured 30 others.
Also see List of Islamist terrorist attacks in Wikipedia which states According to Fondapol, a French think tank, between 1979 and May 2021, at least 48,035 Islamist terrorist attacks took place worldwide, causing the deaths of at least 210,138 people. On an average, during this period, an Islamist attack has resulted in the death of around 4.4 persons. The most common type of weapons used are explosives (43.9%. Note much of this does not make it to the news you hear. (More verifications in Wikipedia)
The religion of peace has evidence of 154 attacks in the USA since 9-11.They state the Quran orders them to kill non Ms. and in verses like 9-111 they are promised that they will go immediately to Paradise if they do which is why there are so many bombings around the world.
    here is a link to UP TO DATE online verifiable facts
Detailed references in form of PDF 1242*


HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH says in Afghanistan They banned almost all education for women and girls, imposed punishments and women do not have full human rights in Iran, Pakistan Afghanistan and most Islamic countries and in Africa 9,2022 shows the brutal destruction of women`s rights.

REUTERS.COM states the UN rights chief decries 'shocking oppression' of Afghan women

Associated Press "The Taliban have waged a systematic assault on freedom in Afghanistan, says UN "
The U.N. rights chief says the Taliban have waged a systematic assault on the freedom of Afghanistan`s people September 12, 2023

Amnesty International Women`s rights are human rights! We are all entitled to human rights.
In Iran there have been hundreds of killings of peaceful protesters and torture including rape of detainees who were only peacefully protesting for women`s rights. Many occured just last year. See news reports for more verifications.

center for In Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. men are the managers of women who are considered inferior and women are effectively stripped of their basic human rights forced to wear head coverings rendered rendering them anonymous, and a non-person, unapproachable.

          here is a link to UP TO DATE online facts updates the-horror-of-honor-killings-even-in-USA

The Horror of 'Honor Killings', Even in US - Amnesty International USA

The UN estimates that around 5,000 women and girls are murdered each year in so-called "honor killings" And social workers say this is an underestimate.

PBS NEWS Frontline Investigation crackdown on Women in Afghanistan August 9, 2022 shows the brutal destruction of women`s rights.

The world is failing girls and women, according to new UN report There are several reports about the abuse. But for first hand verifications just ask women ( in private without the husband being present) from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and N Africa.

HUMAN RIGHTS         Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Enough already too unpleasant!

Beautiful Rainbows 1250
Many folks just selfishly serve themselves and when they are gone they are soon forgotten. Then are others who do good deeds that help others which gives the doer great happiness and satisfaction and they are loved and remembered for years after they are gone. They lived a life of value. What will be our legacy.

Again we veterans are not against our peaceful M neighbors or any religion.
We are against killing such in 9-11 and bombings and against the many honor killings and abuse of women and girls still happening today.
To not stand up and speak up in defense would be cowardly. And we are also speaking up to improve action on the environmental crisis and the increasing poverty crisis. A huge percentage of American children are in poverty, go to bed hungry or don't get proper nutrition or medical care today.
Help us veterans improve things for a better life for all. God bless you and God Bless America and all good persons.


History can also be informative and fun and can provide understanding of why things are.
We also need to preserve our local history and pictures before they are thrown out. Many of you have historic pictures in boxes and albums and could post them on I grew up in Warren or Center Line groups or on Facebook or you can email me a copy to me at
The Historical Society of Center Line is growing more active and the Center Line Public Library is scheduling a weekly History and Science event Thursdays Starting Dec 7th at 5:33 PM. The Library is open to 7 PM on Thursdays. Anyone including students interested in history or science are encouraged to visit. A local historian will be in attendance with a slide show of local history and will be available to answer questions or copy historical pictures. Anyone interested in Warren history is welcome to visit to see and discuss any and all history including Warren. There will be hundreds of Warren pictures avaibable to view.
I am working daily to add pictures to this website and to give copies them on Millennial DVDs to the Center Line Library. Millennial DVDs are special archive DVDs with a rock like layer that is rated to last for 1000 years unlike regular recordable DVDs which last 3 years average. Note the Warren Library no longer puts local history on the branch shelves and throws away history donations to it. We gave them expensive Warren history books in color, hard bound with each containing over 2,000 pictures to be given to each branch library and main library and have yet to see any appear anywhere available to the public. We have heard several complaints about this. The state archives and several universities and other local libraries have accepted these big hardbound books and responded with praise. The Warren library appears to censure our best and most comprehensive books on Warren history when university libraries accept them. After all the Warren Library puts out lots of trash content books some even with sexual content while censnoring our very decent local history book with no sexual content and thousands of real historical pictures ofour most valued history. Just does not seem right to deprive the people of Warren to have access to our history. Our history book even has a guarantee that any inaccuracy or untruth will be corrected if proven false. It is not right that they should withhold our local history from the public.

