JOBS: How to get better ones

How to: Prepare Yourself, Pick a field, Find a job, Get the Job

Consider New Technology for more Job Security

Prepare yourself for coming jobs. Big changes in the work place.
You need to look towards the future. SEE THIS SHORT VIDEO.

Emjployers are using more Information Technology (IT) and Higher Technology including robots and Human Like Robots to replace present jobs. But someone has to maintain and repair them. Think about about work in this growing field.
Look at Dina at Ocean Park and Cara human-robot

New technologies will cause need for new workers in new fields such as 3D printing where things are made by just printing them. How 3D Printing works

Even entertainment is changing. Video stores will soon be gone. Most everything will be available for small charge on Internet. Big events will use huge life-like holograms.
example: Life Like 3D Hologram Elvis

60% of present jobs will be phased out by automation.
Prepare for future jobs!
Look for technology based jobs such as in IT (Information Technology), Health Care, Senior Care, Computer Assisted Design and Manufacturing, Legal, Law Enforcement, and Security. Look at jobs offered by state and federal job sites and colleges.

Best Jobs   Jobs One Stop Resources   Employment Projections   Michigan Jobs  

Look at the Occupational Outlook Handbook “The Nation′s premier source for career information! The profiles featured here cover hundreds of occupations and describe What They Do, Work Environment, How to Become One, Pay, and more. Each profile also includes BLS employment projections for the 2010–20 decade.“

Salaries   Holiday Jobs 2012    Future Careers   CareerServicesResourceLibrary

There are thousands of people looking for jobs. Many of them are better educated and have more experience than you. Employers have many applicants to choose from. Why should he hire you?

First Understand that the world does not owe owe you a living. Neither does the government or your parents. You have to Make yourself marketable to employers and make yourself available.

To make yourself marketable to an employer you have to have something he wants to pay for. Such as a good worker who does the work assigned to him and who is loyal, who won't steal, who is on time for work, shows up for work every day, and does the job. In other words is dependable. How does the employer determine that a possible employee has those attributes. Well the employer looks at Did he graduate from High School with a good average? Does he have a work history that shows that he is dependable? Did he last over 90 days on most jobs? Was he fired a lot?

The employer today also looks at Facebook and does background checks. Are there items of questionable behavior on Facebook or in the background. Wild parties, aberrant behaviors or mental problems? Does he use drugs or smoke? Is the police record clean? Expect to be given a drug test. Are there any clues to STDs? Is he an American citizen? Does his physical health appear to be good. Be sure your public behavior and all social media reflect a person an employer would want to hire. Do not post questionable stuff on Facebook or other social media. Be careful what you post on the Internet. Employers may do a background check and if they find one little thing they do not like your application goes in the trash because they have hundreds of possible job applicants to pick from. It might be a good idea to open up a new Facebook account for job application purposes and be sure it is clean in case they ask for that account name.

So we have a Good High School Record, Good job Record. No questionable behavior on social media. Clean Police record. No drugs. Good health. But what about personal standards. Employers want not only a person they can depend on but on a person they can trust. They prefer a person who has personal moral standards that mean for example the potential employee has internal moral standards of decency and can be relied on to do the right actions on their own without external guidance. Example a large amount of cash was accidentally left out in an envelope and discovered by an employee. What will the employee do with it?

Humans need a code of conduct and the best one is known as the Golden Rule which is Do Only as You Would Want To Be Done to Yourself, or put another way Don't do to others what you would not want done to yourself. It is the best rule of human relations. It goes for both employees and employers. If you are an employer making a ton of money share it fairly with employees. No corporate officer should be making more than 10 times that of the lowest paid employee.

And PROPERLY FILLED OUT JOB APPLICATION PRINTED NEATLY. It is a good idea to go thru it and fill out all answers on a blank sheet of paper first. Check spelling and accurate facts, Then fill it out neatly.

Prepare yourself. Look at the job marked and many fields. Become knowledgeable in something an employers pay people to know or do. At least a couple of college classes with a good grade is a great job booster. Particularly good is an IT class and a computer networking or security class completed with a good grade. That puts you ahead of hundreds of others.

Prepare a good Resume. Make one especially for that particular job. ResumeWritingGuide

From MCC Job interview. Early, well dressed polite and prepared for the interview. InterviewGuide
Also ee the Job Shop tips at MyFOX Detroit FOX 2 News

Finding a Job. Look at the jobs that are out there. Know the job market, who is hiring and what is being paid.
If possible try for better jobs. Try to avoid dead end jobs that have no future and don't pay much. You are much better off working for a company which is growing and is progressive.