Judge for yourself see the 2020 Most Comprehensive Warren - Center Line History on this website for free. here where you can see its thousands of pictures in full color on your screen.
pages 1-50
    pages 51-100
    pages 101-150
    pages 151-200
      pages 201-250
    pages 251-300

Professor Wesley E Arnold is looking for other persons interested in preserving our history and way of life Feel free to contact me at

This is a dying man's last action and free gift to my brother humans and incidentally gives great satisfaction and happiness to all.

If we do not take action, many will die in the next few years because of the methane release now being triggered from the melting of the permafrost accelerating the disasters, soon un reversable, and our children will become extinct.
Unpleasant truth verified by science. This is here because it is my duty to educate others. It is almost too late to stop it. If you ignore this professor's warning the onus is on you because I did my duty, installed my solar panels, and warned you.

Center Line and Warren Michigan History
2023 rough draft. Improvement suggestions welcome

part of the Archive of 100,000 thousandsof pictures
The first 300 pages are summary pages with 2153 pictures.
          pages 1-50 30
          pages 51-100 31
          pages 101-150 32
          pages 151-200 33
          pages 201-250 34
          pages 251-300 35

          QUICK FIND INDEX 36
          MAIN INDEX page 22,001 937 pages
AND PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WORK IS IN PROGRESS and I have very old and limited staff of me, myself, I and the complaint secretary who is quite content to listen to complaints and not interrupt while she licks between her toes. ;-)

Yep this lasted millions of years.
Billions of these little girls covered our area for millions of years.
Sjome of our predesors had to deal with these mastodons and caused their extinction.
The pioneers who spent a lot of time in the wilderness lived with the above animals. There are millions more of them than of us. 48
11-12,000 years people lived here with no writing system hence no written history.
1700 AND 1800S 50


          1837-1862cabin mounds.pdf Has some of Hindsdale's research on Indian mounds and forts here. 52
          ChristiansSlaughtered.pdf   Historian Clarence M. Burton talks about A group of peaceful Christian Moravian Indians who built our first road. 54
          5941 French-British.pdf 56

          War1812related.pdf Historian Wesley Arnold took these pictures himself. Smile you'll see. 62
          5941 French-British.pdf 64
Later I tell about terrible Hamilton the hair buyer who made the American frontier unsafe for settlers.

Michigan Trails
The story of the trails. There were many animal and human foot trails thru the wilderness. Later some became three main dirt pathways for horse riders which later were worked on to allow use of horse drawn wagons and buggys. One trail went westerly, another, the center one, led to Utica and the third led to Ft. Gratiot near Port Huron. The center trail was noted on French maps as the "Centre" line. Later settlers referred to this as the Center Line and is where the area of the Center Line Village got its name. The Center line of Warren Township is what is now Van Dyke and was called the Center Line Road. The State Road was what is now called Sherwood after a Detroit area family by that name. 68
Above is the first Survey map of Center Line. Note the Indian trails and creeks. Difficult to make out but not important now as the trails and creeks are gone.
Maps tell much of the story of settlement. Show the creeks that used to be here. But many are difficult to read. I am looking for a better 1869 because this one is not clear.
This is what the area looked like in 1817
74 76 77 78 79
The pioneers had to have a long gun for protection against wild animals and mauraders. The Women and girls knew how to use them if need be. But the most dangerous wild animal that hurt the most settlers was the misquito which caused ague which diaabled even strong men at times.
The average cabin was small and had narrow windows which were shuttered to protect from animals or opened to let in air and light during nice weather. There was no glass. They used cloth or skins instead if they had any. Everything was done by hand and an ax starting with nothing.
above 1869 year
100 102 104
wood construction. All hand labor.
The St Clement Church was another reason Center Line happened. Many of the locals went there and the priests spoke several languages. The community flocked to the church and businesses grew around it. IT PROVIDED A COMMUNITY GATHERING PLACE WITH COMMON PURPOSE. Now we are better connected but have huge social alienation and comminity dsconnect. We used to have a general sense of community where most citizens knew their neighbors and the community knew what was going on and took care of each other. Now not so much. And many young ones walk around like zombies staring at little screens barely talking to each other. We need to establish good community bulletin boards. 116
The roads in the old days were much worse.
Blacksmith on West side of Centre Line Road. French spelling.
134 136 138 140