Do some research. Don't just settle for any crappy job.
But if you have no experience a starter job at least gives you that 90 day experience at one job that employers look for.

Best way to Find a Job is active networking with almost everyone you meet everyday.

Print up business cards (you can get those on line free or better you can easily print them yourself) On your card put your name email, phone, some qualifications, perhaps what you are looking for and Ask for Job Leads.

Offer a finders reward. That is on your card put FINDER REWARD. That is offer a reward for them giving you a good job lead that leads you into getting a that job.

Do you really want a good job? Then: Everyday-
Give the cards to friends, relatives and people you meet. Ask them for job leads.
Give the cards to friends, relatives and people you meet. Ask them for job leads.
Give the cards to friends, relatives and people you meet. Ask them for job leads.
Give the cards to friends, relatives and people you meet. Ask them for job leads.
Get the idea. Active Networking Every Day!

Visit job locations particularly close to home. Go to job fairs. Give out your resumes.

Get online and look at the thousands of jobs available online but use good sites.

Number one is Your College's Job Referral Site such as macombcareerlink

Also check Craig's List but be careful.

Search the websites of progressive companies near you for job openings

Go to and go its Hot Jobs pages

See Fox 2 Job Shop Fox2
Michigan Works

To find job sites first do a Google search on “job sites” select Michigan jobs if you wish

You can also search for “hot jobs” government jobs, non profit jobs, local jobs to get many sites.

Also consider searching Google for careers,

Visit school, city, government, organization, company and potential employer web sites.

Here are some of the best Internet job sites.

Monster   Detroit Computer Jobs   careerbuilder   government jobs   Automation Alley   career jet search   Indeed Michigan   employmentspot   Simply Hired   granted   Thingamajob   Job Accelerator Find A Job   just jobs   Jobipedia   Jobs for students   Jobs from Company websites LinkUp   Retail Jobs Mayor of the Mall   Michigan Talent Connect and Temp Jobs   Web Jobs   IT Jobs   Michigan Area Jobs  
Additional Job sites:, odinjobs,, flipdog, careerboard, Mlive, careermatrix, talentsoo,,, Ebay usajobs,, meditjobs, nationjob, cityitjobs, jobs4it,, jobsmlive, career finder.
Also check city, school, temporary, placement services, business, and newspaper, websites.

Find a product or service that is needed. Create it or convince others that you can sell it so you make a profit.
That is a secret of success for many rich folks.
To be a success think Success. You are the sum of your thoughts.

Lastly consider working for yourself.
Run your own business. Some of the Jobs students can do now are Tutoring people how to use Computers, Internet, Facebook. Fixing computers, making web pages (see below), Gopher jobs package delivery, dog walking, clean up, maid work, odd jobs, washing windows, yard work, grass cutting, leaf raking, snow shoveling, car washing, car repair, painting, painting numbers on curb (put out door to door fliers first on street) Handy Man, personal assistant, caregiver for elderly or ill.

Look for needs of people and fill that need. A lot of people got rich doing that.

Being able to communicate with those who speak other languages is drastically needed in the world today. There are over 1000 languages commonly used around the world and some of them here. Most are mutually non comprehend-able meaning you can't understand what the other guy is saying unless you know his language. Businesses lose thousands of dollars because of non understanding between languages. But there is an easy solution.

The Quickest and most Cost and time efficient way for understanding between languages and to get employees around the world to understand each other is to learn the easiest language.
A scientific study was made and the easiest language in the world can be learned in 10 minutes a day. It can be learned to basic fluency in a month by using it several hours a day.
It is spoken in over 100 countries.
Books and tutors on this easy language are available free. At
It helps English speakers better learn English Studies show that people learn other languages faster after learning it first because it gives them a logical framework for learning language. It has only 16 rules ofGrammar with No Exceptions Compare that with 1600 in English counting exceptions All words are spelled as pronounced. All words are pronounced as spelled. The complete present past and future of all verbs in the entire language Can be learned in 1 minute You can get college credits for leaning it/ Once learned you can understand other speakers in over 100 countries. There is a great problem in the world that is language non understanding. If children were taught this in 10 minutes a day this problem could be solved.