In my books and are many histories of local churches. The first churches here were thousands of years ago where people held ceremonies outside. The first modern church was in Warren in the 1850s where they built and met in a log cabin which was also used as a school. St Clement leads the actual Center Line list being formed in 1853. Several modern day Center Line churchs were formed in in the 1920s including Brthel Medothist 1920 and the Center Line Community Church formed in the 1924 pictured above as the Center Line Presbyterian. Now has New Hope on the building which is closed and we hope will become a community center which we need. There have been many more churches see my histories for details.
Fire protection was another big reason for formation of Center Line Village. Residents wanted a closer fire engine and fire fighters along with a village water supply. Of course this meant a bigger voice in government which led to the formation of a village in the more rural Warren Township.
142 143 144 145
I served many years honorably as part of the Center Line Fire Department. See the detailed history of it in these works. We should have great respect for firefighters and our police as they risk their lives daily to protect you. I nearly lost my life twice as a fireman. One of those was trying to rescue children in a burning house. Make a fire escape plan and reherse it with children often. Otherwise they will go hide in closets and under beds. And be sure to stress the do not talk to strangers does not include fireman and police. Have a preplaned meeting place outside. Know where the kids are and tell rescuers where to look. This could save lives.

I took this foto with my Brownie Hawkeye c1961. Later I served on the CLFD, many times using my favorite fire truck the 1957 American LaFrance on the right. Norman Smith in light coat was a fireman in this foto on Sunburst at Van Dyke.
Boy scouts usually have a winter survival training yearly. Scouting teaches emergency preparedness, survival skills, good ideals, leadership and offers boys and girls many opportunities. We need groups to sponcer troops. Every family should have a Scout Handbook for the children to read at home and on trips in the car and motel room. They can learn first aid, useful knowledge, how to deal with emergencies, survival, most important good ideals and morals and great advice on avoiding drugs. Better than them staring at their game screens or watching the common degenerative TV programs. And Scouting teaches how to be a success in life. Get a Scout Handbook because it could also save a life. Save that baby from choking to death when no adult knows what to do. They are trained what to do for heart attacks and other emergencies. A boy scout saved my life when I was a child. He was observent and noticed a child was no longer at the surface in Wildwood Lake. He went over and rescued the missing child in the lake. 50

        Here is a link to my generic scout handbook website which is not as good as the new scout handbooks but I can't use their stuff because of copyright. But again it has much of the good scouting stuff to see for free. link to my free scout handbook Important things to know from the Scout Handbook. Some of these could save your life.
Read about our medic hero George Schultz, and Our Center Line's Larry Snow, and Sgt Major Victor Racosky, and our many other heroes in my books. I was no hero myself even though I got shot at and almost lost my life a few times, saved some lives, was personally awarded a medal by a general in the Army. I told him I was just doing my job. I had the honor to have served with some heroes. And we should honor all of the ones who have served in the military because they worked to secure your freedoms. We owe them gratitude and respect. Many of us veterans are dead or soon will be but we served under our flag which still stands for Life, Liberty, Justice and well being for All which includes Human Rights. I will stand for the flag and national anthem as long as I am able in honor of those thousands who died securing our freedoms.
Homer was nice to me and he was a man of many talents and occupations. Teacher, band director, civil defence leader, pharmacist, businessman. I need to find someone who knows more to tell us his history so it can be recorded here. By all accounts he and Mrs Hazelton who was also a teacher were kind folks. They are still well thought of years after their deaths.
Howard Johnsons was owned by Rus Haney's father and he still runs the most famous historical restaurant in Center Line. The beautiful flowers there are maintained by master gardener Tom Turmel.
I have had more than one old timer tell me they would go to St Clement, pick up a sunday handout then go to Johnny's for pool and camaraderie. Later they would read about the sermon and tell their moms they went to church. The infamous Center Bar was next door. There are stories I dare not repeat here about bars which go back to the murder of the Ryan boy at Dalten's corners 8 Mile and Van Dyke nick named devils corners. And of course about the rosie redlights and the infamous Hotel Center Line which was just north of Bulkan Hall where one could get more than a room and food. Strange one bar near St Clement had according to the census several female "housekeepers". Then there was the Midas Touch which was closed down for touching. By the way there is more slavery in the Detroit and Warren areas now, than there ever was in history. I mention this in my college classes. The college students don't believe me until they look up human rights and human trafficking. Warren and Detroit have human trafficking task forces.
WCTU stood for Womens Christian Temperance Union who were pro prohibition because so many man would get drunk and beat up their wives. J Gerou had his own trucking company here. Two fotos (correct modern spelling) of the Township Hall where many meetings were held at 11 Mile and Van Dyke which was the center of the township. Had many band concerts there. Boys would fly model airplanes there and hunt rodents with rifles or airguns. Some boys would bring rifle to school, check it in with the principal and hunt for rabbits before or after school. This got dinner for some families. We mostly were very responsible so there was no problems with threats or other nonsense as now. Because we were expected to act with responsibility for our actions. If a boy acted up in school the principal would just notify the parents and that boy would not be sitting down for several days because of the reality lession he would get for free in the woodshed from his father.
The street car was the Center Line to Harper Trolly at its Little field station at about 8 1/2 mile road on Van Dyke.
There were chimpanzee and Elephant shows at the Detroit Zoo, We had drive in theaters. The big Hudsons flag in Detroit where we could ride that marvelous thing before its time called an escalator or take an elevator cage operated by an operator. 1960 Center Line High students by Vans Pharmacy. Historian Daniel Stewart who preserved his uncle's diaries you can read of daily life from 1872 to 1902. fascinating and informative. The old historian tried a beard but didn't like it also doubled as Santa.
186 188
202 204
Picture taken by Daniel Stewart on Lillian street c1939 showing Center Line area then.
The USO was given to the city after theWWII and became the Center Line recreation department and Library.