HUMANS NEED TO UNDERSTAND OTHER HUMANS ESPECIALLY IN EMERGENCIES. The name of this language is International Vocabulary or Esperanto Visit

AND THIS LOOKS GREAT ON YOUR RESUME A statement that you can communicate with people in 100 countries

Basic web page creation is easy. Can be done without expensive programs. All you need is a simple text editor like Notepad. If you are desperate for a quick page you can use a word processor like Open Office and save as a HTML page. This gives you a web page quickly but the code is sloppy and bulky. You then can view the page in any browser such as Firefox. You upload your page to a server on the internet and it can be then viewed by millions.

Basic HTML is easy That is the scripting language used to create a web page. It works fine but works more efficiently as XHTML or XML using style settings or sheets also known as CSS. Do a Google search on tutor for these and you will find much free information.

Simple HTML is as follows. The code is shown above and the result shown below Web pages are just text pages with mark up code using < and > Al pages start with a special codes

See Internet tutor for details on Doctypes




<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1" >

<title> The Easiest Language</title>


This shows you nothing on the screen but does give a page title in the title bar of the web page.

The Head is a special place at the top of your document to place instructions and information about the document.

That is followed by <body>
Inside this body tag you put all of your web page that you want the viewer to see.

It is followed by a close body tag using the / symbol and that is followed by a close html tag </body> </html>

----------- ----------- -------------- ----------- ---------- --------------- ------

Everything typed in text form is viewable unless it is enclosed in < > widgets If you forget one it will show your code. If you do not tell it what size of type to use it will use the default size of the browser.

If you wish to make type bold put it between <b> this type is bolded </b> bold codes

Type size in HTML is as follows <p> This is size p <h1>

This is size h1


This is size h2


This is size h3


This is size h4

This is size h5


<h6>This is size h6

</h6> <p> We must close out a font size otherwise all of the following text would be tiny size 6

Some of the more common HTML codes Always enclosed in < > are: <br> tells the browser to start a new line Each time it is added it makes a line space like hitting Enter on a keyboard. <u> is underline </u> <i> italic </i> bigger or smaller increase font size

<h2 align="left" > This aligns left

<h2 align="center"> This aligns center

<h2 align="right"> This aligns right

<h2 align="center"> This aligns back to center

Body color can be set by <body bgcolor="#ffffff">

There is a better way to define text size and other text attributes and that is to use either a style instruction at the top of a document or a separate style sheet.

At the top of a document it is simply a matter of typing your CSS Code between <style> and </style>

If you want to make a separate sheet simply refer to it at the top of your web page in your head section as <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="myst.css"/>

In style sheets (also known as CSS) you define the tags individually and only once. In the older HTML and documents saved in HTML by word processors this defining of the font size for example may be on on nearly every line. This makes the document much larger. So CSS makes a much smaller document/ HTML is forgiving of mistakes but CSS is precise and unforgiving. Code should be in lower case and don't forget a < or > or you will see a problem. For example if you forget to type the </style> in the head section you get a blank page.

Rather than putting h1 on every line you simply define it between the <style> and </style> tags then refer to that style in the document. <style>
p {margin-left:2px;}
body {font-size:100%;}
p {font-size:1.26em;}
h6 {font-size:1.26em;}
h5 {font-size:1.4em;}
h4 {font-size:1.6em;}
h3 {font-size:1.8em;}
h2 {font-size:2em;}
h1 {font-size:2.5em;}
This translates as default margin is 2 pixels from the left side magnification is 100%

p is the standard body font being set for 1.26em in size the other h font sizes are set in ems An em is the standard font size of the browser.
You can also insert color into a line directly into the text with <p> This is p size type prints in black </p> This is p size type prints in black <p style="color:red;"> This text color:shows in red </p> This text color:shows in red <p style="color:blue;"> This text color:shows in blue</p> This text color:shows in blue <p> This is back to black </p> This is back to black

Another way is to make a special code for things. We call this a class.
The following is put in the style section p.r {color:red;}
p.b {color:blue;}
p.g {color:green;}
and the following code in the text gives result on the right <p
class="r"> Text color is red </p> Text color is red
<p class="b"> Text color is:blue </p> Text color is blue
<p class="g"> Text color is green </p> Text color is green
<p> back to the default black p </p> back to the default black p

Well there are the most basic items but there is a lot more to be learned about web page coding just do a Google search on CSS coding and you will find dozens of sites that explain the coding with examples.