THIS WEBSIBSITE IS BEING IMPROVED DAILY. VISIT AGAIN TO SEE IMPROVENTS AND MORE PICTURES ADDED. BEST WISHES Professor Wesley Arnold your old historian. Remember history nite starts at Center Line Public Library Thursday Dec 7th
Bottom left Community band probably at township hall in early 1940s. Right side St Clement school band. Music brings happiness to many. This is especially true in times of sorrow like here. My father was in the Normandy Invasion killing others and seeing hundreds of his fellow soldiers being killed that day in an effort to stop Hitler who wanted eventually take over Europe and the USA. Hitler also ordered the killing of millions of innocent people. My mother did what she could to cheer others up by playing in this band. Did humans learn from this history? Well some did and some didn't as we have V. Putin and the Islamists killing thousands of innocent people today. Look at Oct 7 2023 when they butchered 1400 innocent people by invading their homes, killing children sleeping in their beds then beheading them and killiing hundreds of people attending a music concert.
Humans are humane, sociopaths like V putin are not. We have to stop the harmers from harming people with preventinve action and law enforcement. Make Cause no harm the law and enforce it to protect all.
He was one of our first settlers. Fought in the Civil War. Died so poor the county had to buy the coffin. The transaction was signed by Hieronmoous Engelman who was later laid to rest there. Henry's grave location has been lost and he had no marker for 128 years until a kind veteran had one made for this hero for rememberance. There are other heroes who should be noted and I am doing so in my books which include a complete listing of all known burials at St Clement with index and locations and pictures of every stone. See links.
Church street was renamed Engelman in his honor. Roni as he was known was a war veteran, who served as a public servant in many jobs and in our state legislature. He was also a farmer and had a grove of trees together with the churches trees where people gathered after church and nice days at Engelman and Van Dyke. It was probably Center Line's first but unofficial park before it became a village or city.
This young nun, Sister Emanuel, taught children at the St Clement school but caught TB and died in poverty. She was so well loved that they erected a cross marker which has becomed stained over the years. I preserved a church article about her. See that for more detasils.
How sad that this was once the largest Christian congregation from Detroit North and East to West for many miles. Now it has lost its name. The congregation is ever smaller and the youth are flying away.
Perhaps the best preserved farm closest to Center Line is the Behrns-Qualmann farm on 10 Mile Road west of Mound but in the Center Line School District. William Qualmann bought the farm from Behrns. There was a legal dispute between them. William had a daughter Rose who married our famous Harold Stilwell who was a Center Line printer and publisher of the Weekly Review also long time active in local government. Tom Turmel bought the farm and later sold it to Sandy Stilwell wife of Harold's son Ray who live in the old farmhouse today. Above are a few pictures related to this farm and there are some others on this website. The little building is a smokehouse which was important to preserve meat back before refrigeration. I have many more details in my books.
262 Louis Conrad (often pronounced Kunrod) was a wounded Civil War veteran who with his wife ran a tavern near 10 Mile and State Road. This led to the area being called Kunrod's corners. More research needs to be done as I did not find him owning much there but he was living in the area and was probaably renting a building by the train station, Center Line settlement was first called Kunrod`s corners. It appears that the Louis Conrad buried in St Clement Cemetery was most likley the tavern keeper at 10 mile and Sherwood. The descrapency in spelling is due to common pronunciation of his name. Later after Buechel moved his store over next to the St Clement church on the Centre Line Road, French spelling, the community grew and became known as Center Line. Some claim the name also derives from the three main trails. Woodward, the center trail to Utica, and trail along the lake, Jefferson, going to Fort Gratiot. The center trail actually followed the first so called road in Michigan built by peaceful Moravians and went to Mt Clemens. Later Utica Road was constructed. It is best not to waste time on triva. A better use of history is to learn the lessons it teaches so we don't repeat the mistakes made in the past just as science teaches we should avoid flames and sparks near gas fumes.
264 266
The water tower gave pressure to the water for homes and fire hydrants and held a back up supply. Center Line always had reliable water with several 200 foot wells. Center Line had good water but it did have a little natural gas in it and it would put a little pocket of gas at the top the faucet pipe and we would light a match and get a little puff and flame just for fun. But after a few buildings exploded farmers learned to vent wells. Detroit water was brought in when the water supply from the wells was beginning to become insufficient for the increasing population. This was a 100,000 gallon tank, erected in 1928. 90 feet tall. After Center Line got Detroit water in 1959 this water tank was taken down in 1960. Thanks to Mike Grobbel for doing the research on this. Visit his great Center Line history website which is
Barbers first drew blood to treat sick people by draing out the bad blood. Hence their sign was a bad blood removal sign. This barber shop may have bome the old redone Dan Dee shoe shop.
HARD TO SEE HERE IS THE HORSEMEAT TRUCK AT BOTTOM. Also at bottom right Here is old historian with his grandfather in garden as a reminder that many people had gardens for food which made them more self sufficient. We also had chickens and rabbits for meat and eggs. Those little real black rabbit eggs are called smart pills. Actually they were used in the gasrden for fertilizer. Some of our rabbits were Angoras which had wool which my mother spun and made yarn.
At bottom right was how grass was cut. Lots of labor. Actually if you did it once a week it was not hard to push.
We had lots of parades. Seemed like fun. When the American flag went by everyone, and I mean everyone stood up because we had respect and gratitude for the men who died to secure our freedoms.
The color area is the State Fair many of us went to every year which had more fun and many exhibits to learn from. I entered my rabbits for a very small fee and got to go every day for free and that included free parking. My mother sold the Angora wool items she made. That is where I met Cisco and others and got their autograph which was a big deal to a kid. They had lots of animals and my favorate items, food and special demonstrations and events.
I need the names of thees houses. If you know names of any please help.
330 331
Mary Gonyu and I and a few others skipped school to see JFK talk. Was the only day I skipped school. I was in the Army when he was assinated.
We often remember certain times. Like the time I was working evenings in the telefone exchange building when all of a sudden it seemed like every fone in every circuit was making a call. I was new and I went over and asked the old timer. We were alone and had no contact with the outside world and he said someting serious must have just happened. Yep that was the evening Dr King was shot.

and Professor Wesley E Arnold has many more in his archive which he is donating to the Center Line Public Library, the Historical Society of Center Line. Eventually Bentley and other Universitity libraries may get a copies but it is so huge that it will take much time and I am enscribing them on Millenial DVDs which are rated to last 1000 years. We are looking for others interested in history to carry on the work of preserving it and helping make a better world. Do Good Be Kind Be Happy.